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15 Spring Crafts and Activities for Families

Celebrate the season with these easy spring crafts and activities for kids! Spring is a hopeful time when the weather gets warmer and the plants and flowers come alive in bright colors. Spring is a time for kids to explore, discover and learn. We’ve included a variety of activities for your little explorer! Our list includes spring art projects, activities for preschoolers and kindergarteners, outdoor activities and more. Get the whole family involved and try a few of these arts and crafts the next time you’re looking for creative fun!  

Go on a spring scavenger hunt.

Spring into action and explore all the things you can see, hear, feel and touch! Create a spring scavenger hunt sheet with boxes to check off what you can find. List various items like a puddle, cloud, flower, rock, butterfly, bee, bird, pine needles and tree bark.  

Barbeque and camp outside in your backyard.

Enjoy a family barbeque dinner and then camp under the stars in your own backyard! With the weather getting warmer, spring is a great time to pitch a tent and star gaze. Bring flashlights, to play a game of tag in the dark, and treat yourself to brownies while laying in your sleeping bag. Before bedtime, read a few personalized storybooks that feature your child’s name to engage them in the joy of reading. A board book like 1-2-3 Blast Off with Me! will take toddlers on an exciting adventure to learn about letters, numbers, shapes and colors. They’ll even blast off to outer space to count backwards! For older kids, a personalized book like Open This Name Book has an interactive story you can follow in the text. Monster friends try to build up the child’s name, but it keeps getting scrambled. Follow their instructions to put it in the right order!  

Spring Craft: Make 3D flower cards.

Create beautifully eye-catching cards that you can hand out to neighbors, friends, and family! This easy spring craft for kids will provide hours of fun. To make this craft, you’ll need white, pink, and green construction paper, scissors, and glue. Instructions:  

  1. First, cut out a white rectangle as the base of your card. On one side of the card, write a message to someone special. Here’s our suggestion: “April showers bring May flowers! I’m thinking of you and sending a flower to brighten your day.”  
  2. Next, cut an oval shape from pink paper, about 3/4 the size of the card. This is the blossom part of your flower.  
  3. On the unwritten side of the card, glue it to the top center of the card.  
  4. Cut two leaf shapes out of green paper and a green stem. Glue those to the card.  
  5. Finally, cut 2 to 3-inch strips from the pink paper. Curl them into a circle and glue the ends together.  
  6. Glue the circles onto the pink blossom. This creates the 3D blossom effect, so your flower is popping out from the paper. Make a bundle of cards and fill your room with cheerful spring art!  

Take a nature walk on Earth Day.

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd by taking a nature walk and recording your findings! Your little explorer will love discovering the wonders of nature.   

Enjoy a spring storytime and coloring activity.

In spring we see the outside world shift into bright colors as plants and trees come alive again after winter. Plan an at home storytime and celebrate our colorful world by choosing a fitting picture book like The Magic in Me. This personalized storybook features your child’s name and teaches them to love and appreciate all the things that make people unique and different in the world. Once your child reads all about their own unique magic, lead them in a coloring activity to draw a self-portrait. Use a rainbow of colors to draw a picture of yourself and the world around you.  

Make bird’s nest cookies and try bird watching.

These no-bake bird’s nest cookies are super easy to make. For this recipe, you’ll need chow mein noodles, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and candy eggs. Instructions:  

  1. Melt the chocolate chips and butterscotch chips together in 30 second increments until fully melted.  
  2. Stir in the chow mein noodles.  
  3. Shape your nests using a spoon and add three candy eggs on top.  

Munch on these yummy nests while bird watching from your window!  

Fly a kite that you make yourself!

Make a kite at home and then bike to your local park and fly it outside. Kids will love to see their handmade creation sore in the sky. April can have some windy days—pick the perfect weather day and happy flying! 

Plan a trip to the zoo.

Take a zoo trip to learn all about different animals! Springtime is the perfect season to observe animals outside. Before your trip, introduce your child to different animals with a personalized book like My Very Own Name. In the story, different animals bring letters one by one to spell out your child’s name in rhyme. The back of the book includes an animal encyclopedia where your child can learn fun facts about 61 different kinds of animals!  

Spring Craft: Make a moving caterpillar.

Make a spring caterpillar that you can move yourself just by blowing air through a straw! For this simple spring craft, you’ll need construction paper (or any heavy weight paper), scissors, markers, and a straw. Instructions:  

  1. Cut out a 6 by 6-inch square from your construction paper.  
  2. Fold the square in half.  
  3. Open it and fold the right side to the center crease. Then fold the left side to the center line. You now have four folds on the square.  
  4. Cut along one of the folds so you have a strip. This strip of paper will be one caterpillar. You can make three more from the square you folded.  
  5. Fold the strip in half widthwise. Open the paper and fold the right side to the crease. Fold this section again to the crease. Do these same steps to the left side.  
  6. Fold these two sections together.  
  7. Cut a curved edge on each end of the folded paper.  
  8. Unfold the paper. You should have a flat section in the front and the back, with the body curving like an accordion in the air.  
  9. Draw a face on one of the flat sides. And voila—you have your paper caterpillar.  
  10. Use a straw to blow air on the fifth or sixth folded sections in the back and watch as your caterpillar crawls forward! 

Visit a farmer’s market and make a dish from fresh ingredients.

Take a visit to the farmer’s market, to show your child how fresh food is grown and sold. Discover lots of fun fruit and vegetable varieties that you can use to make dinner as a family. Try a fresh kale salad, eggplant lasagna and a side of purple carrots!  

Plant flower seeds and decorate the pots.

Create a small flower garden for spring. Paint a few small pots and then plant flower seeds. Kids can learn about the life cycle of plants as they water their seeds and watch them grow. This is a great outdoor activity, but you can also enjoy this project indoors as long as the pots are near a window for sunlight.  

Collect rocks to paint and play.

Gather rocks outside and then decorate them as gifts, or to use in an alphabet game. Kids can paint rocks like Easter eggs to celebrate the holiday or paint rocks with hearts as a gift to mom on Mother’s Day. This is a great spring art project that will make someone’s day!  

You can also create your own alphabet game! Collect enough rocks to paint or draw a letter of the alphabet on each one. Kids can then scramble the rocks to make words and help with spelling practice.  

Here’s another way to play: Draw two different letters on each side of a rock. Do this with a handful of rocks. Then roll the rocks like dice and see what words you can create based on what you roll!  

Spring Craft: Make your own racing ladybugs.

This spring craft for kids will deliver hours of outdoor fun! For this activity you’ll need toy cars, construction paper, black marker and painter’s tape.   

  1. Cut out a ladybug shape from construction paper and glue on dots and antennae.  
  2. Draw a face. Tape the ladybug body onto the top of the cars.  

Kids can race their ladybugs outside on a sloped driveway and see which lucky ladybug wins!  

Plan a “Welcome Spring” Party!

Ring in the spring season by throwing a spring-themed children’s party. Decorate the party room with hanging rainbows and suns. Scatter balloons in rainbow colors across the floor, for little ones to play with. Serve fruit and cheese on a platter, organized like a rainbow according to color. Bake cupcakes and decorate them to look like a flower. Serve them in a short paper cup that is filled with cream and sprinkled with crushed chocolate cookies to resemble dirt. Kids will love welcoming in the sunshine, rain, and rainbows with their friends, neighbors and classmates!  

Play in the rain.

April showers bring lots of puddles. Throw on your raincoat and rain boots and play in the puddles! When you’ve had enough rainy fun, take a warm bath inside and watch a movie with the family.