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A Hanukkah Bear for Me

A Hanukkah Bear for Me

SKU #: GS700-HB

A Hanukkah Bear for Me

SKU #: GS700-HB

Make your child the star of the story with this beautifully illustrated personalized Hanukkah book!



Product Details

In this beautifully illustrated, personalized Hanukkah book, the child lights the Menorah, plays with a Dreidel, enjoys chocolate Gelt and Latkes, and on day eight receives the gift of a cuddly bear. Sure to be a family classic, the story is written by award-winning author Jennifer Dewing and illustrated by Wilson Ong.

Your child is the "star" of the story and his or her name is featured throughout the story. The child's name and the names of his or her siblings or family members are included on an illustration of gift tags on presents around the menorah. This gift set includes a cuddly, mini 6" Gund® plush bear that is designed to match the bear in the story. The story features an illustration of a personalized letter to the child from the gift-giver, telling the child what a special lifelong friend he or she will be for the bear.

Gender and ages:Girls and boys ages 0-8
Book Size:10" x 10"
Plush Bear Size:6"
Number of pages:26

Standard delivery:Receive 2 weeks after date of order
Expedited delivery:Receive 7-8 business days after date of order
Air delivery:Receive 3 business days after date of order
Canada delivery:Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date
International delivery:Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date

Ordering Instructions:

1. Family names will be featured on personalized gift tags in an illustration of the Hanukkah gifts. Please do not include the child's name on the list of family names. The child's name will automatically be included on one of the gift tags.

2. Be sure to include the sender's name in the sender information fields. The sender's name will be included in the letter to the child.

3. Please proof your entries for your family and sender names.

Creative Child Magazine "Book of the Year" AwardMom's Choice Award"Parent Tested, Parent Approved" Award


Product Reviews

Very nicely written Review by Phyllis S.


I get a little crabby about Chanukah books that are focused on gifts, since I don't really feel like that is the main emphasis of the holiday of Chanukah. The nice thing, though, is that this book doesn't actually detail daily gifts as much as it helps to indicate that the whole 8 days are a celebration and family time. There also aren't any pictures of people, which is really nice since families of all shapes, sizes and colors could read a book like this without feeling uncomfortable or left out.

What better gift to give?! Review by Maytal W.


If you're like me and are always looking for unique gift ideas for your kids, or if you have a niece and nephew that have everything and you want to get them something special, a personalized book is always a good option. Hanukkah is coming up and what better gift to give your little munchkin than a personalized book that teaches about the holiday traditions and even includes a stuffed animal?

Very Special Review by Mara S.


I will tell you that I'm not the most sentimental person, but seeing my daughter's name in print on almost every single page was really very special. I know she is going to love it - especially since she is just now recognizing her name in print. I also like how the book incorporates the rest of our family members, as the names on gift tags in one of the pages. And the final page includes a personal inscription from the parent(s), another nice touch.

special gift Review by Anna A


I got this for my daughter who is 2.5 and she absolutely loves it! And unlike all the toys and kiddie books that she gets tired of quickly, I know this one will stay special as she grows up.

chanuaka bear Review by linda burstein


the best

Childrens Chanukah Book Review by linda burstein


He loves it!

Great illustration. Review by Paula B


You do not see a lot of Chanukah books so when I do I really look and what I saw looked nice. When it came it was a nice size book with each page with a different thing about Chanukah. My husband and I were glad we got it for our 6 month old daughter. She will grow in to it. She loves holding the bear too.

Mr. Review by Daniel


The product I ordered was soooooo awesome. The book is crafted very well. The illustration is amazing and the story line is perfect for my Grandson. I'm very pleased with this product and plan on buying more. If you haven't done so you should. You won't be disappointed. It's a personal gift that you can give to a loved one that will bring years of enjoyment.

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