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My Very Own Name - 15th Anniversary Edition

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To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of our classic children's book, we have updated the design with a limited-edition cover and a special letter to your child from the co-creators. In this best-selling book, animals bring letters one by one to spell out your child's first and last names in rhyme. At the end, they celebrate because they have created the perfect name for your child!

My Very Own Name is a beautifully illustrated personalized children's book that helps children to learn to recognize letters and spell their names. Beautifully illustrated animals bring letters one by one to create the child's first and last names in rhyme. At the end, the animals celebrate because they've created the perfect name.

As an added personal touch, this award-winning book includes the child's birth date, a printed dedication from the sender, an illustrated encyclopedia of 61 animals and a special letter to your child from the co-creators of the book. When ordering, customers have the option to upload a photo of their child to appear on the dedication page of the book. Children love seeing their names and photos in print! This storybook is made in the USA and written by Maia Haag.

Gender and ages: Boys and girls ages 0-6
Size: 9" x 11"
Number of pages: Approximately 40 pages, depending on the length of the name
Awards: iParenting, Mom's Choice, Creative Child Magazine, Benjamin Franklin Award and HomeSchool.com Award

Standard delivery: Receive 2 weeks after date of order
Expedited delivery: Receive 7-8 business days after date of order.
Air delivery: Receive 3 business days after date of order.
Canada delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date
International delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date

"Parent Tested, Parent Approved" Award iParenting Award Mom's Choice Award Creative Child Magazine "Book of the Year" Award Benjamin Franklin Award

Customer Reviews

Love the quality, words, & illustration
Review by Mona
Ordered My Very Own Name books for 3 of my nephews & niece. Ordered last Sunday, I immediately sent an email requesting the animals I wanted included in each book with my order #. They responded they would use my choices. 6 days later I received these Quality, well written, beautifully illustrated books. LOVE them. Now I have to put in 3 more orders.
Spectacular product!
Review by Heather
This is such a wonderful gift! My grown kids still cherish their books. They are beautiful and so professionally done. Adding the personal photo in the front is an extra bonus.
Review by MoMo
We Love This Book
My Own Name
Review by Marcy
It is an excellent adventure book. My grand son loved it. He could not wait until we finished the book. He loved it.

Question for you. Why don't you write a story regarding a little boy or girl with their very own pet. I believe the child would enjoy this. Because they will be going on a journey with they special friend. Editor's Note: So glad your grand son loved his book! The book about pets is a great suggestion! Thank you.
Nice gift, but suggestions for improvements
Review by Pati
Love the personalization of this book! Have now purchased three of them. The glossary at the end is perfect! This adds a summary of all the letters in ones name. However, I am disappointed after spelling out first, middle and last names that there are so many letters that, when repeated, the letters were repeated and 'another' was in the statement describing the repeated animal. Since every child is so unique, I would like to see more animals offered so there are no letters with 'just repeated' letters. Another problem for me is the quality of the binding and page quality for a youngster. I love the idea and the gift, but suggest these things be addressed.
Loved it!
Review by Kim
Great Christmas gift for our infant grandson! Beautifully illustrated and cleverly done! Great price and it arrived very quickly.
Great baby gift
Review by Mommy of boys
This is my go to baby gift!
Review by Nora
Truly, one of kind gift for your loved one! Crisp and clear illustrations. Fast shipping.
Repeat customer
Review by SarahG
My sister-in-law loved this years ago when I got it for my niece. I just got this same one for my new niece on the other side of our family and it continues to be a big hit! Cute story and a fun way to learn letters and the spelling of her name.
Review by Grandma Harmony
Love this book. There is so much more detail than I was expecting. I am sure my granddaughter will enjoy this book for many, many years and hopefully it will be a book that she keeps for a lifetime.
Review by Sheila
I was absolutely amazed at the colors and quality. The books were so vibrant. My grandkids love them and I am proud they turned out so perfect!!!
Great purchase, great company!!
Review by TracyM
It is so refreshing to order from a company that provides a high quality product and has an amazingly helpful staff!
I will order from them again and again as the loved ones I order for will be able to cherish the books for a life time.
Read Read Read!!!!!
Review by PJ
Awesome products I have purchased at least 15 of your books for friends and relatives. It is very important to support parents in reading to their children. This is a great way to start a family tradition.
Review by Devon
Got this as a gift from my mother for the son I'm expecting in March. I've seen other books where a child's name is placed into the story, but none so personalized as this! And it's illustrated beautifully. My child and I will treasure this one forever.
Love shared many, many times.
Review by Wonderful!
I have purchased this book twice now and know it is so loved by my grandsons and their parents. I just wish I had known about these books for the first 22 grandchildren. But your variety of other books will probably eventually apply to all and I will love getting them.
5 stars
Review by Kay
Great idea as the book does include lower case letters and full name options. Upon receipt I also see the book is of high quality with beautiful artwork. Thank you.
Wonderful gift for any occasion
Review by Lynn
I have ordered at least 20 of these books for grandchildren and great nieces and nephews. They all love it especially the parents!
Perfect for new baby!
Review by Courtney
I bought two of these books recently for friends having babies. The parents loved them! A unique gift that the children will grow to love.
Awesome book!
Review by Kitty
I love this book and give it as a gift to all my brand new babies in our family! It makes them feel so special.
Great book - lifetime gift.
Review by simoney81
Awesome book, exceptional quality and construction, friendly customer service. I recommend the product and the company very highly. I bought several of these books and the matching stickers. I am looking forward to Christmas. I know the recipients will love them.
Review by Kim
Our boys got these when they were born and loved them (still love the at 9 and 11)
We get these for all of our family and friends when they have babies.
The book teaches children how to spell their name, it its vibrant colors, variety of animals, each presenting a letter of the name in an adorable way holds the interest of the adult reader as well as the child. The book is a treasure for life.
Review by Kathy
I have purchased several of the same book through the past 12 years for various grand children, and / or friends children. Most recently for our 7 grand child. Love the name book.
These books are wonderful!
Review by BHC
These books make wonderful lasting gifts for children. They love to hear stories about themselves and the stories are great!
Grandparents Dream
Review by Chris's Grandma
What a wonderful way to make a child seem more special to his or her family.This is my fourth purchase.I tell all my friends go to this website,you will not be disappointed.
Beautiful book
Review by Marylou
It is beautifully written and the illustrations are amazing. I know my friends almost 3 year old granddaughter is going to love it
Love it!
Review by Tricia
Was hoping to find a birth gift for my great niece that would show her how special her very Irish/very hard-to-pronounce name is. I know this personalized name book will do the trick. Brilliant, I See Me!
Highly recommend these books
Review by Grandma
I have ordered 3 "I See Me" books and love them all. There was a slight problem with one of them but Customer Service quickly replied to me and sent a perfect new one at no cost and within 10 days. I opted (& recommend) to pay the additional cost for the middle name to be printed in the "My Very Own Name" book. My granddaughter has a long name which was beneficial in this book as many animals were used in her story. I also recommend adding a photo, if possible. It personalized the books even more. I will order many, many more in the future and have ordered a gift certificate for an upcoming baby shower. Order and enjoy! You won't be disappointed!
Best Gift Ever
Review by Suzy
I received this book as a gift for my 3 month old daughter. This is the best gift that I have received for her by far. I was looking at ordering one myself within the next week or so, so this arrived just in time. I have read this to her and I can see that she loves it already. I know that we will have many nights of reading and re-reading this to her over the years.
Fantastic Name Book!
Review by AuntieMimi
I stumbled upon the My Very Own Name book while searching for a unique second baby gift idea. I am so glad I did! I ended up ordering the book for a baby gift, plus four more for kids in my family! The artwork is both beautiful and fun, and the animals are creatively used. I am about to order a few more as baby gifts! There are, however, two things I wish for in making this book even better. First, please continue to add to your letter collections. One book I made had more Es than you had, and another more Cs. While your repeat page is nice, it is not quite the same as a new animal. Second, I wish I could have selected certain animals from your letter collection. I would have liked the ladybug in one book and the monkey in another, but I didn't see a way to arrange that. Still, overall very pleased! Thank you for a great product!

Editor's Note: Thanks for your feedback. You can call into customer service and specify the animals and they are able to change them internally. We are happy to hear you are pleased overall!
Review by Alexa
I love, love, love this story!
You just can't go wrong!
Review by Annetta C.
What an absolute joy to know about the personalized products I See Me
provides. You just can't go wrong! Recipients have been overjoyed,
especially the new parents when everything is pretty standard this stands
out to become a family treasure. I feel so good about giving I See Me gifts.
Review by Carmela & Anthony Malerba
We bought this for friends' new baby girl. They loved it!
Ggreat gift for new baby
Review by Carmela & Anthony Malerba
We bought this for friends' new baby girl. They loved it!
My Own Name
Review by Georgia
The books are beautifully written and illustrated! We love to give these books as gifts.
Very Own Name Book
Review by Barbara
Wonderful gift idea for any child. A great momento for a special occasion that will be theirs forever. A great way for children to remember the letters in their own name.
My Very Own Name
Review by Gail
I do not get to see the books as I order them as gifts for family that heppen to live in other states but they absolutely love them. They love them so I know they are wonderful. This is a fabulous way to make children feel super special.
Great Gift Idea!
Review by LH
I ordered this book as a gift to a new baby. I ordered it to be delivered to me first so I could approve, and it was awesome! Great keepsake and way to learn the letters of their name.
My Very Own Name Storybook
Review by Cindy
I bought 2 books - 1 for each of my new grandchildren. They will both love them as they get older and are able to appreciate the pictures and the story as each of their names are spelled out. I plan on gtetting books for each grandchild. I'm so glad I found this web site.
Preschool Teacher
Review by Alana H.
The books are absolutely beautiful! The mom I gave it to cried because she was so happy about receiving this book for her son's birthday. She asked for information so she could buy books for her friends for their children's birthdays. I think the books are wonderful. I will be buying as birthday gifts again.
Wonderful Gift!
Review by Kathy C.
I've purchased this for each of my 3 grandchildren on their 1st birthday, and as a birthday gift for a special child (family friend). Nothing compares! It is one-of-a-kind; a special keepsake that these children will look back upon in years to come. The book is beautifully illustrated and I received each of the 4 orders within two weeks of ordering. I would give this 10 stars if I could.
My Very Own Name
Review by Brandi
This is my go-to gift for when a friend has a baby. It is always a hit!
Review by Penny
Completely satisfied! Trouble receiving the book because we had just moved so it was floating out there somewhere in USPS land! Did finally receive it. Customer service was excellent in trying to locate this book. A++++!!
Review by Irish Lady
I just ordered two books for baby showers and they were amazing!! Such a cute idea....
out of this world
Review by Heather
you will not find another book with this quality and detail! This is an incredible keepsake book that not only your child will love for years to come but also teaches them letters as well. I love this book so much that it is always included in one of the first birthday presents for my little ones!
A Great Gift...Again!!
Review by Steven M. Satin
Once again My Very Own Name has proven to be a great gift for a newborn. We gave 2 of these books about a year ago and just gave another. Immediately heard from the parents and they thought it was a great gift. A keepsake that will never be out of style.
Very cute
Review by Krista
Reading is very important in our house, so to have a book just about him, that's a game changer. Thank you!
My Very Own Name
Review by Rho
I love to give this book to babies with uncommon names thinking that they will love hearing a story about their own special name. The pictures are so colorful and the story is sweet.
Review by Sonya Newland
This is one of the most special gifts I've ever given to anyone, in this case twin girls. This product is perfectly done, flawless. It will be a keepsake forever.
My Very Own NAme
Review by Gloria
I ordered this book a month before my great grandson's first birthday. His birthday was 9 days ago, and the book has still not been received. Very unhappy.

Editor's note: Gloria, we do apologize the book has not been received. Please contact customer service for assistance from one of our team members. They can be reached at customerservice@iseeme.com.
My Very Own Name Storybook
Review by Cindy
The book was really interesting. The book builds your child's name one letter at a time. It's really neat.
Great keepsake gift
Review by Ann
We received this as a gift when my son was born 5 years ago and we loved it so much that we have bought it as gifts for two other friends and they love it just as much as we did.
My Very Own Name
Review by Denise
This is my new favorite gift for newborns or any young child!! I ordered it for my grandson the day he was born and received i7days later when I arrived at his home! It was so fun to give such a personal keepsake and it is so beautifully done. I'd order one for every child in my family If the delivery wasn't so expensive! But well worth that special someone!!!
My Very Own Name
Review by Amanda
This book is such a unique gift that children and their parents treasure. Kids love to see "their own book" and the variety of animals included in the story add to its delight!
My Very Own Name
Review by Tasha
I love this book. I think its a fun way of helping children spell their names. I am sure my baby is going to enjoy it when she gets older.
My Very Own Name
Review by Angela
Wonderful keepsake. With first, middle and last name, it is a bit long for my 2-year-old's attention span at this point, but she still enjoys it and will likely use it as a tool to learn to spell her own name. We'll keep it forever!
Review by Linda
I can't wait to give this to my Granddaughter on her 4th birthday. She and her parents are going to love it! It is perfect for a child who is learning the alphabet. The story and illustrations are really cute. I got her middle name in it and it was worth the extra cost. I would definitely buy another one of these books. It is better than I expected.
Best Gift Ever
Review by Joan
I have given over 50 of these books, primarily for newborns, but also as birthday gifts. Every parent has said its the absolute best gift, one they will read to their child and that the child will enjoy reading it themselves when they get older. I plan to order many more of these in the future. The quality of the book and customer service are excellent. I now include the middle name and gift box. It makes it extra special.
Review by Allison Flashberg
Love giving these books. They are so personalized and its a gift that can be part of that child's life forever. Not only that! The parents love receiving it. I can't tell you how many new customers you've received since I started giving the book years ago!
My Very own Name
Review by Jenny
I loved receiving this book as a gift for my child when he was born. I have ordered them many times and love giving this unique gift. I just ordered 3 more. One friend had tears in her eyes as she opened the book. Great gift- easy ordering- great customer service!
Awesome company, excellent service too
Review by Cindy M
I love these personalized books! They are the perfect gift for ANY child and especially for new babies!
What a great find I SEE ME is.
Review by Tahme S
love this company and plan on placing any new baby gifts from them. They were soooo efficient and the book turned out beautiful, including the photo I sent to add in the book looked perfect.

Wonderful gift
Review by Scott
I ordered this book for my niece. The book itself is well constructed and beautifully written. This is a special / personalized gift that all kids and parents will love. I am very pleased with the purchase.
My Very Own Name
Review by Tiana
My 2 yr old son LOVES his book. It was given to me as a gift when he was born, and I thought it was the cutest thing. He asks to read it almost every night! I have since purchased it for several of my first time momma friends as a sweet baby gift. It's always a hit!
Awesome book
Review by David Diaz
My twins are having so much fun listening and following the book story. They love the animals and the why their names were made on the magical kingdom of the animals. The book was more than what I thought of. I have to say, great job, you hit the jackpot with your creations.
My Son Loves It
Review by Joanna
My 3 1/2 year old son loves this book. We had a second child and this book does a great job of making big brother feel special while allowing him to learn his name and gain more exposure to the alphabet and word recognition. We have also had a lot of fun with the animal pictures in the back that go through the alphabet.
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Sandy
There is no better gift you can give a newborn but to send this book. It's absolutely beautiful and the baby's personalized name will help him/her see & spell when they reach the school years. Love buying this book!
My Very Own Name
Review by Linda Nogalski
This is the best baby gift. The numerous times I have given it when a baby is born, the mother is so pleased that the child has a book spelling his/her name. The books are kept as a remembrance of that special birth day.
My Very Own Name
Review by Barbara Moroz
I've been ordering these books for all the newborns in my family since 1999. The BEST books around and will be treasured for a long time.
Best present ever!
Review by Vesta Laserna
My son loves his My Very Own Name book. He never gets tired of reading it everyday. He loves animals and now he knows his name, he appreciates the book more!
My Very Own Name book
Review by Morgan
Received this book as a give after the birth of my daughter. Unfortunately her name was mis-spelt by the gift giver. I was very sad as this book is so cute. So I contacted iseeme.com, they responded very quick and offered to replace book at no cost to me even though they were not at fault for her name being mis-spelt. They even let me add a photo to the first page of book. So happy with this company and their customer service. I ordered a different book soon after and will order this book and others for family and friends as a gift when they have children of their own!
My Very Owen Name Storybook
Review by Alice Ford
This was a big hit for my daughter and son-in-law, what a wonderful surprise. Where were you when mu three girls were little. I know my first grand-daughter is going to love it because it will help her to want to ready early.
My Very Own Name Story
Review by Cindy
I purchased the book for my grandson's 2nd birthday. The illustrations are beautiful. I was so pleased, I bought another for my granddaughter and will do the same for each additional grandchild.
Review by Liz
Bought as a gift and LOVE it! Price is a little high but would still buy again.

