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My Royal Birthday Adventure for girls

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My Royal Birthday Adventure for girls

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Your child is taken on a royal birthday adventure where she is celebrated as the birthday princess.

My Royal Birthday Adventure is a personalized storybook that turns your child into a royal birthday princess! This beautifully illustrated book takes the birthday girl on an adventure to a magical birthday kingdom, where she is crowned princess. The storybook is personalized throughout the text and illustrations, including a 10-tier birthday cake, fireworks in the sky, roses in the gardens, a grand princess bedroom, a parchment birthday invitation and more! Written by award-winning author Jennifer Dewing and illustrated by Valerie Sokolova, each 10”x10” hardcover book is made in the USA especially for each birthday girl.

Ordering Information
It is not required to include the names of the people invited to the royal ball. The book will be formatted beautifully without that information.
Gender and ages: Girls ages 0-12. (See our boy version as well.)
Size: 10" x 10"
Number of pages: 26

Standard delivery: Receive 2 weeks after date of order
Expedited delivery: Receive 7-8 business days after date of order.
Air delivery: Receive 3 business days after date of order.
Canada delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date
International delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date

Creative Child Magazine "Book of the Year" Award Mom's Choice Award "Parent Tested, Parent Approved" Award

Customer Reviews

great gift!
Review by Gina
Our 6 year old (who loves reading) absolutely adores this book It is by far one of the best gifts I've ever found.
Adorable Book, Keepsake Book
Review by Carol Adams
This was my third purchase from I See Me Books. (One was a great coloring book)It was as wonderful as the first two. All family members were checking to see that they were mentioned, and it was the hit of Ella's 2nd birthday party! You can't go wrong with these books!
Fabulous Enchanting Story!
Review by NanaShellie
I made this aa a gift for my 7 year old granddaughter. I'm so thrilled with the book! I've read it's 4 times already. I know she'll adore it. Can't wait to give it to her for her birthday. Thank you for the beautiful keepsake gift.
Review by Arthur
As always, great personal books for my cherished nieces and nephew! Something so simple, will be cherished by them forever!!!
you're never too old
Review by Tamara
I recently got a different book, which is fantastic, for my granddaughter for her birthday later this month. My other grandkids have mentioned that they both have a name book and think their sister should get one too for me birthday. My daughter tried to change the subject by saying that she never got a name book growing up and it's ok. When she told me that. I knew what I was going to get my daughter for her 41st birthday. Yes, 41st birthday! I love this story book!! Reading this story you never see the face of the child in this book. Which I thought is perfect...So it's never too late for your very own story! I would love to see the look on my daughter and grandkids faces when she opens her gift and finds this beautiful name book for her birthday as well!!! Great job, I See Me!!!
My Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Cheri
It was a great way to personalize a story for a little girl with a name that can't be found unless it is specially personalized. She was thrilled to have a story built around her.
Review by Mike Wilson
I have purchased two of the royal birthday books and I have had two very excited little girls at birthday time. Their eyes light up when they see their names and the list of everyone at the party. A wonderful experience for me and them.
Greatful Uncle
Review by Mike Wilson
I have purchased two of the royal birthday books and I have had two very excited little girls at birthday time. Their eyes light up when they see their names and the list of everyone at the party. A wonderful experience for me and them.
My Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Nan
This is the third book I have purchased and it is wonderful. My granddaughter is going to love it!! All the books are well made and of high quality. I will continue to purchase books from this company and recommend them to my friends.
never too late
Review by Tamara
I got this book for my daughter's 40th birthday after she made a comment to her kids, my grandkids, that she had never gotten a book like the ones that they got from their granny,that being me....so she will be so surprised when she opens her gift and sees she too has a special book with her name in the story just like her kids....beautiful book, beautiful stories
Loved It
Review by Ravencrofte
This is as high quality as all of the other products that I've purchased from I See Me. The perfect birthday gift for a girl that loves princesses.
Love, Love
Review by Gia
We bought this book for our granddaughter and when it arrived, she wanted it read to her immediately (she is 5). She absolutely loved seeing her name on every page. What child wouldn't?! Such a great gift and keepsake. And the quality of the product and customer service is outstanding!
Great Illustrations and story!
Review by Rebecca
My daughter, 4, loves reading her name in this book and especially nice is the addition of her brothers, grandparents, dog and best friend. I can't believe how quickly we received our order, too!
My Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Winter
Perfect for the little princess in your life. My granddaughter was dressed in a Princess gown for her birthday. She even received tiaras as presents, so of course this book was the perfect gift. The Princess ball invitation allowed me to put in cousins' names and a good friend. Children love these I See Me Books and adults marvel at the creativity.
Greatest Gift Everyone
Review by Rita
I buy these books for all the children in our family that turn One! I absolutely love them. Any parent that has received them loves them. I recommend them to all my friends.
Lilyana's Birthday Adventure
Review by Madeleine Frey
This book is stunning...the quality is superb...just love the storyline!!
Review by Shannon Grace
The Royal Birthday adventure is a high quality book with my child's name on almost every page. Also, the ability to list freinds/relatives makes it extra special. I did receive my book slightly damaged and the folks at I See Me were so responsive and immediately replaced my book. Would definitely recommend.
Fantastic Book
Review by Rebecca
I love that this book not only has the childs name but includes their loved ones in the store too! Great quality!
Fantastic and fun!
Review by Stacy
I ordered My Royal Birthday Adventure for my daughter and looked very closely at it online. When she opened it and instantly wanted me to read it to her I noticed many details I did not see online. This is very well done and will be looking for a different book for my other daughter. Great job, very quick to receive. My children love it!
Review by Ann
Beautiful book. Arrived quickly. Will be a cherished keepsake for my 9 year old granddaughter. Purchased the keepsake box with bow, an extra expense. The keepsake box arrived damaged but had protected the book. I was refunded the cost of the box, though was offered a new one. Very pleased with the professional, courteous customer service.
Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Grandma
I purchased this book for my granddaughter's 7th birthday and she was so excited to find her name throughout the book. I purchased a tiara to go along with the story line and she just loved it.
Can't wait to give it to my niece!
Review by Michaela
I bought this book for my niece's 2nd birthday. I haven't given it to her yet as her birthday isn't until the end of the month but I know she is going to love it! The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and I love that her name is all over the book! I can't wait for her to see it! Thank you so much, I see me, for creating such a personalized and beautiful story book!
Beautiful and colorful
Review by Diedre
I gave as a gift to my granddaughter on her 2nd birthday. At the party, there were many great comments about the book. I am now the best grandmother
Review by Arthur
As with every other product I have ordered from I SEE ME, the book is GREAT!!! A little more to read than previous books, but that's a Good Thing as my niece's & Nephew's are older!! I know these books will be enjoyed by the kiddos for YEARS to come, Thank You I SEE ME! Great Products to make that special occasion, even more Special!!!

