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A Christmas Bear for Me

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A Christmas Bear for Me

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A Christmas Bear for Me is our heart-warming, award-winning personalized Christmas gift for kids. It comes with a personalized letter from Santa and a cuddly, mini 6" Gund bear!

A Christmas Bear for Me is a precious story about a child's Christmas wish for a special Teddy Bear friend. This personalized storybook captures the anticipation leading up to Christmas morning and the magic of receiving a special gift from Santa.

Your child is the "star" of the Christmas book and his or her name is featured throughout story. Your child's name and the names of his or her siblings or relatives are incorporated into intricate illustrations of stockings across the mantle and Santa's list of who has been good! It comes with a cuddly, mini 6" Gund plush bear and a personalized letter to the child from Santa.

Gender and ages:Girls and boys ages 0-8
Book Size:10" x 10"
Number of pages:26
Awards:Mom's Choice, Creative Child Magazine and HomeSchool.com

Standard delivery:Receive 2 weeks after date of order
Expedited delivery:Receive 7-8 days after date of order
Air delivery:Receive 3 business days after date of order
Canada delivery:Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date
International delivery:Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date

Ordering Instructions:

1. Please provide up to 12 family names, including the child's first name to appear on the stockings across the mantle (left to right) and on Santa's list of who has been nice.

2. There will be exactly the same number of stockings across the mantle as the number of family names you provide. For example, if you provide 3 family names, there will be 3 stockings.

3. Santa's "Nice" list will start with the names you have provided and add other names to fill the page with 12 names. If you provide 12 names you will recognize everyone on Santa's "Nice" list. If you provide fewer than 12 names you may not recognize all of the names on Santa's "Nice" list because we all know the world is filled with nice people even though we may not know their names.

4. Please proof your entries and selections for your family names.

Mom's Choice AwardCreative Child Magazine "Book of the Year" Award"Parent Tested, Parent Approved" Award