Editor's Note: You can also sign up for email offers exclusive for our customers.
Review by Joy Silber
Love this book. Have given them to nieces, nephews and now grand nieces, nephews. It's my 'go to' gift for births, birthdays for family and friends. Kids love it!
Great gift!
Review by Victoria
Love this book! Makes a great gift for a new baby or first birthday!
My very own name
Review by Debra Phiri
I love this book! It is bright and colorful. One of the biggest draws of this boom for me is the animals! It is super sweet and gives kids a sense of self that is very important.
Awesome book idea
Review by Sharon
My daughter is 3 and learning to write her name so this book is the best gift for her to continue to learn about the letters in her name. She also loves animals so it makes it even more appealing for her. She loves books and this will for sure be one of her favorites for years to come .
Perfect Gift
Review by Lee R
This book is a wonderful way to teach children to spell their name and makes a lifetime keepsake.
My very own name.
Review by Stacy
I gave this book to a friend of mine when she had a little baby boy. She absolutely loved it! These books make a wonderful gift that the child can cherish for a lifetime!
Excellent gift
Review by Ekkyd
Ever since I was introduced to this book about 5 years ago, it has been my go to gift, customer service has been great whenever I needed to contact them. This time I ordered it for my newest nephew and his parents love it!!I look forward to reading it many times with him :-)!
My Very Own Name
Review by Jeanne Carter
I have 2 grandsons, born 5 weeks apart, so I bought one for each of them. I love the books, as do my children! They can't wait to read them to the babies as they get older. The construction of the book is excellent and will last a long time. I look forward to ordering more books for the boys and for any future grandchildren!
My Very Own Name
Review by Nikki Robichaud
I absolutely loved the book, and so did the parents! Such a sentimental keepsake! Very please with the quality.
Your Very Own Name
Review by Denise
What a wonderful keepsake gift! This is such a unique one of a kind gift. Have told many of my friends and will continue to buy for future gifts.
My Very Own Name
Review by Grammy
Love the personalized books for the grandchildren. Very special and beautifully done!!
Great personalized book
Review by Maureen
My best friend received this book as a gift at her baby shower & I loved it so much I had to get one for my son. There are so many aspects of this book that I love. The pages are vibrantly & beautifully illustrated, the animals bring in the letters of the name & tell a wonderful rhyming story, & the encyclopedia at the back of all the animals found throughout the pages offers a great educational aspect too. I love it & my son loves it!
Excellent Product
Review by Steve
I'm so glad my wife decided to place an order for the book. This is a 1st class piece of work. My granddaughter will love it.
Chris from NY
Review by Chris
Amazing book and something I try to get for everyone I know that is having a baby. My kids are 8 & 9 and still love to read it and have me read it to them. One of the best baby gifts ever.
Great Keepsake
Review by April
We love the book! It's precious and a great keepsake! The quality is fantastic- love the colors and crisp printing!
A Treasured Gift
Review by Terri P
This amazing little Book of Blessings is a gift my grand-daughter will forever treasure. I WILL buy more for her!
Review by Peter
We love these books. Our grandson got one as a gift when he was born. Just ordered one for our grand daughter turning 1 year old in May. We will be ordering more in the future.
My Very Own Name
Review by SMC
I was looking for something special for our great nieces 1st b'day. Perfect gift.
My very own book
Review by Terri Andrews
I have bought a few of these as gifts and always get the response "this is the best gift I ever have gotten". Customer service is top notch. they corrected a problem that was really my fault with no hassles. Love this company!!!
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Julie
I was introduced to this book by a teaching colleague who loved receiving My Very Own Name Book as a baby gift. I think My Very Own Name Book has been given to over two dozen families when a baby has arrived as a baby gift from us. We love the book and really have been so impressed by Iseeme.com!!! Thank you!
This is our go to gift
Review by Brad
We have probably bought 20 of these over the past few years, has become our go to gift for newborns. Our son got one from a friend when he was born, and we were amazed by the concept.
Great gift!
Review by Liz
I ordered a book for our granddaughter's 3rd birthday. She LOVES it. I am ordering more today for other grandkids.
My Very Own Name
Review by SMC
After purchasing this book for my great neices 1st B'day. I was so thrilled with it. I used the coupon for a discount on another purchase for my great nephews 1st b'day.
My Very Own Name
Review by Stef
I gave this as a birthday gift to a three-year-old girl. She absolutely loves it. She makes her parents read it to her every night and gets so excited when she sees her picture and her name. I am looking forward to ordering these personalized books for my son when he gets a little older!
Perfect Gift
Review by KW
In lieu of flowers, I opted to give this book to a co-worker. I wanted a present that was full of meaning and that her family could enjoy for years to come.
Review by Michelle Smith
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL ! I am a Grandmother who has seen /read thousands of stories to my children and grandchildren over the years. Your company completed this book perfectly ! It is a MUST HAVE for every child possible! The illustrations are gorgeous and delightful! The quality of the pages lovely. I am always very particular and I would give this gorgeous keepsake a 10! THANK YOU for your amazing books!!!!
My Very Own Name
Review by Sherri
I bought this as a gift for my grandson for his 1st birthday. I was very pleased with the book. I do feel it was a bit pricey, however it is something that he and my daughter will cherish for a lifetime! It is a UNIQUE gift for him that no one else has or will ever be able to obtain! Thank you!
My very own name
Review by Nita
Our little friend's father loved the book. In fact, he asked where we got the book so he can order for his friends.
My Very Own Name
Review by Gramma C
This is my favorite gift of all time for every new baby I know. I have given it far too many times to count and every time, the families are so delighted. I cannot recommend it highly enough. My own grandchildren continue to read them and love to read them to each other.
I See Me
Review by ellen bertler
Have ordered this book for many people and everyone Just loves it.
Perfect Gift
Review by Melanie
This was the perfect gift for my 1 year old niece's birthday. The book came in perfect condition, beautiful, vibrant colors and great rhymes for each letter! Definitely would recommend this book for any child's birthday!
My First Name
Review by Monica
I'm very disappointed in this company. I contacted customer service to cancel an order. I had purchased previously a book but to give someone in Australia however the book was temporarily lost in the mail. The book resurfaced to our house months after mailing it, the day after ordering the book with I see Me again. Therefore I cancelled the order and let the comapany know ASAP. The only time customer service contacted me was to ask for a review. I sent an email asking that the order be cancelled but it was not. I paid 50 for a duplicate book. Quality is great but customer service is extremely poor.

I See Me Editor's Note: Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear about your customer service experience.
Excellent Company!
Review by Lera S.
Excellent service, prompt delivery. The books are incredible, the pics on the website, do not do them justice. I buy "My very own name" for all the pregnant mothers and fathers. The parents are thrilled with the book and the their precious child gets a keepsake and will hopefully inspire in them a love of reading.
My Very Own Name
Review by Cindi
Love the book. Great quality. Love the pictures. Love the layout. I showed it to all my friends before I sent it to my cousin in Illinois. What a treasure!
Best baptism gift...from a Jewish gal.
Review by Temi
Best baptism gift ever...and I'm Jewish.
Review by Lera Seals
I buy these books for all new babies of family, friends and co workers. I love them and the new patents, ooh and aah. One new mom teared up and stated, "I want one for my name."
My Very Own Name
Review by gw
I have not seen the actual book as I had it sent directly to my great niece who lives in another state. Both she and her mom love it so I am sure it was great.
My Very Own Name
Review by Jan Deaton
I love this little book. I bought one for my granddaughter who just turned two and I bought another one as a baby gift. This is my new standard gift. The book is beautifully done....lots of bright colors to keep the interest of the little ones!!!! I also greatly appreciate this companie's policies.
Review by D.
My Very Own Name was a christening gift for my dear friends granddaughter. The book was so well received that the baby's mother ordered two books to give as gifts. I plan on ordering another book when my niece has her baby in March.
Item never received. No response from customer service
Review by Daisey Schaeffer
Book was never received. I emailed customer service twice and have not received a response. I tried calling them today, waited on hold then hung up on. This is outrageous, extremely unsatisfactory experience. Basically out $50 for nothing.

Editor's Note- Sorry to hear you are not satisfied with the customer service you received. We will make sure someone from our team contacts you and takes care of you!
Review by Carole McGregor
Ever since my daughter received this book for her first baby, I have been purchasing it for all of the new babies in our office and everyone loves the book. Most say it's their favorite gift.
My Very Own Name. ..
Review by N. Whitehurst
Great baby gift that gets read for years! Quality presentation and paper. Colorful to capture attention of little ones before they can read. Duplicate letters have multiple animals to use. Addition of personal photo is nice touch. Whimsical rhyming animal story tells child how special she/he is. This book is clearly a winner!
My Very Own Name
Review by Kelli
I bought this as a gift for my husband's boss' wife. What do you get someone who has everything? How about a personalized book for a brand new baby. They loved it!
Just Love This Book!
Review by Maria D
I first orderd this book as a gift for my nephew ten years ago. I was so impressed with the story and quality of the book that I always order it as a gift for newborns. I was also impressed that the company notified me once that someone else had already ordered the book, which saved me from duplicating the gift. It is cherished by all who receive it!
My Very Own Name
Review by Diane Reeve
Such beautiful illustrations and so fun that it spells out 4 year old grandson's full name! We all just love it!! A keepsake forever!
Review by Susan Testa
This is a beautiful book and a very special gift. I buy one for each of my grandchildren after they are born. The website is very easy to navigate to create your book. Turnaround time is very quick.
Personalized Name & First Christmas
Review by Carrie
Our son received his own name book by a family friend as a baby shower gift, we then ordered one for my nephew for Christmas and our neighbor sent us the Chrismas one as a gift. A great gift and great customer service!
Great Gift!
Review by Erin G.
Beautifully illustrated book that holds any child's attention. My daughter received this as a gift for her 1st birthday and loves to have it read to her. Since I loved the book so much, I now give this as a gift to all of my friends children. Can't go wrong!
Review by Jo Anne
Beautifully done and my granddaughter loves it. Calls it her special book and took it to school to show her teacher.
LOVE this
Review by Minal
My parents got this book for my son when he was born. I look forward to him learning to read with "My Very Own Name"!
Review by Tessa
A whole book about building your child's name! I like that they have a couple of animals for each letter in case you use a letter more than once. You can also choose which animals you want to use by contacting customer service.
Gift from Grandma Nadya
Review by Tatyana
This is one more of my favorite books, kids love it!
Review by Marion
My son received this book as a welcome gift when he was born. He is 6 and has always loved this book. He is learning to read and now reads some of it to his litter sister.
Amazing gift
Review by Kara
We absolutely love this book! Someone gave it our son when he was born and now it's our favorite book to buy for friends when they have babies! So special!
Review by Jenn
Love your books! They are my favorite go-to baby gifts!
My very own name
Review by Cathy
I was very happy with the book. The illustrations are beautiful. The baby is only a month old but I am sure she will enjoy learning her name when she is older. The parents thought it was wonderful!
Keep Sake
Review by Marissa
Received as a gift when I returned home from the hospital. Perfect keepsake gift! I'm going to continue to purchase for friends and family hoping they have the same joy reading the book as I did!
original work of art
Review by kristin
This was a gift for my 2yr old. I was very impressed with the customer service before I even ordered the book. They got back to me quickly & answered my questions to a T. I ordered the book & I wanted certain animals changed & they did that without questions. I received the book & couldn't be any happier!!!! Its very artistic, colorful, detailed and cute. I would highly suggest using the childs middle name for the extra. It is well worth it. Thank you "iseeme" and thanks for being local:}
Review by Kristen
My daughter got this for her first birthday and we have read it through the years. I got this one for a friend who just had a baby. She loves it too. Such a special story that teaches your child how to spell their name and about different animals.
Disappointed and right before the Holidays
Review by Laurie
I ordered this book for a friend to give to her grandson as a Christmas present. She was so excited to be able to find him a unique, personalized gift. We ordered expedited so we could be sure to receive it in plenty of time before Christmas. We just opened the book and are incredibly disappointed. HIS NAME IS ENTIRELY OUT OF ORDER AND THE LETTERS/PICTURES DO NOT EVEN MATCH. It goes from C to Ch to Christop then back to Chr then to Christo. Not only that, the pictures don't even match the correct letters. Chr shows an S with a Skunk. The last name is fine with all the letters but the first name is completely out of order and jumps around. I know it's the holidays but even a minimal effort at quality control would have caught the multiple errors with the first name. I called customer service and the lady was nice but couldn't provide a guarantee that the book would get here before Christmas, only that they would do their best to reprint it and send it by air. Such a disappointment.

Editor's Note: We are sorry this happened with your book! So glad a customer service team member was able to help with your reorder. We are trying our hardest to get all books there by Christmas!
Review by Claudia
Bought this book for our grandson for Christmas. He's only 7 months old but I picture the book becoming important to him once he gets older. The book is well made and I like the option of being able to have the child's photo in the book.
My Very Own Name
Review by Pam Falahee
Very excited to give this personalized book to 3 of our grandchildren this Christmas. Thank you for developing such a user friendly order site!
Review by Katy
I ordered this for my daughter's first birthday. It is an absolutely stunning book with vibrant colors. She is not quite old enough to understand, but as she grows and begins to learn her name, it will be great to help her spell, etc.
My very own Alphabet book God loves me
Review by Dina Smith
I love this book and the personal touch it gives to a child!!
absolutely awesome
Review by Megan Molleron
Love the story and the way they use the animals to tell the story. Also I would pay the extra to add your child's middle name.We did and are sasatisfied beyond belief. Quality is above what we expected.
Was a hit
Review by Pam
Gave as a gift for my 2 year godson. His mom loved it and a said it was the most thoughtful gift.
Eyes lit up
Review by Anne
We gave this to our three-year-old graanddaughter for Christmas. We chose the name book because she can recognize her name and is learning to spell. Her eyes just shone when she saw her picture on the front page, and then as she saw her name emerge with the letters, she was in awe. This is a fabulous book and so beautifully done, I cannot recommend this enough.
Cute Book
Review by Marisa
Ordered this for my 5 month old grandson. I know his parents are going to be thrilled and so will he as he gets older. I ordered 3 books just a few weeks before Christmas and they arrived quickly and everything was correct. Awesome job I See Me....will definitely order again.
My Very Own Name
Review by Laura A
I love I See Me books. I gave the book My Very Own Name to my son for Christmas and he loves it. The quality of the book is amazing.
Best Online Shopping
Review by Nicole Morgan
My daughter was given this book for her birthday. She loved it so much. I decided to get one for my nephew. I knew the book was going to be great but I was not expecting the level of customer service I received. I made a mistake in the dedication. When I called the woman helped me remedy the problem and made sure I got the book by Christmas. Don't want to go into details but this person went well above and beyond my expectations.
I See Me
Review by Cindy
I have ordered this book for each of our five geanddaughters. They are wonderful keepsakes! An extra effort was made to get the most recent to me on time for Christmas. Thank You.
Review by Tammy
This is the second I See Me book I have purchased and I love them both. The Fairy Tale book is a favorite of my 2 yr old granddaughter and I just purchased My Very Own Name for her new sister. Love the new option of including a photo. I originally forgot to do this but with a quick call several hours later I was courteously greeted and told how to add it.

My only complaint or maybe suggestion is to get rid of the Nag for N. It sounds derogatory to me. There must be some other animals that start with N, although I can't think of many, maybe newt, new guinea fowl, nightingale.

Great personal gift for any child! Great quality also.
My Very Own Name Storybook
Review by Pam
Love this book. I previously purchased it for my grandchildren and now purchased this one for my first great grandson. Lovely personalized book which the price hadn't increased like it did but it's still a great book.
Amazing Books
Review by Michele
I love these books and I have purchased so many of them as gifts for friends/family who have new babies. The quality of the books are outstanding. I love My Very Own Name Storybook the best.
Review by Kathleen
Purchased "My Very Own Name", for our Grandson, (we became Grandparents for the first time this year, 2014). We are SO excited to give "My Very Own Name" book to Archer and his parents for Archer's First Christmas and year of life! At 8mos old, Archer loves to have books read to him as he looks on. Thank you for sharing your creations! This will be a keepsake for life!
Great Gift!!!
Review by StevenM
We purchased 2 of these books for our grandnephew and a friend. They absolutely loved it and began reading it to the newborns immediately. They are both looking forward to the children being able to recognize their names!
My Very Own Name
Review by Janet
The book is perfect. I called to select specific animals for the letters and all were done correctly. This is the fifth book that I have ordered as gifts for children. Everyone has been very pleased the special gift.
First time Aunt! Perfect gift!
Review by Brandy Anderson
I absolutely love this book. The kids I nanny each have one with their name in it and when I was told I was going to be an aunt for the first time this year (2014) I knew I had to find the perfect personalized gift for his first Christmas. That's when I remembered this book! I am too excited to give it to him and read it to him for the first time. He loves listening to ppl read him books and I know when he gets bigger he'll just love this book because it has his name in it! How cool is that!! I'll be buying the other books for more gifts :) I am very pleased!
Review by Judy
I ordered this book in 2005 for my first grandson. I just ordered another for a 2014 Christmas gift for my second grandson. Wonderful book for the children to see their own names in print.
My Very Own Name
Review by M McRoberts
"My very own name" book makes a fabulous gift. Remarkable quality with fantastic customer service and speedy delivery. I would recommend "I see me!" books to anyone.
I See Me
Review by Rebecca
I received a book for my granddaughter and have now had 3 more books made for other family members. It is so very special!!! A keepsake to be treasured by children and adults alike!
Love it!
Review by Katie
Absolutely love it. It is my go to gift when we have to buy a gift for a new baby, especially when they already have everything. It's very unique and colorful. The choice of animals and wording is creative and holds the child's interest as they grow older. Would recommend to anyone!
Review by Maria Teresa Rodrigues
Is a beautiful book I think my grand son will love it in the future. I will tell my friends about it.
Review by Douglas Davidson
Love this book. Will spend many hours reading to our grandson.
Review by Laura
I absolutely love the book. I can not wait for our friends to receive it for the Holidays. I am going to be purchasing another one for my daughter.
Great Item!
Review by Erin
I ordered the My Very Own Name storybook for my son, and was very pleased when it arrived. The color and detail is amazing, and allows the child to feel unique and special while learning. This was a great choice for a boy child, and I feel is a great unisex gift overall. Very pleased!!!
Top Quality
Review by Rosemary
I ordered this book for our new grandson. It's a beautiful book, with lovely illustrations. We are so excited to give this to his parents (and grandson when he is older). It will definitely be a keepsake.
Beautiful and Great Service
Review by Jennifer
I ordered this book for my daughter after reading positive reviews online. When it arrived, the personalized picture on the inside was off-center. I called customer service to see if there was anything they could do, and they told me they would correct the error immediately. I received a new book, created perfectly, within a week. I couldn't be happier with the product and the service. I would highly recommend, I know this book will be a big hit with my daughter.
Review by Tim
My son Aayden died only 30 days old... he took his last breaths in my arms, and this was what we did for our other 4 kids... part of the healing for me and his mom. Always happy with books, and I have read to Aaydens brothers already. I have got as gifts as well and will continue to.. very special gift. Thanks, daddy
Review by Grace
This was the greatest thing! I ordered two books for my grandsons and I loved how they came out!! I got them in a few days and was absolutely amazed! Definitely going to order again!
My Very Own Name
Review by Carol Mitchem
Cover was wrinkled and bubbly. Binding very weak. I wrote email,no response.

