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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids

Take your Easter egg-stravaganza to the next level with these creative Easter egg hunt ideas! These themed Easter activities are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, older children, and families. Bring everyone together for an all-day event that will engage and entertain kids. In this list, we have egg hunts for animal lovers, puzzle enthusiasts, and little ones learning the alphabet. While the traditional scavenger hunt is always fun, these ideas put a creative twist on hunting for eggs. Whether you are looking to start a new Easter tradition or keep a beloved one going, these indoor egg hunts are perfect ways to celebrate the Easter Bunny’s arrival!

5 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids

Animal Safari Egg Hunt

Equipped with binoculars and a basket, it’s time to find Easter eggs in the wild! First, decorate the plastic eggs with fun stripes and patterns to resemble safari animals. As kids hunt for the safari-themed eggs, they should also look out for the secret bunny eggs! These eggs will be the trickiest to find and are covered in white fluff like a bunny’s tail. They also hold the sweetest treats inside. Perfect for little ones who love animals, this safari Easter party will be wild fun!

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Write clues that send kids around the house looking for the next egg. Each plastic egg will have a piece of paper inside that hints at where the next egg is located. Hunt for each egg in order until you discover the big treasure at the end!

Clues can lead to a smaller prize for each child or a grand prize that they all share. For the grand prize, consider an Easter gift they can enjoy for years to come such as a personalized book. A custom Easter book is a special keepsake, featuring their name in the story, that they will treasure. A board book like My Surprise Easter Egg Hunt will be the perfect surprise gift for little ones to match the activity! It also comes in a “first Easter” edition if you are also celebrating a baby’s first Easter that day.

Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Make this holiday egg-stra exciting with a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt! Put battery-operated tea lights inside plastic eggs so they glow. Then hide them around the house. With the lights off, kids will hunt for the glowing eggs using only a flashlight to navigate. This unique Easter activity is fun for the whole family—even mom and dad will love running in the dark looking for eggs!

Spell Your Name Egg Hunt

This engaging and educational Easter egg hunt idea will help kids learn to spell their names! Write the letters of the child’s name onto plastic eggs and hide them around the house or backyard. Find the plastic egg that spells the child’s name, starting with the first letter, second letter, and so on. Kids will practice spelling as they try to find the next egg. Once they’ve found the eggs that spell their name, they can open up each egg to reveal the candy or toy surprise inside!

Puzzle Easter Egg Hunt

Hunt for the puzzle pieces hidden in each plastic egg and then put your puzzle together! This egg hunt can be adapted for preschoolers or older children. It’s also a fun candy-free egg hunt idea.  For toddlers or preschoolers, use jumbo plastic eggs. These eggs can conceal larger puzzle pieces, so little ones can put together their own 24-piece puzzle. Try using a personalized puzzle, which also makes a great Easter gift! A custom trucks puzzle or flower puzzle featuring the child’s name makes a perfect Easter surprise. A personalized puzzle like My Farm Friends can also display a picture of the child’s face, depicting him or her as the farmer!

For older kids, consider hiding smaller puzzle pieces that will form a 500-piece puzzle. Perfect for families, a personalized photo puzzle can depict your favorite Easter picture in 500 puzzle pieces. Hide several pieces in each plastic egg. This Easter activity helps boost brainpower in growing little minds and keeps kids entertained all day long!

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