Customer Reviews

Wonderful book
Review by Diane
I gave this book to our three-year-old grandson. We all loved this book and its illustrations; it will be a Christmas favorite for years to come. The personalized letter from Santa was a nice, unexpected addition, but we didn't get the 6" Gund Bear. I ended up ordering a 12" bear for my grandson at another website. This book was expensive, and would have been a better value had the bear been included!
Editor's Note: If you are sure you ordered the gift set version of this book it comes with a choice of 3 bear sizes. If the book itself was just ordered.. it does not come with a bear. You can always contact customer service and let the know the bear was missing if in fact the gift set was ordered. They can be reached at customerservice@iseeme.com or 1-877-744-3210.
Beautiful book!
Review by RS143
I have ordered several book from this website and have never been disappointed with the quality! These are definitely keepsake worthy! The only thing I can say is I thought it would be cute to order the bear with the book and I regret that decision. The bear is not of the same quality as I have come to expect from I See Me.
Absolutely outstanding
Review by Tam
A book to cherish. High quality. Original. A keepsake for sure.
Great item and customer service!
Review by Kathy
I received the personalized Christmas book and small matching stuffed bear within 1 wk as promised plus it had an unexpected loose letter from Santa aside from the book I got it for my 6yr old granddaughter to give her brother for his 1st Christmas. The pages have a gloss about them and I wanted her to read it so I knew she could see it and know what she had to give her baby brother. She was so excited; then she said but grandma why doesn't he have a stocking with his name on it? Oh my. I did not even notice there was a mistake. I called this company and in that very call they apologized for the error said to keep the book and a new one would be mailed asap! Mistakes happen; don't we wish all places had this LEVEL of service? I can't wait for my granddaughter to read the new book Thank you I See Me Book company
Review by Joey T.
The book arrived on time and exceeded my expectations. I bought this for my daugther, nephew, and friend. It will be a cherished Christmas item for years to come!
Review by IAGirlsMom
Book and company are awesome. Book was stolen from porch and company reshipped still in time for Christmas. It was a gift and recipient says "The book is SO adorable. The story is really cute and will be a Christmas book she'll love for many years. It came with a little stuffed bear that she puts in her "purse" from the cruise and also came with a letter from Santa which she really likes. I like that the same letter is also printed in the book so when she inevitably rips it up it is still preserved in the book. It really does seem to be high quality too-the cover and illustrations are very nice."
Best Christmas Book Ever!
Review by Diane
The book is awesome on its own with all the truly special personalizations, but then it really comes to life when the child gets to read along while snuggling with the actual plush teddy bear featured in the story! The illustrations are beautiful, the book is well-constructed and high quality, and this is the perfect book to read every night through the holiday season!
A Treasure!
Review by Ashley M.
I have purchased numerous books from I See Me! for family and friends that have little ones. I think the parents love the books more than the kids do! The pages are so full of color and the kids love that they see their name throughout the book. I love that I can create something for the kids that they can treasure forever.
A Christmas Bear for Theo
Review by sue_hunwicks@hotmail.com
I can't get into my account, it says password isn't right. I have sent two emails and haven't heard back so as far as the books go, they have been great but as for customer service I'm a bit disappointed
A Christmas Bear for Me
Review by Shelley Berman
This is the most wonderful book for a young child. I showed it to some friends before mailing it and everyone was extremely impressed. The terrific personal story, the best art work, the wonderful bright colors all add to the quality of the book. I think that the parents enjoy the book as much or even more than the children.
A Christmas Bear for Me
Review by Susan J.
Excellent quality and wonderful story. My daughter is a kindergarten teacher and she absolutely loved it for her 6 month old daughter. It is a book she can read to her for many years. Loved all the family names on the stockings. My daughter said "this book is such a wonderful gift." I was amazed at the quality of the book. Much more than I was expecting. Will order again for others.
Review by Sandy S.
I purchased two of this adorable books for my two young granddaughters. They are so beautiful and cannot wait to give them these life-long keepsakes. The book is beautiful.
What a treasure
Review by Granny Flee
LOVED LOVED LOVED the book and the little bear is just the right size for my 1 yr. old grandson. Can't wait for next year to get one for the new grandchild.
Christmas Bear for Jackson
Review by Betty Cheeley
You surpassed my greatest expectations. I know Jackson will treasure this book. Thank you
Book is A++++++
Review by Tera M.
Absolutely love the book. Can't wait to give it to my daughter. The bear is ridiculously small, wished I just ordered the book without the bear.
A Christmas Bear For Me
Review by Deni Brinkmeyer