Editor's Note: Carol, we are so the book arrived in that condition. We do have a 100% customer guarantee. Rest assured customer service will be in contact.
Review by Susan
When my first nephew was born, I didn't know what to get him. It seemed he had millions of outfits and stuffed animals. I remembered having a book similar to this and was absolutely thrilled to see they're still around - it was the perfect gift!!
Review by Jeannie
This was the first gift I bought for my 1st grandchild. It is wonderful, a huge hit with everyone. I will be buying more.
My Very Own Name
Review by Tanya T.
This was given to me after the birth of my daughter 9 years ago. I loved it so much, I've been giving them as gifts. What a special keepsake for the parent and the child.
Review by RIKKE
Review by RIKKE
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Jess
This is the perfect gift for a new baby. I've given this gift several times and it is always a huge hit!
The most wonderful idea!
Review by Rosalyn
I could not possibly be happier with the two books I purchased. I'm in the process of obtaining the photos for other books I plan to order, and I'm certain this will be an ongoing thing, for both family and friends. I've loved books my entire life, and this is a wonderful introduction to them for children. I will definitely be reordering.
My very own name
Review by Lisa
I purchased this book for 2014 Christmas so I have not given it yet. I have read this book and I love it. Best present I purchased.
Review by Tara
I received this book as a gift for my son when he was born, and I loved it then. Now he is 2 years old, and he loves it too! I'm sure we'll treasure it for years to come.
Too bad
Review by Maria
These books look amazing and I would have loved to order 3 of them for my children. However, I wasn't able to because of the outrageous shipping costs! I live in Canada and the shipping would have been over half the amount as the total cost of the three books. So instead, I will have to go elsewhere rather then purchase these great looking books. :(

Editor's Note: We apologize. We are aware of the high cost of shipping to Canada and are striving to find a solution.
Review by Kathy B.
We got our first book when my daughter was born, she is now 8. She loves this book simply because it has her name in it. I have since given these books as gifts and everyone loves them. I love that there are more options to choose from since I will be giving these out for Christmas presents.
Review by Wende
These books make such unique gifts. I have bought several and they are always a hit! The company is fantastic and the books are amazing.I highly recommend this product.
My Very Own Name
Review by Elaine
I have purchased this book for three friends that had grand babies. Everyone said it was the best and most meaningful present they received. Will be ordering it again and again!
The Name Book
Review by adrienne
We got this for our grandson for his 1st birthday. It was beautifully done and we will continue to add to the collection as he grows older.
Review by Carmen Iovino
My grandson Noa will be starting kindergarten this month and as he can already spell, I am sure that when his birthday arrives, he will be pleased as punch to receive this book...and see his name appear throughout the story..I am sure it will become one of his favourites. I know that I enjoyed the story line and the illustrations.
wonderful gift
Review by belinda byrne
I have been sending these books whenever we receive birth announcements for years. They are great keepsakes and children (as well as adults) can enjoy them for years.
Review by Tersa
I bought this for my granddaughter's first birthday. I can't wait to give it to her. She loves animals so this is the perfect book for her and such a great and unique way for her to learn to spell her name! I also was impressed with the pictures and information about each animal at the end of the book. A beautiful keepsake for sure! I'm very happy with this purchase and have already bought one of the other books!
My Very Own Name
Review by Sue
I bought this book as a "welcome to the world book" for my first grand niece. I liked it so much, I bought another one when a second grand niece was born 4 months later. A wonderful book to be treasured forever.Educational too! Helps children learn letters in their own name as well as names of different animals.
My Very Own Name
Review by Ruth
I bought this for my granddaughter. She's not yet one, but loves to listen to books. I like having different animals if a letter is repeated in the name. It's a great learning book as well as a special, personalized story.
Review by Jami Rubin
I bought this for my new daughter. When I got it, I cried because it's so wonderful! This book shows them how special they are and it teaches them letters and sounds, and it teaches them how to spell their name! I read it to her every day! I love it!!
Review by Jerrilyn
What a delightful story featuring our 4-year-old great-nephew's very long name. Cute drawings, great rhymes - so unique! We are beyond thrilled with the book - thank you so much. Quick shipping, too!
My Very Own Name
Review by Pauline Ducharme
Not only have I bought this book for several of my grandchildren, I have bought it for several friends....They all LOVE it! I've also bought the Pirate book twice, the personalized place mats and the lunch box....Every gift has been a success. It makes my shopping for a unique gift pretty easy...Keep it up!
Review by Grandmother to Be
I purchased books for two of my friend's new grandchildren. They were a huge hit! So very glad that I was introduced to these.
attention to detail
Review by Roz Belenky
a girlfriend has led to this amazing find through unique gifts research, since EVERY time the gift is loved and absolutely welcome and adored, for every birth and every personalized item, plus very reasonable pricing , its a win-win for everyone
Love it!
Review by Shayla D
I bought this book for my niece. It's amazing and such a great gift that she will have forever.
Will buy more!
Review by MommaD
Gave several as baby gifts and plan on buying one for my 6 yr old grandson that is reading. Like the variety of book options.
Top Notch
Review by Nickole
My children both received "My Very Own Name" books when they turned 1 (now 12 & 11). I have purchased over 10 books as gifts for special babies in our lives to celebrate them! Who wouldn't want to read a story all about themselves, with great characters and amazing illustrations! Top Notch books; we'll buy them forever!
Great Book!
Review by Diedre
I ordered the book for my friend who is having her first child. She was in awe. Both mother and father loved the book.
My Very Own Name
Review by Maryann
Beautiful book. Product is very high quality and more than expected. Time between ordering and delivery was very good. Will definitely refer your company. Thank you.
My Very Own Name
Review by Maryann
Beautiful book. Product is very high quality and more than expected. Time between ordering and delivery was very good. Will definitely refer your company. Thank you.
Review by Karen
I've ordered three books so far & will continue ordering. These books make unique and thoughtful gifts. Makes it easy when trying to find that "perfect" gift!
My Very Own Name
Review by Nancy
I love giving this book as a gift for newborns. It is so special how it spells out the child's name and a lifetime keeper.

Thank you for your clever books.
My Very Own Name
Review by Lera
I bought the first book for my grandson. I was so thrilled and impressed with the quality and pictures, I have bought 3 more as baby shower gifts, for co-workers. The parents are thrilled with the books. Also, I bought my grandson "Who loves Emmett." My daughter used the words as a lullaby when he was fussy. LOL...When she started singing who loves Emmett, he would watch his mom's face and listen intently. A Pirate tale is on my list him.
Big Hit !
Review by DMilanowycz
I love this book .. I bought it for my great niece and nephew and my cousins granddaughter and it's been a big hit .. I love it .. it's quality made and a great tool in teaching children their name and the spelling of it .. The parents have all been thrilled to receive something so special for their child and I'm glad I found it and bought it for them to have forever !.. :) I'm a big book buyer for the relatives kids and I feel it's the foundation to their learning.. Thank you !!!
My Very Own Name
Review by Barbara
I give this book to each grandchild for their christening. Later they love to learn to spell their name from reading the book.
Go to gift!
Review by Mila R.
This is my go-to "new baby" gift. I love them and would recommend them to anyone!!!
Review by Diane
This is an ideal gift for a newborn, but I'm giving it to my daughter for her 5th birthday; before starting school. The illustrations are great and the meaning is unique.
Love it!
Review by Sherylynn
My mother bought one for my son when he was born. It was a favorite of both his & mine! Since, we have been buying these for baby gifts & all have been thrilled with them! Good quality...great keepsake!
My Very Own Name
Review by Jodee Eleson
This book was bought for my grandsons first birthday. I love these books so much that I have now purchased a book for each grandchild. I have no doubt this book will always make him realize how special he is to our family. I highly recommend I See Me! books to anyone looking for a special gift to give a child.
Review by Stephanie
I ordered the "My Very Own Name" book for a friend's son's first birthday however, they live in Maine so I never saw it in person but they loved it. Well, another friend's child is turning one so I ordered her the same book. This time I got to see the excellent quality of the book. I could not be happier and I will be order more books and other products from I See Me. What a great idea and so well made!!
Too CUTE!!!
Review by Repeat Customer Nana
I purchased the book as part of a Living Social offer for my 4-month old grandson. The colorful illustrations have thoroughly captured his attention as we read sing-song to him each night.

Well worth it!!!
Review by Lyn
I bought this for my soon-to-be 1 yr old nephew. Though he is young, mom & dad are reading to him & the illustrations are beautifully done and will certainly draw his attention. A little pricey but very well done and was delivered sooner than expected! thanks much & I will be ordering a 2nd one for my niece!
Wonderful Gift
Review by Dad
We received this wonderful book for our son. His first children's book and it spells his name what a win, win situation.
Review by Mary
I love these adorable books. I have ordered four for gifts for my two grand-daughters, a nephew and a friends baby. They are so special and unique. I tell everyone I know about these personalized books with the great illustrations. I am sure I will be ordering more as soon as my daughter has her baby.
Review by Louise
I purchased this book for my granddaughter and I am so happy that I did! The book is not only beautiful but so nicely constructed that this book will last a long time. The illustrations are beautiful and colorful, the rhymes are adorable, and what a great tribute to give to any child...a story about their name! This will become my new gift to give for birthday parties or holidays!
Love this book
Review by Barbara
I gave this book(s) to my twin grandchildren about 6 years ago and at 7-1/2 they still love reading them and they are still in great condition. It is my go to gift for all new babies in my life.
Great Gift
Review by Stephanie
I have not read this book to my son but am sure he is going to love it as it Spells out his full name and he is very into his Full name first, middle and last. I like that you were given the option to choose the full name or just the first and last. I originally wanted to opt for just the first and last, but my son calls himself by the full thing so I figured he would love it. Cant wait to read it to him.
Great gift!
Review by Gil
My Very Own Name is the perfect new baby present. I have ordered a copy on several occasions for friends and family. Everybody loves it. It is a personal gift that shows you are thoughtful enough to do something special for their new arrival.
Review by Mary Kay
Very special. Can't wait to give it to my grandson.
Best Gift Idea
Review by Carolyn
I love buying this book for family and friends...they always say "Best Gift Idea". I also love that you can add a photo to the opening page! So special!
Book Gift for Grandson
Review by McNamara
Very delightful and handsome product, personalized for him. Arrived together with another order allowing us to ship them overseas without waiting. Good people to work with.
My Very Own Name Storybook
Review by Robin
The book is very clever, colorful, has a great storyline, and I love the animal encyclopedia at the end. I would have given it 5 stars except for the fact that the animals hold upper-case letters, while the child's name is spelled in lower-case letters. In most instances, especially to a child, the spelled name looks nothing like the letters the animals used! I called customer service while I was making my book, but there was no option to have all capitals in the final spelling of the child's name. I'm just surprised no one at 'I See Me' caught this. As I said before, I would have given this book 10 stars had it not been for this issue.
Love it!
Review by Heather
My mom got this book for my niece and I loved it so much, I buy it for all of my friends who have a baby. I just think it is such a nice gift, they can keep for a long time.
I Love Love Love this book
Review by Judy
I just received this fabulous book. It is so professional. I got it for my granddaughter who was just born June 25, 2024 and I can't wait until she's old enough for her to read it. It is so professional looking and really is special because it's all about her. I absolutely love it! Will be buying more books I'm sure.
Books are the greatest gifts!
Review by Grammy
I am so excited to give this book to my grandaughter Naomi when I see her in August!She is almost 2 yrs old and already loves books. She'll delight in seeing her picture on the first page!

Excellent quality. I will be giving this gift again!
Review by Gretchen
I bought a voucher to do this for our granddaughter's 2nd birthday. Her new brother will be born the same week, and we wanted her to have something that would make her realize how special she is! This should do it, nicely!
I See Me
Review by Paula C
I purchased this book for my almost 3 year old grandson who just had a new baby sister born. I wanted him to know what a special day it was when he was born how special he is to us. I am not disappointed. It's a darling book with colorful illustrations and so much on each page that it will keep him interested for a long time. I am excited about sharing this book with my grandson.
Review by Ellie B.
I have purchased several books as gifts from I See Me! And have been very happy. The books are beautiful, have good story lines for children and well made. The parents of the children that received the books were impressed with them as well. I will continue to order more personalized books from I See Me! as the children get older too.
Beyond Pleased!
Review by Barbara M.
I have ordered two books and they both exceeded my expectations! I am beyond pleased with EVERYTHING !!!
Review by Lesa Tucker
My Very Own Name arrived. I have read through it and LOVE it. I can't wait to read it to my grandson. Well definitely be ordering more books. Thank you!!
Review by Bonnie Miles
I bought the book for my grandson's first birthday. It is absolutely wonderful. The bright, colorful illustrations keep your attention. I just love it, and will buy another one for my nephew and my grandson for Christmas.
Wonderful Customer Service
Review by Maria
I ordered "My Very Own Name" for my nephew. I loved the book but I was disappointed the book came without the picture of my nephew. I contacted I see me! and the company reprinted and send the book, this time with my nephew's photo very quickly. In addition to the great quality of the book, customer Service is wonderful. I will definitely order from I see me! again.
Keepsake Forever
Review by Estelle Silverstein
I purchased this book for a neighbors delightful little girl who happened to have been born on my husbands birthday. This book is incredible, something for now and to look back on when she is all grown up. Her parents were absolutely thrilled to have it. Did her first, middle and last name and still cannot believe how well each letter rhymed. I will be doing more. It is a perfect gift for a newborn or at any age. Wonderful gift idea!!!!
My Very Own Name
Review by Barbara
I feel that the book is fabulous and my granddaughter will love it. The quality is there, the colors are vibrant and the customer service is excellent. I had a question and had to call them when I was first ordering the book. They were great. I will certainly buy my Sofia more books from this excellent company.
Fun Learning Book
Review by PD
We have given all 5 of the grandchildren the "My Very Own Name" book for their 1st birthdays. They love to look at the pictures and even as they get older, still love having their Very Own Book.
Review by Heather
This is the 5th book I have bought for a loved child. Each one of them have lit up with joy and excitement seeing their name spelled out! I esp like the added pic of the child to the front page. A great keepsake!!
Sweet story
Review by TNYank
This was our first personalized book and we were very pleased.
Best gift to give
Review by Heidi L.
I love giving these as a gift. They are unique and every kid and parent has loved it. Great quality and great customer service!
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Amy
Gave this to my Grandson on his 2nd birthday. The family was amazed and couldn't stop asking where I got it. The "other" grandma was in tears as she read the book. The illustrations were breathtaking. My son couldn't stop looking at it and said "You always know what books to buy as you did with me" I am so happy with this book can't wait to purchase another one!
Executive Assistant
Review by Rikki
I purchased this book for my daughter's friend who is having her first child which is a girl. My daughter suggested this book because her husband likes to hunt and there would be an overwhelming about of girly stuff. This would be something special for him to share with his daughter.
Very Cute!
Review by Abruzzc
After being extremely pleased with the first book, I had to go back and order a second! My grandson will love them! I really like the back pages with all the animals listed. Not only a cute story, but educational as well!
The Best Book Ever!
Review by Granny Flee
What's more special than giving a book with the new child's name in it. The parents are thrilled because they thought the name they picked was so special to begin with. It's a win! win! gift.
Best Personalized Book
Review by Donna
This is a wonderful keepsake book that I hope by great granddaughter will keep forever. The story is wonderful, imaginative and colorful.
My Very Own Name
Review by Wendi Cowne
We received this book as a gift from my in-laws when my daughter was two-years-old in 2008. We absolutely LOVE it! My daughter is now eight. Around the two year mark, the pages became completely separated from the binding. It is now a "special" book that we look at every year on her birthday.

The binding issue has not hindered me from purchasing more books. It is my go-to baby gift for friends/family with a new little one. I think I've purchased at least ten or more since we first received one! It truly is a gem of a book and so special for the little ones!
Review by Michelle
I got this for my great nephew's 3rd birthday in a couple weeks. I can't wait to see his face light up when he sees his own picture in the book & then reads the book. It came quickly, perfect condition, beautiful colors, cute story. I was surprised someone thought the animals were scary. Not at all! I'll be buying more of these special books for my special little man. His Grandmother (my sister) loves the Hallmark books that you record reading to the child. Now she has her special gifts & I've got mine. I didn't want to duplicate her gift, so this was a perfect solution.
Review by Rob
The book arrived in perfect condition and the contents exceeded my expectations. It is beautifully illustrated and with it being personalized, this will surely make this book one of my daughter's favorite for years to come.
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Texas Grandma
I have purchased these for four of my grandchildren already, and will purchase them for the remaining four soon. They are beautiful books. I absolutely love them. Top-quality. The customer service is outstanding, and they go out of their way to be helpful. Love the company and their products.
Perfect Gift
Review by Doreen Perez
Wonderful book. Great Keepsake. I'm glad I found you. You'll be my go to kids gift shop.
Review by Marisol Hernandez
I bought this book for my granddaughter she has 2 years old and love books. When I gave the book to my daughter she got teary eyed. She love it so much. And my granddaughter love all the animals in the book. Her mom need to read every night before go to bed.. She called the book the of OLIVIA... thank you.
Everyone LOVES it
Review by Stacey
I get this book now for all my friends that have babies. Everyone LOVES it. I originally had it given to me by a friend and loved it just as much. It's going to be a fun book for many years to come!
Very Happy!
Review by Jill S.
Review by Gayle
Beautifully written, beautifully illustrated! Thank you so much!
Perfect choice
Review by Owen Slusser
This personalized book was the perfect choice for my granddaughter. I purchased the previous version for her older sister and after 4 years, it still remains one of her favorites. This newer one is even better, in that I was also able to include a photo. The animals chosen for her last name are different than those of her sister, which makes it unique. The encyclopedic inclusion of most animals at the end is very thoughtful and educational. I would recommend it to anyone.

P.S. I never fill out reviews.
Nice Story
Review by Carla
I ordered my two year old son the, My Very Own Name, book with his middle name added to it. I can't give the book five stars because some of the animals repeat. There are so many animals that could be added to avoid the repetition of animals in the story. 'A' for alpaca, and so on. Overall, if you're not adding a middle name then your chance of animals repeating lessens and the story is better. I will buy some more in the future as gifts to others.
Special Keepsake
Review by Brenda
One of my preschool students brought his "My Very Own Name" book to class for Show & Share. We all loved it, so I ordered one for my grandson. It will be a treasured keepsake.
My Very Own Name
Review by Marlene Murphy
Review by Tricia
Amazing!!! The kids were so excited. Thank you for this lovely treasure.
My Own Name
Review by Charline
I recently got this book for my grandson's 2nd birthday. I was disappointed in the first book that arrived. I thought the illustrations were a bit complex for a small child and I was definitely concerned about the painting of the frightening "viper" shown for the V in his name. I debated just not giving it to him but then I realized I had put the wrong b'day in the info. Since I had gotten the first book for a great deal, I ordered another. This one was fantastic! The pictures were simplified and the viper was replaced with an adorable little picture of a vole. This one has been a great hit! I know I will be ordering again, both for my grandson and other little ones in my life.
My Very Own Name
Review by Mary
Outstanding books! I give them to the very special newborns in our lives!! I can't even tell you how many of these books I have given.
Review by Aleksandra
Purchased this for my nephew for his first birthday. The book is very cute and of good quality. I can't wait to give it to him!
My Very Own Name
Review by Grams
Ordered this for my grandson's first birthday. He already loves books and loves to be read to nestled in someone's lap. It was so neat to see his name turned into a story! A big thumbs up!
great gift
Review by Siobhan
I get this book for all my friends and family when they have a baby. it is always a great hit
Review by Kim
I bought this for my best friend's daughter's 1st birthday. Absolutely beautiful :) It is a keepsake they will always cherish. Exactly what we were looking for, for such an important occasion. Thank you!
Love it!
Review by Naomi
We received this book as a gift when my son was born, and thought it was so thoughtful and personal. Now that my son is 2.5, he loves spelling out his name with the animals! I've just ordered two books for friends who recently had babies. Spread the joy!
Review by Amy
I ordered the book for my son for Easter. My husband was surprised when it came in the mail and was very pleased with the purchase. The book is cute and the personalized story is a plus!
Review by M
Awesome, my friends loved the book for their daughter! This is my go to gift for a new baby.
Love Love Love this book!!
Review by Kristie
I absolutely love this book! I was so excited to find this online and it is even more beautiful in person. I bought this for my daughter's first birthday and I think she will love it as she gets older and it will be a fantastic way for her to learn how to read and spell. I really like how you can preview the book before ordering. I am so excited to buy this as a gift for my friend and family members' future arrivals! Thank you for such a wonderful gift.
My Very Own Name
Review by Sid Winder
I liked the new book very much, high quality, great for teaching alphabet and animals.

However, It appears that I was charged twice for the book, due to your website didn't send a conformation when I originated the order.

*I See Me Editor's Note: We see the two orders and refunded the second unintentional order. Thank you for letting us know and we are thrilled you love the My Very Own Name book!
name book
Review by joanne
Although it is cute, I thought it would have been a book involving the child in the story....not just spelling out her name. The animals are kind of scary looking also. I would not purchase another one.
my very own name
Review by Terry
Wow, This beautiful book exceeded my expectations..It is so well done..what a beautiful book..I can't wait to give it to my Grandson
My Very Own Name
Review by Lynch
I loved the story with my kids name. I was VERY disappointed that the books cover was very poorly done!! The seem was completely bubbled up, and there are other places on the front and back cover that were bubbled as well. It's a shame b/c the story was sweet but I couldn't get past the messy cover!!

*I See Me Editor's Note: We are very sorry you received a defective cover. A customer service representative will contact you to replace the book. Again, we are sorry the book did not arrive as expected and we will do whatever we can to resolve the issue.
Fantastic Baby Shower Gift
Review by Queen of the Click
This book is an incredible baby shower gift. Everyone loved it. The animals in the story spell out the child's first and last name and tell an adorable story.

Everyone oohhh and ahhhh'ed over it. The back of the book has information about the animals so as the child grows, the book will still be interesting to him or her.

The cover and the inscription page are beautiful.

