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I Can Change The World Personalized Book

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An uplifting personalized book that inspires your child to spread kindness and give back to others. Even a small child has the ability to change the world!

Part of any child’s development of healthy self-esteem is making a habit of giving back to others. I Can Change the World! is an uplifting personalized storybook that teaches your child that change can start with just one person—your child! Even a small child has the ability to spread kindness and change the world by using manners, doing chores around the house to help the family, being a good friend, collecting food for the hungry, and more. Even a simple smile can change someone else’s day! This storybook empowers kids to believe in themselves and their ability to affect change in those around them.

I Can Change the World! is personalized with your child’s name on the cover and throughout the book and illustrations. You can also include a printed dedication in the beginning of the book and a photo of your child to make it extra special. Written by award-winning children’s author Jennifer Dewing, illustrated by artist Marie Cardouat.

Ordering Information
Gender and Ages: Boys and Girls 2-8 years old
Size: 8.5" x 8.5"
Number of pages: 20 pages

Standard delivery: Receive 2 weeks after date of order
Expedited delivery: Receive 7-8 business days after date of order
Air delivery: Receive 3 business days after date of order
International delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date

"Parent Tested, Parent Approved" Award

Customer Reviews

Beautiful Book
Review by Grace
Our family loves this book.
Love it!
Review by TamB
Absolutely love this book. My daughter loves it too! Her favorite pick before bed!
can't get enough
Review by auntnin
Third I See Me book we've made for my daughter in 3 years. We love them and this one has a wonderful message. She'll probably start thinking all books have her name in them if I keep up my habit! Give them as gifts too. Perfect for lots of occasions.
Review by Maz
I ordered this book for my niece and both she and her mom absolutely loved it!!! The story has a beautiful message that she will appreciate as she gets older, but It's pictures are also colorful and entertaining for her to enjoy it at a young age. the processing, customer service, and delivery process were easy and hassle free, unlike my recent order from simplypersonalized.com. Iseemee.com is the way to go. Thanks so much for your help, professionalism, and great product!!
Beautiful book
Review by saleago
This is one of several books I got from this company. They were great to work with. The books were personalized so nicely. The illustrations are beautiful. I will definitely be back for more.
Love it!!
Review by pf
I absolutely love the books I ordered for my granddaughters. I cannot wait to give them to them for christmas!! They were so easy to order and so adorable. I couldn't be happier with this purchase!! Thankyou.
Review by DPO
I bought two of these. One for my granddaughter and one for my niece's child. The story content is wonderful and I can't wait to give it to them on Christmas. They will love seeing their name in print and I think they will love the story that goes with it. Great purchase.
Love the book
Review by Leisa
Can't wait to give this book to my grandson! I loved it so much, I had my mother order books for her great grand kids for Christmas! When I called customer service they were always friendly and a pleasure to talk to.
Great book - lifetime gift.
Review by simoney81
Great quality and customer service. Bought this book for a 26 years old that recently completed missionary work overseas. It is a beautiful reminder of the power each person has to change the world by their individual actions.
Review by Bonnie
I truly love this book. It's the first of many that I plan to have made by ISEEME for our very first granddaughter. I love the message, and think she will enjoy her name throughout the book. Thank you for a great product!
What a special keepsake!
Review by Preschoolmommy
This book looks wonderful. We ordered it as a gift for my daughter and now that she can read I'm so excited for her to see her name (And picture) in the story. I especially like that you can pick the characters skin and hair colors. We received this book very quickly in the mail. The only thing I was a little disappointed in is that the company mailed a 10.00 gift card (the card saying "Our Gift To You") however after going to make an additional purchase I realized the promo number on the card expired almost 3 months before I ordered the book.
Beautiful Book!
Review by Karen
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the message this book has! It falls right along side of what I try to instill in my little guy on a daily basis….if everyone did just a couple of little things on a daily basis, the world would be a wonderful place. It encourages your child to do little things each day such as writing a Thank You note, smiling at someone, giving someone a hug and so on. It lets them know that even though these things are really small in the scheme of things, they are really big and important to the person on the receiving end of them…this in turn, makes the world a little bit of a better place each day. Honestly, what a GREAT message to be sending to our children!
