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ABC What I Can Be! Personalized Book

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In this whimsical personalized ABC book, your child will explore different careers while learning the alphabet from A to Z.

Your child will have fun learning all the different careers in the alphabet that he or she can be, from an Astronaut to a Zookeeper. This personalized book builds self-esteem by showing your child at an early stage that with effort and determination, your child can be whatever he or she wants to be. Illustrated with a unique retro style, the book is cleverly personalized in the text and throughout the illustrations. When ordering, customers have the option to upload a photo of their child to appear on the dedication page of the book. Children love seeing their names and photos in print! Written by award-winning author Jennifer Dewing and illustrated by Colin Jack, this 8.5”x 8.5”, 24 page hardcover book is sure to become a favorite with boys and girls ages 2-8.

Print a free coloring page for your child to enjoy!

Ordering Information
Gender and ages: Boys and girls ages 2-8
Size: 8.5" x 8.5"
Number of pages: 24

Standard delivery: Receive 2 weeks after date of order
Expedited delivery: Receive 7-8 business days after date of order
Air delivery: Receive 3 business days after date of order
Canada delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date
International delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date

Creative Child Magazine "Book of the Year" Award Mom's Choice Award "Parent Tested, Parent Approved" Award

Customer Reviews

Great Book
Review by Jessica D
My 5 year old son loved his book and seeing his name in the story.
Review by Katie
Super cute!
4yo loves!
Review by Kannrec
Could not love this book and idea more!! Excellent quality and fantastic idea for my 4 year old. He thinks it's so cool that his name is on every page :)
Great buy, you won't be disappointed :)
Review by Ladybug
This book exceeded my expectations. Having my son's name throughout the entire book was awesome, I totally wasn't expecting that. The quality of the book was great. Definitely worth the money you spend. I did a Groupon but I will definitely be buying another book in the future. Thanks!
So Precious!
Review by Proud Grandma
Purchased for my Grand daughter after a co-worker shared the book she purchased for her daughter. I was so impressed with the quality & content of the book. A perfect gift & perfect keepsake.
Big surprise
Review by Barb
My 5 yr. old grandson was completely surprised when he opened his present and saw his name on the book. He wanted to know how it got there. He loved it and I loved his reaction. This book is a wonderful way to help him in his quest to begin reading.
Love it!
Review by kristintheneatfreak
I ordered 2 personalized books online as Christmas gifts for my nephews. I found the price of the books to be very reasonable. In addition, my order was fulfilled quickly and the books came out great!
Review by Mrs. Martin
My children can not get enough of the personalized books. We are on our third one and intend to continue our personalized library. These books are a wonderful way to get a child more interested and involved in reading along. I would highly recommend.
Exceeded my expectations!
Review by Taya
I absolutely LOVE this book and I know my son's eyes will light up with joy when he sees how personal this book is. He will definitely fall in love with it the minute he opens it as I did.
Review by janetwilson
My grandson is just learning to read but loves to hear his name in the books when we read to him.
First Rate! Love it!
Review by Karen (Grammy)
This one is for my grandson. It's so neat. I think it will be neat for his Mom to read with him. Ellis is one of a kind. I wanted this to be a keepsake from me. So much history is lost in this digital age. He will always know it was from me. Maybe he will give it to his son one day.
Christmas gift for granddaughter
Review by ChrisR
Eve will love this book! Can't wait for her to open Christmas morning. Perfect story for her!
Review by Vochick
This book will be for my newborn grandson. I will read it to him and say his name over and over again!
Reviewed by Tiffany G.
Review by Girls Too
I've purchased this book 3 times and I just love it. The first time I ordered one for a girl and a boy. I think I will order this one for boys only in the future. I think it is great for either because girls can play hockey and football too, but I think it would be nice to have the option of replacing these two - particularly hockey. I noticed that for the girls book, instead of a barber shop you use a hair salon. So maybe having the option of basketball or hockey or some other sport??? Even for boys. Not to stereotype or put someone in a gender box, just as options. Otherwise, I just love your books.
Very cute learning tool
Review by Mawsmith
I would recommend this for any preschooler.
Great quality and imagination. MY GRANDSON loved it!
Review by Grammy
Very happily surprised with quality,uniquenes ,and turn-around-time. Thanks so much..I am sure I will order again.
Great Story-line & Quality!
Review by Gage's Mom
I love all of the books from I See Me, but this book is definitely one of my favorites. As a mom of an almost two year old boy, this book really puts into words one of the most important things I hope to teach him as he grows; that he can be anything in the world he wants to be! I love the story and just the quality of the illustrations, colors, pages and just the entire book in general is exceptional! I See Me always exceeds my expectations!!! This book is incredible in every way!!
Love it!
Review by sunny_daze
Adorable gift! Nicely made. I can't wait to give it to my little one. Am sure he will enjoy reading it time and time again. Thank you.
Great book!
Review by Dara G
My son Simon learned to recognize his name in writing in preschool and he is always excited when he finds a book character named Simon. When he first saw this book from I See Me, I think he thought it was a book about a boy named Simon. His reaction when he saw his photo on the first page of the book was priceless. He said, “Where did you get this?!” Simon loved finding his name on every page. Some pages include his last name and some show our state as well! This book is perfect for a child about to enter kindergarten, because not only will he or she be able to find his or her own name, he or she will learn the alphabet and all about various careers as well. As Simon flipped through the book, he told me that he wanted to be almost every career found on the pages!
The perfect book
Review by Carrie
This is just adorable. The illustrations are perfect and the rhymes are great. It's nice to have my son's name repeated so often in the pictures, too.
Review by Nichole
So cute, the book was exactly what I ordered!
Wonderful gift for any child!
Review by Peggy
This is a great gift for any young child. It is encouraging and educational while giving them the excitement of seeing their own name and picture in something as special as a book. It also encourages them to read - which I think is so important for their future. It is also one of those things you save for them until they are adults and have children of their own. We Loved it!
Perfect gift for Kindergartner heading to school!
Review by Jenn S
I got this book for my 5 year old daughter who is starting Kindergarten in a couple weeks and is apprehensive about going to school. This book is just what we needed to get her excited about school and learning! As we read through the book together she is already pointing out words she knows. I love that the book shows her she can be anything she wants to be and learning her ABCs and to read are the first steps on that path.
A nice book
Review by Emmett
I hope he enjoys it like I do
Review by Marti L.
So glad to see all the options for children of any gender to imagine as their future. Very creative insertion of the child's name. I continue to order your great books on a regular basis. Thanks!
Loved It!
Review by Jamila A.
This was my first time ordering from this company and not only did my book arrive quickly, but the presentation was wonderful. It came in an adorable gift box with a gold ribbon. The book was amazing and it will be a perfect gift for my niece's upcoming 2nd birthday. This may become a yearly tradition!
The Perfect Gift
Review by Candis
This is my first time ordering a personalized book and I absolutely love it! The quality and detail is amazing! Can't wait to start ordering for the holidays!
Review by Eileen
I ordered the ABC book for my gran-daughter thinking it would be cute to give her a book with her name in it. Much to my amazement and surprise her name appeared through-out the book making it totally her book. It is THE BEST gift anyone could buy for a child!
very nicely done
Review by rosefanatic
Great gift idea. Nice illustrations.
for my sweet grandson
Review by Kathy G
This is the 3rd book created for my grandson. He is now learning his letters and I love the way the book flows. He will cherish these personal books for ever; I hope. I love them and I know he does too.
Review by Patty C
This story book is one that every child should have read to them. It shows them what a big world it is & that they truly can be anything they dream of. The quality & personalization makes it something that will treasured for a long time to come. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for that gift that says "I saw this and thought of you!"
Great Quality
Review by Jasmine Cutler
Great quality. I ordered this book after finding a Groupon. It was a very nice book with good quality writing, graphics, and pages. It was personalized for my little one with intricate detail. For some reason, it must have been some type of shipping error. It took a while to get the book, yet I got two books instead of one. I am going to save one of the books in case my little one destroys the first one. He is a rough little 10-month old boy
Preschool Teacher
Review by Alana H.
This book was BEAUTIFUL! I gave it as a birthday gift to my friend's son. It was a little expensive, but worth the money. I love how his name is on every page. This will be a book that he can grow up with. I will definitely be buying this book as a gift again in the future.
ABC Book
Review by Mary
Love the book! Gave the ABC Book to my first Grandchild. Very good quality, and color's were great! I'm definitely recommending "I See Me" to my friends & family. Awesome deal thru Groupon. :)
great book
Review by Virginia
I gave it to my sister in law for her baby shower.. she loved it.. great present
Review by Peg
I bought it for my grandchild. Totally satisfied, his name/etc was listed more than I expected, loved it.
ABC What can I be
Review by Lynn
Loved the book. My Daughter-in-law loved the personal touch of her daughters name being in the book. I would definitely buy again
Review by C Howard
I love this book it's absolutely wonderful to see my son's name on every page he really loves me reading this book. I can only wonder where his imagination is taking him thanks I see me you guys rock
great gift
Review by tyler
as every review on here has shown this is a great product. cute & well made
Great Gift
Review by Eric C
The book is fantastic. The careers are diverse and great and it's not as gendered as i thought which is a wonderful thing!
Review by Teresa Kadotani
My daughter LOVES her new book. I was impressed with the turn around time and low cost. The graphics and printing are excellent. It gets a big thumbs up from this mom!
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Lautrice Robinson
This was my first book order and I absolutely loved it. The look on his face when I gave it to him was priceless and to see himself in the book was amazing. So I will be a returning customer I have several other grandkids to order for. Thanks
ABC What I can be
Review by Jenny
So adorable! I love this idea so much.
Review by Jessica
This is so cute! What a special gift!
A Treasured Keepsake!
Review by Donna
This is the perfect gift. I know that this will not be the "hottest " gift but it will be the gift that will always be remembered! The latest and greatest is popular until the next big thing comes along but I know that this will last forever!
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Sharon Pugh
This was a shower gift and the highlight of the day. We knew what the baby's name was to be, so it was easy to place the order. Other gifts(much more expensive)were passed over as this book was passed around and admired. This is not something that will be outgrown and forgotten, but loved and remembered.
A B C What I can be!
Review by Grammy
Natalie N. Great book. Loved how her name was everywhere , seeing how children are so excited to see THERE name in a book. Just thought it could have been a little Bigger in size .
Must Buy
Review by Gez
Beautiful book! The personalization & Illustrations are TOP NOTCH!! I purchased the "What I can Be" book for my 3 year old cousin.