Princess Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Gmar
A times story fit for a special Granddaughter. The attention to detail was amazing. It was a party hit.
Review by Ciara's aunt
This is such a wonderful gift; can't wait to give it to my niece. Her mom is just speechless.
Review by Ginny N.
Our Granddaughter loves her book and so did all of the mothers at her birthday party. They all asked where we got it. We love this book and I am sure we will purchase many more for her.
Review by Stephanie
The perfect Birthday book for a princess loving 5 yr old:-)
Great keepsake
Review by Crystal
I love this book.Our 5 yr old daughter loves it. Its a great keepsake. She was disappointed that the book didn't have her photo in it like her brother's book.I would definitely buy from this site again.
Personalized birthday princess
Review by Ina Brown
Love the books! They are a hit with the grandkids and friends' kids. Great quality and quick turnaround.
Personalized birthday book
Review by Roz
Very CUTE! Loved it! It will be a memory book forever!
Sensational Book & Gift Item
Review by Nellie
I purchased this book as a gift for my daughter's friend for her 6th Birthday. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out and the details and beauty put into making this such a special and truly spectacular item.
Absolutely, positively fantastic!
Review by Melinda
If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. The illustration is gorgeous, the story is fantastic and the book truly reads like it is one-of-a-kind. I also love that not only is the story personalized, but the pictures are as well. I've gotten several books from I See Me for my nieces and they all adore them. I can't wait to give this book to my youngest niece for her birthday.
Mom of 2 girls
Review by Heather
Awesome personalized book for a little girl who already had everything. The story is a cute one and it's so neat for a kid to have a story which includes them. I will be purchasing more books in the future!
Review by Diane
I absolutely loved the personalized royal birthday books. The illustrations are beautifully done and the book is of great quality. This is a gift that they can enjoy every year!
Review of royal birthday adventure
Review by NAncy
I was very happy with the quality of the book I received. The illustration was excellent and the promptness of the shipping was great. A very satisfied customer.
My Royal birthday book
Review by Hai mai
I like to book. However, I wish you could offer the free shipping.
Phenomenal Book
Review by Mom of 3 girls
Best Present given to my 5 year old daughter who loves me to read every night and not to mention she is a horse rider, so a unicorn makes her imagination run wild.
Review by Julie V.
Great story. Clever incorporation of the child's name and family/friends. Beautiful illustrations, but I wish the colors were more vivid.
Review by Aisling
I love "I See Me" books and regularly order them. The Royal Birthday Adventure is just another in a huge range of wonderful personalised books. Great service, great customer care, great product, what more is there to say!
My Royal Birthday Advanture
Review by Barbara
Purchased for 6 year old granddaughter and this book is beautiful. Must for all little princesses
Book for my grand-daughter
Review by Kathryn
The book is adorable for my granddaughter's 1st birthday. I had also ordered a Xmas book for her in 2012 for her 1st Xmas. I have another grand daughter a few mos younger that I will be ordering these books for as well. This will be a nice keepsake for both of them to always remember me by.
Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Ethel Batiste
I was so pleased with this book that I bought an additional book for my other granddaughter for Christmas, am also planning to buy another book for new granddaughter. I have to wait for her arrival in order to record her birthdate. Love the two I already bought.
Review by Marcy
Delightful book; will be cherished for years.
Sweetest thing
Review by Danielle Rojas
This book was gorgeous. I am so pleased and can't wait until my daughter grows up to read this book I got for her on her first birthday. This is such a special memory we are going to share and I could not be happier. I love it and will be back.
Great little book!
Review by B. Dawson
These books are very cute! This one has my granddaughters name all the way through it and family members also.... very fun!
My Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Jen W
My daughter received My Fairy Tale when she was born and still loves it. So for her 6th birthday, I purchased My Royal Birthday Adventure for her. She's captivated by the illustrations, the story line and the actual regal/big kid wording.
Olivia,s Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Dorothy
I bought this book for my Niece's 2nd birthday. She loves story time. Although she hasn't received it yet I'm sure this book will delight her for years to come. How exciting to have a book personalized just for her. This will be a treasure for life. Beautifully done!!!
My Royal Birthday Adventure - Personalized Book
Review by Giselle
My friends children love their books and every book I have ordered from I seemed for them. The books are awesome
Excellent as usual :)
Review by Delphine Martin
We have been reading it every night since we received it. My daughter loves spelling her name on each pages. The quality of the design, the quality overall of the book is wonderful. We have all the other ones too... you continue to satisfy us with wonderful books and personalized stories.