Review by Crystal D.
I didn't think I could be blown away by a personalized book because I've seen so many, but I was wrong because this one is AWESOME.
Terrific Book
Review by Shaunte
I am pleased with the construction of the books, the messages in the books are inspiring and encouraging. My 6 year old loves her self being in the stories and loves hearing through literature how amazing she is in all the books. I have ordered 3 this far and have been pleased with all products!
Perfect Book
Review by Nina
My son was soooo EXCITED to open this book and read....when I tell you it's AWESOME from the beginning to the end....I will definitely be ordering more personalized books and stickers!!
Review by Traci
I bought this book for my son's 8th birthday. I thought it might be kind of juvenile, but it really wasn't. I read this book to him and his friends during his party and even his buddies thought it was, "way cool". Two thumbs up! Easy to purchase, beautifully put together and a great storyline.
Delightful Book!
Review by Jaime J
Katie has asked to read this book every other day since she received it two months ago. She loves searching for her name throughout the book and pointing out her favorite details on each page. Maybe it's the beautiful and endearing illustrations or maybe it's the message (spread loving kindness as far as you can), but somehow I haven't grown tired of this book yet either.
Review by Laurie Goodenough
What a wonderful book and personalizing it makes it especially wonderful. Giving a child social conscience and responsibility raises them to be caring and giving adults. Mahatma Gandhi's quote "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Is a lesson all children should learn.
Review by Amanda Tyvoll
Love how this personalized story looked, felt and sounded while reading aloud.
i can change the world
Review by elizabeth torres
My daughter and son have not seen the book since im not giving them to them until sunday on their easter baskets. but i already know they will love them. the pictures are wonderful and the message it sends out is wonderful too. i love the books and they were a great buy.
Very personal with great message
Review by Lorita stone
I ordered this for my grandson who is just four months old. He loves the colorful pictures, and I can't wait until he's older and can understand the message of changing the world. The quality was much better than expected. I am ready to order more books!
Great Easter present!
Review by Margie
Love the message of this book, More geared for girls I think so it should include more "what you can be" ideas also.
Change the World
Review by Kathleen Donhauser
This book will able encourage children to be themselves. Not to be a follower but a leader in change. What a great message and wonderful keepsake.
Love it!
Review by Trish
Darling book with an adorable and important message. Such a fun story with great ideas on how to make our world a better place!
A good way to teach young ones about little ways they can make a difference in the world around them.
Review by Laura S
I love that it doesn't only talk about ways we can take care of the Earth, but ways we can impact other people around us. As we raise our little one, we do want him to know that he can have an impact and that he is the one responsible for the kind of impact he makes. I also want him to know that even small acts of kindness can help someone in a huge way! This book highlights those things and more. I also love the beautiful illustrations and his name featured throughout the book!
Review by C. Bell
This book is amazing. I purchased this book for my daughter and she loves looking at the colorful pages. We have story time every night before bedtime. This book is read to her by her father at least 3 nights out of the week.
The book is beautiful. Not only is it very well written but it's also perfect for kids of all ages, and tells an amazing story with a wonderful message.
Review by Jeanine M
When his book, Jackson Can Change the World arrived he was so excited to open it. I showed him the cover and how it said JACKSON he was happy to see his name but it wasn't until I turned to the dedication page he really let out some squeals! Yes, the dedication page.. I wish I had recorded it because the look on his face as he stood there and saw himself in a book was PRICELESS. He squealed and had to show his brother, Jordan who was sitting on the other couch! I had never seen a photo of a child in a book, even about themselves before so this was huge plus that I See Me! added this! Very, very special for kids.
I Can Change the World
Review by GG
My great granddaughter loves this book I gave her for her 5th birthday. She knows she "can change the world"!!
Review by Patricia B
I ordered this book for my nephews birthday. The quality of book is amazing. The customer and shipping times were excellent. I would highly highly recommend them for your personalized book needs. Very happy customer!!!!