It is precious. I will be buying others!!
What a great experience!
Review by Elizabeth W
This was my first time ordering a personalized book. I was amazed at how quickly my order was processed. Also, the quality of the book is top notch. I will definitely order again!
Birthday gifts
Review by Illiana
Absolutely love love love it! I can't wait to give it to my niece on her 2nd birthday!! I will definitely be ordering more!
ABC for Me
Review by Lauren H
Adorable! I'm sure my grand daughter will love it!
the abcs
Review by DUSTIN A
Absolutely amazing, so glad i bought this book its great!
ABC What Can I Be
Review by Oralia Ramirez
Love the book!! Bought it for my grand baby. It's a super cute book. Love that every page Is personalized with my grand baby's name. Great quality!! Will definitely recommend to everyone.
Great Grandfather
Review by Ralph Woomer
I have not seen the book myself, but my daughter and granddaughter love the book. They also made a special note on the high quality of the book. It arrived on time. I am greatful for the ease of the process. Thank you.
ABC What ______can be! Is a great book!
Review by Deena J
I love love love this book! it has my son's name on virtually every page and he was so engaged by the exciting occupations all throughout the book---think my son wants to be a spy now. :) Keep the excitement going with your books I SEE ME!
Review by Karen G
Really cute. Love that the kid's name is incorporated in virtually every page.
ABC what can I be
Review by Vicky
I ordered a book for my grandson's first birthday. He has lots of family and friends and wanted something unique. His mom loved it and passed it around the party for everyone to see. It was a very cute book. I will order again.
Best Ever!
Review by Kathi
Emily loves her name and she loves reading. Adding her name to a book is simply the best gift she could receive. She just loves this book! And, so do we. It's fun to read and fun to show Emily her name throughout. This is creativity at it's very best. Thank you!
ABC What Can I Be
Review by Sue D
I bought this book for my granddaughter and I love it. She is only 20 months at this time, but I am sure she will love it when she gets older. I am sure she will be thrilled to see her name on virtually every page.
ABC What Can I Be
Review by Molly
PERFECT!! High quality, book that your baby will love. Personalized with baby's name on each page - a real keepsake. Perfect gift from Grandmas or Aunts. So happy with this purchase Thanks!
Review by Tammy
I absolutely LOVE the ABC book that I ordered for my granddaughter!!! Very nicely done!
Review by Tina laity
Loved the book. A great gift for my grandson
Review by Linda Martin
This is was the first time I have ordered from here. I ordered a book for my grandson. Was very easy to order, book was delivered when they said it was going to be. My grandson loved that his name was in the book. Would order from here agan.
Super Fun
Review by Vicki
I bought this for my grandchildren. They have short names so I could do one book for both. They love to find all the special details in the book. It makes it special to be able to read this together and both of them are included. I liked it so much I ordered another for a friend's sister and brother.
Personalized book
Review by Elisa
Book was so adorable...ordered a different one for my granddaughter can't wait for her to see it. Great keepsake
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Sue Garner
We have purchased a book for each of our grandchildren and they are wonderful keepsakes. I think every child would love to have a personalized book with their name.
Review by L Boyd
The colors in this book are brilliant!! Excited to give it to my niece!
Great book
Review by Marie
wonderful book...well written great illustrations. My nephew loves it!
Review by Ruth Whitehead
The attention to personalization was phenomenal. My Neice & Nephew were so thrilled & felt it the most special gift received for their newborn son. I will be ordering for my Grandchildren as well.
Review by Debbie
My Granddaughter loved the book. It was really cute.
Review by Sonia
I bought one for each of my grandkids. My granddaughter loved it. She saw the picture of her & i and was thrilled!!!! My grandson is only 18 months but I'm sure when he's a little older he'll love it too!!!
ABC What Can I Be
Review by Kelly
Great purchase! All aspects of the book were totally personalized. Reasonable price. This was a great gift for my son!
Review by Jo
There was much attention to detail in the personalization. It was fun looking through the book to find all the personalizations.
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Belinda
Very happy with the personalization; Everything spelled correctly. Disappointed the book was smaller than I thought it would be, and the pages aren't glossy. Still sure my grandson will like it.
ABC What I Can Be
Review by D. Jackson
I had a new Grand Daughter this past Feb. My wife is nuts about reading to our grand children. When I saw this, I immediately ordered it. It,s great. Daughter loved it, my wife loved, Grandpa is a happy guy.
Review by Jane Kaufmann
This book is the cutest book. I can't wait to give it to my grandson on his birthday. I love the way it is personalized. A great gift.
Gift for a nephew
Review by Lauren
I had a book similar to this growing up and I loved having my name inserted in the story so for my nephew's first birthday I ordered him one. It turned out better than expected!! I can't wait to give him this book so he can cherish it, like I did mine. Great gift!
Perfect gift!
Review by April
Great addition to a child's little library! Such a special book with many personalized touches!
Fun gift
Review by Ashli S
We bought this for our son on his first birthday. Book was great however personalized note was not I included and the extra we paid for the personalized gift wrap was a joke. Not worth your money.

Editor's note: Ashli, we are sorry to hear your disapoinment in the gift box and that the note was not included. Someone from customer service will be contacting you.

ABC What I Can Be
Review by Helene HIRSCHFELD
The best thing about this book is not only the variety suggested from Astronaut to Window washer, but that they are not gender spdcific. Very creative.Love it.
Review by Robin LeeAnne
Cutest Book Ever!!
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Jenny
Very impressed with the quality of this book! We loved the bright colors, pictures and gender neutral careers.
A-b-c What can I be
Review by Sandra
Awesome book!! My grandson loved it. He now is "dreaming" about all the things he can do!! :):)
Books for grands
Review by Jim S.
The books were great! My daughters were thrilled with books for their kids. The personalization was perfect.
ABC What Can I Be
Review by Kim
I bought two of the same book for my boys' upcoming birthdays. Very nice quality books and I love how their name is printed on every page. Makes it very personable. Can not wait until they receive it!
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Otis
I love these books! Excellent quality and my daughter love when I read it to her. I highly recommend any of these books.
Review by Cheri Giles
The book turned out adorable. My granddaughter loved it. Very well made and shipped quickly. Will definitely order again.
Great gift
Review by swalker
I purchased/personalized the book for a 1yr old birthday girl. The book was a hit with the mom. it tuned out very nice. makes a great gift.
Review by marie from long island
ABC What Maddox Can Be
Review by Marsha Stephenson
This is the CUTEST!! I purchased this for my nephew's 2nd birthday & couldn't wait to give it to him. It's perfect - Thanks!
ABC What can i see
Review by Sheelagh
I bought this book for my grandson for Easter. I can hardly wait till he sees it. It is such a great book. They are very well made, and for the kids to see their name throughout the book is so awesome!!
Cute but...
Review by LKI
$30 plus shipping is a bit much.