We just love it!
Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Mom of 2
Amazing book!!!!! Top Notch Quality!!!! I LOVE how my daughter name is all throughout the story. She feels very special!!!!! A FAVORITE!!!!!
Love it!
Review by Happy Aunt
Very pleased with the book! Loved all the personalization, there was more than I initially thought. Ordered this book for my niece and it was a hit with the whole family because all of our names were included on the guest list! Highly recommend!
A Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Tina
I have ordered personalized books in the past so I was not expecting much. I was amazed by the quality of the book. Very satisfied I can't wait to give it to my daughter for her birthday.
Loved by grandparents
Review by Terri Jorgensen
This was the most touching gift we could have bought for our granddaughter who lives out of state. I cried as I read it and it is so her. Thanks...Love it...
love it
Review by jenaw35
Present for my six year old niece. She loved seeing her name on the pages. I loved it so much i ordered the snuggly bunny and book set for my granddaughter.
My Royal Birthday Advernture
Review by Elaine M
My grandchildren love the 'I See Me' books I have purchased for them. They want them read over and over to them once they receive them. A great quality product for the money.
Momma to Amelia
Review by Ashley N
I ordered this book for my daughter's 1st birthday. I plan on reading it to her every year on her birthday. It is beautifully made and I love the illustrations!
Beautiful Book
Review by Michele
I love the I See Me books. They are excellent quality and beautiful. My niece and nephew love these books and I believe these books are great presents for newborns and young children.
Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Lizzy Bowman
Perfect gift for our 4year old granddaughter! She loved it, we loved the high quality and good service. Thanks!
Made a Birthday Girl Feel Extra-Special
Review by Tori
Our daughter was thrilled to be in her own book. There are wonderful illustrations, the poetically rhyming story filled her head with more questions and delight, and the inclusion of her name into the hedges, the high flying flags, and over her new bedroom were certainly not wasted on her. She saw it all and pointed out every detail. Very well thought out and a wonderful keepsake for years and years!
Review by Stacey
I can't wait to give this to my granddaughter...she is going to be so excited to see her name throughout this Fairy Tale. I have 3 more grandchildren who will get books for their birthdays as well. It's a great keepsake. I would rate it 10! but it only goes to 5.
Special Birthday Gift
Review by Suzanne Bryant
I ordered this book for my niece's 4th birthday. The book is very good quality and will be a favorite book for her for many years. I am starting to order books for my 18 month old granddaughter with her name.
Review by Alethia Hughes
I absolutely love this book. My daughter loves seeing her name throughout the book. I give them as presents to my daughter's friends as well and their parents love it. Best gift idea EVER!
She Loves It!
Review by Godmother M
I purchased this book for my godchild's 5th birthday. She absolutely loves the book! She reads it over and over again. The illustrations are lovely and the guest list makes this book truly unique. I highly recommend this book for the princess in your life.
Review by Grace Pumpernot
Expensive, huh?
Love it!!!
Review by Lindsay
I bought it for my 4 yr old niece and everyone just thought it was a wonderful gift. The illustrations are beautiful and the personalized story makes it so special.
Review by OTR/L
My daughter will absolutely love this book! Illustrations and story were so cute! I'm certain it will be a treasured favorite and a wonderful memory in the years to come!
Love I See Me!
Review by Autaum
I love all of I See Me! Books. They are of great quality and have a great deal of detail. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many times my daughters name was throughout the book. I would recommend I See Me! Books for all children for any occasion!
Review by Karen
We got this book for our granddaughter for Christmas & even though she's too young to really enjoy it right now, in another year or two she will love to see her name in the book (which is beautifully illustrated by the way) and it will be a treasured keepsake for her.