Ellie Can Change the World
Review by Dr. Judith A Clay
Wonderful book, good story, my niece loves the book especially being personalized with her pictures and name.
Change the World
Review by Diane Reeve
Beauiful book that spells out my 7 year old grandsons full name! He loves it and so do I!
Love! Will be ordering more for friends and family
Review by Reena
I am thoroughly happy with the quality of the book! To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect but when I opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised. I will be ordering more in the future as birthday gifts for friends and family.
Love! Will be ordering more for friends and family
Review by Reena
I am thoroughly happy with the quality of the book! To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect but when I opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised. I will be ordering more in the future as birthday gifts for friends and family.
Review by B
This book is gorgeous - not just the illustrations, but the story itself too. My partner and I bought this book for his niece and his sister couldn't get through the first few pages without tears welling up! Love it! Definitely recommend this book.
Cate Can Change the World
Review by Katie Brown
The story in this book was so amazing and uplifting. Loved every page.
I Can Change The World
Review by pocomeno
Love it!
James Can Change the World
Review by Terry
Just gave the book to my nephew this afternoon. He was SO excited (as was his mother) when he saw HIS picture in the book. The message is wonderful, and the illustrations are gorgeous. I just LOVE these books.
Simply the best!
Review by Olivia F.
Simply the best books any grandparent can give to a grandchild. I bought 3 amazing books: "ABC What Olivia Can Be," "God Loves Olivia," and "Olivia Can Change the World." They communicate a positive, altruistic world view to my grandchild in language a 2 year old can understand - how cool is that!
Great Grand mother
Review by Margaret
My great grandson and his parents loved the book as much as he did. Seeing himself was really great. The story line was superb.
Wonderful teaching book!
Review by Steph
This book is fantastic for encouraging young kiddos to make a difference in the world. This encourages helping others and can lead to a discussion on volunteerism, and the importance of it in peoples' lives.
Review by Regina W
We absolutely LOVE the book and the meaning behind it to our grandchildren. The book looks superb and very professional. It was received very fast and we could not be happier. We would definitely recommend you to others!!!!!! We will be back. Thanks so much for everything.
Review by Elaine
Fabulous customer service!! I made a mistake and YOU corrected it. The stories are wonderful I come back every Christmas
Review by Linda P
Totally Happy!! I am proud to add this book to Addisyn's Book Library!! It makes her feel so special when we read it to her!!
------ Can Save the World
Review by wendy
I was so impressed by the customer service and the quality of the books. This one especially is sweet and teaches such a positive lesson for today's world.
Great gift!
Review by Sara Schwab
The book is super cute and teaches a child responsibility and the importance of caring for others. Arrived quickly and in great condition. Excited for our grandson to have a book he can cherish for all his years to come.
A beautiful keepsake for your little ones!
Review by Connie P.
The illustrations are so very cute and whimsical but it is the story that touched my heart. It is so well written and inspirational!
Beautiful Books
Review by Deidra G.
This is a beautiful book with a wonderful message. My grand-daughter and her parents love it.
can change the world
Review by Zoey P
I love what this beautiful book has to say! Especially for a girl! A positive encouaging book
Really great gift
Review by KC
Bought this for my 4 year old niece as a Christmas gift. She absolutely loved it. The book itself is really well made and the colors are great.
Love it!
Review by Gina
Purchased for our grandson. So pleased with the content and how this turned out. Love the message and he seems to like the book, although he's only 8 months old right now.
A Beautiful Message
Review by Linda
This book has such a powerful message for everyone that reads it. I know I will order more for other children in our family. Every child can learn an act of kindness from it.When you add the child's picture and name it is complete.
Hugo, Can Change the World
Review by Nancy P
I love your books. This is the fourth one I have purchased for my grandchildren and I have been thrilled with each one. The color is exception and the story lines are most appropriate for their age level.
I can Change The World
Review by Wendy Segel
This book is amazing from every aspect. The quality of the book itself, the content of what it says and the message it delivers Make this book, and others in the series,a must have for my grandchildren.
Great learning tool
Review by Erin S.
