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Baby’s 1st Halloween Costume Ideas

Dress your little boo in our favorite Halloween costumes! Perfect for celebrating a baby’s first Halloween, these costume ideas will make your celebration ghoulish fun. The infant stage is a precious time when you can make lasting memories with your baby. You’ll want to capture this first Halloween in photos, so it’s important to find a creative—and comfortable—costume. Whether you plan on trick or treating or cuddling at home, these not-so-scary outfits will make this Halloween extra special!

9 Baby’s First Halloween Costumes

We’ve compiled nine cute costume ideas for your little ghoul. If you’re seeking more cute ideas, you’ll find costume inspiration in our personalized board book that celebrates a baby’s 1st Halloween: My First Halloween. This children’s storybook is a sweet keepsake, featuring your baby, that can be read every Halloween and shows your baby in fun costumes!


There’s something about a baby wearing a mask and a cape that is both hilarious and adorable! Your super baby will soar across Halloween night to rescue all the candy. This baby costume is easy to make yourself by attaching a felt cape to their onesie and crafting a felt mask.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

What says “fall” more than the pumpkin spice latte? Dress your baby in a costume that’s sure to be everyone’s favorite! To make this costume, stuff an oversized orange onesie with polyfill to make it plump. Add a jack-o-lantern face using black felt. To keep the head warm, find an orange beanie hat and add a green felt stem. Finally, create your own pumpkin spice latte cup out of felt or use a real mini cup and lid from the coffee shop.


This Halloween costume is simple and comfortable for babies! Just dress them in a black onesie and add black felt wings.


Your little one will be the cutest joey around in this baby kangaroo animal costume! We think this idea would also make the cutest mom and baby costume. Mom can dress as the mother kangaroo wearing her little joey in a body wrap across her chest (like a momma kangaroo with her baby in her pouch).

Baby Yoda

If you’re a Star Wars fan, this costume is perfectly on-trend and has lots of potential for matching family costumes. Adorable will your baby be! The force will be with this little jedi on Halloween night.

Olympic Athlete

This costume wins gold for cutest baby! Dress baby in red, white, and blue. Make a gold medal from felt and ribbon to hang around their neck.

Friendly Monster

Dress baby in a furry onesie and a beanie hat. Make paper horns and attach them to the hat. Your little monster will love an infant costume that’s soft, warm, and adorable!

Little Sports Fan

Gear up your little sports fan in a costume based on your favorite team. Most sports sell team-themed onesies for babies. All you need to do is add accessories, like a plush baseball or football.

Waffles + Mochi

Create a costume based on the popular Netflix kids’ show. The show features Waffles and Mochi, two friends who travel around the world to learn about various ingredients. To make the waffles costume, cover a blue onesie in furry felt. Do the same with a beanie hat. Add two plastic waffles to the hat to resemble the character. Then wrap a purple scarf around baby’s neck. Now your child needs their friend Mochi to carry around! You can easily create Mochi by drawing a face onto a pink foam ball or making the character from felt. This baby Halloween costume is totally Insta-worthy, sure to be a kid favorite.