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The Best Kid-Friendly Monster Activities to Celebrate Halloween

Attention all boos and ghouls, we have the best kid-friendly activities that are monster-themed for Halloween! Enjoy these seven adorable children’s crafts and activities that will get kids excited for Halloween and trick-or-treating. Try one of these Halloween ideas at home or include them in your Halloween party festivities. You’ll find spooktacular ideas for crafts, games, and storytime. To make these activities monstrously more fun, we’ve added a monster element to each one! We hope this list gets your own little monster excited for not-so-scary Halloween fun! 

7 Kids’ Monster Activities to Celebrate Halloween 

Open This Name Book Storytime

Enjoy a spooktacular storytime with the personalized book Open This Name Book—based on your child’s name! Hilarious monsters need your help to put the letters of the child’s name in the right order. Shake the book, turn it upside down, and clap your hands to try and put the letters back! Kids will love an interactive storytime with adorable monsters that’s perfect for Halloween!  

Craft a Monster Friend

Kids can make their own little monster using recycled yogurt cups! For this Halloween activity you’ll need:  

  • Plastic yogurt cups 
  • Glue  
  • Scissors 
  • Chenille stems 
  • Googly eyes  
  • String  

Flip your empty yogurt cups over, so the opening is on the bottom. Cut pieces of string or chenille stems and glue them to the top, for the monster’s hair. Glue googly eyes onto the cup. Decorate the rest of your monster however you see fit! Add glitter, extra eyes, pom-poms, and more! Kids will love being creative and making a monster to decorate their bedroom all October long! 

Celebrate Their First Halloween with a Monster Costume!  

Make a monster costume that your child can wear during playtime to celebrate their first Halloween trick-or-treating! Here are some fun ideas for your costume:  

  • Make a cute monster mask from a paper plate. Cut out eye holes and add string so the child can wear it. Paint the mask. Then glue paper horns to the top, and paper teeth to the bottom.  
  • Turn a plain t-shirt into a fun costume. Tape or glue polka dots and extra-large googly eyes to the shirt in random patterns.  

Kids will love playing dress-up as a not-so-scary monster! Want to get your child even more excited for costume fun? Enjoy a personalized storybook like My First Halloween that shows your child trying out different costumes. This book is a great way to get kids excited about their first “official” Halloween visiting homes for treats!  

Play Monster Bingo

This is a great game to play at a kids’ Halloween party or at home! While kids play, they’ll also practice learning their shapes and colors!  

For this Halloween game, you’ll need to make your own Bingo board. Divide a piece of paper into squares. Inside each square, draw a different shape (square, triangle, circle, diamond, rectangle, etc.). Then make each shape look like a monster. Add a face, arms, horns, a goofy expression, and so on to each shape. Color the shapes different colors. Give your child the game board. Call out different monsters in the following manner: “A purple triangle monster with a happy smile!” Your child will locate the correct monster and cross it out. Once they have the correct number in a row, they win!  


Make Monster Slime.

Holy ghouls! This is slime that could only be left behind by a slow and slobbery monster! You’ll be able to make your own and enjoy slimy, sensory fun for Halloween. For this activity you’ll need:  

  • A bottle of clear glue 
  • A bottle of green glitter blue 
  • White blue  
  • Liquid starch  
  • Plastic bugs or other Halloween-themed objects 
  • Large bowl  
  • Tablespoon  

Pour the entire bottle of clear glue into the large bowl. Do the same with the green glitter glue. Add a dash of white glue. Mix the glue all together. Add 9 tablespoons of liquid starch. Knead the mixture together until thick. (Knead less if you want it more liquid.) Add the plastic bugs and mix in. Now you’re ready to play!  


Bake Little Monster Treats.

Whip up batches of brownies and rice cereal treats that your child can decorate to look like funny monsters! Once you’ve made the brownies and rice cereal treats, cut them into rectangles. Melt white chocolate and colored candy melts in different bowls. Dip treats into the bowls. Add candy eyes. Once your treats are dry, pipe chocolate or frosting to give your monsters eyes, hair, teeth and more!  


Make a Frankenstein Candy Jar

Make your own adorable Frankenstein candy jar to keep sweet treats! For this Halloween children’s craft, you’ll need:  

  • A large glass jar or a small, recycled glass yogurt jar 
  • Green paint 
  • Goggle eyes 
  • Black felt  
  • A black muffin baking cup 

Paint the outside of the jar green and let it fully dry. Glue googly eyes onto the jar. Cut black felt into a Frankenstein mouth and glue it on. For the larger jar, cut black felt into a strip with triangles and glue it around the jar opening (to resemble Frankenstein’s hair). For the smaller jar, flip over a black muffin baking cup and cut angles into it. Then add it to the top of the small yogurt jar to resemble hair (and to keep your treats concealed!). Kids can enjoy a treat from their handmade jar at Halloween and long after!