These personalized books are a fantastic gift & they came quickly. I will definitely be ordering more books & appreciate the work that was well done from start to finish with the ordering & receiving of the books.

Thank you I See Me!
A Beautiful Book for my grandbaby
Review by the grandma known as
I got "Addison's Royal Birthday Adventure" for my 1st biological grand-daughter for her 1st birthday 2-24-13. Her twin died 4 hours after birth but she has thrived after a tenuous 1 lb 10 oz start. This is a beautiful book I'm sure she'll cherish for many years to come.
Great present
Review by Jill
Very glad we did this for our niece's first birthday. It's something she can read and enjoy for years.
Pricey but worth every penny!
Review by Tammy
This book was everything I was expecting if not more. The actual story had a few words that are probably a bit advanced for children of this age but If you read it to them then take the time to explain it will surely stick with them. The illustrations are beautiful in themselves but the addition of all the personalization will make any little girl feel special as she pages through the book again and again. Delivery from Minnesota to Wisconsin should not have taken a week but I ordered in advance of when I needed the book so it didn't really matter in the long run. This will make a terrific birthday gift for a 9 year old just as I had hoped.
Personalized Birthday Book
Review by Anita Courtot
Although my grand daughter is only three I know she will love to read this book in the future. The book has wonderful illustrations and a good message. Her mother loves the book and plans to read it to her often.
Royal Bday Adventure
Review by Taryn
I just submitted me comment and got a message that it will be awaiting approval, which I thought was odd. So then I scrolled through the rest of them on this page and noted you ONLY have 5-star reviews posted. Shady. Never trust someone who can't look at all sides of themselves.