LOVED THE BOOK! It was the perfect gift for the little girl l care for while her mother is working! Thank you for creating such beautiful books with lovely words to delight child and the adults who read with them! The hard part is deciding which book to give!
Beautiful Gift
Review by Holly
I can't wait to give this to a certain little girl for Christmas! It has her name AND all of her family members names in it. I think it will probably be the kind of gift she keeps for many years to come.
A Christmas Bear
Review by Na Na
This book is beautiful, well crafted, and I can't wait to see my granddaughters eyes when she opens this gift!
A Christmas Bear for Ethan
Review by Rita Dodson
I love the way that this book was wrote and I think Ethan will love it also. All the books I have gotten from I see me have been wonderful. Thank you I see me.
A Christmas Bear for Ethan
Review by Rita Dodson
I love the book and will order again.
Really enjoy these gifts
Review by Rachael
I have ordered at least 3 books from this site and will continue to do so in the future. It's really neat how they design the illustrations based on the family members you input. I've ordered the Christmas book twice and both sets of parents absolutely loved it; it's unique and thoughtful. Always a great way to surprise friends and family with something they'd probably never expect.
Nana B
Review by Belinda
Love this book. Love the detail and quality. Can't wait for my granddaughter to read it to me.
A Christmas Bear
Review by Laurie G.
I loved the book! I gave it to my granddaughter who is only 6 months but will grow up hearing this wonderful story. Her daddy was thrilled with the book and was amazed at all the details especially the names on the stockings and Santa's nice list. He read the book to his daughter. What a wonderfully emotional moment I will always remember.
Wonderful gift!
Review by Dawn
I absolutely loved both the book and the bear. Such high quality and a sweet, heartfelt story. I'd recommend this to anyone. I bought it for my daughter's first Christmas, and it will be a wonderful heirloom that we'll both enjoy every Christmas.
A Chrismas Bear For
Review by Amanda Yanez
Absolutely Adorable gift and Keepsake! Fell in love with it!
Great Gift!!!
Review by Connie
Wonderful book that made a great personalized gift for my granddaughter...love the stockings with everyones names on them and the fact that we also made the naughty/nice list...you will not be disappointed if you order one of these books!!!
Love it!
Review by Laurie Baumgartner
Such a wonderful gift! Bought it for my niece for Christmas this year. Great quality, very fast shipping. Everything I expected. This was my 5th purchase, and I will definately buy more! Thank you for such a touching and quality product.
A Christmas Bear For Me
Review by New Grandmother
I bought this book for my granddaughter on her first Christmas. I looked at cheaper books but went with I SEE ME and so glad I did. I absolutely loved it. The letter from Santa along with the bear made the book even more special. I will be getting another one for her first birthday.
Mom of 3
Review by Amy
My 3 year old daughter LOVED this book for Christmas! She has other personalized books but this one tops them all with the family names on the stockings and the letter from Santa! "Totally Cool!"
Review by Mel A.
The quality of the book was great. It looks just like a book you would purchase from a book store. I ordered A Christmas Bear for Me and upgraded to the 11 inch bear instead of the 6 inch one for my 3 month old son's first Christmas. This book was a huge hit and everyone was asking where I had it made. I LOVE it and recommend them to anyone looking for that special gift. Once my baby is old enough to start reading I will be order again! I am sure he will be excited to see his (not so ordinary) name in print.
Christmas bear for and fairy
Review by Jen
The book is beautiful! Story is great and pictures are amazing. We received a duplicate book and I emailed the company. They actually responded within the hour on Christmas Eve. They offered me a different book immediately. I chose the fairy book. It is gorgeous. I see me is a wonderful company with quality products and fantastic customer service. I only wish they sold more.
Son Loved It!
Review by Ellen Arnold
My 7yr old absolutely loved this book. Now that he is able to read on his own, seeing his name and the rest of the family names in the book was AMAZING to him. He also loves the Teddy bear that came along with the book and takes it every where. Coincidentally he named the bear Teddy just like the book and thought Santa had read his mind. Great experience, will definitely buy more books.
Beautifully done!
Review by Alexandra
A beautifully crafted book with zero imperfections. There is so much attention to detail with including the child's name and additional personalizations. I hope this book and teddy bear enlightens the Christmas spirit for my little neice for many years!
Perfectly Done
Review by Grateful
I cant think of a better gift for a child than this book. Its like a dream come true for them. I am very happy with this gift.
A Christmas Bear for Drew
Review by Rebecca Huff
I ordered this book for our great-grandson's 2013 Christmas gift. I know he is going to love it!!!
A Christmas Bear
Review by Kristen
This is an amazing gift. We LOVE this and can't wait to give it to our son for Christmas! The personalized book was done beautifully! Highly recommend this!!
A Christmas Bear For
Review by T. Payne
I love this book! The illustration is beautiful.