Editor's Note: Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly striving for ways to save the customer on shipping charges.
ABC What Can I Be
Review by Tonya
I appreciated the swift turnaround and amazing quality. My little godson (and his mommy) loved his personalized book. I will definitely be ordering from you again!
best gift
Review by Tina
This is the best gift to give a loved one. It's worth every penny!
best gift
Review by Tina
This is the best gift to give a loved one. It's worth every penny!
Great Easter present!
Review by Margie
Love this book, a little too expensive in my opinion. More geared towards a boy, tried to order one for a girl also but the pictures stayed the same so I ordered "You can change the world" for my granddaughter.
best first birthday idea!
Review by Amy Simons
I found this for my godson's first birthday gift and I love it. I cannot wait to give it next weekend!
ABC what you can be
Review by Qiana
I love it! My son is 2 months now so I can't wait until he can comprehend the purpose of the book but I do read it to him now. =)
BEST gift!
Review by Holly S
I have given this book before as a gift, so I chose it again. It was a gift for my daughter's teacher, who is expecting her 1st child. She opened it and read it and tears filled her eyes. :) Like a said, BEST gift!!!
Best Books Ever!
Review by Harriet H.
I have been ordering "I See Me" books for my grandchildren since they were born three years ago and also for gifts to friends and relatives when they have a new baby. These books are so very age appropriate and grow with the child. This particular book, "ABC What Can I Be" is very interesting and entertaining for a three year old and older.
A B C 's What I Can Be
Review by Cheri
Although this little guy is a little young right now to understand this book his parents enjoyed reading it to him.
ABC What I Can Be!
Review by Kathy from IL
Purchased for my grandson - he loves books! This will be a special one for him with all the personal touches.
Easter Gift
Review by Keri
We love this book! My son loves that his picture is in it and his name is all over the place. The book is sturdy and bright with bold colors. The story is all about what he can become in life - using the alphabet.
ABC What I Can Be!
Review by Mary
Purchased for my great-nephew's 2nd birthday. Great quality, unique way of "teaching" ABC's, super quick turn-around. Was so impressed I ordered "My Very Own Fairy Tail" for my great-granddaughter's 3rd birthday.
This is a great book
Review by Yvonne Bush
This book was better then I expected. My grandsons name is all over the book. He is going to love it even more when he is old enough to recognize his name. I would definitely recommend this book
ABC What I can be
Review by Leah C
Two words: Absolutely amazing!
Review by Karen Lea
One of the cleverest book ideas ever. Young children love to see their own names in print and this book puts the child's name on the pages in really creative ways using careers. Brody loved it. His favorite occupation was veternarian because he loves his dog. A gift to be remembered long after other toys break or run out of batteries, etc.
Review by Camille
The parents loved this book! So many personalized details. Perfect keepsake!
Extra Special Gift
Review by Kelly R
My friend bought an I-SEE-ME book for my daughter's first birthday. I had tears in my eyes while reading it; the story was so special and beautiful. I wanted to pass on that same feeling to my Mommy friends. So far, I have purchased four books!
Love it!
Review by Kaysey B
My son is an early reader at 3 yrs and he LOVES his I See Me! books. I also got him the 1-2-3 Blast Off book and he's pretty much memorized that one. These make excellent gifts and would highly recommend them to anyone. Love it love it!
Best Gift!!
Review by Ayanna
This book was a gift to my 4 year old godson. I know he will love it!! It's so exciting having books that are personalized! Brings about a joy that is indescribable to any child!
best learning book
Review by amy
I Love ALL These books. My nephew looks at the pictures in awe!
Review by ladawn
I have not received it yet. Ordered Jan 6

Editor's Note: It has been taking 6-8 weeks to ship to Canada. We do apologize..but you should receive this soon!
My Favorite Baby Gift
Review by Gail D
This book is by far my favorite on the website! Love the way the recipient's name is worked in to the artwork depending on the different job/profession that the child could be! Very creative!
ABC What Can I Be?
Review by Julie
This is the third book I just had to get! The places where it is all personalized is fabulous! I can just see my 4 mos. old grandson reading this in a few years and being very excited to see his name EVERYWHERE!
Great book!
Review by Jen
This book made a great gift! I love how the child's name is listed throughout the book. What a wonderful keepsake.
Let Them Learn to Enjoy Reading!
Review by Mary Nieland
I really like the way the child's name is used in the pictures, such as (Name)'s Store. It is a great book, but I am glad I bought it at a significant discount.
Great Gift!
Review by Sara K.
I gave this as a gift for my niece's 2nd birthday. It came out adorable! I love that each page has a little something that says her name in the pictures, as well as in the text. Quality was great!
perfect birthday gifts for toddlers
Review by Auntie
love these. Bought them for my nephews who are turning 2. Nor living close by I don't know what they have or want. This fits the bill perfectly!! Love to give personalized gifts and these will be a hit!
Happy Gammy
Review by Brenda
This book is adorable! I ordered it for my Grandson's 1st Birthday and I know it will be one of his favorites for years to come. This is the 3rd book I've ordered from I See Me and I have been very pleased with all three.
Review by Tonya
The book is absolutely beautiful!!!! It is everything as described and more! Thank you
Review by Viv
I Love this book. What a great gift for any child. I can't wait to give it to my Grandson.
Review by Tamara Hammond
I got this book for my grandson and my son and his wife just love it!
Review by Lori
Love it! Surpassed all my expectations. I was skeptical ordering online without actually seeing it. I gave it to my granddaughter on her 1st birthday and I know it will be a special keepsake for her. Looking forward to ordering more!
My Son Loves This Book!
Review by Tee El
I bought this book for my 4 year old son. He is amazed when he sees his name on each page! Hearing him spell each letter reinforces his learning and has proven to be a great teaching tool for him. He enjoys sharing what he would like to be when he grows up! I know he loves this book because he keeps it in his bed as he sleeps through the night! Thanks "I See Me!"
Great Book!
Review by CP
Loved the production and look of the book. It was a great gift for the boys first birthday! Thanks!
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Maria D.
This is a beautiful book. I am so proud to give it to my grand baby. She will be thrilled to see her name incorporated on every single page. The book is made very sturdy and will hold up to a toddlers touch. I couldn't be happier.
What I can B
Review by Sandi Morse
I love this book - it is just too special. Giving it to my grandson for his birthday and I just know everyone will love it. I'm the best Granna!!
Review by Patti
My grand nieces and nephews love things that are personalized!! They are gonna love these books for the holiday!
Review by Alicia L.
Cutest book ever! Great way to teach my 2 1/2 yr old how to spell and read his name. Colors are bright and book material is not flimsy.
Cute book
Review by Tracey C
The book is adorable. I can't wait for my son to see his picture and name throughout the book:)
Fun and entertaining book
Review by Sarah
This is a great personalized book. Each page mentions the child's name in a new and creative way. I love all the different careers throughout the book. Nothing gender biased, nothing offensive, just a fun and entertaining book that is sure to be a favorite.
ABC What Can I Be
Review by Eileen
So Cute! I know my grandson will love this story. I love the way the last name is used on the back of the Jersey's. Can't wait to read it to him!
I See Me
Review by Brenda
I bought 2 of these books in the past year and the mothers-to-be absolutely loved them. It is something they and their little boys will cherish for a long time.
High-quality Print
Review by Paulette
This is my second purchase from iseeme and it doesn't disappoint. The pictures are vibrant and the quality is amazing. These books make an excellent gift for kids.
Exciting Gift!
Review by Laurie Evans
I bought this for my grandson. It is such a precious book. The details are wonderful. I cannot wait to give this to him for Christmas...if I can wait until then!
Review by Ally F
Great gift. I love how the child's name is incorporated throughout the book. My only suggestion would be to make these books available in board books or something a bit ore durable. While the book is beautiful, the illustrations are great and it is well done I can just imagine children trying to touch and grab at the pages while they are being read too.
Grandson LOVES it
Review by Cindy B
This book is really terrific. Creative, fun, beautifully produced. My 3 year old grandson was amazed and loves it.
ABC What Can I Be
Review by Delenna Bryan
This is the 3rd book I have bought for the kiddos in my life. The best gift ever! Personal! Encourages reading! Wonderful!
loved the book
Review by Marilyn
I bought this book for my Goddaughter. She loved it and so did her parents. I am very pleased with the way it came out. Two thumbs up!!!!
What I can be
Review by Marilyn Ramirez
I'm really pleased with the way the book turned out. My goddaughter likes it and so do her parents. I will certainly make another purchase in the future.
A B C i can Be
Review by Mary
My grandson & grand daughters will love this book, I thank it is excellent my Grand kids.
Review by Betty E
This is the second time I have ordered a book from I See Me, and both times have found the books to be of the highest quality in every way. Can wait to give this one to our great nephew for his 1st birthday! I think it will be read over and over for years to come.
Wonderful Gift
Review by Betty E
This is the second time I have ordered a book from I See Me, and both times have found the books to be of the highest quality in every way. Can wait to give this one to our great nephew for his 1st birthday! I think it will be read over and over for years to come.
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Joanne Q.
This book is adorable. My 3 year old loves it and we have been reading it each night since he got it. The only problem I see with it is the pages are a little thin. He has another I See Me book that he got as a gift when he was born and the pages are a little thicker. Otherwise, it is a great gift.
Review by Margery
I ordered this for my grandson's 5th birthday; it is a very entertaining book and really makes it personal; I love that you can dedicate the book in the front for no charge!!
ABC What I Can Be!
Review by Janie Margulies
I purchased the book for a baby shower but was unable to attend. The book was adorable and I'm sure the parents to be loved it.