UPS messed up and the ISeeMe Staff was incredible. Customer service at this company is top notch. I highly recommend them!
Review by Colleen F.
This is an excellent source of Children's Personalized Books. They are top quality, fast shipping, and extremely nice customer service reps. Very satisfied with 5 books so far. Plan to buy more for additional grandchildren.
Review by Leah
I have been buying these books for 8 years. They are amazing and loved by both the children and parents. I can't wait to buy the next one in April when my best friend gives birth to her first child.
Review by Faith
My Mom got this book for my daughter for her first Christmas and we have read it every night since. Her name is pretty long so it takes a while to get through the whole book but she loves it and it holds her attention the whole time. I can recite the book to anyone that asks. I love that she is now almost 2 and she recognizes letters that are in her name and she knows the names of the animals that are spelling her name. It is by far the best childrens book I have ever read. I just bought a gift certificate for a friend who is due to have her first on my daughters birthday!! I can't wait to read his new book!
Beautiful and Unique
Review by Tiffany
I couldn't be happier. My grandmother got this for my son. He's now 3 1/2 and it's his favorite book. Different from other "personalized" books that just fill in the blank with whatever your child's name is. We love it, read it every night.
Review by Mom
My 6 yr old daughter absolutely loves this book, 3 years later. She just loves the animals and can't believe the book is all about her and they create her name. The illustrations are so vivid...just a beautiful book and an amazing experience to read to your child.
My Very Own Name
Review by AJJ
I got this book for my 8 month old baby for her 1st birthday in June. My husband and I love this book for her. We can't wait to give the book to her for her 1st birthday although she may not know how to read it, yet. But it's a stepping stone for her reading skills. This is a wonderful book and I was very excited purchasing it. It's a great personalized gifts for kids. Thanks I see me especially to #Mom365. Without your coupon I didn't know about this company. God bless!
Great Gift
Review by Dana
We ordered two of My Very Own Name for Baptism gifts. Books are very well made and will be treasured for a life time.
Very Special!!
Review by Norma
I bought this book for my Great Grand Son's first birthday and his mother was ecstatic. She loves reading it to him to show how special he is and to teach him the letters of his name.
My Very Own Name
Review by Gloria Toner
My husband and I purchased one "My Very Own Name" book for each of our 6 grandchildren. We enjoy how the colorful animals spell out each baby's name. It is a special gift for each child. Thank you.
Love them
Review by Brandy Morrow
I "met" Maia when I worked at ShopNBC years ago. I was pregnant at the time, so she sent me a book. I now have two children and they both still love these books, even still at the age of 10. I highly recommend getting these personalized books for children. Thank you Maia and company for years of enjoyment!
Review by Paula T.
It is a beautiful book, with great colors. I will be purchasing from them again.
My 'go-to' Baby Gift
Review by Emily
Have been purchasing the 'My Very Own Name' for many years as the new baby gift and have NEVER been disappointed with the ease of ordering, quick mailing, and recipient complete satisfaction. I also got the Christmas Bear Book for my granddaughter several years ago and would also recommend that as a gift. Very special for parents and children to sit together, read and enjoy the books.

If you are not sure - don't hesitate - you will not regret the purchase!
My Very Own Name
Review by Sharon
This was my first experience with I See Me! The book I chose is outstanding and I was touched by the beauty of it. I cannot wait to present it to my grandson on his first birthday.
Review by Pat Gunn
I have given this book to many first babies and the parents are always teary-eyed over it. What a lovely gift that means so much to all parties. Much better than something the child will outgrow.
Great Gift!!
Review by Brieanne
I first read about these personalized story books in the Wall Street Journal - the article featured gifts for baby showers/arrivals. I have ordered quite a few of My Very Own Name for friends and EVERYONE loves them!!! They are made from high quality materials and are meant to last. This is now my go-to gift for parents that just had a baby. It's so much more personable than something off their registry!
Review by Grandma Kate
I have purchased several books from "I See Me". Each grandchild has "My Very Own Name" plus other titles. I will continue to buy these lovely and unique books for my grandchildren and others!
1st grandchild
Review by Gerald Viator
Ordered a personalized, placemat and lunchbox for my first grandchild and I know it will be he hit of the town.
Review by Jenifer
I got this book as a gift for my Granddaughter. It is a beautiful book, the pictures are wonderful. I can't wait until she sees it on Christmas!
Children's Personalized Book
Review by Kate
I originally ordered "My Very Own Name" for my daughter this Christmas - your customer service caught the fact that she already owned this book (at her grand-mother's house) - so i was able to order "My Very Own World Adventure", avoiding a duplicate book. Excellent customer service and very slick!
My Very Own Name
Review by Marie
What a beautiful book!
My Very Own Name
Review by Micah's Mama
My little guy loves animals, so I had to get this book. I paid extra and had his middle name included and am so glad that I did. The book is gorgeous and he loves the artwork. We also have ABC What I Can Be! and there are definitely more I See Me book purchases in our future. I can't recommend the books highly enough.
Great Christmas gift!
Review by Jessica
I ordered one for each of my twins for their first Christmas. I love this book! the illustrations and story are so cute! I'm a preschool teacher, and a former student had one and was so proud to have a book with his name in it. Arrived fast, and love all the coupons. I will order again!
My Very Own Storybook
Review by Paula Peart
Love the bright colorful pages and teaching child early how to spell their name. 100% guarantee is not found in any other book site.
My Own Name
Review by Linda
Loved it! I plan to purchase more books.
My Own Name
Review by Sandra Jones
Hi I absolutely loved the books with the exception that one of our twins had the wrong birthday in her book. You even sent two books for her with the wrong date in each book :( A birthday is important to children and to people paying for your products. I have not even been offered another book to replace it with the correct date. I would like to see that your company has integrity and replaces the book.

*I See Me Editor's Note: Sorry to hear there was an error with your order. Our records show that a replacement book was sent to you and you were refunded for our error. We are happy to hear that you loved the books and we are very sorry for our mistake.
For 3 year olds
Review by B
Would buy again if pages were thicker so they cannot be ripped so easily.
Review by Heather
My two year old loves the My Very Own Name book. I do too! Highly recommended.
My Very Own Name
Review by MGrayson
great books . second one I have purchased.
Great Gift
Review by Junelle
I bought this book for my god daughter. Remembering how I wanted to see my name printed somewhere on anything was a constant desire. With that thought I got one for my name sake. I love the book and it is such a great treasure.
Love these books!
Review by Karen
My son got one as a gift after he was born and now he is 2 and wants to read it every day. He is really learning the letters in his name! I bought one for my daughter and 2 new nephews, I am sure they'll love their 'name books' as much as my son.
So cute!!
Review by Brendie
I love this book. It is so cute and special. I will definitely be ordering more personalized books in the future.
My Very Own Name
Review by Sabrina Reed
Love the book - just one small snag. The bassinet color in the beginning is correct, but the bassinet at the end of the story is pink - and the book was for a boy. Minor point...the book is lovely and my daughter and grandson loved it! Thank you!
A great gift!
Review by Kathy
We received these books as gifts for both of my children when they were born and it's recently become my 2 1/2 year old's favorite go-to bedtime book! We love it so much, bought/buying for two friends!
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Rose
I bought one for each of my 3 grandchildren for Christmas. Such a beautiful and personal gift. I can not wait to give it to them! The only thing that is disappointing is the pages are a bit wavy.
Review by Saleena
What an adorable book. Makes for a unique gift that is sure to be a big hit. Got these for my 2 kids last christmas and they love them. Helped them to learn how to spell their names!
Review by Tompkins
Absolutely love the books! Really enjoy giving such a wonderful personalized gift! I do wish there was some say in choosing of the letters, I tried several times to redo a book to replace one of the animals I wasn't thrilled about but finally just accepted it.
My Very Own Name
Review by Maynette Manwaring
I have had the finished book for quite some time now but until today I had not opened it to read because I want it in pristine condition for my grandson's 2nd birthday, January 4, 2014. I was more than pleased. The art work is also very good. I wish I had known I could have put his middle names in but since my grandson has 2 middle names I did not think I was allowed. But, all in all, the book is wonderful and I know he will love it.
Great product!
Review by Jen
I have given this as a gift several times over the years and was excited to order one for my baby daughter this year. It is a holiday gift and I'm sure she will love it.
1st Grandchild
Review by Pat Simmons
I ordered this book as a gift for my new granddaughter. I love it and so does the rest of the family. It arrived well in advance of the expected delivery date. The story is just perfect, no two animals are repeated as they spell out her entire name and the quality of the book was amazing. I have just ordered two more book for her for Christmas and will soon be ordering a book for the newest additions to the family - twins.
Love The Book!!
Review by Becky
I received the book I ordered for my niece and realized that the birth month was wrong!! I was so embarrassed because it was my fault. I called customer service and they told me that they would reprint the book for FREE with the correction! I only had to pay shipping. Totally worth it. I could not believe that they did that for their customers! I will totally get more books from here!! I love the book, it turned out great! Can't wait to give it to her at Christmas! Thank you so much!
Christmas gift
Review by Donna
I ordered this for my granddaughter for Christmas and had it sent to her. My daughter said it was the most beautiful book she has read, so colorful and such great quality. We were both very pleased with the book and this company, my order was expedited in a timely manner.

I will order another for her birthday in the coming months.
My Very Own Name
Review by Troy's Grandpa Tom
Bought this for my new grandson's first Christmas. I was amazed at the quality of the book. You can bet he will be receiving more of these books as he grows! Best present for him ever.
Personalized Childrens Book
Review by Marian Scott
Love to give this book to all my Grandchildren. Everyone I know who receives it as a gift loves it.
Nicely done!
Review by Patricia Young
To leave a review is quite simple, you see... because the books are as nice as can be! For customer service, they can't be beat... And as a gift they are really unique!
Review by Laura
This gift was for my nephew's first Christmas. I absolutely love it. It's such a special, personal gift that I know he'll love!
Very Special Book
Review by Anne
After reading all of these five star reviews I ordered my first "I See Me" book. The quality of the book and your service lived up to my expectations. I look forward to being a repeat customer.
Uncle & Aunt
Review by John & Ellizabeth
We love all 4 books ordered, 2 for our nephews & 2 for our nieces. The colors are vibrant, the stories sweet & the quality durable for children to handle. We were also quite impressed with the immediate customer service received; both extremely competent & wonderfully pleasant :)
My Very Own Name
Review by Eileen
We sent My Very Own Name books to two different gift recipients. They just loved the books! What a hit! I love sending this book as a new baby gift! A treat for years and years to come! We rate it a 10!!
Review by sherry stewart
I got this book for my new grandson and I love it! So colorful and beautiful and I love the idea of the personalization! This is the second book that I have ordered. It's great!
Aunt T2
Review by Tiffany Brown
I am sooooooo very happy with my book we bought for our nephew! We will definitely order from iseeme.com again!!!! My order came a week earlier which was fantastic!! Thank you all sooo much for putting a smile on baby Luke's face when he opened his box!
Best gift ever
Review by Juliana Lara
My Very Own name book is the best book any one could give to a child. That child feel so special that the story is all about them. They love it.
Review by Dianne Forte
Amazing! I got the God Loves Olivia (my grand daughter's name) book. It is so precious - it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.
AWESOME Christmas Present
Review by Suzan
This is a WONDERFUL book for any child!! Don't buy a Kindle/tablet/ipad or prop your kid in front of a computer monitor! It's the worst thing you can do for their eyes and development of the brain. Sit with your child and read to them. Give your child a book - A REAL BOOK!! I'm a Reading Teacher = READ, READ, READ!!
Review by Paul
This is the 6th of my grandchildren to get this book. We will give it to him Christmas, just like we did the others. Great product!
Personalized baby book
Review by DMD
I first received this as a gift with my first of five children, eight years ago. It has been our baby gift to others since then. Need I say more?
My very Own Name Book
Review by Anna Caron
I bought this for my granddaughter and plan to give to her for Christmas. The quality of the book is excellent and I hope she'll keep it as a keepsake. Just love it!
Review by Carol
I purchased a book for my first grandchild's Christmas. My experience was quality all the way! From the ease of product production, price, communication, fast ship and wonderfully finished product - I wish all companies ran this way!
working mom
Review by Angie
"My Very own Name" was given to my child as a baby. We love it to this day 11 years later. It is a great gift. I have given several to friends as baby gifts. This book is a keepsake and there is no better gift and also a great learning tool. The baby learns their full name and the letters to spell their name. We Love It.
personalized book
Review by cheryl clark
I bought this for my nephew for christmas. He hasn't seen it yet. I love the book but they are a little expensive
Review by Diane
Saw this at a friend's house, and bought it for my niece. My daughter's now each have their own as well. the girls love it! The first time they realized that the animals were spelling out THEIR name was a great experience to watch. They love to read it over and over again, and look at all the different animals.

I do wish it was a board book as it's expensive; as a paper book, kids can easily tear the pages --- so I'm always extra careful and a bit stressed when we read it (lol!)
personalized children's book
Review by Jessica Brower
I ordered two different books... both so adorable, so personal, so fun! Put a smile on my face and made the receiver feel so loved. Could I ask for more!? Thanks so much!
Review by nabeela
We love love your books!! We gift them to everyone ! They are so unique and the kids love reading their stories!

Thank you!
Review by nabeela
We love love your books!! We gift them to everyone ! They are so unique and the kids love reading their stories! Every year, we send your book to school when she has to take a favorite book and the other children and teacher also love it.

Thank you!
My Very Own Name
Review by Karen
We ordered My Very Own Name book as a Christmas gift for our one year old granddaughter. We're so happy that we included her middle name. This beautifully illustrated book written in rhyme will be treasured for years to come.
great response
Review by Brad
We received one as a gift and just gave two as gifts, amazing responses from the people we gave the books to.
Great personalized book
Review by Friend
I've been giving these books to my friends for years when they have a baby. It is a great keepsake that they will remember forever!
My Very Own Name
Review by Katie
I love the books available from iseeme. The illustrations are gorgeous and the story is so sweet. I have gotten one for all of my nephews and nieces and it has become a family tradition. What a special treasure for kids to see their own names in a book.
Review by Jaime
Love the books, very cute, but lets face it, shipping is outragous. We all know there are cheaper media rates or rates to send books. I'm confident in the mail system that it will still get here. Especially in the package that you sent it in. For 10$ shipping I at least expect some bubble wrap :)
Solved my Gifting Dilemma!
Review by Pat
I absolutely loved this book, and the whole idea! The quality was excellent, and I can't wait to give it to my new "niece" for her first birthday. Personalized gifts are the best!
Wonderful Gift
Review by Cindy
What a wonderful gift to give to a child! I have bought each of my grandchildren one of these books when they were born. Each one feels very special when their book is read! They love it.
Review by Lissa M.
This is one of the best special gifts I have ever seen and I order all the time. The books are high quality and the customer service is top notch. if you catch a special or coupon code, it is much better, so get on their mailing list for all the deals.
My Very Own Name
Review by Michigan Nana 2
I have been buying these books for a couple years since my Granddaughter got one as a gift. She is 3 now and still looks at it!! These books are amazing - thank you so much. We just got the Pirate one for our Grandson.
my very own name
Review by linda burstein
the very best great for twins and preschoolers
Best gift for a newborn
Review by Jessica
This is the BEST gift to get a newborn. I started getting these books for people 8 years ago when a friend told me how much everyone loved this book. Anytime someone close to me has had a baby I immediately buy the personalized name book and every time I do everyone tells me how unique and wonderful a gift it is. As the child gets older they continue to enjoy it more and more. Highly recommend!
Very nice books
Review by Meg
I've ordered a couple of these books for my nieces & nephews and I really like them. Their parents love them too and they really make for a special gift! My only complaint is how expensive they are - I See Me sometimes sends email coupons, but 10% off isn't even enough to cover the shipping costs.
Fabulous Books
Review by Stephanie Serleth
I purchased this book for my new grandson and his parents love it! I just bought two more for my daughter's 10 month old twins for Christmas and can't wait to see how much they love them! I know the parents will!
Christmas Gift
Review by JEA47
My Very Own Name is such a beautiful and special book. I ordered it for my Grandson for Christmas and the colors, story and illustrations exceeded my expectations. He will love seeing and learning his full name by reading the book. It is such a great gift.
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Karen
Excellent book quality. Outstanding artwork and text.

Can't wait to give them to the children immortalized!
Review by Mary
Over Priced! I went to order because I received an e-mail asking me to refer my friends. So I referred some only to find out I had to wait to receive my discount until my friends confirmed (never stated in the e-mail). I was disappointed there was no discount. The book is cute, but very expensive...
My Very Own Name book
Review by Caroline
The book was shipped directly to our greatnephew so we didn't see it. However, the family loved it and said it was 'a great idea'.

We have had similar enthusiastic responses to our other 'I See Me' gifts: My Very Own Fairy Tale book, Royal Birthday Adventure and the Christmas board book. Each one was extremely well received. We have no hesitation in recommending the books.
My Very Own Name
Review by Marion
My own daughter received a copy of this book when she was born and 6 years later, it is one of her most prized books.

I recently purchased 'My Very Own Name' for a friend that had a new baby girl and she is thrilled with the book.

Review by Cathy
I bought the book for my grandson and couldn't wait to give it to him. The book is beautiful and his parents really liked it. He is only a month old, but they read to him already and this will be his special book forever.
Proud Grandma
Review by Denise
I love these books, so personal & great keepsakes! The illustrations are awesome. I show off all the books to my co-workers & friends before I give them away. Also, you can't beat their customer service. A couple of my books came damaged & they sent me new ones, quickly & at no charge. I just wish they were all shipped in a box versus the cardboard. Even with said, I still highly recommend iseeme!
My Very Own Name
Review by Mary Hasselbring
My order was fulfilled beyond my dreams! I know it will be enjoyed by my great granddaughter. Many Thanks for a great job.
For my adult children
Review by Kay
I ordered these for my adult children as there was nothing like this when they were small 40 years ago. They are touched and thrilled (also fairly highly amused) by these wonderful, beautiful books. These are number 6-8 of these I have ordered. Usually for younger kids.