I have bought ISEEME books for birthdays and other occasions and my grandchildren love seeing your name in the book.

The only thing I'm not 100% happy with is the bear is so small when it looks so big in the book.
A Christmas Bear for Gunnar
Review by Terry Benson
Loved the book. Although my grandson is only 18 months old I know he will enjoy the personalized book for years to come. The illustrations and personalization makes this a special gift from Grandma and Grandpa. I was disappoointed with the size of the bear. It was very small.
Christmas Bear Book
Review by Kathy
This is the latest of the many I See Me books I have ordered. I have ordered two Christmas Bear books. One is for my 5 year old grandson and it will be given to him this Christmas. I know he will adore it! What child doesn't enjoy seeing him/herself in a story? The other was ordered for a friend's new baby. His parents were thrilled to receive such a wonderful keepsake gift. I See Me books are just amazing! I love them and so do all of the many recipients.
Great buy!
Review by Paige
I thought this was a perfect gift! The story is absolutely adorable, and the perfect christmas present! I love that each page is personalized, and the book is excellent quality. The only thing negative is I thought the bear would have been a little bit bigger. But other than that...PERFECT!
Review by maw maw deb
Perfect for 1st Christmas
Review by Teacher Mama
I bought this for our son's first Christmas. He is only three months old so it was hard to find that special gift and this fit the bill perfect. I look forward to reading it with him every Christmas Eve!
Unique keepsake
Review by Helen
I have ordered from I See Me for several friends and family and am consistently impressed with the quality of the books. I love these unique and personal gifts. My complaint with this one is the list of Naughty and Nice names. Three of the names were not provided by me and therefore my nephew doesn't know who they are. I wish the list would have either included only those names that I provided, or I would have been asked for more. Otherwise, I am very happy with this purchase.
Review by Tami
The book was terrific. Kashton will get a lot of enjoyment out of it, just a year but thought it was neat when we would say his name while reading it. He also loved the bear. Will be ordering again.
very personalized
Review by lkag
Great gift! Name integrated throughout.. has page with family members names on stockings. Very good for boy or girl.
Good book, but expensive bear
Review by Leila
The book I ordered, The Christmas Bear, was beautiful. I loved the book, as did my niece, but the bear was very expensive for its size. The bear should have been cheaper (it's too expensive for a bear that is so small), but overall I was happy with the purchase.
A Christmas Bear for Me
Review by Deb B.
Absolutely thrilled with the book. When I saw the expression on my little granddaughter's face when she was read the book and heard her name and all her family, it just made my day! Excellent job!
Review by Marian P.
I was impressed with this book as was everyone who saw it. It is a very professional product.

I purchased it for my 4 year old granddaughter, and she was so amazed at how it was personalized just for her. I also got the small bear to go along with the book - which was just another great touch.

What a great keepsake memory!

Thank you!
Review by Impressed mama
I loved how my son's name was everywhere. Made it feel even more special and his.
A Christmas Bear
Review by Lois
This book, like all the others that I have ordered, did not disappoint me. Very Special!
Personalized Book - A Christmas Bear for Me
Review by Rachel
The book looks fantastic, I can't wait to give it to my nephew I know he will love it!!
Christmas Book
Review by Beautiful
I loved the book and the illustrations. This book will be a keepsake. Every child should be graced with one of these personal books. Fantastic idea.
Great book
Review by Dawn
My son loves this book. He loves being in the story and the fun elements like having his family names on the stockings and the cute tiny Gund bear. This was a great book
A Christmas Bear for Me
Review by K Young
I loved the book. My granddaughter is only 17 months so she didn't have much to say about it. I think she will really appreciate it in a couple of years. The stockings with all of the names were a great touch! Will definitely order more books for my other grandchildren.
Perfect Present
Review by Catie S.
This book was a perfect Christmas present for my two year old nephew who is just starting to enjoy his mom reading to him. It has plenty of colorful pictures to hold his attention and once he learns to read he'll be able to recognize his name in the text, therefore becoming that much more special for him. I am confident that he will enjoy this gift for years to come as he grows, eventually resulting in a precious keepsake.
