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My Little Book of Blessings Personalized Book

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My Little Book of Blessings Personalized Book

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A collection of ten sweet and simple daily blessings, each written in rhyme and personalized with your child's name. This keepsake book also includes a blessing of family members and friends! (optional)

My Little Book of Blessings is a collection of ten sweet and simple daily blessings, each written in rhyme and personalized with your child’s name. My Little Book of Blessings helps guide your child throughout the day and opens his or her eyes, mind and heart to the wonders all around. The book encourages your child be the best he or she can be with blessings for loving one another, the “golden rule”, friendship, the Earth, animals, meals, helping hands, bedtime and more.

If you provide us with the names of up to 8 family members (optional) and up to 8 friends' names (optional), the book includes a blessing for those family members and friends!

My Little Book of Blessings makes a thoughtful keepsake book for Easter, a newborn baby, a baptism or first communion. As an added personal touch, the giftgiver can include a photo and printed dedication, making it an extra-special gift. Written by Jennifer Dewing, illustrated by artist Dubravka Kolanovic.

Gender and ages: Girls and boys ages 0-8
Size: 8.5" x 8.5"
Number of pages: 20

Standard delivery: Receive 2 weeks after date of order
Expedited delivery: Receive 7-8 business days after date of order
Air delivery: Receive 3 business days after date of order
Canada delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date
International delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date

Customer Reviews

I couldn't have been more pleased!
Review by Paula
Everything. About this book was perfect! I ordered "My Little Book Of Blessing" for my gramddaughter's Baptism. The photo of her I included was simple to insert; and the personalized information I submitted transferred just as I had hoped. (I liked that I could review the finished book before submitting my order.)
When I received the book, I could not have been more pleased! I was slightly concerned that the personalized information would appear a bit different than the rest of the text. This was not the case. It appeared as if the text was all original to the book from the start! Also, the illustrations are gorgeous and colorful. Our granddaughter has a beautiful keepsake that I know she will enjoy as she grows, and will treasure when she is older.
I will definitely be ordering more books in the future for special occasions.
Amazing order it today !
Review by Grams
This is a book every child should have personalized ! It's absolutely beautiful! I would highly recommend this as a wonderful lasting gift !
I would recommend!!!!
Review by Edith
I bought for my first grandchild Roman for Christmas, my daughter has read to him before he was born, he enjoys listening to her read to him. I will be a customer for life. I wish you offer voice recording books, I bought two for my grandson , because I live in another state, i can read him a story before bed.
Just lovely
Review by saleago
This is one of several books I got from this company. None of them were a disappointment! This had beautiful blessings in it. They incorporated my granddaughters 2 brothers into it. It turned out just so lovely. My granddaughter was so excited to see her name on the cover.
Wonderful books
Review by Sam
Simply amazing! Sent as a gift, it was a huge hit!
Review by janetwilson
My grandson loves to read books from I see me -- seeing his name in the book encourages a love for books.
Very positive
Review by Anne
The illustrations are precious and the blessings are perfect for a child's understanding.
Loved it
Review by Bree
Love this book!
Love these books
Review by Rosemary
They are adorable -- so wonderful for each and every child out there. The personalization just makes it that much better. Buy them and watch that special child light up when they hear their name.
Review by Jenn
You pay so much money for personalization and the personalized sections you can barely read!!! Print quality was horrible. (Again just for the personalized parts). Previously ordered books were nicer. Still very cute and a lovely baptism gift. But the font/print quality/size needs to be fixed!!