I love them madly.
Review by June
I love this book! The illustrations are beautiful. I try to find gifts that are meaningful and will become treasures. This book hit the mark!
My Very Own Name
Review by Mara Gelfgat
My Own Name
Review by Erin
Amazing Quality! Love the pictures and the fact that it spells out my nephew's name! Perfect gift for a fourth child (when mom already has everything)!
Review by Cathy
The animals are so fun and my grandson loves his name book, I do wish the book cover was more bright, it doesn't seem like a girls book, I did get one for my grand daughter so we will see if she loves it as much!
Love My Very Own Name
Review by linda burstein
best of all
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Dixie
We bought this for a Christmas Gift for our new granddaughter, We think the book is Awesome, Very Colorful and Will be Very Special for her. Thanks!!
Best Gift Ever
Review by Denise
Love this book! I received one approximately 13 years ago for my son Eric from friends and ever since I have been a loyal customer! I have sent many, recommended many, it's like a chain reaction. Once you send one to someone that's what they start sending. It is such a wonderful, unique keepsake! Thank you!
My Very Own Name
Review by Jan
I love this book. I got it for my grandson. What a special book!
A Baby Gift to Remember
Review by Valerie
When my grandson received My Very Own Name from a dear friend of his grandparents, I knew this would be my "go to" gift for all new babies in our lives. And it has! The book is so easy to order, is unlike any gift, and so special. As the children grow and learn to recognize their name, it'a a treasure with its beautiful pictures and rhyming words. My grandson still reads his, and he is 8 years old! We've given it many times and receive the most lovely thank-yous.
Really Special!!
Review by Julie
I purchased this book for my grandson's FIRST birthday. We LOVED it! Hoping he and his parents do too!!
My Own Name
Review by Diane
AWESOME! I bought this for my grand daughter (18mos). She won't be ready for the letters for awhile but her momma loves books! The pictures were really good and speaks to me as much as the words! Well done and sturdy!
A gift for baby Stella
Review by Kate Oldham
Both of my daughters have an iseeme! book. When close friends of mine celebrated the birth of their baby girl, I knew it would be the perfect gift!! They both loved the book and I am sure Stella will too. Thank you so much for a wonderful product!
Amazing, as always
Review by Jill
ISeeMe never disappoints. I have gotten My Very Own name for my children and many, many friends and family members and everyone always LOVES it. This one I got for my nephew and already, he LOVES it! It is my favorite gift to give...and my kids, at ages 8 and 11 still love their books:-)
My favorite
Review by Joy
When my son received a "My Very Own Name" book after his birth, I started giving them as gifts to every special baby in my life! They are always well loved. Wonderful story and highly defined colorful pages.
Excellent Baby and First Bday gift!
Review by Christine
I have ordered many of these books and have been so pleased with the quality and customer service. The perfect baby and first bday gift. I have also ordered the Big Sis book. My go to place for customized gifts.
My Very Own Name
Review by Brenda
I bought this book for my two grandchildren. The quality is first rate. I can hardly wait for them to receive this at Christmas. I would highly recommend this book to anybody!
Very special book
Review by Aunt
A friend told me about this book years ago, and I finally had the opportunity to present one to my first 2 grand-nephews born this year. A VERY special and unique gift-it's hard to beat beautiful illustrations with entertaining(and informative!)text written about the child's own name!
My Very Own Name
Review by Melody
I gave this to my newborn grandson. His parents thought it was great. I just love the book and plan to purchase more books from this company! Had great service also.
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Stephanie
Simply Wonderful!!! The entire family loved the book. Looking forward to ordering more books in the near future.
So Special
Review by mary
A treasure of a book! Can't tell you how delighted and pleased I am - we are taking it as a gift for our 2 year old Australian newphew, and can't wait to sit and read with him.
Personalized book my very own name
Review by Cathrine Baldwin
It's hard to review something I haven't seen, but the people to whom I sent the book seem to love them!
Review by Kirsten Davis
My daughter-in-law cried because she thought it was so sweet. I'm so happy that I am getting two more for my grandsons in Oregon.
Best books ever...
Review by Lela
I have ordered at least 50 of these books. From "My very own name" to "a Christmas bear". I send it to all my clients when they have children or grandchildren and I buy it for every child I know. It is a wonderful gift and everyone loves it.
Very special book for grandchildren
Review by Linda Schloss
This book was for our second grandchild. The first book was a huge success, and we can't wait to watch our Mila enjoy the pictures! The I See Me books are great and I love buying them!
Review by mia
I have given this personalized book five times and each recipient absolutely LOVED the book. Parents appreciate the keepsake for years.
Personalize Book
Review by Jan C
I have purchased three animal name books, one for each grandchild for Christmas. I am very pleased with the quality and content of each book. They even chose different animals for the two grandchildren with the same last name. The artwork is outstanding. I can't wait to read them to the grandchildren.
My Very Own Name
Review by Carol Anderson
I have given this book to several people, but the last time was to a couple having their first child. They absolutely loved it and I do believe you will see orders from them going forward. They thought it was such a unique gift.

My Very Own Name
Review by Kay Koelker
Simply wonderful and loved by all.
My Very Own Name
Review by MaryJ-F
I purchased this book as a baby-shower gift for one of my favorite nieces. She was absolutely delighted with it! She says it made her cry when she read it. She loved it and I did too. This is one of the best baby gifts I have ever purchased.
My Very Own Name
Review by A. Slay
ABSOLUTELY one of the best gifts to receive and/or give!

Very easy to order! BEAUTIFUL work! My Mother gave it as a gift, lots of memories of them reading together, now that my Mom is no longer with us...
My Very Own Name
Review by Renee
What a darling book! What a special way to learn how to spell your name. My grandson will love it.
My Very Own Name
Review by Kitty
This is my very favorite book for any child. It makes them feel as special as we know they are! I tell all my friends to get it for their grandchildren!
New born
Review by Louise
Just got an email from my niece saying she has never seen anything like it and they spent last nite reading the new book to her little girl.

They love it.

Thanks. Louise
My Very Own Name
Review by Christina
AMAZING!! I wanted a timeless gift for my son's 1st birthday and this fit the bill. The book is of GREAT quality, there were no mistakes and it arrived in a timely fashion. It was a hit at the party, and my son loves reading about his name. I can only imagine how much more he will love it when he gets older!
My Very Own Book
Review by Cathie Baldwin
I have been sending these books to everyone I know with a newborn. It is the best idea ever because of its usefulness, and personal uniqueness.
without words
Review by Jessica
Wow! I loved this gift. My sister got it for my daughter Samantha. I'm living in Colombia, South America, and I asked her to bring me books in English to read to my baby daughter and this is what she got. I was amazed and now want to start the collection for her.
Review by Paula Evanich
I have probably purchased 10 of the I See Me books over the past few years. Everyone just loves them!
My very own name
Review by Nancy Ellingsen
The books are great. BUT I received a notice saying I would get free shipping or some offer. And when I tried to cash in on the deal it wouldn't work.

*I See Me Editor's Note: We are sorry the coupon code provided did not work for you. Typically our free shipping coupons only apply to the continental US.
Very special keepsake
Review by Nicole
My daughter was given one of these books when she was born (and I was delighted)and I've since ordered them for friends and family. It makes such special keepsake. So beautifully illustrated and cleverly written. Just gorgeous. The cost of postage to Australia doubles the cost of the book though...
Great 1st Birthday Gift - Loved it!!
Review by Gaggy
My grandson got this book for his 1st birthday and while doesn't quite understand yet, it was a huge hit with the parents, aunts, and uncles. Very cool and truly a keepsake.
Review by ekkyd
I love this book because it is so unique. Love the story and the fact that it helps children recognise and remember letters.

It never fails to be a great gift!
My Very Own Name Personalized Storybook
Review by Danielle Gary
I loved the book. It was absolutely adorable. Purchased this for a baby shower and it was a great gift.The only reason I will not give this 5 stars is because the bow and cover box were not worth the $6 spent. Had I known that I would have just gotten the book.
My Very Own Name
Review by Renee
Beautifully Done! I cannot wait to give it as a gift.
Treasured Keepsake
Review by Alison Durell
What parent wouldn't appreciate a thoughtful treasure about his very own name! Sure to be treasured by the child as one begins to learn to love books, learning the letters in their name, enjoying colorful illustrations. At the end of the book, there are pages of teachable information about the animals that spelled their name. It is so nice to be able to preview the book with the child's name on the website before purchasing. I've given several of these, and the gifts were always positively received. They look forward to another book for their child at an "older level" with the choices on the website, like the pirate tale, or princess fairytale. I only hope more books are in the process of being created because I enjoy giving a more unique gift.
My Very Own Name
Review by Tina
Purchased this for my grandson's 2nd birthday. I am very happy with my purchase, nice quality, colorful pictures and I think he will love it!
Amazing Keepsake
Review by julie
My son received my very own name when he was born and still 6 years later loves it! We now buy this special book for all of our "new" friends and family. Everyone loves it!
My Very Own Name
Review by Kara Grubbs
I don't know what the gift box and bow looked like because I had the book shipped directly to the person who received it as a gift, but I was very disappointed that our message/salutation was not printed on the first page of the book as I was led to believe it would be. The recipient loved the book but didn't know who it was from! She says it will be a great keepsake.

*I See Me Editor's Note: We reviewed your order and the dedication was printed on the title page according to our records. Please contact customer service if you would like a replacement.
Grandmother of 5
Review by Johanne
I've given each of my grandkids a book and they love seeing their name in print. I'm now giving the coloring book to each this Christmas and I know it will be special also.
My Very Own Name
Review by Marsha
Beautiful book that will be a gift for our grandson's 2nd birthday. Wish I had known about these books when my grandchildren were born.
Executive Assistant
Review by Amy Smith
I have purchased two books from iseeme.com. They are both great and my niece and nephew love them.
Amazing - So Happy!!
Review by Brittany
I bought two books - one for my son and one for my nephew for their first birthdays and I am so excited at how they turned out. The quality is amazing as is the artwork and entire concept. It reminds me of something from when I was growing up - I really love the fact that it is a gift they will treasure their entire life and hopefully pass on to their kids :)
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Veronica
We were introuced to I See Me! when my middle son received this book hen he was born. He just turned 9 and we still enjoy reading it together. We've made several other varieties of books for friends and family and most recently made My Very Own Name book for our friends newborn son.

They LOVED it! I spread the word about these books to everyone. They are truly a wonderful keepsake!
Wonderful, fantastic fun books
Review by Kay
I ordered 5 different My Own Name books for grandchildren and am so delighted with these wonderful, sweet and adorable books, as are the recipients. I am considering ordering 3 more for my adult children because they would have loved to have something like this if it had been available 40 years ago.

I just can't say how wonderful these lovely, beautifully made books are.
So Special!
Review by Nancy
A special gift for any child! This book means so much to every child and parent who has received it.
Company Support and Book
Review by Meghan
First, I love this company's customer support and imaginative e-mails. Kudos on that. Secondly, I have ordered now 3 books from this group and they have all been a hit. With wonderful drawings. Kids love to find their names in things. Love it!
Review by Micaela
I absolutely LOVE these books..I give them to all of my friends/family that have new babies. My daughter got one when she was born and it was my favorite gift..she'll never outgrow it! I have never had a problem with ordering,receiving the books etc.. customer service is fabulous!
My Very Own Name - Personalized Book
Review by Patricia Gozzi
Fantastic! I've bought the name book for my grandson and also as gifts to welcome new babies into the world. And as the child grows and starts to learn his/her letters, the very own name book spells out their own name. How exciting for the child to see his/her name and recognize letters at the same time. Very Smart Idea. Thank You
Review by Tina
I just love these books! My grandson received one of your books when he was born. Being a reading teacher, I was very impressed. I have since ordered 2 for newborns of friends. I will be ordering another one soon when baby is born and named!
loved it
Review by alyson
The book is well made, beautiful colors, food and fast to read. would recommend.
Review by Jeanette
This was a gift for a special 2 year old. Simply Beautiful!!! Love it!!!
my very own name
Review by Dionne Wilson
loved this book, vivid pictures and a wonderful story line focused on the child. It gives the child an opportunity to identify letters while learning to spell his/her name. quality covering, worth every penny. great book and i would recommend it to anyone
Grandma and Kindergarten teacher
Review by Rita Allerheiligen
This special name book is beautiful, lively, and a perfect gift. I'm sure my grandchildren will hold these especially dear. What's not to like about a book that is uniquely your own? Thanks!
So Special
Review by Auntie Carly
The book was well received! We gave it to Andy as a birth present, but it's going to give him years of enjoyment. His parents were very touched.
Beautiful book!
Review by Emiy
We ordered one for our 2yo son & one for our brand new nephew! Our son's book is so nice. Well bound, great photos, well written - really nice book. I wish now I had paid the extra to do his full name (first, middle & last), but I am still happy with it. And, I am excited to give my brother & SIL the book for their son!
My Very Own Name
Review by Alice
Great Granddaughter and Mom

loved it and so did I. Beautifully done!
My Very Own Name
Review by Ann
My granddaughter received this as a baptism gift. We loved it!I got the book for my nephew's daughter. It is such a wonderful idea to have the child's name slowly coming together throughout the story.
My Very Own Name
Review by Lynn
absolutely beautiful book with wondrous drawings and phrases. I love it!
Review by Mary
I have given this book as a gift to all 3 grandsons, niece, dear friends and coworkers. Need I say more??? I am one of your biggest fans-first saw it advertised in Land's End or LLBean catalog 9 years ago. Hopefully our boys will treasure this and get it for their children.
Happy Grandma
Review by Vanessa
I got this book for my granddaughter and the whole family loved. I didn't know that just a book will make such a difference. Her father ask one for him self. What a great gift! I'm so happy and also my family
Review by Maureen
I have bought many of these books and everybody has loved them. In fact, many of the people for whom I bought them have gone on to use I See Me as their special gift shop.
Review by Sandie Rossi
Love this book. Constructed nicley and very sturdy. My great niece will love it on her 1st birthday. It will be something to keep her whole life to remember us with.
My Very Own Name
Review by Colleen
Have had great reviews from giving this book as a gift. It is special for the child and will be with them forever!! Great work I See Me! It is now my first go-to gift for baby showers and newborns.
My Very Own Name
Review by Melissa Jones
My youngest child received this book after he was born. We love it, I read this book to him every day. This was the best gift he received when he was born. Thank you for making such wonderful products.
Great Gift!
Review by New Dad
My wife and I got this as a gift for our first born. What a fun book. The illustrations are great and the story is a ton of fun for our little girl. We'll be buying this for some of our friends who are having children in the near future!
Name Book
Review by Traci
Every time a child is born and I need to get a gift.This is what I send. The illustrations on these books alone are so BEAUTIFUL. But to know that it's a book about that child in particular. Says everything.
My Very Own Name
Review by Nielsen
I love the book and will definitely order more gifts in the future!
A must-have!
Review by Barbara Kelly
I absolutely love the "My very own name" book. The story is so cute and I love all the different animals. We gave it to our son for his first birthday. It's a must have for little children
Birthday Gift
Review by Ashley
I purchased two of these books, one for my daughter who will turn one on August 2nd and another for a dear friends baby who also just turned one. They truly treasured this keepsake amongst all the dump trucks he was given! I know my daughter will enjoy being read hers as well. Perfect gift and amazing quality!
A special gift!!
Review by Rosie
I ordered one for my 2 year old grandson's birthday.

My son and his wife where very impressed with the illustration and quality. So they want another for the new baby. Thank you!!
Review by Mich
I received this as a gift from a family friend for my son shortly after he was born. It is one of the sweetest gifts I've ever received. It actually brought tears to my eyes. I highly recommend for your own children or as a gift for a close friend or family members children!
My Very Own Name
Review by sharon
This is the cutest book ever! I have a special needs grandson and I bought him his first book for Christmas. I just purchased this one and it is perfect! love all these books! great gifts and keepsakes!
Review by Annie Carlson
My Very Own Name books make the best baby gifts ever. I have given them to many friends and they have all commented about what a great gift the book is. My daughter received one as a gift on her first birthday and she is requesting the Princess Fairly Tale version for her 6th birthday.
Great Books!
Review by Amanda
The My Own Name book was first given to my son almost 5 years ago by one of my co-workers. I recently ordered one for my second son and he loved it so much that it is now our universal birthday gift for our friend's children and our children's friends.
Review by Kevin
Good value, cute story, educational for toddlers at a preschool age. Thanks I'm sure we'll get years of enjoyment!
Review by Amie
These books are just perfect!!! We now buy them for every new baby among our friends/family.
Frequent purchaser
Review by KP
I discovered the I See Me Books about six years ago when I was looking for a unique gift for a coworker having a baby. I have since given over a dozen as gifts and recommended them to countless others. It had been about a two year lapse from my last order to this one and I am disappointed in the changes that have been made. Its still a unique gift that parents will love; however, the quality of the binding and pages is not what it used to be and the shipping is absolutely unacceptable, especially since you pay for it. The first book I ordered came with the spine crushed because it was in an envelope instead of the nice boxes they used to ship the books in. I immediately contacted customer service and was pleased at the response as they were very apologetic and informed me they would create and ship a new book at no cost to me. You can imagine my shock when the second book came shipped exactly as the first had and was again damaged. At this point I was out of time for the Baptism I was intending to give the book as a gift for. So now I am out the purchase of a book and had to go buy a different gift. With three new babies arriving this summer, I was looking forward to my standby special gift but after this experience, I am really not sure how comfortable I am purchasing or recommending the product until the company can make some changes in their production and shipping policies! Their business was built on customers who count on their predictable quality and with that in question, I am concerned that this incredible idea will go the way of other companies who sacrifice quality for profit. Truly makes me sad as the concept of this company is what every gift giver dreams of finding....

I See Me Editor's Note: We are extremely sorry to hear about your experience with us. We made a change to our shipping policy and are using different packaging for single book orders. We never want our customers to miss a gift occasion because of our services. Your feedback has been very helpful and we hope you are willing to forgive us for our errors.
Review by Laura H.
This book is my "go-to" gift for anyone having a baby! It's completely unique, so personal, and always a big hit! I've ordered MANY of these over the last few years, and will continue doing so in the future!
Poor shipping method!
Review by Robyn
I love these books. However, I am always disappointed with the shipping...I pay $7.95 and it takes 10 days to get it by Fed Ex??? That is unacceptable!

I See Me Editor's Note: We are sorry to hear about your disappointment. We work as quickly and carefully as possible to produce our personalized books and products at the highest quality. We are always working to improve our processes in order to please our customers and shipping is something we are working on. Your feedback is appreciated.
Review by Denise
I got his for my best friends newborn son. She absolutely loved it!
Review by cindy
I love the books, I bought for my grandson! It is a great concept, and I have purchased 3 so far!!! Can't wait to share them with him.
My Very Own Name
Review by Grandma
Bought one for my granddaughter when she was born. This one's for my grandson for his baptism...a very special "keep forever" book. Love it!
My Very Own Name
Review by Kienna Elizabeth
This is the seventh book I have ordered. The people receiving it feel it is such a unique book and something the children can read on their own for many years to come. I will be ordering the eighth book next week.
my very own name
Review by christine palladino

have given this book to all of my grand-children (6) and all baptism and christenings of friends and relatives....a wonderful book !!!!
My Very Own Name
Review by Karen King
I love that you guys came up with this idea! I have been ordering these books for a number of years and they are so different - so far I have not had any other relative or friend purchase the same gift so it is a one-of-a-kind!
Very happy
Review by Katie
We have received these as gifts as well as given them. They are cherished! Thank you for a quality item that is appreciated by children and parents alike!
My Very Own Name
Review by Shirley Perez
What an adorable book. Just love it
My Very Own Name
Review by Diane
My daughter received a book 10 years ago when she was born. I thought it was such a unique & beautiful gift & have been giving it to family & friends since. Everyone loves it!
Very Sweet Book
Review by Allyson from CA
I received the name book as a gift from a friend for my second child and had to get another for my older son. He's actually 8 and really loved his brothers book that he asked to have one. It is truly a beautiful book. It's something that the kids can have for a long time. It was one of my favorite gifts that I received, and plan on giving it to others. Thank you so much. It's very well done.
Review by emilie e.
Having this book for my granddaughters, I felt that this was a great gift for other children. Very well received. It is a good value
Great Gift!
Review by Amanda
I bought this book for my twin nephews' first birthday. They were very colorful and a great gift. It will help them be able to spell their names. They are very unique and personalized with every order! LOVE LOVE LOVE
My Very Own Name
Review by Ferne ZL
My grandson received this book as a gift when he was born, 7 years ago. I absolutely loved it and it has been my gift of choice ever since. Everyone I send it to loves it, as well. Good job! :)
Great!, Very Pleased!
Review by Paige
Had this made for my daughters first birthday. I read a review that said the animals repeat if there were two of the same letter in a name which made me unsure of ordering since my daughter has two M's in her name. I am glad I ordered anyways because the animals did NOT repeat! There was a different animal for each M! What a cute book, beautiful and something she can keep forever.
HIGHLY recommend it!
Review by Leah
My daughter received a book for Christmas and now I use them as gifts for new babies or birthdays! Reasonably priced personlized gifts! Perfect!
New Go To!
Review by Auna Lattavo
These books are so amazing! Don't remember where I heard about site, but my sons ADORE their I SEE ME books! They are my new 'go to' baby presents!!
Review by Maryann McKinley
The best review is by the child who receives and cherishes his naming story. I ordered this lovely book for Grandson Daniel's 5th birthday in 2009 and I actually forgot about it...until tonight. While visiting Daniel (now 8 yrs. old), he asked if we could read his special bedtime story and I was so happy to see how much he still loves this book. It's not just that his name is in it, it's that he is IN the story the animals have created. He said, "grandma, you should get a naming story for Genevieve" (our first great-granddaughter). Great idea Daniel! Thank you for the memories you have created!
My Very Own Name
Review by Shawnda
AWESOME BOOK!!! This book had my son recognizing his name and letters before he was 2!! It also taught him his complete date of birth :)
Best gift
Review by Jill McSorley
I received one when my son was born and loved it so much, i cried when I saw it. I recently sent one to a friend for the same occasion and she was gushing about it. I was also impressed with how quickly the book made it to her house in Peru.