Best Christmas gift!
Review by Shannon
I was so impressed with this book! The detail was amazing and our family just loved it. Excited for my niece to be able to read her book every Christmas.
Proud Grandma
Review by Cathy
I gave this beautiful personalized book to my 1 month old Baby Grandaughter for Christmas. I love this book and so did everyone else that was there. This will be a book she can treasure forever!
My favorite Christmas purchase!
Review by Michelle Ross
Christmas Bear book was my favorite Christmas purchase this year. The quality of the book and the beautiful graphics were even better than I anticipated. My grandson is only 2 years old and I know he will enjoy it for many years to come.
Christmar Bear Book
Review by Sandy Richards
The book is wonderful. Livy is only one year and the only grandchild but all the adults thought it was great.
Best gift ever!
Review by Auntie L
Got this book for my uniquely named nephew for xmas and it was a huge hit! Everyone was so impressed and in awe by the quality and details of the book. I loved how the stockings list all the relatives' names too. And the little teddy bear, that's a Gund no less, is just icing on the cake. Beautifully crafted, well-done, and such a perfect gift for a child with a rather rare name. I'll be getting this for all my friends' babies!
Great gift
Review by Crystal
I purchased the, A Christmas Bear for me gift set, for my 2 year old for Christmas. He LOVES the book and bear. The bear goes everywhere with him and every time we read the book he points to the child in the book and says, "That's me!" It was a great book and I will definitely get him something else when his birthday comes around.
A Christmas bear for Jadyn
Review by Websterquincy
Very nice..my only complaint was that there were names on the "nice" list that meant nothing to this 5 year old. Probably would have been better to just have a shorter list. I had submitted 7 names, so the list would have been ok.
First Time Grandmother
Review by Patti
We ordered this book for a new little granddaughter for Christmas. I was very pleased with the book and little bear. I think it will be something she can keep and cherish for yeaars to come.
A Christmas Book For Sophia
Review by Anne Gallant
A beautiful personalized book that a child can cherish forever and have happy memories of Christmas. She wanted a Teddy for Christmas, which she received with her book, as well as her family members being mentioned throughout the story. She loved it! I have bought many books from this company, and although expensive, the quality can't be beat. I love the fact that the books are hardcovered so that the child can have a lasting keepsake. Thanks!
Great Christmas gift for our new granddaughter!
Review by Sheri F.
We are the proud grandparents of our new granddaughter Dahlia who was a little miracle. Dahlia was born 4 months early and weighed only 1 lb. 6 oz., We are so fortunate that she has been a litte fighter and is still with us today to celebrate her first Christams together. Still in the hospital at 4 1/2 months old but this book was just wonderful and will be something that is cherished and kept for the rest of her life. This will always bring back great memories of how lucky we were and that she fought so hard and made it possible to celebrate this Christmas with her and many more to come. I am looking forward to purchasing some of the other books in the near future.
Review by Evi L.
I got this book for my 5 year old daughter. She could not get over seeing her name throughout the entire book as well as graphics. And my 10 year seemed equally excited and surprised to see her name as well. Well made book that brings a lot of joy.
Review by Mary
I gave this book to my 3 month old niece for Christmas as a keepsake. The book blew away my expectations, not only was I impressed, my sister loved it as well! The illustrations and story line fit right along with a perfect child's Christmas story! The names on the stockings and the nice/naughty list were wonderful also!
Wonderful Christmas Keepsake
Review by Brenda D.
This book was purchased for my almost 5 yr old granddaughter and it way surpassed my expectations. Truly a beautiful book and special keepsake. Would definitely recommend and plan on buying others for future occasions.
Review by Jennifer
Very pleased with illustrations! The child absolutely loved identifying her name in the book and the little keepsake bear was adorable. Would definitely order from this site again.
Wonderful Book
Review by Marie
What a beautiful book. I am impressed by the quality of the pages. I will be ordering more of these books. They are a hit.
Personalized Book - A Christmas Bear for Me
Review by Robin
I could not imagine that the book would be designed as well as it was. I was more than pleased! I thought that there would be a couple of places where names would be inserted, perhaps even hand written.