Thank you!!!
Thank You
Review by Rebecca
I purchased this book for my cousin's son's 3rd birthday. It is GREAT! I love that he can work on his ABCs while seeing his name and that it includes his first and last name!
great book idea!
Review by Amanda
I have purchased 2 of these books so far, and both have been huge hits!! One was for my 3 year old niece and the other was for a 3 year old's birthday and both girls were so excited to read their names throughout the book! So much fun, and with it being an alphabet book, it's educational as well!
Review by Becky Rader
I purchased this for my granddaughter's 5th birthday. As a retired teacher, I am very particular about my books and this has exceeded my expectations. The story is fun, pictures beautiful and quality first class. I will order from this company again.
Great gifts
Review by Christina
Really love these books! I've bought two so far and am looking forward to buying more. They are excellent gifts!
couldn't be happier
Review by Adissa
Great book! Received as a gift for my son and I have purchased 2 as gifts. I couldn't be happier.
Review by Concetta O
This is a fantastic book. It is colorful and put together well. This book is fun and creative. I would recommend this book.
Review by Evelyn Kerby
My grandchildren love these books - there isn't a single one that has been a disappointment.
GREAT gift!
Review by Holly S
I absolutely LOVE this book!! I have given it as a gift at least twice. The kids love them and so do their moms. :)
Birthday gifts
Review by Lauren H
I purchased two books for my bestfriends's sons who both turned two. They turned out great and super cute!
The ABCs of What you can be
Review by Mavia Reyes
Great book, wonderful quality,great customer service, cant wait to order another one! I have told all my friends
ABC What I Can Be!
Review by Micah's Mama
Not only is this a cute and clever book, it is high quality. Glossy pages with great artwork on professional paper. I had high expectations and the book easily surpassed them. I will be buying more books and recommending I See Me! To everyone I know with children in their life.
Best personalized gift
Review by Kelly L.
This book is fantastic. Even better than what I expected. All of the customized touches are awesome. I'm very impressed.
Review by Anna
I got this book for my grandson for Christmas! He LOVED it. Had to read over and over again. He made me go through the pages looking for his name. Awesome gift!
Book Welcome Gift
Review by Mitzi
Bought for a niece. Her mother loved it. My 17 year old son ask me why he didn't have one.
A gift that touches the heart!
Review by Dusty Christopherson
I absolutely love this giving personalized books to the children in my life. These books are so well made, your family will want to keep them forever.
ABC What I Can Be!
Review by Tresa
Purchased this awesome book for my great-nephew's 4th birthday! Our birthday boy loves reading "his book". His favorite part is seeing his name on nearly every page! This marks the 8th book I've purchased...love them all. Looking forward to my next order!
great quality book
Review by Miles Fusco
A wonderful treat for a toddler. It is great fun to have his/her name in print, and featured in the clever story. Educational, too, with all the associations with each letter of the alphabet.
Great Gift
Review by Cathy G
I bought this for my great-nephew and it is a fabulous book. He will get so much pleasure out of having this read to him until he can read for himself. The illustrations and the text are so cute and perfect for little ones!
Education Program Manger
Review by Lisa Marsh
I loved the book but was disapoointed to learn that I paid twice for the book what it was offered on Groupon.
Great Book
Review by Tony
Love this book. My son will love it also once he understands it better and realizes his name is on every page...very very cool!
Review by Mimi Grams
It's never to early to teach children to appreciate reading. It was so neat to find an ABC book that will facilitate learning the alphabet using the name of the child! What a super concept!
Great Purchase!
Review by Janice M.
Good quality book as well as a great story. The way the child's name is incorporated is very clever! Service was also wonderful!! Well done!
ABC What Can I Be, My Very Own Fairy Tale, My Very Own Pirate Story, Goodnight Little Me
Review by A. Charland
These books are awesome! I have shared this site with many people. I can't wait to give them as gifts soon and to see how much they are cherished through the years. Will surely be making more purchases as our family grows and as our grandchildren grow!
Great Gift!
Review by Rebecca S.
My three year old loved the story and LOVED me pointing out his name throughout the story! I recommend this book or any of the other stories to any parent!
I See Me
Review by Rachel Cordova
My family and friends loved the book, and thought it was a very unique gift. Everyone asked me where I got it and also put me ahead in the awesome gift department!
Cute book
Review by Jenna
Very cute - I love the personalized details.
Cute but what about girls?
Review by Kris
I am on the fence about purchasing this as a gift for a friend's new baby girl. It's an adorable book, no doubt, but seems targeted more to boys. Which is unfortunate, because this is my favorite one among the books offered. The illustrations all feature a boyish looking character in the different occupations. And while I certainly want to encourage her to be anything she wants to be, it's stretching credibility a bit to put quarterback and ice hockey player among the choices. Including a couple more girl friendly options or better yet - making it gender neutral would have been better. I don't understand why you would potentially cut out half the customer base by directing this toward boys.
Over and beyond
Review by Christin
Just got my book today. The quality and picture color is so much better in person. The story is super cute. It fits my son to a tee. Can't wait to make another book for my niece. Now I have to wait until christmas to give it to him.
ABC What Can I Be
Review by Ginny
Very cute book! Perfect for my grandson's personalized collection!! Good Job I See Me!
Review by Grammy
Adorable, darling book! Bought it for my Grandson's 2nd birthday. He will be delighted with it. His name is on just about every page..it's awesome! Thanks bunches!
ABC what I can be
Review by paula trinkler
I bought this book for a gift for my grandson who is now 1 month old... I know I will enjoy reading this book to him. I also bought another book about his name that I'm sure he will enjoy when he is a little older.
Fabulous gift!
Review by Shannon
I received this book as a gift when my son was born and I LOVED it! I've already bought another one for a friend's baby and will continue to order them for future gifts. Great quality and absolutely adorable!
Review by Debra Tibbetts
When this company says 100% satisfied they stand by their word! Through no fault of the company the mail carrier damaged my book. I emailed customer service so they could check who the carrier was. They sent me another "Perfect book"!! at no charge because they stand by their word. My grand children really think they are special on Christmas when they receive your books. Thanks for all you do!! You are making wonderful family memories that will last a life time!! God Bless!!
Beyond satisfied!
Review by Samantha
What an adorable book! Cannot wait to give it to my son for his first Christmas! Highly recommend!
Superb quality!
Review by Ashley M
My son received an I See Me book for a present and I wanted to order something for my nephew. This book exceeded my expectations. Amazing colors and graphics. This was worth every penny and will be enjoyed for years to come.
Review by Lindsey
As always, excellent quality. Wonderful book.
Review by DAWN BOLON
ABC What you can be
Review by Nicole F
Beautiful, high quality, developmentally appropriate for kids, adorable name recognition in every page......I can't say enough. Leaps and bounds better than any other book personalization place out there....
Mom of two
Review by Melissa
I am in total agreement with the positive comments above. This is my second order from this company and I am just as pleased the second go around as I was the first. I love the idea of giving a more personal gift than a plastic toy. This becomes more of a keepsake that will stay with a child long after their childhood has ended.
Wonderfully fun books for kids
Review by Deana
I bought 2 different books, one for my son and one as a gift. One of the books showed up mangled via USPS, and I was immediately shipped a replacement. Very happy with the product and highly recommend it.
Review by Julie V.
I love the "ABC What Can I Be" book. I love the way the child's name is incorporated into the bright illustrations. My grand-daughter LOVES having this book read to her!
Review by Linda
I bought ABC What I Can Be for my first grandson and I can't wait to give it to him! I think the book is amazing and I'm sure he will be thrilled to see his name in the book. It was delivered much faster than I expected and was in perfect shape.
Great Book!
Review by Christina
This is our 4th personalized book from I See Me, and might be my favorite! It's a great way for my daughter to see all types of opportunities available out there - such a fun book! The personalization in this one is probably the most creative yet!
ABC What Can I BE
Review by TD Marks
Excellent gift, bright colors, well done!
quality of cover was poor
Review by Erin B
The inside of the book is beautiful, but the cover - not so much.

Two of the corners were wrinkles and one was bent. I have not given this as a gift yet, as I was debating whether or not to send it back, but I don't think it will be worth the time and money to do so, since my niece is expecting it soon.

I was diappointed in my first purhcase from here, and do not think it is sufficient to receive wrinkled/bent corners on a book that costs over $30 plus shipping.