I See Me Editor's Note: We are sorry to hear about your disappointment. All reviews must go through a review process before they are published to protect our customers.
Olivia's royal birthday
Review by Fabiola Etienne
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this book. Not only the book itself is beautiful but the illustrations are very artistic. I loved the idea of a personalized story, it made my three year old granddaughter Lelou feel special..and to find all the people she loves and surrounds her in the story made it very captivating.We will enjoy reading it for many years to come!
Better than expected.
Review by Ira
We ordered a book for our niece. It came within 10 days and looks great. The drawings, design and quality of the book are great. Would buy again!
Loved the book!
Review by Marge Haas
I bought My Royal Birthday Adventure as a gift for a friend's little girl. I was very impressed with the quality, not only is the book beautiful but the illustrations are very well done. I loved the idea of a personalized story book and she LOVES unicorns so this was a perfect gift. Next I will order one for her brother.
Royal Birthday adventure for girls
Review by Catherine
I absolutely loved how magestic this book was. It was a bday gift for my friends daughter who already had the fairytale book. I loved how unique it was and I know she will love it too! I'll be getting one for my daughter for her next bday:)
A Royal Treat
Review by M. G.
My daughter loves this book! It was just perfect. We read it now every week. The illustrations and seeing her name everywhere was great. Her favorite was seeing her name in the stars!
Review by Peggy Crooks
She absolutely loved the book & I loved all the times they used her name to make her feel so special.
A great way to remember Grandma
Review by Debby
I am very pleased with the books I have gotten. They are well illustrated and the Grand kids just love having the stories about them. They will always remember Grandma just by reading the books.
Perfect Gift!
Review by Jessica B.
I absolutely love I See Me! I have reviewed several of their books and have yet to find anything that I don't adore. They are a perfect present to a child that can be treasured forever and really what child doesn't love hearing their name in a book?
Very High Quality
Review by Teresa A.
The writing, illustrations, cover and construction of the book are absolutely beautiful and very high quality. The personalizations throughout the book are done in such a way that they appear naturally within the context of the story. This book will be a favorite and cherised for years to come.
A Treasure
Review by Robin M.
This truly is a personalized treasure that I hope my daughter can even show her children someday!
Review by Noelle D.
I was very impressed with the artwork in this book. Although it is an illustrated book about a Royal Birthday, it is nicely done and not just for young ones... Older kids (and adults alike) will appreciate the time to create such a beauty! If you have a little one celebrating a birthday soon, order this book and give them a Royal Adventure for a great keepsake gift!
Highly Personalized
Review by Cassi G.
My favorite part of the book is actually how it is personalized. It is not just "insert name here" as some books are, your child will really feel as if this book is written for them!!!
Review by Stephanie M.
The details that I See Me! puts into books is astounding and the personalization is wonderful. Your child truly feels as if this book was made for them, because it was! It's not just a name on the cover and a few times in the book. It's in the words and the images, written across a banner, snuck in on a cake and it's there many times!
Review by Amber P.
I loved that I See Me! allows you to personalize the book in more than just one way. You get to decide the name that is read throughout the book, the dedication and even the royal guest list! Each page has a beautiful illustration for the royal story being told. The attention to detail is superb, as it is with ALL of I See Me! personalized books!
Review by Christin B.
I See Me! makes some super awesome personalized books for the girls and boys in your life that are sure to bring a smile to their faces. They make fantastic gifts for all occasions! ABCD Diaries gives I See Me! Royal Birthday Adventure books an A+!
Review by Kayla B.
I See Me really impress me! They have a huge selection of customizable books for your children, and they usually produce a female and male version. The books are extremely high quality, and each one of the books looks very well put-together; they look just like a high-quality book you'd pick up at the bookstore except these include personalized details from your child and your family!
Highly Recommend
Review by Nikki M.
These books are very high quality and have wonderful attention to detail when it comes to the personalization. I highly recommend these books for all occasions!
Absolutely Love it!!
Review by Wahm Connect Reviews
I just love getting my children anything that is personalized with their names. It is very easy to find things for my older two children as their names are Alexis and Anthony. When it comes to our baby girl we have a hard time finding things with her name, Aryana. Sometimes we are lucky enough to find something but it is not spelled the same way.