It is hard at age 6 to place yourself as an individual in this large world. They do not comprehend space and time very well and they cannot grasp what billions of people look like in a population. They do understand responsibility and caring as well as empathy. They can be told that no matter how big the world is, by one person doing one good thing, it can change many other people. This is a great time for a child to learn this and in a book with a character resembling themselves is the greatest learning tool.
Has a message kid's need to hear.
Review by Nicole E.
Every now and then, a book comes along that really does change the world. I See Me has created such a personalized book for kids. It's called I Can Change the World. The book details how even the smallest among us can bring change to the world around us and brighten someone's day with a smile. As with all I See Me books, the story features YOUR child as the main character. I absolutely love this because it helps our children really see themselves in the role of change-makers.
Perfect Book!
Review by Heather B.
This is really the perfect personalized gift. Not only does I See Me! include your child in the story but the message is great. You want a story with good morals and books that will teach your children the right way to be. I was really impressed with I Can Change the World! My daughter wants to read "her" book continuously throughout the day. I don't mind because I know it is creating a love of books and reading that will benefit her in the long run.
Wonderful keepsake
Review by Luci Cedrone
I've ordered a few books from this site, and I've loved them all. Bright pictures, sweet rhymes, and what kid doesn't love hearing his or her own name in the story? A book like this is a keeper well after they've outgrown the story, as a wonderful memory of childhood.
Very Special!
Review by Amy D.
This hardcover storybook features beautiful illustrations and a wonderful, empowering message. Best of all it is personalized to my oldest daughter, and even contains a special dedication page so that she knows it was presented to her in 2014 from her mommy and daddy. It is so special to see my daughter's unique name on this book because it is so hard to find things with her spelling anywhere!
Very Special!
Review by Lauren M.
The story is to teach/show children that one person no matter how big or small can make an impact on the world. How one act of kindness or being helpful can brighten some ones day and even the smallest of things matter. I love the positive message this story book tells, I feel it's a very important for children to know these types of things. Having a book that makes it easy to understand and be a learning tool is amazing. The pages of the book are very color, with great pictures that go fittingly with the story.
Change the world
Review by Jordana
Loved this book from the first sight! It was even better when I received it in the mail! Most wonderful purchase for my little one. Such a positive message! :)
Great Purchase
Review by Desiree Crutchfield
Purchased this for my eldest grandson and was so happy with the quality and story. The story is excellent and with his name thought out the story he (as my daughter stated) flipped out!
A book everyone should read!
Review by Jason M
The fact that this book encourages kids to be helpful and try to make someone's day better with small acts of kindness is awesome in our books.
I can change the world
Review by Jane Mitchel
Fabulous book! I can't wait to give it to my grand-daughter for Christmas.
Peyton Can Change the World
Review by Debbie
Love this book and the message it sends! Illustrations and font are clear, bright, and enhance the storyline. Every child needs to be reminded of just how important they are and the contribution they can make in the world even at a young age. I bought three, decided to order another two and have recommended it to several friends for their grandchildren.
Worthwhile and Fun!
Review by PTPA Reviewer
These books were great and I loved seeing my child's face light up when he saw his name appear in the stories. He felt like the books were written specifically for him and I know they will quickly become some of his favorites. The pictures, graphics, and personal qualities make these very worthwhile and fun for the entire family.
Kendall Can Change the World
Review by Theresa Modory
My granddaughter Kendall loves to read. I bought her Kendall Can Save the World for Christmas. I think it's important for her to realize that each and everyone of us can make a difference in our world.
Review by Connie P.
This book is now Hazel's favorite!! What child would not want to see their name and a child who looks like them throughout the book. Hazel's name is right on the cover. Hazel loved seeing her real picture in the book as well. The story itself is perfect and the pictures are fun and beautiful.
Love it!
Review by Jen C
Our family loves books! Eva Can Change the World, without a doubt, has become one of the most popular books to read, especially at bed time. What better way for your child to end the day than than to be reminded of how special they are and how they can make a difference in their family, their school, and even in their community.

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