I have ordered two other i see me books for friends- both loved them. With both I had excellent customer service. One time I provided the wrong address and it was solved very easily. The other time, my friend had already received the same book for another friend! I see me contacted me before printing and we came up with another solution. Both the products and customer service are superb.
My go-to baby gift
Review by Elaine
When my kids were born (they are now 15,14, and 12), I received these books as baby gifts from a friend. We read them again and again and again when they were toddlers. Since then, any time a friend has a baby, this is my go-to gift. I have no idea how may I have ordered for new babies and older siblings over the years, but they are always a hit!
Review by tara
I received this as a gift when I had my daughter from a co-worker and I just fell in love with it! I've received many new mommy gifts but this one was my favorite. This is truly a special gift. Since receiving it I've ordered it for 2 of my friends for their new bundle of joy. They loved it too! thank you I See me !!
Love it!
Review by Yasmine
This book is awesome! This is the 2nd time I have purchased it. The first was for my nephew who is almost 2 and this recent one for my niece that was just born. My siblings and their spouses love the books!
My Very Own Name
Review by Mary Gerry Lee
I have sent this book to many new parents and every one, without exception, has been blown away by it. All of your personalized books have been a huge hit with every recipient!
My Very Own Name
Review by Ferne
When my grandson was born, 7 years ago, he received this book as a gift. We all loved it! Ever since, it has been my gift of choice and everyone I have sent it to has raved about it. It is a gift to stand the test of time. Thank you!
Review by Midge Sztanski
I ordered the My Name Is book for my first grandchild. My daughter is a teacher and had collected several books for him, but when I gave her this book, she was thrilled. She started reading it to him, and he was only 11 weeks old. I love the book and hope to buy more books from you. Thanks
For my grandson
Review by Sherry
I just received the book and I love the quality and the animals used for my grandson's name. I can't wait to give this to our grandson for his birthday!
Great gift idea
Review by Cheryl
Sent this book as a baby gift for my niece's baby in Texas and they were very prompt - less than 2 weeks!! They love the book and it will become a keepsake for their first child.
Best Gift Ever!
Review by Teresa
I got this for my latest grandson's 4th birthday. What a wonderful gift! I've never see him so excited to see his name in a book and "his" letters on each page. I only wish I'd know about this sooner to order for my older grandchildren. I highly recommend this!
Personalized Book - My Very Own Name
Review by Judy Sholtis
I first saw your book, My Very Own Name, when it was sent to my granddaughter. I was so impressed that I have sent one to all the special newborn babies in my life. I think it is an awesome book and congratulate the person that brought this into existence.

All the parents, of the children I sent it to, were so thrilled, they thought it was such a special gift.
Review by Patty
I love this book and I know my soon to be 6 year old grandson will as well! I can't wait to order one for my other grandson.
Perfect gift for all occasions
Review by Kim
I've bought the personalized Christmas books, My Own Name, and all five granddaughters have one for their birthday! Such a wonderful keepsake.
My Very Own Name
Review by Cody
I love this book! It is of very high quality and the illustrations are beautiful. Very Happy!!
Review by Andrea
I absolutely loved this book. My daughter is thrilled to be a part of a story that spells out her whole name! We've read it 15 times already! This is something every parent should own.
my name book
Review by sherry reitzel
Perfect. I am reccomending i see me to anyone who will listen
My Very Own Name
Review by Sarah Madson
My son simply adores his special book. The smile that appears when I read his name aloud is worth every penny we spent. This is the 5th My Very Own Name book we've purchased. It's an unique and precious gift you can buy for anyone! Coworkers' children, neices, nephews, good friends' children...they all love them!
My Very Own Name
Review by Sharlon
Our first great grandbaby - we love the book and can't wait to see the parent's faces when they receive it. Excellent quality throughout - more great-grands on the way, we'll make this a tradition.
Happy Story Time
Review by Shawn Scott
We ordered our IseeMe book for our first born son, Kannon. With a name that is unique it is hard to find things that are personalized. That is where IseeMe came into play. Our book arrived when expected and our son absolutely loves the colors and size of the book.

Great Product and we will be ordering more !!
Review by Andrea
I bought this book for my daughter and we absolutely love it! The pictures are beautiful and we love that the letters were in capitals and small letters.
So nice!
Review by Amanda
I am really happy I got this book as a gift for my friend's son. It came out SO nice and the colors were beautiful. I highly recommend it!
Review by Debbie D
Most unique gift ever!

Loved giving it!
Loved it!!
Review by Andrea
I bought this for a friends grandson and her family loved it! She said it was their favorite gift!! I love how unique and special these books are. This has become my birth and 1st bday gift for all!
Great Book!
Review by Cindy
Very nicely made book and our two year old grandson loves reading it and naming all of the animals. Will certainly buy again!
My Very Own Name
Review by R. Solberg
I have ordered these for my grandchildren and for other baby gifts. They are always so appreciated. These make a very unique baby gift.
Review by nabeela
We love your books and have gifted them for many occasions from birthdays to new arrivals, ...Everyone loves them and thinks they are unique and creative. Your books are well made, colorful and easy to read.
We have one for each child!
Review by Shannon
We LOVE these books! My children all share the same last name and in each book the last names are just a little bit different. Thanks so much! We will be ordering more books in the future!
My Very Own Name
Review by Sharlon
When I first saw this book, I knew it was something I would want to give to a very special child. This happened with the arrival of our first great-grandchild. I can't wait to see the new parent's faces when we give them this book on his first birthday. P. S. Another great-grandchild is on the way. You'll hear from me again.
Beautiful Book
Review by Katie
This book is beautifully illustrated. I love that not only is it personal but also that it will help teach my son his name, different animals, and the alphabet!
Beautiful Book
Review by Katie
This book is beautifully illustrated. I love that not only is it personal but also that it will help teach my son his name, different animals, and the alphabet!
Gorgeous illustrations!!
Review by Suzi
Our 27-month old son loves his book and it's helping to cement the recognition of the letters in his name. This will be one we save his whole life, for sure! I would highly recommend this as a very special gift to give someone.
Life Long Memory
Review by Becky V.
I purchased this book for my 3-1/2 year old grandson. The book arrived much quicker than I expected. He loved hearing a story that ended up being about him. The animal pictures throughout the book are amazing, as are the colors throughout. This is a great book, and alot of fun to read to the child that it's about. I intend to purchase another one for my grandaughter's upcoming 1st birthday. It will be a few years before she understands it, but they both will have a life-long memory of their "grammy".
My Very Own Name
Review by Grammy
I Love, Love, LOVE this book. I got it for my 3 year old grandson and he loves it too. The pictures are amazing, and the best part for him, it's all about him! Awesome book. When Grammy is long gone, he will always have it to remember me by. Highly recommend it.
Review by Jean
My grandson,Emmett, is three and my daughter tells me that he loves the book. He has learned to spell his last name and reads his book twice before a nap and bed time. What a great book - thank you.
My Very Own Name
Review by Kathy
I am very impressed with the clever story and personalization associated with the child's name! This will be a gift for our grandson this Easter and with his current love of books, I know he will want this read to him over and over again. The quality of the book is excellent and the time it took to receive it was great as well. I will be ordering again in the future.
Review by Jennifer
My 2 Year old Asks for her FAVORITE book everynight and she is talking about her very own name book. She LOVES it and she now knows her name when its written!!!
Review by Nola
I have given two personalised books as gifts; both are very beautiful and much loved. Thank you so much for this unique treasure.
My Very Own Name
Review by Gail Rappa
Overall the book is nice. . . but we were disappointed with the choice of animals for our daughter's name. In particular Nag for N (why not Newt or Narwhal or Newfoundland?) and flea for F? Flea? Really? Why not fox or flamingo? We will continue to recommend this book to friends but will tell folks to request that certain letters not be used ahead of time- wish we had.

I See Me Editor's Note: We are happy to hear you thought the book was nice. The animals in the books are chosen at random. I See Me has a 100% customer guarantee and we will be in contact with you to replace your book. We appreciate your feedback.
Talk of the Party!!
Review by Mattie
I just presented this book to my grandson at his 4 yr. old birthday party and he was amazed to see his very own name and birth date in a book. It was truly a hit with the adults in attendance.
Fantastic Gift
Review by Rita
I have bought the My Very Own Name book for my grandchildren, as well as a number of other newborns. It is the perfect way of remembering the birth of a child, and that child as an adult will now enjoy reading it to his or her's children.
Boys LOVE their books!
Review by Rebecca Russo
My boys both received My Very Own Name Book when they were born. My boys are 19 months and 3.5 years old and love reading them nightly. My older guy likes to read his baby brothers book even! It's a wonderful book and it helps them with the alphabet without realizing they are learning. I have given the book as present's ever since receiving our first book 3.5 years ago and will continue to do so!
Review by Cindy
I was thrilled to give this gift after the baby came. It wasn't something the baby would grow out of in a few months. This life-long present was as special to give as it was for my friend to receive.
My very own name
Review by Marguerite
I bought this as a gift. It is wonderful. It really is a very special gift for the little ones in your life. Somthing to treasure! Just like them. I will be purchasing many more,
Very Cute!
Review by Nancy
The finished product was nicely done, and delivered quickly. The book is a little pricely, so I probably won't be ordering more than one per grandchild.
Very special book
Review by Josie
These books are awesome. So cute and well done. I've purchased three of them so far and they really do a good job. I think as the child gets older, they will begin to enjoy them every year more and more.

Beautiful book.
Great Book!
Review by OIBGirl
Bought this for my grandson and liked it so much, I buy it when I need a gift for newborns!
grand pa
Review by Isidoro
Verry Verry Nice. We love this book
My very own name
Review by Kathy
The book has great colorful pictures and is very well made. Very nice idea.
Review by Sara
My daughter had one of these books we received when she was born and she just loves it, so when a friend had her own little one we ordered a special suprise for her. She said it was by far the best baby gift she received and one that will last her little one a life time!!
Review by Ms. Linda
My mom and I bought this book for my friend's grandchild in honor of his dedication. It was absolutely spectacular, a very special gift!!
Review by Jan
I ordered these for my granddaughter's 2nd birthday. Quality books with beautiful illustrations. Love them!
Review by Heather
That's what my friend called it. It was a gift for her new baby boy. At first she was underwhelmed. But she said when she got it home and looked at it she realized what a wonderful gift it was. But I knew that! Having given it before to another friend's son. She swears it's his favorite book. She said he likes to read it so much the cover is just about falling off. That's the beauty of it. It's not something he'll out grow but hopefully keep for very long time.
Review by Megan
I bought this for my newborn son. It is so neat!!! Very creative. I will read it to him often and use it to help him learn.
My Very Own Name
Review by Diane
Was very impressed when I received this book. It was even nicer than I expected. I can't wait until I give it to my nephew.
Huge hit
Review by Trish
My friend bought this book for my oldest when he was born. Brant always liked the book - it seems timeless. But around 4 or 5 the book became a big deal. That's when my second son started asking for one. So we ordered it for his 5th bday and it was by far his favorite gift. I will for sure be ordering more books - one for my youngest son and for my neices as well.
Review by Robin
This book was for my grandson. It will help him learn to spell and also learn the animals. It's a beautiful, colorful, well done book.
Review by Susan
I buy one of your books for everyone of my grandchildren as a birth present ( I currently have 7!) It is truly a one of a kind gift and love by all!!
Couldn't be happier!
Review by Kelly
Each of my three boys has their own book and they LOVE it! We also just got this for our 1 year old niece out of town and our family has raved about it. High quality! You can use their full name--no limit--and it's a fun, animal-oriented, educational and gender neutral look. Couldn't be happier!!!
My Very Own Name
Review by Linda Lange
I have ordered three books thus far and do love them for my Grandkids. I just felt the one grandchild has a 3 letter name and her book is shorter then the others and she noticed. I feel if the name is so short that maybe (at no extra cost a middle name could be included) Like if a name is less then 5 letters, BUT thats just my opinion. he books are Great ! Thank you . . . Also, do you make books for older children, like 8 n 9 yrs old?

I See Me Editor's Note: Thank you for your positive feedback on My Very Own Name. We are always working to improve our products and we will review your feedback. The majority of our books fit the age range of 0-6. An older child may enjoy My Royal Birthday Adventure or ABC What I can Be. They may also be interested in some of our new coloring books!
My Very Own
Review by Andrea
This is the 3rd one I have ordered for a 2 yr old birthday gift! Just love these books and always hear the same from the birthday kids:-)
I see me
Review by Leslie
This is my "go to" birthday gift for all the kids in my life. My daughter absolutely adores hers, so everyone I know gets one!
Review by Min
I was given the book as a baby gift when my daughter was born and I LOVED IT!! I was so excited when I found out one of my best friends were having a baby and so i bought one for her. She absolutely LOVES THE BOOK!! Thank you I See Me!!!
LOVE IT !!!!
Review by Baby Tyler
I ordered the book with middle name for my son who at the time was 2 months old. I read it to him almost every morning and is one of the only books that enjoys looking through pages as I flip in from of him. I'm planning on giving this and few other books to friends. It is such a lovely unique gift and I'm sure my son will love it for years to come.
Grandmother, Mother, Friend, Co-worker
Review by Robbie Z
With 15 grandchildren, and plenty of friends, comes baby showers and birthday gifts. I SEE ME books has made me very popular because they are beautiful, clever, and personalized making them lifetime keepsakes. Thanks for making me the hero at every child's event.
I SeeMe
Review by ellen bertler
We have ordered several book & have aleways been more than satified. The parents love them also. Great things for the child to keep for ever.
Love them
Review by Carrie
I get a personalized book for each friend or family member who has a baby. It's such a personal gift and every child should be read to! I have ordered 6 in the past year!
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Claire
I've bought this book for all the grandchildren being born to my friends. All loved it. My grandson and granddaughter also have copies.
Beautifully done
Review by Barbara Haines
I was very impressed with this book. I am sure my son and daughter in law will be equally impressed when I give it to my grandson on his first birthday.
My Very Own name
Review by Beth Lanham
The book was great! Love the personalization
Great gift for grandson!
Review by Lisa
He loves it! Soon to be 4 years old and this is his favorite
Great, but room for improvement
Review by Ellie
This book is very cute and I'm sure it will be treasured for years to come. However, I also wish we could have some say in which animals were chosen. For example, two of the animals used in our book were an Irish Setter and a Newfoundland. These are both just types of dogs. It's akin to using something like "Polish Fancy" instead of "chicken." Also I wish there could be some better continuity in repeat letters. For example, an animal could say, "another O" or "one more O" instead of just ignoring the repeat.
Review by Mindy
How cute is this!?! I adore this lil book! I got it for some friends that are expecting their baby in April. They had tears in their eyes...I'd recommend to anyone! Another gal I work w/ bought the princess one after she saw this one. It was just as amazing.
Review by Mindy
How cute is this!?! I adore this lil book! I got it for some friends that are expecting their baby in April. They had tears in their eyes...I'd recommend to anyone! Another gal I work w/ bought the princess one after she saw this one. It was just as amazing.
So Cute
Review by Jill
This book is so cute! The poem is well written and the illustrations are great! This book is well made and I know it will be great to help my little one learn to spell his name. I wish I had this book when my older ones were little.
My Favorite Baby Gift
Review by Mary Anne
My daughter teaches kindergarten. She introduced me to this product when a studen brought her "I See Me" book to school for Show & Tell. I have ordered 13 books. It is the gift I buy for newborn or baptism gifts. Every book has been of the best quality and unique.
My very own name.
Review by JoAnn
I first learned about this book from a little boy who has this book in his name. I got shivers reading the story to him, it was so beautiful!!! I had to order one for all of my grand children.

I wrote down the wrong birth date for one of the books I ordered. I contacted I see me and they sent me a new book for no additional cost. I was told that customer satisfaction is their goal. I was so impressed!!! It wasn't their mistake at all, it was mine.

The books are beautiful and one of a kind, very special for every child.
Animal Book
Review by Sheri Grear
I gave my grandson your animal book with the letters of his name. I was very impressed with it.
new mom
Review by Kapreka Booker
We received one of these books as a gift for our son. We loved it so much that we gave one to our friend's daughter for her first birthday. We plan to keep giving them as gifts. My family is big on reading. This is right up our alley. Excellent!
Review by Maria
This is such a beautiful book! We cannot wait to read this story for years to come with our son. The quality of the books are outstanding! We will definitely be ordering more books.
How Special!!
Review by Allison
What a great idea to personalize a children's book! We bought this for our 2 year old son who is currently learning his own name & the alphabet/numbers so this book was a perfect present for him to show off his skills. The only change I would make is to make the personalized letters larger...they have their own page, but the letters are so small....why not make them bigger for the kiddos so they really stand out?!

Looking forward to buying another one for our 2nd child :)

I See Me Editor's Note: We really appreciate your feedback! We will take your advice into consideration when we come out with new books or make adjustments to our current titles!
my very own name
Review by zachary
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Sharron
This was my first time to order. I could not have been more pleased with the beautiful illustrations and the outstanding quality! Arrived early too! It is now on the way to Germany where I know my great nephew will enjoy for many years to come. Thank you!
MY Very Own Name
Review by CJ
I have ordered many I See Me Books . It is just the greatest gift when you are looking for something unique and personalized. Love the bright illustrations, nice shiny paper,and quick turnaround of orders. Corporate people are very pleasant to deal with if needed.
I see me
Review by Nancy
I've purchaced three of these for gifts. I have yet to see one. But the people that recieved the books said they loved them.
My very own name
Review by Donna
The book was great. I really wanted something unusual for my god daughter;My very own name', was the right hit. She'll grow with the book and will one day appreciate reading on her own. She's now 5 months old.
My very own name
Review by Donna
The book was great. I really wanted something unusual for my god daughter;My very own name', was the right hit. She'll grow with the book and will one day appreciate reading on her own. She's now 5 months old.