*I See Me Editor's Note: We are sorry to hear about your disappointment and a customer service representative will be in contact with you to replace your book. We have a 100% customer guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your book. Books can become damaged in the shipping process and we take as many precautions available to us in order to provide a perfect book when it arrives at your home. Again, we are very sorry about your unpleasant experience and we hope we can make it up to you.
What I Can Be
Review by Pauline Ducharme
For a little boy, I think it will help him see the possibilities of his dreams... I can't wait to read it to him!
Love, Love, Love!
Review by Andrea
I love the vibrant pictures, I love the story and the rhyming, I love that my nephew with an unusual name can jump into a character. This is a fantastic gift. I am super happy with this purchase. I am planning on ordering different stories, so we can have a whole collection!
Cutest book!
Review by K from Texas
This book is absolutely precious. I will be ordering this for gifts from now on.
Can't wait to order again!
Review by CM
I wanted a unique gift for a 1 yr old birthday. His mom loved it so much, she was brought to tears. I can't wait to buy more books for my own children. Great products, great service!
Love it!
Review by Ezekiel's Mom
So cute for my nephew! My son also has it and love the personalization!
Review by DAWN BOLON
Excellent Gift
Review by Chris
A fantastic gift with incredibly service and fast delivery.
The Gift with a little something Extra
Review by Erin
This is a great gift especially when you want to give something with a little extra love. Each pages has little details of the child's name. They do all the work on the details and you reap the rewards. Great Gift Idea!!!
What will I be book
Review by Dori Graziano
Amazing!!!!! The little details all throughout the book is what makes it so great! Highly recommend for a gift!
Excellent Investment
Review by Julissa Lazala
As a parent and teacher, I can truly say that ABC Is an excellent investment. This book is great for loved ones. It encourage kids to learn through vivid images and they can picture themselves into every single page. The book can also be used as a souvenir for kids to keep throughout their lives. I bought ABC for my son and then I purchased The Incredible Big Sister and Happy Birthday books. Everyone loved it.
Love it
Review by Nancy Giles
I bought this book for our great-grandson for Christmas. It is an adorable book and I think he will love it for many years. I am very pleased with my selection.
Beautiful, fun book!
Review by Allyson
I absolutely love this book. We got it for our son for his 1st birthday and we love it so much, that I'm going to get more for our nephews and nieces in years to come.
ABC What I can Be
Review by Jim
My son loves this book and really enjoys seeing his name throughout.
Bought for a gift, will buy for my daughter
Review by Brooks M.
I bought this book for a friend's son's 1st birthday. I love it so much that I want to buy my daughter this book as well! Each page is personalized beyond what I imagined. And the price is great!! Love everything about it!
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Linda Schloss
I buy a lot of I SEE ME books for my own grandchildren and for their friends. This is a very special gift for a friend who loves to read; so I know it will be perfect! (They always are!)
Review by Barbara
This gift was perfect! I love the quality, the story and the personalization. Thank you for delivering it exactly as promised.
What a gem-of-a book idea!
Review by Mireille
Smart, whimsical, one of a kind, best quality in the kids personalized book category, a thoughtful gift.
Review by Rae Robichax
I bought this for my 6 month old grandson. This book is awesome to tell him from the very beginning how many options are open to him. To have his name everywhere is such a delight to him and it keeps his attention. The quality is excellent. I am looking forward to many years of buying these books as he grows.
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Kathleen Bayne
My granddaughter loved this book ,she was two when I gave it to her,she said she wants to be an Astronaut! I have just ordered another one for a newborn granddaughter as a present to put on her bookshelf for later.
Review by Andrea Koteen
I ordered ABC, What Can I Be for my grandson. He is so into his ABC's. This was the perfect book and the fact it was personalized with his name made him feel so special. This is such a wonderful book and I highly recommend it.
Best Personalized Book
Review by Jean
This is really an adorable book and I am looking forward to spending many hours with my little boy reading this. The quality is great and the pictures and the way the personalization is done is really top notch. I will be getting more and have already recommended this to friends and family.
Big Hit!
Review by Nadia
I bought this for my 2 year old nephews birthday and it was the biggest hit with all the adults who loved the personalized book. Every adult at the party had to read it and wanted the link to buy. I was really impressed that my book shipped within 24 hours of my order and I received it from time of placing my order to the time it showed up at my front door was 7 days with their regular shipping method. This will be my gift to give all the kids I know!
This is such a cute book!
Review by Jennifer B.
I was very happy with how well made this book is. I can tell that we will be able to enjoy the book for years to come and that my son can save it and pass it down to his own children someday. The pages are not flimsy as with other books and the illustrations are bright and colorful. Even my 18 month old daughter loved looking at the pictures too!
Review by Mayra
I got this book for my son's 3rd birthday and he loved it!! he loves for me and his dad to read to him so it was a perfect gift! Thank you again I See Me :)
Review by Alison D.
These books offer a wonderful way to personalize a child's enjoyment in reading. The books have colorful illustrations and promote self-esteem. There are different themes for young boys and girls, and the child's name appears frequently throughout the text. They are a unique gift that parents and child enjoy.
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Kathy
I bought this book for my grandson for Christmas. I love the book and I know he will love having his name all the way through it. I loved it so much I have already ordered him his next book.
Review by Lisa
This book is an awesome gift!
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Jane M
I had the pleasure of ordering this book for my grandson AND great-granddaughter in the same week! Reading to them will show ALL of the great things they can do in life
Review by Tammy
This book looks great. Can't wait to see how my grandson enjoys it when Christmas arrives.
Awesome Book
Review by Abby
This is an awesome book-my toddler loves it! She chooses it almost every night as her bedtime story.
Great gift ideas
Review by Momma of Two
I saw this deal on Groupon and ended up buying two! It's a great gift idea for all new mom's. My son LOVED this book. He doesn't recognize his name just yet but I'm sure when he can understand and read his name he will enjoy it even more! The pictures are so colorful and it does its job in keeping kids interested.
ABC What Leo Can Be
Review by Nancy W
My favorite thing to do with my three boys when they were young was to read to them. I bought this book for our first grandson's first Christmas which will be this year! He is already being read to even though he is only 3 months old and we can't wait to read this to him because of the personalization! The book is well made, beautifully illustrated and very colorful. I will be ordering more I'm sure!
Great service
Review by Nell
Loved the book, it was for a co-workers baby girl on her birthday.... and the customer service was great! Needed help after I placed the order and customer service rep was great.
ABC What I can be
Review by Katrina C.
My Brother in law and Sister in law are expecting their 1st child and I got this as a gift for them and their son. I am so excited to give it to them! Its great quality and fun. So glad I found this site.
ABC What Can I Be - Dream Big
Review by Alison Durell
As a parent and teacher, books that explore positive self-concepts are great gifts. ABC What Can I Be encourages a child to dream big, embraces many careers on each page, along with cute illustrations and name personalization throughout the book. This is one of many books I've purchased as gifts for youngsters and always well received. This is a fun book with teachable moments, encourages imaginative play, and a great gift.
ABC What I Can Be
Review by DL
Great product. Well made binder with great illustrations to go along with the story.
Review by Christine Cort
I was very impressed with the craftsmanship of the book, and of course the story. I will order more for the younger children in my family
Review by Sarah
I love these books, since buying my first book in December 2012, this is my go to place for baby gifts and birthday presents. My two year-old grandson loves his Pirate book and we read it constantly. He just became a new brother so we bought the "Who Loves Me" book and he reads this to his baby brother.
Love it!
Review by Theresa
This turned out to be an amazingly impressive book. Well made, great artwork, it's perfect! Can't wait to give it to my grandson!
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Carol S
My husband and I were very impressed with the quality of this book and all of the personalization on all of the pages. We bought this for our 2 year old grandsons' birthday next week. Since we also have granddaughters, we hesitate on purchasing more, because this book has a boyish focus, especially regarding the sport possibilities. I hope they make some changes that would be more appealing to girls, like Tennis, soccer, swimming).
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Sheri
This is an excellent book to encourage little ones to believe they can do whatever they choose. The placement of my grandson's name through the book makes it so much fun for him. He has his favorite pages, but can hardly wait to turn the page for whatever is on the next.
Perfect Gift!
Review by Jennifer
Beautiful book, very detailed and a delight to read! I bought it for my best friend's baby shower and it was a real hit!
Learn to love reading!
Review by Maren Kaldor
These books are FANTASTIC! I bought ABC What I Can Be! for my son's 2nd birthday and loved it so much I am ordering another book! What a great way to connect with your child and really help them gain a love for reading. I will be purchasing many for gifts this year!
ABC What Will Jacob Be
Review by Lena C. Kay
I bought this beautiful book for my soon to be born grandson. Not only did I love this book but my son and daughter-in-law were thrilled to see their son's name on every page of this book in different scenarios. The book is well made and the artwork is wonderful. This is the kind of book that will be enjoyed by more than one generation. I bought the special packaging for an additional charge which was totally worth it. I will definitely be buying additional personalized books in the future. Highly recommended !!
Fabulous book
Review by Amanda
I was given this book as a gift for my first child. It was the best thing I got for her. The book is wonderfully put together and has so much personalization. I just ordered a different one for my nephew and had an issue with it (my fault) and called customer service and they were awesome!! I will order again and think this is going to be my go to for baby presents.
ABC What I Can Be!
Review by Lillian
Beautiful, like other I See Me! titles, clever as well. My one wish is that the personalization could vary between the child's full name and a nickname.
Great gift for a toddler
Review by Jean
I am sure my grandson will love the ABC What Can I Be book I plan to give him for his 2nd birthday. It may take awhile for him to totally understand, but he loves being read to already and this will be special. The quality is great and the book is excellent.
Review by Susan
Just gave this book to a 20 month old boy. I think he will enjoy hearing and seeing his name in the story for many years. The illustrations are beautiful.
Review by Anice G.
This is a cute book and I like the personalization. It would make a a very nice gift.
Review by Ashley N
I ordered this for my nephew and it's a huge hit!He and I both enjoy finding his name on each page. Great gift and great book!
ABC Wha Can I Be
Review by Kerrie
Love this book!!! My daughter will have a keepsake to cherish. Wonderful birthday gift & personalization makes it so special!! Will be ordering more as gifts:)
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Colleen
I received the item within excellent timing and the quality is top notch. While I haven't given it as a gift yet, I love that it could be personalized not only for the child's name, but the inscription also for the child to always remember who gave it to them. The book is well written the pictures are awesome. I couldn't believe how MUCH personalization occurred THROUGHOUT the book and am quite amazed at the intricacies that are looked at each time this book is ordered. Looking forward to purchasing more of these books down the road!
ABC What I can be
Review by Shawn Francis
I love the books I have one each for both of my Grandchildren and they are enjoying them
Review by cari
This book is so beautifully written and has such beautiful artwork. It's such a learning tool for young children too and the book caters the ABCs to the answers to the questions you give. It's really nice and I highly recommend it!
Great Gift
Review by Marianne
I was most impressed by how many times my nephew's name was mentioned in this book, not only in the text, but also in the illustrations. Will continue to order from this company!
Review by Amy Whitfield
Love, love, love this book! So creative and unique. I will be a repeat customer for sure!
Review by Stacy
Not just the regular choices for what to be when the child grows up - and the book is even personalized in the details on the backgrounds of the pages, too.
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Connie
Great gift and the book was precious...loved all the pages being personalized!
Cute and Educational
Review by Ashley S.
I bought ABC What You Can Be for my nephew and I couldn't be happier! The writing is done so well that it's easy to forget that the book is teaching the child their ABCs throughout the story. The illustrations displaying the child's name creatively on many of the pages also adds the perfect personalized touch. I will certainly be keeping this company in mind for my niece's birthday.
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Michelle
Loved this book! Far exceeded my expectations, and my 4 year old loved seeing his name on the pages. Great book!
Personalized Book - ABC What I Can Be
Review by Jen
I absolutely LOVE this book and can't wait to give it to my nephew for his 1st birthday!
So much fun for your munchkin!
Review by Sam B.
My two-year-old LOVES this book! He carries it around the house saying "MY book" and showing it to everyone who will look. The pages are super-durable, this makes such a unique and lasting gift!
Review by Michelle K
I purchased this book for my cousin. It is beautifully illustrated, and I love the use of his first, middle and last names thru it. I think he will be excited to read it when he gets it on his birthday.