It was all printed as part of the book. I bought this for a friends daughter who had a baby, and this will be his first Christmas, and he is a year old. Perfect age to have a story read to him, and I know that this book will be cherished for his whole life. What a wonderful heirloom gift!

I would most highly recommend this company for a gift. I cannot wait until my children have babies so that I can buy more!

Thank you "I see me!"
Review by Jackie
I absolutely love the book. I can't wait to give it to my 1 year old nephew for Christmas & to see my sister & brother-in-law's reaction when they see it! Amazing! So special! I love giving my sweet nephew personalized gifts. This one is the best yet!!
Christmas Bear Book
Review by Veronica
The book is beautiful.
A Christmas Bear for Evan
Review by sue
I love the book for my grandson! Illustrations and name placement were perfect. The little bear was adorable.
A Christmas
Review by Lety Herdez
Love it! A great and original gift!!
Personalized Book - A Christmas Bear for Me
Review by Grace T
This is the greatest book ever. My son loves it knowing his name is in the book and he's actually a part of the story.

Thank you!
Personalized Christmas Book
Review by Maryann Chetlen
High quality. Have given this book to two older brothers so must give to little sister. A keep sake to be cherished.
A Christmas Bear For Makenzie
Review by Donna Riddle
The book was awesome!! My daughter-in-law loved the book as I am sure my grandchild will also. Only reommendation - please check your names and spelling. In ordering 2 books, one for my granddaughter and one for my grandson, I inadvertantly reversed some things between the two books. Oh well, still awesome books that my grandbabies will love!! The kids names in the books flow seamlessly into the story.
Great keepsake
Review by Jessica
I ordered this book and bear for my two year old daughter. She loves teddy and cuddles with him in bed since she received him as a gift! I love reading the story to her, and she is frequently requesting that I read her the Christmas Bear story at bedtime.
Review by Michele
Love this book!! Well made, adorable book. Would definitely purchase another book from I See Me.
Beautiful Book!!!
Review by Jessica
I was so impressed with the book! The quality of the book and the stuffed animal Bear that can with it. I showed it off to everyone before I gave it to my Niece. The book her mother cry. I would definitely recommend I See Me! to anyone who wants a personalized gift for a child!
Disappointed Grandmother
Review by Gina Vance
The book itself was great!

Unfortunitly, a name was added to the family list that was not part of our family. I was so disappointed to see this error. It was too late to reorder.
A Christmas bear
Review by Liana Ferrara
I love the book, wonderful idea for children keepsake! I would like to see the pictures more colorful and easy for a child to see and understand .
Review by Doting Aunt
I've given these books to many of my friends' kids (in multiple countries) and everyone is always awed by how beautiful they are. The only slight disappointment was the inclusion, on the Christmas list, of extra names I hadn't provided - if I'd known 12 names would be printed, I could have provided that many myself. Otherwise - fantastic gifts.
Gets read it over and over again!
Review by Beth Ann H.
I was very pleased with the I See Me book. My favorite parts are of course the customization of the name through out the book, the bear that goes along with the story is included, the hard bound (not soft), and that family members are included as well. My daughter who is 6 loves this book because it features her name, she wants to read it over and over again. Its her very own book about her, Santa, & Teddy.
Review by Dianna R.
I received my personalized book and was flabbergasted! It was simply amazing, and was way more than what I expected it to be. The book itself is quality made and contains vivid eye catching colors, perfect for little ones to stay mesmerized with. It also came with a personalized note from Santa explaining about the gift of the teddy bear. Think how special a child will feel upon reading that Santa sent them their very own Teddy Bear made just for them.
Perfect Gift!
Review by Jessica P.
Not only are you giving the gift of reading, but you are also giving the gift that the child can hold on to forever!
Kristyn M.
Review by All about your child!
The book tells a great story of a child anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival and hopes that a teddy bear would be among their gifts on Christmas morning. The story itself is great, but it is made even better because our book isn't about just any child - it's about Cooper!
Great Gift
Review by Nolie
I received this book to give my son this year for Christmas. The detail and amount of personalization that goes in to the book is amazing and like no other books I have seen. I am so looking forward to his enjoyment to receiving this.
Best books I've seen!
Review by Rachel C.
I See Me makes the best personalization books I've seen yet! Almost every page has her name on it or some form of special touch that makes the child feel like it is made just for them.
Wonderful keepsake
Review by Malia P.
This gift set would definitely make a wonderful keepsake for any child. It is a great gift, unique and special. I'm sure any child would be excited when they find out that they are the star of this book!
I was completely impressed!
Review by Christine F.
You know Christmas brings many, many toys, but you can't take away the value of a great book and when it is personalized it becomes a treasure that maybe even Santa couldn't beat!
A Christmad Bear for Braxton
Review by Ashley
My son LOVES the book and thought it is so neat to have his own book!!! Thank you so much!!
Love this book!
Review by Kimberly
We love Christmas and we love to read,so I thought this was perfect gift for friends and family. I bought three this year. The bear was cute and the story is adorable. I will definitely recommend and buy again.
Christmas Delight
Review by Joshutterbug
I was on the fence for about 2 weeks when I finally decided to just go ahead and order it. Being a graphic designer myself, I can say that it is of high quality and beat my expectations. Well done, I See Me!!
Job well done!
Review by Betsy
I gave this book to my friend's two year who is very much into reading 10+ books with her momma a night. I enjoyed the pictures, the story, and seeing her name show up in the details of the book. Job well done!
Review by MJ
The book and the Bear are both wonderful. My Grandbaby girl will cherish this book forever and ever. Just seeing her name and the enitre family's names is wonderful. Thank you!!
Just fabulous!
Review by Lisa
I am very pleased with this book I am giving my 4 year old nephew for Christmas. The personalization is so sweet and very unique. I love how the family names are incorporated on the stockings- I am looking forward to seeing my nephew's reaction! I do wish the bear was a little bigger. However this was not enough to have me rate it any lower than 5 stars :)
Personalized Book - Christmas Gift
Review by Sharon
Again, I love the book and the gift box. It's Avery's first Christmas; my daughter is going to be so pleased with this gift.
Review by Not So Average Mama
It wasn't just the text of the book that had the names, the names were fit into the illustrations as well! I was super impressed by that detail! Stockings were hung with each of our names even!
Wonderful Keepsake
Review by Two Boys One Girl and a Crazy Mom
The day after I got the book I was so impressed and proud of the book, I took it to my office and showed it to all the girls to see their reaction. Everyone of them said the same thing "wow.. that is so cool".. Where can I get one??.. They looked at the book over and over and were just as amazed by the quality and the way the story is written, tailored to your child. These books are wonderful keepsake for any child.
Special Book
Review by Tots to Teens Magazine
We have to admit we do love I See Me books and when we were given A Christmas Bear For Me we fell in love all over again. The story of the Christmas Bear for your special child is so sweet! The busy but big-hearted Santa will take a minute to write a sweet letter to include with this special book and bear set made especially for your child. Children will cherish the letter from Santa, they will also enjoy reading their name and the names of their loved ones in their very own special book.
Perfect for Gift Giving
Review by Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink
Between the teddy bear and the letter from Santa, it really makes the book come to life! There is a place on the first page where you can have a dedication written to your child. It is so sweet makes it perfect for gift giving!
Gorgeous Book
Review by Heather A.
I received the book today and I wanted to cry....it is so WONDERFUL!