I'll definitely be ordering more books.
Made a wonderful, sweet impression
Review by Sue Gorman
I gave this book as a gift at a co-worker's baby shower. The couple are young and it's their first child. Not only did mom love the book, but later in the day the father-to-be couldn't thank me enough. Seeing his little girl's name embodied in the book made her real for him, and started him thinking about reading to her and teaching her the alphabet and about animals. He was clearly moved. It hadn't occurred to me that this gift would have make such a sweet impression. Thank you!
Beautiful keepsake
Review by Christina
I got this as a present for my daughter. Very nice! Also my daughters name has several of the same letters. I was worried some of the animals would be repeated but they were all different. Great gift, you will not regret it. One last thing another poster commented on how the pages tear easily, if you are rough on it im sure they would but they are not flimsy by any means.
My very own name
Review by Robert Lee Klier
I love it!!!!!!
Quality made in America!
Review by Lynn
Bought it for our first grandbaby. My daughter asked for children's books given in place of cards at baby shower. I selected your company to create a personalized gift. My daughter and her husband were thrilled.
very cute
Review by MA
I purchased this book as a keepsake for my 6-month old. I am sure we will enjoy it for many years to come. The story is very cute, and all of the illustrations are well done. The only reason for the 4-star rating is that I wish I could have picked out the animals for each letter. For example, the I See Me options for "U" are unicorn and umbrella bird. I got stuck with umbrella bird, and I think unicorn would have been better. Other than that, I really like the book, service, delivery, etc.
Great baby gift
Review by Jen
Received this as a baby gift for baby #3 - and LOVE it! I am definitely going to have to order these for my friends who are getting ready to have their babies
Great Gifts!
Review by Laura
I have given this book on multiple occassions to newborns. It's become my standard go-to gift when friends and family have a baby. Makes a great gift and is unique. I find that, when the parents first receive it, they love seeing the name they picked out in print, and then later, as the child gets older, the child loves seeing their very own name in print. A gift that lasts forever!
Love! Love! Love!
Review by Cara
My husband and I ordered "My Very Own Name" for our first baby. We love it! The book is very high quality (great pictures, sturdy cover, thick pages, etc...). We can't wait to order one of the other books soon!
Wonderful Book
Review by Rene
Someone gave one to my Grandson. He loves it, we read it to him over and over. I ordered one for my nephew's new baby. I know they will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed Simeon's book
I see me books are the best in quality and creativity!
Review by Amanda
We received this book for our 4 month old as a gift after having bought the pirate book for him ourselves. So needless to say we we thrilled to have another fantastic book from I see me! The booksillustrations are just beautiful! And the animals bringing in each letter is genius! Love that it teaches animals, letters and descriptive words using those letters! Also love that at the end it tells the child all about each animal. The entertainment that this book can and will bring is endless. We can't wait for our son to enjoy this book!
Review by Gloria Thompson
The Children that I gifted the books to was very delighted to receive them, also their parents treasure the stories and don't mind reading the stories over and over as the children request.
Review by Diane Boyd
I ordered My Very Own Name Book for my first two grandchildren - the cousins are 6 now and still enjoy their 'very own' book. I just received two more for two new grandchildren - can't wait to present them on their birthdays!! The high quality and timely delivery continues, Thanks!!!
My Very Own Name
Review by Sandy
I bought this book for friends as a baby gift for their first child. They loved it -- most unique gift received. The rhymes and pictures are adorable. Will definitely do this again for other baby gifts in the future.
My very own Name No
Review by Betty Scheid
My very own Name Book
Review by Betty Scheid
I love these books .Just bought my 9 th book . It makes each child feel so special and is a keepsake for them for many years to come.
Gift giver
Review by Elizabeth Garrett
fabulous books! Just ordered my third book that I gave for gifts! Clearly will order more as illustrations as well as story are just wonderful.

Thank you.
My Very Own Name Storybook
Review by Bonnie
I have purchased this book for each of my 7 grandchildren. The quality is superior and the illustrations are amazing.
my very own name
Review by claudia
Love the book - have ordered a few times now. The only negative was the expectation of a $10 credit toward the book from my previous purchase till the small print said it applied to anything that was $.05 or so more than the book I ordered. Wanted to cancel the order but did not. Just unhappy.

I See Me Editor's Note: We are sorry to hear about your disappointment. Your feedback is helpful and we will work to improve your next experience.
My Very Own Name
Review by Sandy Strain
I purchased the My Very Own Name book as a gift for my 4 year old grandson. I am very pleased with the book ... well done!
My Very Own Name
Review by Ellen
This has become my go to gift for new borns. My grandson Xavier who is almost 4 has loved this book since he was able to pick the books read to him. And , of course, I can't remember when he started spelling his name himself. Having a personalized story with their birth dates and names is thrilling, not to mention how much fun it is learning all the animals. I remember when my kids were little that we would pretend that stories were about them and change the words. Good job and thanks.
Looking for a unique and wonderful gift? This is it!!
Review by J
My daughter received this book when she was born (7 yrs ago) as a gift from her Aunt. I loved this book so much that I have since bought several as gifts for others and everyone loves them. As for my daughter, she still reads this book and it has held up beautifully. You can't go wrong with this amazingly cute book! I do wish that they would go back to allowing the customer to choose each animal/letter in the kids name, however, (just in case anyone from I See Me is reading this).

* I See Me Editor's Note: We are very happy to hear about your positive experience with your personalized books. We read every review and appreciate your feedback.
My Very Own Name Storybook
Review by Joyce Stevens
I have ordered this book 5 times, for grandkids and great nieces and nephews. The illustrations are beautiful and the kids love hearing their name and the letters read and later reading it by themselves.
Worth every penny-just perfect!
Review by Bunni
My Grandson received many gifts for his second birthday. This was certainly on the top of the list. His very own " I See Me" book is something he will keep forever!
loved it!!
Review by liz
I was so excited to receive this book in the mail and finally see it! It's beautiful. The book was a gift for my godson's fourth birthday. Of course he had too many new toys to play with, but mom and all the adults loved it! : ) I will be ordering more for other occasions. Thank you 'I See Me!'
Love the books
Review by Erin Sowa
I received one of the books as a gift for our daughter on 11/1 and now have purchased a few of these for my friends new babies..such a great gift!
Review by Karen
The first book I ordered came with a destroyed cover. Their 100% guarantee was 0% fulfilled. I took a chance for the family's 2nd child...minor shipping problems for the cover this time: hooray! The inside story is so beautiful and special for the children, luckily...
My Very Own Name
Review by Vanessa
I was so pleased with the beauty and quality of the book!
The Gift That Keeps Giving
Review by Bailey
We got it as a gift and now we give it as a gift. Early on our daughter loved looking at the colorful pictures. Then, she loved seeing the various animals and naming them. Now, she is working on identifying letters and recognizing her name.
Extremely Satisfied
Review by Amanda
I am very happy with the book we purchased. My son is only 5 months old, but he loves looking at the colorful pages. Everytime i say the line about the book being made especially for Jackie, he smiles so big. I picked this book out of all of the wonderful looking books because i thought when he gets older, this book will help teach him how to spell his name. Thank you for making his first Christmas present so great.
something is missing to make it feel like each letter belongs in the order placed
Review by Richard's mom
I love the illustration and but they should have more creativity on one side of the pages, they are boring black and white. I also would love a story where it does feel like each letter connect to each other through out the story.
Review by Angie M
My daughter received this book 8 years ago. We absolutely treasure it! So, I purchased it for my nephew. I was very disappointed when we received the book and EVERY letter for the last name was a girl animal. I know they ask if it is for a girl or boy, but according to the lady I talked to on the phone, that is just so the book is correct in the he/she him/her references. They lady informed me that the characters are picked at random by a computer and there was NO WAY to rectify the situation. Boys like "boy" animals..not hippos in tutu's! I understand a few girly ones..but EVERY SINGLE one. Plus, they weren't even duplicate letters!! Very disappointed :(

I See Me Editor's Note: We are sorry to hear your disappointment. Your feedback is helpful as we work to improve our books and products.
My Very Own Name
Review by Betsy
This book was given to us for our daughter by some family friends. We loved it so much that we order it for all our friends and their new arrivals :) They are so creative!
Great Keepsake!
Review by Quincy
I discovered these after my 3 year old was born and have since purchased many for him, his little sister as well as for my nieces and nephews. I've also sent these as baby gifts and everyone always loves them. They are a wonderful keepsake! I would highly recommend any of these titles.
One of a kind Gifts
Review by Katie Talbott
I purchase these books for gifts for friends and family exclusively. They are my go-to secret and all the Moms, Dads and KIDS love them. Nothing is more special than getting a beautifully drawn book with your name in it! Bravo!
Review by Diane Chinchen
I have ordered three books recently and I have been totally excited with all of them. They are very well done with lots of attention to detail.

Thank you very much I See Me!!!
was it received?
Review by Dorothy Keating
I haven't heard from the recipients, so I'm not sure!!
My Very Own Name
Review by Chris Dunham
This book is even more than I expected --- our Alasdair will surely love it! I can't wait to see his face as he is being read to. We also have twin grandsons who will be getting their books soon. Thank you for this exceptional book.
Review by Linda
This is the sixth "My Name" book I have purchased for a grandchild. Everyone loves their books!
Amazing Books
Review by Michele
I have ordered many of these books for friends and family and everyone has loved these books. The books have beautiful illustrations and are great quality. Fully recommend this book and others by this company.
My Very Own Name
Review by Vivian
My granddaughters loved it.

I bought this book for my 15 month old granddaughter.

I read it to her and her 5-year-old sister. I am truly impressed with the quality of this book.
Review by Debbie
High quality, bright colors, fun pictures - this book makes an incredible gift!!
Beautiful Keepsake
Review by Jo
What a great treasure to see our granddaughter's name inserted in to such a beautiful story. Love the quality of this book.
my very own name
Review by kari
The book was nice. Hold his interest pretty well. Maybe a few more general references to his name would be good.
Great Gift
Review by Randa
I gave this book to my newborn son after finding it through an advertisement. My eldest son, 7, asked if he could have one after reading it out loud to his baby brother.

I plan to order one for him as well. I think this is a great keepsake!
Very nice.
Review by Vinoo
A nice book with engaging illustrations. The recipient is a bit young to appreciate it just yet but her parents were happy for new reading material.
My Very Own Name
Review by Meredith
LOVE this book. Got one for my daughter and she like it so much we got another for our new cousin!!
Review by Kim
I purchased The "My Very Own Name" Book for my Grandson's for his first Christmas. My Daughter and Son-in-law love it. They will enjoy reading it to him and its absolutely a perfect book for him when he is older when learning to read and spell his name. Thank you so much for such a beautiful keepsake book that will be tresured for years to come.
Love it!
Review by Mari
I purchased this book for my 2-year-old, and it's his new favorite book. The quality is excellent, and we are both very impressed!
God Loves ___
Review by Brenda
I have ordered several books from this company. The paper is of a heavy quality which makes it more durable as the little ones "help" turn the page when being read to. All the books are beautiful, but my favorite is God Loves____. Big Sister is nicely done and helps ease the entrance of a new sibling. My Very Own Name is nice because it makes the child feel special, but it can get rather lengthy going through each letter if the name is long.
my very own name
Review by anna mae
Beautifully done with great illustrations. a forever keepsake for my great grandson
My Very Own Name
Review by Sandy
I purchases the book at my daughter's request for my grandson's first birthday. I'm sure as he grows, he will appreciate and love the book very much. It will help him to learn to spell his name. I'm very pleased with the quality of the book and will purchase more books in the future.
Personalized Book - Baby gift
Review by Dawn
Thank you soooo much for the amazing book!! I received it in record time, before Christmas and gave it as a gift. The quality and illustrations were outstanding! The recipients loved it!!!
My Very Own Book
Review by Marcia
My Grandchildren loved them
Personalized Book - My Very Own Name
Review by Karen MOOTSEY
Such an eye opening adventure. My grandson loves animals which greatly added to the enjoyment of this book. Such detail in the illustrations! Kudos to you!
Review by Cheryl
I bought this book as a present for my infant granddaughter. Her parents were thrilled with the creativity and quality.
A Perfect Book
Review by Susan
These are great books with realistic and detailed illustrations. I love it!
Too Expensive
Review by BK
Although this is a terrific book that arrived early, it is way too expensive.
My Very Own Name
Review by Lorraine Alweiss
I had ordered this book for my first grandson a couple of years ago and we all loved it. Now I ordered it for my younger grandson. The boys like having a story with their names!
Review by Gwen Poltanis
My Very Own Name book I recently purchased is adorable; very well put together; excellent illustrations and incorporation of the child's name and birth date. I will definitely order from your company again as well as recommend you.
Personalized Children's Book - My Very Own Name
Review by Diane
I heard about your books from a friend and ordered My Very Own Name for my 2 yr old grandson for Christmas. We are thrilled with the results...what a timeless keepsake. I have since passed on I See Me to many friends, who have grandchildren, and will definitely add to the collection as time goes by.
Great product and quality
Review by Brittni
I ordered 2 of these books and they are great!! Well put together and cute!

One of the books came in where the pages were not in the correct order. I see me, quickly replaced the book without any hassle.
My Very Own Name
Review by Kathy
Not even sure how many of My Very Own Name we have ordered the past couple of years but all of the kids and grandkids have loved them. Thanks for a wonderful gift for everyone!
So Thrilled!
Review by Joanna L
I ordered a large assortment of products from I See Me! this holiday season, and this one was one of my favorites. The story is so cute and I can't wait to read this over and over to my son. The quality is just what I had expected as I am a second-time buyer from this company. Very pleased and am sure I will order more books to come!
My very own name book
Review by Anna Roma
Nice product, great customer service. Quite happy.
Personalized Book - My Very Own Name
Review by Steve
I just Loved the book for my youngest grandson, 1 1/2 years old. I know he will enjoy Mom & Dad reading night night pages from the book. Fantastic! Thank You all.
My Very Own Name
Review by Teresa
I bought four books for my little neices and all were so excited. This book exceeded my expectations and I could not be any happier. Great job!
Review by Mary
I purchase one of these books for my niece's daughter. My niece said she cried when she read the inscription and the whole book. She thought I had "scored". That made me feel great. I will order again from this company.
So Cute! Very Lucky to Find!
Review by Michelle
I ordered this book at the last minute for my 3 year old God Daughter for Christmas. It is absolutely adoreable. I am so glad that I clicked on right site immediately! Thanks for such a great product, I will be a repeat customer for sure!
My Very Own Name
Review by Lynne
Wonderful. Excellent quality paper and workmanship. Beautifully illustrated and VERY special. Thank you for the effort for continuing to provide lovely options for gifts.
My Very Own Name
Review by Debbie
This was a Christmas present for our 3 year old grandson. He loved it and so did we! Beautiful illustrations and he was so excited when he realized that it spelled out his name. I will be purchasing additional books for our other grandchildren.
My Very Own Name
Review by Sue
I love it. Got it for my Granddaughter who's three. What a great book for her to keep forever.
Very happy
Review by Suzi
Great book, very happy with it! The art work and story are very well done
My Very Own Name
Review by Sherrie Welbig
The book is awesome and everyone who sees it loves it!
Review by Montie McGinty
Product is beautiful. However, someone else sent the exact same book to my new grandson. I wish you had a tracking system that would inform the purchaser of this so another book could be ordered. Disappointing. (These 2 orders had to be placed within a few days of each other).

* I See Me Editor's Note: We are very sorry for your experience. We do our best to make sure the same title is not ordered for the same child. We will contact you soon to resolve this issue.
Review by Mary
These books are too fantastic for words! They are so colorful, well-made, and a delight to read! I am ordering several of these to use as birthday presents, etc. A thousand thank you's for coming up with such a quality product!
Still waiting
Review by Lauri
Unfortunatly the book has not arrived.I was under the impression,when I ordered iton Dec 7,that it would be here in time for Christmas.

Needless to say we are disappointed. I spoke to RJ at your customer seervice dept on Dec 27 He said Fed Ex tracking shows shipped on the 11th should arrive on the 27th. Still has not arrived Now the 28th Three days after Christmas. I cannot express our dissatisfation that something shipped onthe 11th still has not arrived.Esspecially as we thought it would have been here in time for Christmas.Again as yet we can not review this book.

* I See Me Editor's Note: We are very sorry to hear about your experience. Please email us at customerservice@iseeme.com and we will work to resolve your issue. Again, we are sorry for your disappointment and we will do whatever we can.
My Very Own Name
Review by Whitt
The book was everything I wanted it to be and my daughter absolutely loved it. It just so happened to have many of her favorite animals in there as well! I highly recommend this book!
Great Gift
Review by Cindy
I have given the name book to all of my nieces and nephews. My son got it as a gift when he was turned one and we read it often.
My Very Own Name
Review by Heather Vinson
Great quality and wonderful illustrations.
Review by Brezie
A friend of mine told me about this book. Her daughter received one on her first birthday, and still reads it 6 years later. I purchased this book for my nephew Devin, and could not be happier! I will tell everyone to purchase from you!
My Very Own Name
Review by Joann Manteufel
We LOVE the book. My 31/2 year old granddaughter loves saying her whole name so this book was perfect! The illustrations are vibrant and hold her attention as well. We will order again in the future.
my very own name
Review by ruth
I didn't get to see the final product as it was a gift sent out of state. My sister and my nephews mother (the gift was for him) thought it was awesome. Can't wait to see it on my next visit. His Mom says it will not be kept with his other books, but in a special place
Review by Leah
Our daughter and her husband loved this present for our granddaughter. They really thought it would be a terrific keepsake for her.
Review by Denise
I bought My Very Own Name Book for my granddaughter. Well put together. Very cute. Cant wait to get the Birthday book for her.
My very own name
Review by Gwen
I bought this book as a gift for my first grandchild for his first Christmas. It is beautiful and I know he'll enjoy the colors and pictures as well as learning the alphabet from it.
My very own name
Review by Marilyn
Love it!

Great story and illustrations. Beautiful quality. So happy I spent the extra cash to add the middle name.
Personalized Book - My Very Own Name
Review by Dr
As with all the I See Me books so far, the published quality is high and the illustrations terrific. I especially like the animal glossary or encyclopedia in the back. Our 3 year old enjoys the book.
My Very Own Name
Review by Luisa
Beautiful and great quality book!

I ordered this book for my 17 month old grandson. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well made it is, the quality of the illustrations and the entire book. It definitely exceeded my expectations and my daughter-in-law loved it as well.

I will definitely be ordering some for baby number 2.
Review by Kristen
I have never posted a review but this book was absolutely beautiful. It is so well made. I got this for my 2 year old niece this year for Christmas and it is now her "special" book because she loves looking at all the animals so much. I will definitely buy books from I See Me again!!
Review by Ariel
Bought this for my goddaughter for Christmas - very impressed!

My Very Own Name
Review by Pat
I purchased two of these books for my new grandsons and I love them.