I do wish tho, that it was a little more gender friendly. I would love to order one for my daughter... which I could, but would love if they had one that was a little more "girly."
ABC What I Can Be
Review by The Goings Family
Great Book! We love it, my only draw back I thought the book was bigger than it was.
Great book
Review by Veronica
I loved the book! Got it for my 1 1/2 year old and he loved it too!
Amazing Gift!! Great for young imaginations!!
Review by Arin
I bought this book for a special little almost-one year old in my life. His birthday is coming up and I thought this would be a great way to get him something different. I was so thrilled witht he quality and the uniquness it brought to his name and all the different ways it was incorporated!! I immediatly had to get back online and order one for my son!!
So creative and personalized!
Review by Aimee C.
I ordered this book for my son's 3rd birthday and just love how cleverly personalized it is - his name appears in some fashion on almost every page. Love it! All of the I See Me! books are so creative and great to give as gifts!
Review by Yolanda I.
This is my second time ordering from I SEE ME and I am once again impressed by the quality and creativity of their products. My son loves his pirate book and now he has ABC to add to his collection. Thank you I SEE ME!
Review by Auntie M
I was so excited to receive the book. It turned out better than I expected. Will order again in the future.
abc what can Bowen be?
Review by susan white
Such a special gift for a little boy to read a million times with his name!!
Gavin can be anything he wants to be
Review by Consuelo Delgado
We have told Gavin since he was 3 that he can be anything he wants to be, so this book was perfect. He is 4 and can read at 2nd grade level. He loved the ideas of what he could be and looking at options :) right now he wants to be a chef and the President.
Personalized Book - ABC What You Can Be
Review by Barbara Ayes

Even better than I had expected with personalization on each page.
Awesome! Great Quality!!
Review by Yemisi
I LOVE the book. It is great! Quality of the pages is top notch! Even had their names in the pictures.

Thank you!!!!
Review by Maryanne
I just purchased "ABC What ____ Can Be." I do feel that it is focused more to 'boy' careers, however, it is a wonderful and inspiring book for all. My nephew loved seeing his name throughout the book and he walks around holding it so anyone can read it to him.
ABC What Can I Be
Review by Susan
So cute! Variety of cool occupations, so many cute illustrations with child's name hidden throughout. Fun!!!
Very happy grandmother
Review by Elsie
So far I've ordered 2 books for my 2 month old grandson and I love them! I love to read, and I'm hoping he will too. Having them personalized and dedicated is so special.
For Elijah
Review by Tracy
I recently received my order and just loved it !!
Looks great
Review by Jacey Wuhrman
The book looks great and I am excited to give it to my son for his 5th birthday. I think he will LOVE seeing his name in the book as he is just starting to recognize letters!
Review by Kristen M.
I bought ABC What can I be to put in my 1 year olds Easter basket and as I read through it I couldn't be more happier with my choice. This quality product will be a keepsake he will have forever. This is the PERFECT gift!!
What I Can Be
Review by Marilyn
Love it! Can't wait to give it to my grandson. It really exceeded my expectations.
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Sandy
I ordered this book for my grandson. When it came I was totally blown away by the quality of the illustrations. This book will be a great keepsake for him. I have told several friends about you. I will be ordering another book for his birthday.
ABC's What Can I Be?
Review by Jody Schrage
Got this book as a gift and it is the most wonderful thing yet!! It will be used for years to come!!
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Stacy
It is so exciting for kids to have their name in a book, especially if it is all about him/her! This book displays first name, last name, birthday, throughout the whole book...so amazingly wonderful!
Review by Kensington
Such a great book. We love the illustrations and details. This is such a great idea for kids and we highly recommend this book. In fact, we can't wait to add more to our collection!!
perfect gift
Review by Jessica
Very very cute book. Got it for my son's first birthday.
Review by Carol H.
Purchased this book for my grandson's second birthday. It was everything I had hoped it would be and more. Great quality and prompt delivery. It is a keepsake he will enjoy forever.
Worth the Money
Review by Bobbi
My three year old absolutely loves this book! It's never too early to explore career choices even at this age. The quality of the book is unbelievable. There are so many details to look at on each page. And it's so much fun searching for his name in every page. It would be nice to have a picture of my child in the dedication page. Just an idea.
Occupation book purchased for niece
Review by Kim
Was very pleased with this book. it is very cute and can't wait to give it as a gift!!
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Susan Griffith
What a wonderful book! I bought it for my grandson and loved seeing his name on the different characters. I have bought your books before and really love them. This one was really adorable.
My favorite
Review by Annie
I have bought 5 different types of personalized books from I See Me. This is by far my favorite! The child's name appears in so many fun locations throughout the book.
So impressed!
Review by Shauna Trieb
I didn't find this in time for Christmas, but ordered it a couple of weeks ago for our great nephews. I am SO excited to give it as a gift to him this year. I only wish I had found this earlier. What a special, very personal gift. The illustrations are wonderful; the jobs so varied and fun! This will become my go-to gift for toddler boys. Highly recommend!
Review by Seena L.
The book arrived and is beautiful. Hope they love it as much as I do. I am ordering another one for a gift now.
ABC, What can I be?
Review by Angela
This could possibly be one of the sweetest books you can buy for you sweet baby or as a gift for someone special. The pages are durable, and the colors are vibrant, along with sweet messages on each page. This is highly recommended. I can't wait to order the other books! It's a "must buy"!I know you will enjoy it as much as I do.
Happy Auntie!!!
Review by Erin O.
This book is beautiful. It arrived in a timely manner and had even more detail than I expected!! This is the forth book I have ordered and they are all amazing and the kids love them!!! Thank you!!
Creates jealousy
Review by Mair
Bought this for my granddaughter for Christmas and I was reading to her and her 4 yr. old friend. Half way through the book her friend asked me where was her name. I love this book and how often her name appears. She is only 18 months old and I'm guessing she will know and recognize her name really soon.
My gift was the best!
Review by Carol
My great-nephew received lots of fabulous gifts (toys) at his 4th birthday party but on the way home he told his Mom that he wanted to see that book that was about Aiden!
ABC Book
Review by Andrea S.
Thank you for such a wonderful book idea as a gift for my grandson's birthday.
Adorable idea!
Review by Meghan
I just love the idea of a personalized book! We ordered this one for my son's first birthday, and I am sure he will enjoy it for years to come.
Review by Peggy Crooks
This one was my favorite & has so many places it has his name. I love how they put it on the shirt & cars & signs everywhere. He will enjoy trying to find his name & can't wait to give it to him.
awesome personalization!
Review by Erin
My 2 year old daughter got this book as a gift & loves it! We love the personalization in it. Almost every page has something personalized on it. A neat way to celebrate your child and all they can be!
Review by Lois
I love this sweet book. Can't wait to give it to my grandson for his 3rd birthday. He loves to read books with us, he will love this one. It will be fun to look together for his name on every page, he will love it! Wonderful quality book.
Review by Chris
Great quality and fun to read. Thanks!
Perfectly detailed!
Review by Betsy
I get all my friends' babies one of these books and just got this book for my friend's newest baby boy. I really struggled with buying it for her 3 year old, as well, who would really love seeing his last name on the football jersey:) It is a fun read, especially with all the extra details.
The perfect gift
Review by Bayo
I was so pleased with the quality and great attention to detail with this book - ABC what I can be!. It was a wonderful surprise to see how no stone was left unturned. I ordered one for my 2 nieces and nephew who are all learning their abc's. I was just so very pleased with the quick shipping, great customer service and all the little incentives to show customers how much you appreciate us. Keep up the great work!!!!!
ABC What I can be
Review by Lisi Tesher
This book is SUPER cute!!!! My son's name was on almost every page, and there were so many things to discuss on every page. Each time we read it, we find something new to look at.