I read it to my husband and showed him the pages of course and we were both floored. The book is absolutely GORGEOUS! The details are FANTASTIC!
Review by Rebecca K.
The book is absolutely stunning and it's attention to detail cannot be surpassed by any other personalized books out there! I just cannot help but smile and feel all warm inside each time I look at or read the story with Sonshine. It's a perfect book to read each Christmas as part of a new family tradition!
Heather D.
Review by Huge Thumbs Up!
These I See Me! Inc. Personalized Children's Books definitely create beautiful memories for years to come and I give this great company a huge thumbs up! Their customer service skills as well as delivery time were also beyond outstanding!!
Love it!
Review by Jessica W.
We both love it. The book has Lily's name throughout it, and it was easy to order! I got to pick a few other family names for the stockings and "nice list" as well.
Review by Debi G.
What would make a sweeter present for your little one or a special little one in your life than a book for Christmas all about them. I See Me offers all kinds of books to choose from.
Love this company!!
Review by Amanda T.
One of the main reasons I chose this book was because it came with a little bear that matched the cover on the book! When I opened the package I was in love with this company, not only did I get a book that was personalized for my daughter and a bear to match but I also received a "Letter from Santa"!
Robyn F.
Review by This book impressed me!
I have found the most darling Christmas books for kids. I was searching for a one of a kind gift to give to my nephew for Christmas this year. He lives in Massachusetts and we only get to see him a couple of times a year so I wanted to find something special that no one else would get him.

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Jennifer Dewing Author: Jennifer Dewing
Author Jennifer Dewing has always been a kid at heart. She started her career in the Toy Industry in 1995, developing children's products ranging from Matchbox cars to Madeline dolls. In 2006 Jennifer became a member of the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Her recent personalized picture books "Who Loves Me?" and "A Christmas Bear for Me" have won Mom's Choice Gold awards and Creative Child awards. She is currently working on more personalized titles for I See Me! and enjoys reading her work to her own "focus group" of three kids at home!
Wilson J. Ong Illustrator: Wilson J. Ong
Wilson remembers in fourth grade drawing people without ears because he thought they looked better that way. Today he has learned to appreciate drawing and painting most anything, even ears. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Brigham Young University and furthered his studies at the Art Students� League in New York. Wilson paints and illustrates full time and teaches painting workshops when time permits. His work has been exhibited in such places as the Butler Museum of American Art and his illustrations have been used by companies such as the History Channel, Highlight Magazine and Penguin books.