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It's Fancy to Be Me Personalized Book

It's Fancy to Be Me Personalized Book

SKU #: BK520

It's Fancy to Be Me Personalized Book

SKU #: BK520

Your little girl goes on a worldwide trip to see different countries, and she wears fancy clothes from each culture along the way. At the end, she realizes that the fanciest thing of all is to be herself!



Product Details

In It’s Fancy to Be Me, your little girl gets dressed up and jets off to fabulous places all over the world! She dons a beret in Paris, an elegant opera gown in Milan, a powdered wig in Versailles, a fluffy fur hat in Russia, a sparkling gold crown in Egypt and much more. At the end of the story, your child learns that, although it’s fun to dress up and be fancy, the most fashionable thing in the whole world is to just be herself!

The book is personalized with her name on the cover and throughout the text and illustrations, and the character is customized with your child’s hair color and skin tone. You can even upload her photo to be printed in the storybook and include a printed dedication from you to make it an extra-special gift. Written by Jennifer Dewing and illustrated by Yusuf Doganay.

Ordering Information

Gender and ages: Girls ages 2-8.
Size: 9" x 11"
Number of pages: 20 pages
Awards: Parent Tested Parent Approved

Standard delivery: Receive 2 weeks after date of order
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"Parent Tested, Parent Approved" Award


Product Reviews

The book is sweet and a lot of fun, but also has great messages in it too. Review by Marysa N.


My daughter was so excited to receive her beautiful book. The front cover has her name in big letters, and throughout the book as well. One of the cool things is that her name is also sprinkled throughout, like on an image of a store and on a kite. This is a high quality hardcover book, with glossy pages and vibrant images.

Love It!!1 Review by Stephanie


This book arrived fast! The artwork in the book is amazing.. I bought this book for my God daughter's 1st birthday and I was VERY pleased.. Everyone was talking about how creative it was. Thank you!

This is why I like I See Me!.. They make every book special and unique for each child. Review by Vivienne


The quality of these books blows my mind. This book along with the others I have recieved are well-made hardcover books with beautiful glossy pages. The illustrations are bright, colorful and fun.

Love it! Review by Mandi


This book is beautiful. It's so fancy. I love how my daughter's likeness and name are truly incorporated into every page. Just makes her believe it was written and illustrated just for her. Worth every penny. Very high quality.

Its Fancy to be Yourself Review by Stephanie77


It was love at first sight. this book fits my niece Ava perfectly. Always playing dress up and is obsessed with shoes. When I got the book I was so excited to see her name in the illustrations and the words of the book about 20 times throughout. The details are amazing. Can not wait to give this to her on Christmas. A new twist on story time for sure. The character was made to look like her with skin tone and hair color. Best gift ever. The lesson of the book is to be yourself which is a strong message to send girls from an early age.

Would thoroughly recommend. Review by Mia


Bought this for my Granddaughter who recently turned 4, chose It's Fancy to be Isla as she loves to dress up, she absolutely loves it...has it read to her every day twice a day since she received it on the 1st November. Her Dads response to the book "it is awesome" the presentation and design is fabulous.

There could not be a better Christmas gift for every fancy girl! Review by Randi S.


My Finley certainly knows fancy! One of her favorite things is dressing up in frilly princess dresses, jewelry and high heels. She loves makeup and anything that sparkles. The girlier the better for my girl. She truly is my fancy little girl! This was the perfect choice for her! I have to admit, this one might just be my favorite one yet (okay, okay...I enjoy fancy things too). It truly is ideal for the little girl who likes to dress up and pretend. I personally loved the look at what is 'fancy' around the world too, and I know as my daughter gets a little older, she will enjoy that as well.

Africa Review by Tam


The only thing I would change about this story is that specific cities and countries are named for every fancy outfit, except for Africa, where only the continent is named. To me it makes it seems as if the assumption is that all of Africa is the same and that no further detail is warranted. As my daughter was born in a specific country in Africa, I wouldn't choose this book for that reason.
The overall message is still great however. :-)

Beautiful book! Review by Rachel B.


My favorite quote in the book is, “Its fun to dress up and visit countries afar. But it’s what’s inside you that defines who you are.” It was a darling message with the most beautiful illustrations.

Beautiful book! Review by Nikki A


Its well written and beautifully illustrated. This is a great book for any little girl at any age.

Reading it everyday! Review by Shannon H.


As a parent, I had fun picking the hair color and skin tone to match Brielle. Further, I was able to send a picture of Brielle and add a sentimental dedication on the cover page. I See Me creates books that truly last a lifetime. I can imagine pulling out It's Fancy to be Brielle in the years to come to show Brielle how much she has changed. Brielle and I have read this book a couple times a day since it arrived. It's so sweet to see how much she enjoys seeing her name on the pages.

Love this! Review by Bonnie G.


My little girl was tickled pink when she saw her name on this beautiful new book. The first page has a picture of her with a short dedication. On other pages within the book we found her name as well. I think the little girl in the book looks a lot like my daughter so that’s pretty neat too. My favorite part of course is the end where she learns that the most fashionable thing in the whole world is to just be herself!

Very cool book! Review by Kristin S


It’s Fancy To Be Me! is right up my lil’ lady bean’s alley! Not only is it a story about a very fancy little girl (which my glamour loving doll can most definitely relate to, haha), but the little girl looks like her too! We added personalization via her name AND we were able to select her skin tone and hair color too! How cool is that?

Love it! Review by Brianne M


For Siella, I chose the personalized “It’s Fancy To Be Siella,” which was probably my favorite tale of the bunch. In this book, Siella gets dressed up, and jets off to fabulous places all over the world! She dons a beret in Paris, an elegant opera gown in Milan, a fluffy fur hat in Russia, and a sparkling gold crown in Egypt. The colorful graphics are beautifully done, and there’s even a personalized airplane, bearing her name. At the end of the story, she learns that although it may be fun to dress up and be fancy, the most fashionable thing in the whole world is to just be herself.

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