Editor's Note: We apprecite your feedback regarding the book. We apologize for your disapointment in the font/print quality. Someone from our customer care team will be in touch with you.
Review by Maggie Q
Lovely and sweet book for my granddaughter. Her mother loves it as much as I do. Will be ordering another for my soon-to-be-born grandson!
Little Book of Blessings
Review by Angie M.
Great as a gift! Love this book.
Little Book of Blessings
Review by Anneke A
Highly recommended! Such a beautiful book and perfect for children. I've found my new birthday gift for my nieces and nephews! Love it :)
My little blessing -review
Review by Julia
Wow, I ordered the My Little Blessing book and it is amazing. The book itself is great quality and the colors are bright and beautiful. The lines of blessings are just precious, that I even ordered one for my 3 month old son. He loves being read this book and loves the illustrations. A great gift and in this case a gift for my little one, too!! Ps. I always recieve the books in about a week and the confirmation is instant. Great job, I see me books!!
Little Book of Blessings
Review by Paulette B.
This was a precious gift for the little one in our family. We loved that the book included family and friends. Because it's personalized it also encourages our little one to read to family and friends. We've purchased several items and are always very pleased.
Little Book of Blessings
Review by MiMi
I bought this book for my newest granddaughter. Her older brother and sister have the books that spell their name. I love all the blessings listed in this book. I love the Golden Rule and references to God. I loved that I could ask for blessings for other family members.
Elisa's little blessings
Review by Juana
A very special book for my beautiful baby gilr.
Review by Angela P.
I See Me! is my favorite source of personalized books. Their book selection is amazing. You can find books made just for your enchanting little princess and for your adventurous little pirate. You will find several books for birthday girls and boys as well as for new big brothers and sisters! The list goes on and on! The only thing that tops their great book selection is the quality of their books. The illustrations are always fun and adorable and the personalization is spectacular. These books make children feels special and give new value to books and story time. What's not to love about that?!
Great gift!
Review by Laura
So cute!
Okay Book
Review by Candice
I expected a bit higher quality considering a previous I See Me book that I purchased. However, it's cute. I wish the font would have been larger.
-----'-- Little Book of Blessings
Review by J.A.- Illinois
This is a precious book with personalized poems and blessings. My granddaughter was thrilled to get her own picture on the initial dedication page and name on her book for her 5th birthday! She loved the art work and beautiful colors. She was charmed with the rhyming words and sweet thoughts. I'm sure she will love to read it over and over once she can read it all on her own.
Review by Eva
Bought this as a baptism gift for our friends and their daughter. It turned out beautifully and our friends loved it! Shipping was faster than expected. I think I'm going to get one for my daughter now, after seeing how well it turned out.
Review by Donna
These books are outstanding! We've ordered 3 already and we're thrilled with them all. Such treasures!
Good quality
Review by Angelica
The book arrived in perfect condition. I was happy with the results, inserting the picture of my son made it really special. The only complaint is in the story, the listing of all the animals is too long. I lost both my sons interest when I was reading. My 8 year old sighed after he read it and also complained it was too many animals listed.
(Courtney's) Little Book of Blessings
Review by Lyn W.
I was very pleased by the quality of this book. I ordered it for my 1-year-old great-niece. I had it sent to my home so I could preview it before wrapping it for her birthday. The colors were beautiful, the illustrations were adorable, and the printing/font was perfect. At $34.95 I thought it was a bit pricey until I saw it and realized it is now a precious keepsake.
My Little Book Of Blessings
Review by Eileen
My little boy loved his personalized prayer book and so did I. The prayers are sweet and captivating. The illustrations are adorable. Gentle reminders for the little ones on love, friendship, faith and caring. I plan to purchase one more as a gift. Great book!
Review by Katrina
As always this book is wonderfully illustrated, very well made and makes and absolutely perfect gift for any little one in your life!
Little Book of Blessings
Review by Casi
Absolutely love the personalization and the capability of adding so many important people to the book. The book is definitely high-end quality and will be treasured for many years to come.
My Little book of Blessings
Review by Linda
This book is adorable! I got this for my grandson and my daughter loved it. Not only does it have names of family in the book but having his friends names included was a nice touch. I've ordered 4 of your books since he was born and each and every one of them is amazing. I'd give your books 10 stars if you had them!
Little book of blessings
Review by Ann
This was for our pastor's granddaughter . This was the second book I had ordered and have been very pleased with the books and the service would recommend these books to my friends this is something that can be used for many years
Great baptism gift
Review by Dana
I love giving this as a baptism gift. It is something any child ill cherish for years to come. Very pleased with the finished product.