First off this is defiantely going to be a book that will go in her keepsake box for sure. This way she has it when she gets older. The day we received it I immediately took it out to show it to her and my older two children. I sat them down and began reading it to them. As I read the book there were parts that had her name. Each time I read her name she looked at me and smiled. It also has a page with her brothers and sisters name too and they got excited when I read theirs.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Review by Melissa R.
I JUST LOVE THIS SERIES!! I think this is my favorite book in the I See Me line so far!! The illustrations take you on a magical royal adventure. Plus as always the little ones love seeing their name and the names of their loved ones in the story. It is such a wonderful way to celebrate your child's birthday. You just can't go wrong with this series!! I highly recommend these books to others and will buy them as gifts!!
Awesome gift!
Review by Jessica M.
A book always makes a great gift. But it truly becomes an awesome gift when it is a special story all about the one receiving it!
Years of enjoyment
Review by Laura A.
I'm a big advocate for reading to little ones every single day. But sometimes we run out of stuff to read or get tired of the books we have even though we have a bazillion. But I was stoked when I received a new personalized book from I See Me! books. It keeps her entertained to see and hear her name over and over, so this book has got years of enjoyment in it.
She truly feels like a birthday princess!
Review by Julianne C.
Jorja's big 3 year old birthday is coming up soon and I thought it would be perfect to get her this book. Jorja loves being a princess and gets her special crown on almost every time we bring out My Royal Birthday Adventure for her to read. She loves that she is able to now recognize her name and even Momma, Daddy, Sissy, and Bubby. It is so cute that her name is spelled out in stars, on flags, on banners, and even in the bushes! She truly feels like a birthday princess and this feeling will last all year long for her.
A story of adventure!
Review by Angie
One of the most exciting parts of the books is the guest that attend the adventure are the names of people that are in the child's life. From mom and dad to nana and papa and many others that love them the book shares a story of adventure where the child can easily invision him or herself in.
Too Cute!
Review by Danni L.
The book is too cute. Well worth the $$$ ! I highly recommend this book for children of any age. Young or old they are bound to love it!
My Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Ecstatic Customer
This book is SO AMAZING. Not only is her name printed in the book, but it looks like the drawings are changed around to fit her name. Honestly it looks like the book was created soley for my girl. 100% Recommended!!!!!
A favorite in our house!
Review by Tiny Green Mom review
This is truly one of the best personalized books that I See Me! has created to date and it will definitely become a family favorite in Mom's house. The illustrations alone are fabulous, and little ones will love seeing their name throughout the pages of the book.
Excellent Quality!
Review by Obviously MARvelous Review
The illustrations are wonderful and of excellent quality! This outstanding book literally transformed Makenna into a birthday princess complete not only with personalized story, but personalized illustrations as well, such as the flags on the royal castle spelling out her name and royal celebration fireworks that allowed her name to light up the night sky. It's exquisite and I'm certain she'll treasure it for years to come!
Extra Special Story
Review by Mommies With Cents review
This book is beyond words cute. Any little girl will love this extra special story starring herself! Each personalized element is like the cherry on top of a sundae, super sweet and special. The illustrations are pretty and whimsical.
Best available!
Review by Multiples and More Review
I See Me! Books is hands down the best site out there for personalized stories for your kiddos.
Review by And Then There Were More Review
I was completely amazed at the beauty and quality of the illustrations! The colors are beautiful and the pictures are so detailed and gorgeous!
Our Favorite!
Review by Macaroni Kid Rockville
The illustrations alone make this book a true gem and one the recipient will surely cherish...but add a fun storyline, and it is just a wonderful addition to the I See Me! line. My son things the dragon illustrations and knight theme are absolutely captivating and I think this is going to be our bed time book for a very long time.
Review by Having Fun Saving Review
I have to tell you that the new book My Royal Birthday Adventure is BEAUTIFUL. The illustrations are breath-taking. The fact that it can be so personalized is FUN. Really, I would have to say that this is one of my favorites.