I recommend this highly as a great gift!
Review by Aimee N
I purchased one book for my 12-month old and one book for 2.5 year old nephew. What a great gift to give!! My son actually stays interested throughout the entire book :) Love all the personalization - that makes it so special to them!!
Abc book for boy
Review by Annie c
I have this book to a 5 year old who loved it! Thanks I see me. Ill be ordering again soon in the dirtier. The only thing I did not like wad the 10.00 shipping charges . That's alittle much.
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Sally
I ordered this for my grandson and was absolutely thrilled with the quality of the book, the illustrations, and of course how his name was used throughout. Very happy and will be a keepsake for him.
delightful book for grandson
Review by Bill S
he loved it. He is 5. What more can I say.
Review by Liz O
I bought this for my friend's son who is about to turn 4. It was nicer than I expected and she is planning on purchasing for her nieces and nephews.
Abc what I can be!
Review by Kimberly
Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every child should have this book in there library!
Fantastic gift
Review by Wendy H.
This book was well-received. My SIL was instantly touched that it was personalized. Her son loves that his name occurs over and over throughout the book.
Great book
Review by Sarah
This is a great book! It may look good on the computer screen, but it's even better in person! My order arrived quickly and with great presentation. I would definitely order again!
Hope He will be a Musician like his Aunt!!!
Review by Charlee Ray
I bought this book for my nephew! He really loved the book and seeing his name on every page! I wish that there were more options for boys on the "created by especially for" page. There seemed to be more options for girls. The book itself was lovely and I give it 5 Stars. My rating overall was brought down only because of the "created by" page.
Review by Amy
LOVE my sons ABC and the one I ordered for my best girlfriends daughter. Customer Service is awesome as well. Will definitely be ordering more from here.

Thank you!!
Review by Cindy Phillips
I ordered my first book in Jan. for my grandson. I am going to order 1 for each of my 4 remaining grandchildren.

The kids will love seeing their name and birthdates in the book of their own.
Happy Aunt
Review by Lynn D.
I am very pleased with the quality of the finished product I received. I think my great-nephew will really like the book. Received the book when promised. Great service.
Review by Vera K
The book is very nice and I bought it for two different kids already. The only thing I wish was different is the professions for I and Q. I wish the book had more options than Ice Hokey player and Quarterback because those didn't really seem feasible for a girl. Other than that, the book is great!
Great Opportunities
Review by Bobbi
I love how many different jobs this book lists. I think my favorite is the "Inspector of Pies." Who wouldn't want that job?!?
Nana/Great Aunt
Review by Maddy
I bought 1each for my grandson and his cousin.

I think the colors and the choices of occupations is terrific! I love how their names..first and last were sporadically included in the book. A fun book to read over and over again!
Christmas Gift Hit
Review by Natasha
All 3 nieces have received one of the personalized books, and so my nephew's first Christmas gift had to be one as well. This book was a hit and my favorite this far. Incorporating the name within the pictures as well made it extra special. Great, fun gift!
ABC What Can I Be
Review by Sheryl A.
This book is WONDERFUL! Thank you to Groupon for introducing me. Ordering was simple, the book arrived quickly, and the keepsake packaging just made it that much better. With more Grandchildren on the way, I will be a regular customer!
Review by Bill
Net review - the books are great. $5.95 for a gift box is a joke and rip off. Never order a gift box again.

* I See Me Editor's Note: We are sorry to hear your disappointment with the gift box. The gift box is a sleeve for the book and can be used to protect the book for years to come. We are happy to hear you like ABC What You Can Be!
Personalized Book - ABC What You Can Be
Review by Karen Mooysey
My 3year old grandson loves it almost as much as his mom does! He will be enjoying it for years to come. Worth every penny pent!
ABC What Can Gavin Be
Review by Judy
I plan to give this book to my grandson who turns 4 in Feb. As a former teacher, I love it and I'm sure he will also. Thanks for a really fine product.
Review by angie h.
This was even better than I expected and was such a hit! My daughter was really impressed with the book that I got for her little boy, my grandson. I will definitely be ordering more for him.

Easy to order, shipping was fast. Quality is excellent! Thanks so much for offering this!
ABC What I Can Be
Review by TJ
I cannot wait to give this book to my Grandson! It is a beautiful gift. I have another grandchild due soon and will be ordering another book and I will continue to order books! Thank you for creating these books and making reading fun!
What I Can Be Book
Review by Stacy L.
This book was AMAZING!!!! It is so perfect to read to my 2 year old at bedtime every night. I would recommend everyone getting a personalized book to read to their child or children at night.
Adorable and imaginative
Review by Joanna L
I gave this gift to my almost 3-year-old nephew this Christmas and though he may not appreciate it as much at this age, I am sure that when he starts being able to read and understand, he will see this book as a wonderful keepsake as much as my brother does. My brother was impressed and so was I!
ABC What can I be
Review by Phyllis S
The ABC book was one of my favorite gifts for my grandson. The pictures were so good and adding his name in the story will bring years of fun for him.
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Debra Kline
Loved the book. It is going to be a birthday present for my 3 year old grandson. I think he'll love it too!
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Lois
I am very happy with this book, as I have always been with the others that I have ordered. It is very Special and I couldn't be more pleased. :)
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Papu & Nae Nae
Bought this for my 18 month old grandson. I was very impressed with the quality and amount of personalization was awesome.

Full of Awesomeness
Review by Leang
I ordered two books,"ABC"- one for my best friend's daughter and the other for my nephew and boy was I super impressed! Firstly, the books were delivered within a week and packaged neatly! Secondly, I accidentally misspelled my nephew's middle name and the customer service department rushed another for me right away as long as I paid for the shipping fee. Lastly, my friend and sister loved the book!
Review by Gini D
This book was so worth the $15+ shipping I spend with a groupon. The book is excellent quality. I have yet to give this to my almost 2 year old (its a birthday present), but I know his style of books and this is right up his ally. He will love hearing me read about his own name and will appreciate it more and more the older he gets. I will keep my eye out for more groupons because I would definitely purchase again.
Personalized Book - ABC What You Can Be
Review by Sarah
Book was very well written and illustrated, it was a big hit!!
Best aunty
Review by Jessica
I bought this book for my nephew and it turned out so great I loved it!!!
Personalized Book - ABC What You Can Be
Review by Michelle R.
I was so excited to give this to my son for Christmas. He loves seeing his name in so many places in the book. This is the right book for him being 4. I was pleased with the quality.
Great gift for 2 year old
Review by Auntie Lexi
This book is better than expected. The detail on every page is amazing. I got this for my nephew for Christmas, and my sis and bro in law were thrilled!
Amazing Purchase
Review by Amanda
I am absolutely in love with this book, it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. My daughter loves this book as much as I do. Not only does it have my daughter's name throughout the entire book, but it also gives her the inspiration and imagination that she can be whatever she wants to be..the sky is the limit. The best part is that it also tells her that the best she can be is herself. =] Like I stated in the title of this review....it was an amazing purchase! I'm definitely glad I purchased the Groupon for I SEE ME or I would have never known about this awesome little store. Thanks again!
Abc what can Isabella be
Review by Ashley
This book is better than I expected. The color is so vibrant and the pages have her name everywhere! This is something I hope my niece cherishes forever. It's such a beautiful gift.
ABC What Can I Be
Review by Mary Ann Palmer
The book was wonderful. My daughter who is the mother of my Grandson was thrilled with the book. Tyler is only 2 1/2 but he is very smart and she reads to him all the time. He loves hearing is name. I will purchase more books thank you
Even better in real life
Review by Shannon
I was nervous this book wouldn't be as good as it looked online but it was even better. I love how they incorporated my nephew's name on every page. Great gift. His mom loved it!
ABC Be What You Can Be
Review by Teresa
Beautifully done! Was a Christmas gift for my year old grand-daughter. Her parents loved it and it's something personal that she can keep. Thanks!
First Class Gift
Review by Granda
My daughter was so impressed with the quality and design of this book. I will be buying again for my other grandchild. Love your products and the service was fantastic!!
Great gift - you can't go wrong
Review by Dinorah Guerra
Great gift, especially for someone who has everything - you can't go wrong!
A Cherished Keepsake
Review by A former teacher and grandmother
Purchased this book for each of my grandsons for Christmas. Beautifully written ... and the personalization adds a wonderful touch.