Review by Pat Piesieski
It is just as I ordered for my granddaughter's First Holy Communion. Only wish there was space for date of event, and a closing of "With Love,"
Little Book of Blessings
Review by Laurel Rubinov
This book is precious! And the little details of my daughter's name in the illustrations makes it extra special. The blessings are so sweet. They can be applied to all events throughout the day. I love that it incorporates names of family members. So sweet!!
Perfect Gift for That Special Child!
Review by Amanda W
I loved this book. I gave it to my 2 year old niece and she gets her daddy to read it every night. I know it will be a memory for a lifetime for her and such sweet simple wording for little ones.
Little Book of Blessings...
Review by Diana
I got this gift for my goddaughter, and it was PERFECT. Loved the book!
Great Book!
Review by Amamda K
The illustrations in this books are stunning. The illustrations are very well done and fit the book well. They are soft and not overly bright. It's a very simple passage and it is extremely well written that a 7 year old can understand.
Little Book of Blessings
Review by Susy
The book is absolutely precious! The fact that it included all her friends and family makes it so special. Our little niece loved her Easter gift, but her Mom loved it even more. I believe they will both treasure this for years to come.
Review by Maxine
I have bought more than 10 books since I found this site 3 years ago. This was was very special due to my 8 year old grandson lost his dad. I ordered it with a picture of them together on the dedication page and of extra to get before services. I received it on 3rd day before his service. I recommend all the books. They really liked the one spelling their names.
Little book of nlessings
Review by Robin nelson
Love this book ans my granddaughters loved it too..
It's a wonderful book!
Review by Phaedra S.
It's an adorable book. I absolutely love it. I hope that my son learns to recite the blessings on a regular basis. He loved the book by the way. He was thrilled to see his picture in the front and the names of his friends and family. He listened to me read the entire book to him. He kept asking which child in the illustrations was supposed to be him. We found one that he liked on most of the pages.
Great Book!
Review by Hayley K.
The book encourages your child be the best he or she can be with blessings for loving one another, the golden rule, friendship, the Earth, animals, meals, helping hands, bedtime and more. It has great personalization in it where you can bless certain family members and friends! I love that part! And the "Golden Rule" is in there, which is going to be a huge thing for Callan, because he is all about the Golden Rule this year! His teacher even told me that he is always telling his classmates - treat others as you want to be treated! And that is what life is all about!
Amazing product!
Review by Rudy Arevalos
The personalized baptism book we had made exceeded our expectations. The quality of the book itself is AMAZING! It was a HIT at the reception...everyone was asking where they could order one themselves. I gladly passed on your info. Thanks again for making our celebration even more special.
Love it
Review by Susan e.
I will give this beautiful book to my granddaughter for her second birthday. It will be a lovely keepsake for her. I did the same thing for her older sister.
Wonderful Keepsake!
Review by Kathie D.
This will be a wonderful keepsake from my daughter's childhood!
Terri P.
Review by Amazingly unique gift that will be treasured forever.
I love all of the sweet prayers and blessings in this book. It is spiritual, yet worded in such a way that even the smallest child will understand. Its the perfect personalized book for children: it calls them by name. It gives a child a highly personal experience and draws a child into reading. This book will be so much more than a simple gift to be read once or twice. It will call your child again and again.
My litttle Book of Blessings
Review by Niki Cervenka
This book is done very nicely and my Grandchild will have many years of enjoyment. Thank you!
My Lttle Book of Blessings
Review by Barbara H
Lovely book; Easter gift for my 5-year-old granddaughter. Only wish the personalized parts were larger and bolder in print ...
Cherished Book
Review by Esther W.
The Little Book of Blessings is a great introduction to learning about prayer by asking God to bless the people and moments in a child's life. This Little Book of Blessings is a personalized gift that my children can have to remember who was an important part of their life and that they were and are an important part of our life. This personalized children's book will always be cherished in our family.
Little Book of Blessings
Review by Janet Amor
I ordered three of these books. Two are for Easter gifts and one is a birthday gift. I haven't given them out yet, but I am very excited about the children receiving them. I love these books!
Perfect Gift
Review by Annette A.
I received my Little Book of Blessings and it is absolutely adorable. I read it to my 3 year old grandson Braxton, who the book is written about, and he was so excited to hear his name and the other loved ones in our family. These books are perfect for any little one in your family or to give as a gift.
I highly recommend I See Me! books to everyone.
Review by Loni K.
It is adorable! It has ten sweet and simple daily blessings, each written in rhyme and personalized with your child's name. It also includes blessings of family members and friends!

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