We love it!
Review by Adventures of 8 Review
Not only is it amazing to see and hear our little one's name in a wonderfully, fun, rhyming story, it is extra special that her name is found in many of the amazing, whimsical illustrations. All in all, we just love this book; the story is one-of-a-kind and is full of energy and in true I See Me fashion, it is a perfect book to celebrate Baby Miss' big day.
Builds Confidence
Review by Frugal Fabulous Finds
I can definitely say that this will be a book that my daughter (and our family) will love for many years to come, and will be able to read over and over again. The story truly does encourage your little one to have confidence in themselves, and gives them compliments such as being generous, caring, creative and kind (just to name a few). What child doesn't want to hear those features mentioned about themselves?
Super Special!
Review by Bless Their Hearts Mom
We both loved the story and she keeps looking at the book in wonder at the illustrations, and at finding her name. She also starting finding her sight words, so I know this will be a book that will grow with her, and help her with her early reading! Making it super special to her, and Mom!
Review by Love the Day
I don't know if it is the customer designer in me, but I ADORE personalized books and the I See Me! collections are some of the best I have ever seen. Not only do their stories have my daughter as the main character, but the pages have images of her name spelled out and the names of her most favorite people as characters. This is my daughter's favorite book and I often catch her staring at the pages. The books are sturdy and pages beautiful and glossy.
Review by Joey F.
What I love about their books is not only the personalization but the illustrations. They are so fun and filled with such unique personalization that you can't find anywhere else in personalized children's books. When you read the book it's like they specifically made the book for the kid. I'm in love with that!
Quality Keepsake
Review by Carolyn K.
The high quality cover, binding, thick, sturdy, glossy pages and beautiful illustrations really make a lovely keepsake book that is perfect as a gift.
Great Book!
Review by Debi G.
My Royal Birthday Adventure is a great book for kids who are at an age where they are reading for themselves and can imagine being able to head off to this amazing world. What child wouldn't want to be rushed off to this special fairytale land all for them on their birthday. A land where their name is spelled out through out the land often and a room of their own in a castle for them. In a book where up to 10 of their friends and family's names are mentioned. It would make any child feel like the most special child in the whole world.
Review by Emily K.
Time and time again I am impressed with the story, illustrations and personal attention I See Me brings to their stories.
Review by Amber M.
The writing was clever, and I know that my eight year old daughter will love it. After all, nothing says "happy birthday sweetie" like a book with her name printed right inside and throughout it. This book is a quality item that will last. Any kid will be tickled to death to see their name in print; it will feel like their very first fifteen minutes of fame.
Super Cute!
Review by Jenni S.
As I read Kyra her new book, she giggled with excitement every time I said her name, I could truly see that she felt very special!! The story line is super cute with rhyming poetry, custom made just for your very special princess!!

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Jennifer Dewing Author: Jennifer Dewing
Author Jennifer Dewing has always been a kid at heart. She started her career in the Toy Industry in 1995, developing children's products ranging from Matchbox cars to Madeline dolls. In 2006 Jennifer became a member of the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Her personalized picture books "Who Loves Me?" and "A Christmas Bear for Me" have won Mom's Choice Gold awards and Creative Child awards. She is currently working on more personalized titles for I See Me! and enjoys reading her work to her own "focus group" of three kids at home!
Valerie Sokolova Illustrator: Valerie Sokolova
Valerie Sokolova was born in Lvov, Ukraine. Later she moved to Minsk, Belarus, where she graduated from Belarus State Institute of Theatre and Art. She has illustrated over thirty children’s books in Russia. Valerie has also published numerous books in the United States, including King Arthur’s Courage, The Golden Books Treasury of Christmas Joy, Thankful Together, Bella Basset Balerina and others. Valerie lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband Alex, daughter Nikkie and a friendly wild gecko in the basement.