Thank you "I SEE ME" for continuing to produce excellent products!
ABC What I can be
Review by Fran
I was very impressed by the quality of this book. The storyline is great and the illustrations are spectacular! Customer service was the best. I ordered the book early because I thought it would take a long time and was surprised to recieve it so quickly! A great gift for any child!
Favorite personalized book ever
Review by Jenn
This book is amazing! Each page is personalized for the reader. It is the BEST gift you can give a book lover!!!
Personalized Book - ABC What You Can Be
Review by Desi
I got this for my nephew's first Christmas. It looks awesome and arrived very quickly. The mom and dad loved it also!
Review by Maida Pizzo
Absolutely beautifully done book! Outstanding in every way,made a great gift for my 5 yr old nephew,he loved seeing his name on every page.
Great Christmas Gift
Review by Susan Wasyk
I bought this for my 3 year old grandson and I just loved it. When he opened it yesterday and saw his name in the book he was thrilled.
Review by Lindsey
Too cute!
A-B-C What Jaxon Can Be!
Review by Michelle Daniel
This book was absolutely beautiful. I bought my son a similar product 20+ years ago, so this was extra special since it was for my grandson's first Christmas. The book was so cute, and the incorporation of his name in so many ways was spectacular! Thank you so much!
Great book!
Review by Eszter
This is far the best personalized book I have ever seen, very well thought out and fun to read!
Review by ANG
Great book, great quality, Highly recommended.
A total hit with the kids
Review by Mary A
This is adorable, colorful and, because it is personalized, something that will become a keepsake for years to come. Will definantly order more from this reputable company
baby boy
Review by Lisa
everyone loved it!
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Jodee E
I bought this book for my grandson as a Christmas gift. It was an adorable book and beautifully designed. My grandson loves his books and I am sure this is one he will cherish for years!
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Jerri Reeves
I was absolutely thrilled with the personalized book I ordered. The quality is great, and the amount of personalization throughout the book was more than I expected. I bought it as a Christmas gift for my great-niece. Her Mom (my niece) loved it too! I will definitely be ordering more!
Review by Linda Schmidt
This book will be a Christmas gift for my 6 year old grandson. It is the sixth I See Me book I have given to him or his sister. As a retired first grade teacher, I HIGHLY recomend ALL

I See Me books. A love of reading is SO important for a young child's success in school and all I See Me books certainly foster an excitement and love of books. I especially love this book for my first grader. These are books that will be "forever books" that your child will read to his/her grandchildren some day!
I cried.
Review by Christine
This book is wonderful! When reading through it, I realized truly how many different things my big boy can become when he grows up. The world is open to him. Some of the personalized books we have just have black printing and look kind of cheesy. His name is on every page in this one and in every color. Wonderfully done. If you're on the fence, get off it and push "Add to Basket". You won't be disappointed.
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Rhonda Brown
I ordered two of these books, (one for each of my Granddaughters) for Christmas. I was very pleased with the quality of the books. The info was printed accurately, the colors in the books are beautiful and the they are well made. I highly recommend these books.
Excellent All Around!!!
Review by S&NF
Excellent product

Excellent communication

Excellent customer service

Whoever came up with this idea is brilliant! This is a wonderful gift that I'm sure will be treasured for years to come. The gift sleeve is a great addition.

We will definitely be returning customers.
A Christmas Bear for Saraelisa
Review by Maureen Aguilar
This book is far beyond any expectations one could possibly have when reading the book with that special child to whom it is dedicated. It is and will always be the best gift for my grand daughter. I am so pleased to have ordered it. I also ordered other books for my grandsons. Unfortunately, the shipping is high when you live out of the USA, but even then it is a gift for life and I know that my grandkids will save it to show their children. We read it every night.
Review by Elena
I loved how the book ends. Brought tears to my eyes.
Review by SWC
The book came fast and was very accurate. When I started reading the story and looking at how personalized the illustration were it made me realize just how true it is for the little guy I bought the book for.
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Ann M.
Very nice quality. Looks like any book you would buy in a store - except it's personalized! Very cute. My niece loved it. Can't wait to see my other niece open hers.
Great GIft Idea
Review by Becky B.
I saw this on DealChicken and am so happy I did! I ordered one book for my niece and will order more for others. It is a nice hardcover book and was delivered quickly to my house.
Nice Gift
Review by Kim
Nice gift for someone's child for the holidays.
Beautiful book!
Review by Alisha
I bought this for my friend's son for Christmas. They LOVE this book. It's so beautiful - great art and sweet story. I will definitely be ordering again!! Fast shipping and great customer service. A+ :)
Review by Em
This book is just wonderful! I know my boy will love it, and particularly cause his name is on it.

Perfect gift!
Very pleased!
Review by Ashley
I was initially concerned about ordering a personalized book for my nephew because there is nothing worse than paying for something personalized and having misspellings, etc. BUT! This book did not disappoint! I am so pleased with every page. It is particularly special because one of the pages is his dad's occupation! It is so perfect! I can't wait to give it to him on Christmas. I would order from this company again. Great book, fast delivery!
Proud Aunt
Review by Melissa
I'm so excited for my 3 1/2 year old nephew to open this present from me. The personalization makes the gift even more special!
Love This Book!
Review by Shelly H
We have received at least 5 books from this company over the past 1 1/2 years and each one just gets better, and better! This one happens to be one of our favorites!
Review by Mommy2Girls
I just ordered 5 of these as Christmas gifts and I'm fighting the urge to give them to the kids now. Awesome illustrations and fun rhymes; I'm sure these will be a hit!
Every page is personalized and beautifully illustrated!
Review by Kelly L.
I was so excited to read M her book when it arrived that the delivery guy did not even make it back to his truck before I opened it. It is certainly a family favorite and is a frequent bedtime book request. In fact we loved it so much that we decided to get M I See Me's Who Loves Me? book too. Every page is personalized and beautifully illustrated and ends with a sweet little poem dedicated to your child.
Help kids and parents brainstorm on fun careers!
Review by Susan H.
I'd really love to see a movement to encourage kids to play more -- not with electronics or baseball bats, but with their imagination! One way in which we can do that is by asking kids, "What do you want to be when you grow up? Show me!" I See Me! has a brand-new book that can help kids and parents brainstorm on fun careers, beyond the usual occupations that kids will normally cite. The book is called A-B-C What I Can Be?
Review by Noelle D.
Talk about a great gift for Christmas, or for starting school, or for their birthday!!!
I See Me! Just keeps getting better!
Review by Shelly H.
I have reviewed several books from I See Me over the past year or so and let me tell you, they just keep getting better, and better! We are really proud to be adding this wonderful book to Gianna's book collection.
Great book!
Review by Nicole Zacharias
We love, love, love the book. Our son's name has a unique spelling so it is nice to give him something personalized. The book is fabulous- I hope it inspires him!
We love it!
Review by Amy G.
My son and I decided to personalize the book for his cousin, Alaina, to help promote her love of reading too! Jace and I read the book the other night at bed time and it's such a cute book. Every page has the child's first or last name somewhere on the page, either in the story or in the pictures. We both really loved the book and can't wait to read it to Alaina!
A book that a child can treasure for years!
Review by Jessica C.
There is SO much detail that goes into the creation of the book! Not only do they include the child's name, but they also consider if the book is for a girl or a boy, and where the child lives. You are also able to add your own personalization inside the front cover...creating a book that a child can treasure for years!
Explore the future as you travel through the alphabet!
Review by Stacey H.
Not only are the illustrations and story adorable, but I loved how cleverly they add your child's name into the story! For example, see how they place your child's name on the door of the veterinary clinic? Cute!
Great book!
Review by Amanda V.
I love being able to read it to William. It has quickly become his favorite book because it has his name in it. He loves seeing all the things he can be when he grows up and tells me everyday that he is going to be something different. The pages are brightly colored and perfect for the young imagination. Because the colors are so bright they are very engaging. The illustrations are so cute and perfect. Not only does it show all the different things he can be when he grows up, but it also teaches him the alphabet.
Love it!
Review by Tara K.
When we got the book & opened it up, Ryan was so happy! He loved that it said "ABC What Ryan Can Be" right on the cover. On the inside, I got to choose a dedication, which I LOVE, and it also has his full name on the page, plus his birth date. Each page is a different letter & a different occupation starting with that letter. Ryan's name is on every single page in some fun way. A ship is called S.S. Ryan, our last name is on the back on a football uniform, there is a garden called Ryan's Garden and so many other fun things. We all had fun looking at each page & discovering where Ryan's name was.
Mama of 3
Review by Lauren C
Just got this book for my 3 year old and we both love it! He loves seeing his name in the book and it's fun to read over and over again.
ABC What I Can Be
Review by Chris
Utterly adorable! I bought this for a 1 year old and although he is too young for it right now, I know he will love it. It's a follow-up to the birthday book I bought for his older brother, which I loved so much I had to have another.
Excellent Gift
Review by Shelly H.
With the holidays just around the corner, this book would make an excellent gift for any child on your holiday gift-giving list! Enjoy!
#1 go-to gift for new babies and toddlers
Review by Jess
As you read ABC What I Can Be!, and your child shares his/her dreams about being a doctor, an astronaut or a scientist, maybe you will happily reminisce on all your childhood dreams and be reminded that anything is possible?!
Reading Specialist
Review by Rene Armbruster
As a reading specialist, I am always looking for books specifically for each student's needs. ABC What Can I Be! fills the order for helping a child learn their ABC's. This book is fun, creative and inspiring for the child. Personalizing the book with the child's name entices the child to read the book more than once. This makes a great gift for any occasion.
Share the joy in bringing some possible fantasy careers to life!
Review by Amy

Children will love some of the fantastic and fun career options presented like an inspector of pie, rodeo rider, window washer and secret agent! Now your customers can share the joy in bringing some possible fantasy careers to life in this wacky, whimsical book!
One of the best books that will help children fall in love with reading.
Review by Nicole W.
Today, I am hugely honored to review a book that I believe is one of the best books that will help children quickly fall in love with reading. Award-winning children's author Jennifer Dewing writes ABC What I Can Be. The illustrator, Colin Jack did an outstanding job illustrating the book. His unique retro style will draw the reader in right away. As an educator and mother of three grown children, I value well-written books that can be both fun and educational. October is Bully Awareness Month, and this book can be used as a great resource to help instill a positive self-image in a child. Research has shown that children with high self-esteem are less likely to be bullied.

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