I had purchased one five years ago for my other grandson and he learned the letters in his name from this book! Very cute book and teaches them the letters in their name.
Wonderful book!
Review by Toni
Gave my new grandson the Name book and my daughter-in-law loved it. It was very well made and the story is so precious. Love it!
Personalized Book - My Very Own Name
Review by Rose
I ordered a book for my new grandaughter and after I received it I knew my daughter in law would love it so I had to order one for my grandson also. The only complaint I have is that you use such weird animals.
I see me
Review by Miiya
It is a very well made book-but as a grandmother of a two- year-old, I was disappointed with the busyness of the illustrations-It is as if the letters themselves are lost among the nice art. I would like to see a book with less art focused on the surroundings of the letters and more space devoted to the letter of the alphabet.
Very Special
Review by Amy
I bought this book for my 2 year old grandson and it is really special. Over twenty years ago, I purchased a "personalized" book for my son from another company. It was "OK" but was really just a book with his name plugged in a few places. I particularly like the giver's option to include a message to the child. As my grandson gets older, he will be able to reflect on this beautiful gift given by his grandmother with love. Thank you 'I See Me'.
My Very Own Name
Review by Cyndi McNamara
I gave this to my grandson for Christmas. His father was really impressed and said this is a book he will have for all his life. I am sure as my grandson gets older he will really enjoy reading about his name. The book had a real good quality feel to it, I am happy I bought it. Thank you!
I See Me
Review by Elaine
I'm very happy with the book and can't wait to give it to my great-grandson. I hope to be able to read it to him myself the first time. Thanks for a great job~
Love this book!
Review by Jennifer
I have purchased 4 of these. One for each of my daughters as well as my godson and my cousin's first baby. Such a wonderful gift! Can't say enough about it. I love the sweet drawings and anything personalized is extra special in my book :)
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Eileen
I love the book. I purchased it for my grandchild who is number 3 in the line of children. I'm sure that he'll be thrilled to have something all his own.
My Very Own Name
Review by Megan M
I couldn't wait to get this book as a gift and when it came, I wasn't disappointed! It was better than I'd expected. The length of the story and illustrations are just great. I've already ordered another one for a gift. It's my new "go to" gift!
Personalized Book - My Very Own Name
Review by Elizabeth Wilson
This is an adorable book. I bought it for my first grandchild and can't wait to see him use it. I really like the educational component as well. Customer service was excellent ... The team actually alerted me that the pirate book I was trying to order was already purchased for him ... I was very grateful for the heads up!
My Very Own Name
Review by Mary
Fantastic, colorful and cheerful illustrations. I ordered one for my 3 year old grandson, my one year old grandson (future enjoyment), and will order another when another grandson arrives later this month.
My Very Own Name - Personalized Books
Review by Robin
I ordered 4 books (2 were coloring books) and each child I gave them to was thrilled. I would recommend and will certainly buy again--
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Vicki Soler
I LOVED the book! The animal choices were delightful, the illustrations were beautiful.
Absolutely Adorable
Review by Cyndie
I adored the My Very Own Name book. Before I gave one each to my two grandsons, I read it to my mom, my husband. Then I ordered two more for my niece's children to be sent directly to them. I sent My Own Name and My Own Fairy Tale directly to them from my MOM (their great grandmother) as they live in NJ. I believe it is a gift to keep forever especially since it has a nice message from the giver. I can't say enough about what a great gift these books are!
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Carol
My granddaughter is four months old, so it will be a while until she appreciates the book; however, my daughter (her mother) could not read the book aloud for holding back the tears. That says it all. The book is fabulous.
My Very Own Name
Review by Vicky
I love this book! We gave it to our 4 year old grandson for Christmas. As soon as he opened it his mom sat down on the floor and read it to him. He loved it! I will definitely be ordering more books when we have more grandchildren.
Review by Laura
I got a groupon for this book and it was the best groupon I have ever bought! The book is so beautiful, I was so shocked when it arrived. Best of all, Lincoln loves it. Cant wait to get the Pirate one!
Review by P.Singh
I gave the book to my 4 year old for Christmas. I read it to him once and much later in the evening to my surprise, he repeated the full name of the book and the message etc. to his aunt. It definitely made an everlasting memory! Thank you!
Beautiful and great quality
Review by Jamie
I purchased My Very Own Name Storybook for my 4-yr-old son. The book is very well made and has beautiful artwork. It is top quality from cover to cover. I love the animal encyclopedia in the back. It's a storybook and so much more.
Review by Vida Boatwright
I ordered 2 books for my grandchildren and I was so impressed with the the product I received. My grandchildren are 2yrs and 2 months old and their parents were so thrilled to see their names spelled out in the book. This is a lifetime keepsake and worth every penny.

Great Job 'I See Me'!!
Love it!!!
Review by Katie Zelno
I bought this personalized book as a Christmas gift! It was a hit!!!
Review by Jamie Ullum
I love every purchase I make from "I See Me!"

I have ordered books & placemats & they're perfect!
Review by MJ
I got this for my 3 year old Nephew. I am not a kid person, so I am always having a hard time finding things for little ones. This book I have to say is cool. The book is well made and done quickly. Great Service. I would recommend to everyone. It is something my Nephew will have for years knowing I had it made just for him.
My Very Own Name
Review by Mary
Thank you for the beautiful book you created for my one-year-old granddaughter. She will have lots of fun learning from it this year!
Well put together
Review by Sharon
Love the book. Gave it for my grandson for his first Christmas. My grandson will thoroughly enjoy it.
Review by Meghan
Love this book! Great story for any child!
Limited animals
Review by Rachel
The book is nice. I received one as a gift for my oldest daughter, so I ordered one for my younger daughter, my neices and my nephew. I am disappointed that you aren't to pick animals for letters. I am also disappointed that there is not more selection of animals for letters. My daughter has 4 L's in her name. There are not 4 different L animals, so one was repeated. If I would have known this, I would have used a nickname or something different.
best gift
Review by josh
I loved they way it turned out. This is the best gift for a new baby, I plan on getting more for all my friends. Very unique gift.
My Very Own Name
Review by Pat
These books are even better than I expected. My grandsons are thrilled with them. The graphics are amazing and the books are a great value for the money. Thank you!
Personalized Book - My Very Own Name
Review by Jen
This is the best gift I have made for a kid. I am very impressed in illustration and quality . I will definitley reorder
My Very Own Name
Review by Sandy
Great idea for a kids book and the quality is worth the price. I've ordered two books now and they arrive timely and in good condition. This will be a book that's cherished for years to come.
Personalized Learning made FUN for little ones! A+ Quality Work
Review by Christie
I learned about iseeme from my 1st Christmas purchase through PBK and we just fell in love with personalized touch throughout the book....SO much that we had to have more just like it! My Very Own Name, spells out how we picked our son's name and the ABC what "Mason" Can Be!" turned out just as sharp! I've already bought 2 more 1st Christmas books for my girlfriends newborns and they fell in love with the personalization too! It really makes it super special for your little one ;0)
My very own name
Review by Leslie
I received this book for my first born son. I just loved it! I since asked for it as a present for my daughter, bought it numerous times as presents for other little ones in the family and just bought two more for my kids, pirate and fairy tale. It is appropriate for just about every age. As an infant he'd just stare at the pictures. We read it constantly- I almost want to attribute his really early letter and sound recognition to having this fun way of talking about letters. I would always point out the 'big A' in the drawing and the 'Little a' in the text where his name was being spelt out. And I'd make the sound of the word. As he grew up he just thought it was magical that there was a book about him. He never saw it as being about letters, but about being about him. The fact that it was about letters provided some incredible stealth learning bonus that I only realized later. All that held true for my daughter too! I also love giving it- so easy and so unique!
Review by David
Love the book, our go to gift for newborns. Appreciate the quick turnaround time and great customer service.
Review by Sue Brulotte
I am very happy with this book, it is larger then I thought and very nicely created. I am more then happy to give this to my Grand Daughter as a lovely keepsake.
Great job, love it
Review by Napas Ruangdech
The book is so neat and unique.

Great quality. I will recommend for friend. I personally bought 3 different copies for my 5th, 6 th years old kids and one for friend's kid.
Personalized Book - My Very Own Name
Review by Barbara
This has been my standard new baby gift for a few years . Each one has been received with such delight. The perfect keepsake!
My very own name
Review by vicki
I absolutely love the books and am so excited to give them to my grandsons (six year old identical twins). I know they are going to be thrilled with them. Thank you soooo much!
My Very Own Name
Review by Tiffany
I couldn't be more pleased with this book. Not only do I love the fact that it will teach my daughter how to spell her name, the illustrations are beautiful. I also bought her "My Very Merry 1st Christmas" and will be using this web site to order books for years to come.
My Very Own Name
Review by Teri
Bought one for each of my 6 grand nieces and the Fairy Princess and Pirate books for my grandchildren. Excellent quality - absolutely beautiful and vivid color.
My Very Own Name
Review by Carri
I recently purchased "My Very Own Name" book for my son(age 2). My older two boys (6&4) had received them as 2nd birthday gifts. We love the books, and all of the boys still read them. It was time for the youngest to get one of his own! Great quality, great pictures, great company. We are very pleased with all of our "My Very Own Name" books!
Personalized Book - My Very Own Name
Review by jodi
This book is absolutely beautiful. When a letter comes up again a different rhyme is used. Love it!
Review by mary dowell
Perfect lasting gifts from grandparents to grandchildren. Their parents were amazed. Priceless! Thanks-----
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Shelly
positively thrilled with the book! My husband was also very happy,with my purchase, and that doesn't happen often!
Grandmother to Ana louise
Review by Rebecca Cardina
A delightful personalized book- creative poetry with alliterative animals helping build the name Very nice quality book- and sure to become a family treasure - as we welcome our first granddaughter
great book & perfect gift
Review by tricia
We got this book as a gift for our son. Just love the concept! The book is about animals finding letters to create my son's first and last name. Plus it's full of rhymes. Big bonus for me as my son loves rhymes in his books. Illustrations and the overall quality of the book is very nice. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a unique gift that is personalized.
Poor Customer Service
Review by Sara
Very disappointed in customer service when called to talk to rep regarding order. Cute product, but needs better customer service.
My Very Own Name Book
Review by Lynette Rice
I purchased this book for all 3 of my Grandchildren and am extremely happy with the results!! Great job!!
Grand Mother
Review by Jo Ann
The book exceeded my expectations. the illustrations are amazing. Can't wait to give it to my two year old grandson. He has learned his letters and there sounds. This book should make it fun to learn his name.

I have shared with friends who will be ordering.
Grand Mother
Review by Jo Ann
The book exceeded my expectations. the illustrations are amazing. Can,t wait to give it to my two year old grandson. He has learned his letters and there sounds. This book should make it fun to learn his name.

I have shared with friends who will be ordering.
My Very Own Name
Review by Peggy Starr
This was the cutest book I have ever seen. I can't wait to give it to my grandson for Christmas. This is a book he can keep forever. It will make a good coffee table book when he grows up and has his own place. Thank you! The pictures are so beautiful. The story is adorable.

Love It!
Review by Erika
I just ordered this book for my newborn's first christmas. I absoulutley love it. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is all about finding just the right name for the new baby. I will write a note inside the book for her to cherish for years to come.
My Very Own Name
Review by Debby
What a beautiful story and the illustrations are wonderful. I know my granddaughter will enjoy this book plus I can show off because she is 20 months old and can spell her name!!
My Very Own Name
Review by Lucy
I love " My very own name" book. I have been purchasing them since my grand-daughter was born in 1999! I just purchased my 4th one for my new grandson. I have given as gifts throughout the years, and ALWAYS get a "I Love your special gift. You can't go wrong.

I enjoy reading them over and over! Great concept, beautiful gift!

Thank you, I will continue buying.
Trademark Gift
Review by L Creutz
I love this book! I have purchased this particular book four times - two were for my own kids and the other two were presents to my friend's newborns. I have also purchased at least three other books (Fairies & Big Brother) and every time parents are touched with the quality and personalization of the gift. It has become my trademark gift to friends and family members with young children. You can't go wrong with this book!
My Very Own Fairytale
Review by Connie
It is AWESOME!I am very happy with my order. Beautifully designed. I have told all of my friends and they are excited about getting books for God Children, grand children, neices and nephews.
So Cute!
Review by Jennifer
I bought this for my nephew for his Christmas gift. It is so cute, and I know he will love it! He is two years old, so I know he will really enjoy it being read to him!
Memories in the making!
Review by Tara
A cousin had purchased the My Very Own Name book for my son a few years ago and we absolutely loved it! So many nights are spent reading that book before bed :) This year I bought My Very Own Name for my niece for Christmas. It is beautiful - I'm so excited to give it to her. I'm also so excited for the memories that can be made between her and her mom while reading this book!
My favorite one!
Review by Betsy
I found this book on a little boy's shelf about 3 years ago and had to find out how to get one. Since then I have bought "My Very Own Name" for many of my friend's newborns. I love how it rhymes and the way the animals are attached to a letter. Also how it makes their name so special, incorporates their birth date, and even has the animals at the end to make the book even more intriguing. Very well done!
So happy with my purchase!!
Review by Tara
Love the name book!!! Great job!
My Very Own Name
Review by April
My son received this book from a friend for his 3rd B-day. Oh my God, all I can say is that I was touched that I cried when I read it to him. He didn't see the beauty of it then but now he does. It's beautifully made and it is a great gift. Probably the most touching gift he has ever received.
Amazing Gift!
Review by Kristy
My daughter received this as a gift on her first birthday. At the time, I thought it was great and read it to her often. I never imagind that my daughter would one day be reading it back to me! She is 8 now and is still reading it.
Review by Allison
I ordered this book for my first niece and I was a little nervous about ordering online without being able to see the finished product in person. When the book arrived I was so thrilled! The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and it is a wonderful book to treasure! I am ordering my second book now!
A perfect Baptism gift
Review by Kim
I can't believe anyone gave this book less than 5 stars. I bought one for each of my children for their Baptism. It is so cute, so well done, such a special book. I was pleasantly surprised that they mix up the animals used for the letters, so my kids don't have same series for last name. My girls are 5 and son is 3 and they think it's amazing that a book spells out their name. Spend the extra money and get the middle name too. I still get emotional reading the beginning. If you want the most meaning gift for a first bday or Baptism, get this book!
GREAT gift!!
Review by Katy
My daughter got this book when she was born. I've now given it to several friends! It's the gift that is awesome for the parents early in life but then so much better for the kids later. It just keeps on giving and giving!
Aunt and Godmom
Review by Andrea
I bought this book for my little nephew a couple of years ago and everyone LOVED it! It's such a nice book that I'm going to order another one for my new Godbaby! It's a great gift and keepsake for the child.
My Very Own Name book
Review by Janet Palazzi-Cole
I have purchased this book countless times for new babies. I love the gift because it is unique and the parents and grandparents love the quality and personalization of the book. It will be a keepsake for the children for years and years to come.
My Very Own Name
Review by Marilyn
Beautifully illustrated book of high quality. I was impressed that there were several animals representing each letter so that if a letter is repeated in a name it is accompanied by a different animal. I intend to buy additional books.
Will buy again!
Review by Laura
Love it! More gorgeous than expected and delivered to Australia in record time!

Will be a fav to buy for friends babies in the future.
My very own name
Review by Tracy
I bought this book for my 5 year old daughter and she really loves it.
Great company with great products
Review by Kayla
I was very pleased with all 4 of the books I ordered! The kids and parents loved them! The customer service dept. went above and beyond to help me with my order when I emailed with a question and they were shipped very quickly!
My Very Own Name
Review by Sherron
This is my second My Very Own Name book, and it's even better than the one I purchased two years ago. Such a lovely and memorable gift--so special and personal and beautifully illustrated.
A Great Keepsake
Review by Damaris
Gave My Very Own Name book to first grandaughter for her baptism. Book is of high quality, loved the pictures, and well worth the price! Highly recommend your books.
My Very Own Name
Review by Lori
This is a wonderful, very personal gift for that very special baby! I can't imagine any child not being thrilled with it when they get old enough to realize it's their own name spelled out. It's very colorful, so even tiny babies love to look at it. Thanks--great book!
Review by bryan
Fantastic idea and great gift.
My Very Own Name
Review by Margaret Darby
This is the 4th book that I have ordered from this company and I am thrilled! The books are wonderful, everyone LOVES them and the service for me in CANADA is amazing! I have just received for my grandaughter the Super Incredible Big Sister Book which I know she will love. I cannot say enough about the lovely books and detail and wonderful service that you provide, The price is AWESOME for the quality received! I am also BEYOND IMPRESSED! Thank You!
Review by Snyder
My mother-in-law got this for my son for his first christmas! I loved the book and my son does as well! he calls it his special book! I loved it so much, I bought one for a friend of mine's son. When I gave it to her, she got teary eyed she loved it so much! A gift that means so much that it brings tears to a persons' eyes are the best kind!! My mother-in-law also gave my daughter the "my very own fairy tale" book. We love that one also!
Review by Mike
I love it! Thank you for this great kind of book. God bless!
So special!
Review by Pokey
This was a gift for my 2 year old son from his father's godparents. I thought it was one of the most thoughtful gifts he's received! If he understood a rating system, my son would also give this gift 5 stars! Every night he wants to read 'the special book about me, mama'.
Review by Michelle
My sister purchased the My Very Own Name book for my daughter's 2nd birthday. We read it every day. It's such a wonderfully personal gift. It's priceless.
My son loves his book!
Review by Karen
This book is so special to my son. He loves to read it and spell out the letters to his name and he is only 2!
Review by Christine
I received this for my newborn...and I absolutely feel in love with it! I've read it over and over and over again. How cleaver. I love it so much so that I'm ordering this for several friends who are having babies this year. I can't wait to see their reaction to it!
Review by Shannon
I always LOVE gifting this particular book to families with new babies! This is a personalized treasure that every parent has loved receiving. At work, we have even started gifting them to our clients with new babies. ALWAYS A HIT!
Review by Eleanor Shaffer
A friend showed me the book they received for their child and I was so impressed I ordered one for my 2 year old grandson's birthday. He loves books and I am sure it will be his favorite because it is about him. I just ordered one for a friend's grandchild whose mother is a doctor. What a great gift for someone who has everything.
Perfect Gift!
Review by Lisa A.
Children will delight in seeing their very own name spelled out, each letter delivered by a colorful animal (i.e. T by Toucan). Names fit within a catchy rhyming scheme. This gift book includes both first and last names, as well as the child's birthday. Elaborate page illustrations will engage kids in finding all the visible and hidden animals. An animal encyclopedia in the back includes a short description and illustration to help kids identify animals within the book. The book comes encased within a striped paper enclosure. Attach a bow and this book will make the perfect gift.
A gift for a lifetime!
Review by Karen Church
I have used these books for the birth of a number of children of both family and friends. They are WONDERFUL 'birth' gifts that last a life time!
Review by Marlene Little and Family
We have purchased MANY...My Very Own Name Book for several family and friends new additions to their families! They call us right up with excitment upon receiving such a special personalized gift. It has their new babies very own name spelled out! Something the child will treasure for the rest of their life! We also, like the idea that it will get them interested more into reading books! :)
Review by Donna J.
I am going to make a ritual of sending these personalized books as birthday presents OR to an older child when a baby sister or brother is born. This book would make the "displaced" child feel very special and very important. The book contributes to more than academic learning.
Son's favorite book!
Review by Leslie
I wanted to share how much my son loves this book! He is just about a year old and has L O V E D this book since 6 months. No other book seems to capture his attention and he is excited every time we turn a page. His response to this book shouts huge compliments to the illustrations and overall design -- kudos to the authors/illustrators! We've already ordered other books as gifts for friends and I tell all my new mom friends about it!
Certain to be a keepsake
Review by Kori C.
We went through each page "finding" letters and building his name, which helps him learn as well! This book is certain to be a keepsake (you can even personalize the beginning with who it's from and a note!!). The book we have would be so sweet for a baby shower gift and something any new mom would treasure.
A special gift
Review by Kim
I received this gift when my daughter was born. It was just a precious book and it made me cry. Since then I have bought other books for her and other people. We all love the books, it is such a wonderful idea.
Love it
Review by Maria
I bought this book for my daughter's 2nd birthday. She loved it and it really helped her learn how to spell her full name at an early age!!

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Maia Haag Author: Maia Haag
Maia Haag, Author and CEO of I See Me! Inc., loved to write as a child and would create crayon-illustrated, yarn-bound stories to give to her parents as Christmas gifts. Maia continued her passion for writing as an English major at Princeton, and her personalized storybook books have been granted the iParenting Award, Family Choice Award, Mom's Choice Award, and Benjamin Franklin Award. Maia has been featured in dozens of magazines and newspapers including People, Good Housekeeping, Entrepreneur magazine and The Chicago Sun-Times, and she has appeared on over 35 television news shows around the country.
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