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7 Father’s Day Family Activities

Spend quality time with dad this Father’s Day and try out some of these family activities! Sometimes the best gift is having fun together. Dad will love the thought and planning that went into making his day extra special. If he loves being active outside, try doing a sport or play a yard game. If he’s a real foodie, make reservations at his favorite restaurant or get the whole family involved to cook his favorite meal. Plan a fun Father’s Day celebration by checking out these activities and make unforgettable memories.


Plan a Super Dad superhero-themed day

Celebrate dad as the super-cool superhero of your family by planning a themed Father’s Day! Make dad a superhero t-shirt to wear and enjoy breakfast in bed. Watch his favorite superhero movies and serve up some hero sandwiches. To make him really feel like a superhero, give him a themed photo book gift for dad like the personalized book Super Dad! This unique keepsake, featuring his name and photo, celebrates all the ways he “saves the day” and cares for his family. Make dad feel like a beloved superhero with this Father’s Day gift and a day full of fun activities!

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Game day for dad!

Make Father’s Day all about games and play! He’ll love releasing his inner kid to have a whole day of laughter and fun. Visit a local arcade and play arcade games or play your favorite board games at home. Take the “game day” theme to the next level and attend a sports game. If dad is a huge sports-lovers, surprise him with a special Father’s Day gift he can read with his kids. The personalized book I’m My University’s Biggest Fan describes the child growing up to be a college football fan and playing in the big game. This custom book is perfect for dad to raise little sports fans and to bond with his kids over reading.


If dad is a thrill-seeking kid at heart, visit the nearest, open amusement park for exciting thrill rides! And for the puzzle lover, surprise him with a personalized family tree puzzle that features his whole family. There won’t be a dry eye in the room when he sees this heartwarming keepsake! Above all, dad will love spending time with his family.


Visit a local brewery and participate in an event.

Discover breweries in your area, where dad can enjoy a cold beer. There’s also activities for the whole family. Look through the brewery event calendar to find an activity you can do together. Note that some events may be altered due to covid-19. Make sure you check your state’s brewery calendar and social pages, to get up-to-date news about safety protocols and events. Breweries often showcase local bands that play music. They also host events such as cribbage tournaments, trivia contests, open mic night, yoga, group cycling, and fun runs with a beer included! Check out what your local brewery has to offer and have a fun day for everyone.


Learn something new with dad.

One of the most special ways to bond with dad is to learn something new together. Try cooking a new dish. Pick up tools and start a garden. Give him a camera to start learning photography. Take an online language class to learn a new language. You could even start planning a family trip for the future and put your language skills to good use! Dad will love all of these Father’s Day activities that are new, exciting, and challenging.


Spend a day on the water.

If the weather is nice on June 21, spend a day on the water to go boating, fishing, swimming, or jet skiing. Dad will love being active outside while spending quality time with his family. Capture your favorite moments on camera to look back on.


Have a dog day out!

If dad is a dog lover, make the day paw-some and celebrate the relationship he has with his whole family—including his furry family member! Visit a dog park or take your dog for a long walk through a local park. For an adventurous day out, take your dog fishing, swimming, or hiking. Then surprise him with a personalized dog puzzle for man and man’s best friend! This Father’s Day gift for the dog dad features up to 5 photos and an illustrated dog that resembles your own pet. He’ll love a day spent with his human kids and his pup kid!


Enjoy nature with backyard camping and a barbeque.

Relax and rejuvenate with a fun day spent outside. Pitch a tent in the backyard to camp overnight. Unlike camping in the woods where young kids might feel afraid of being far from home, backyard camping let kids have fun while feeling safe. Cook some barbeque for dinner and then start a fire to make s’mores! The whole family can end the day star gazing and reading storybooks by flashlight.


Celebrate dad this Father’s Day with these family activities! Whether he’s looking to relax or go on an adventure, this list of activities will make the day extra special. Show how much you care with a fun family day together and make lasting memories.