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My Very Own Pirate Tale Storybook

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My Very Own Pirate Tale Storybook

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In this swashbucklin' personalized pirate book, entertaining sea creatures bring letters one by one to spell out your child's first and last name in rhyme. At the end of this adventurous story, your little buccaneer is named an honorary captain with a ship of his or her own!

Your child will love seeing his or her name being spelled out by entertaining sea creatures! The sawshark brings the S, the octopus brings the O, and so on, and they describe why your child is the perfect candidate to become the captain's first mate. At the end of this adventurous pirate story, your child's name is revealed as the secret to opening the treasure. Includes an illustrated encyclopedia of 62 sea creatures with fun facts about each. Filled with beautiful, hand-painted illustrations, My Very Own Pirate Tale is a unique keepsake hardcover book that will be cherished for a lifetime. When ordering, customers have the option to upload a photo of their child to appear on the dedication page of the book. Children love seeing their names and photos in print!

Gender and ages: Boys and girls ages 0-8
Size: 9" x 11"
Awards: Creative Child Magazine's Book of the Year Award, iParenting Award
Number of pages: Approximately 30 pages, depending on the length of the name

Standard delivery: Receive 2 weeks after date of order
Expedited delivery: Receive 7-8 business days after date of order
Air delivery: Receive 3 business days after date of order
Canada delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date
International delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date

Creative Child Magazine "Book of the Year" Award iParenting Award Mom's Choice Award "Parent Tested, Parent Approved" Award

Customer Reviews

Awesome gift!
Review by Nikki
I purchased this book for my 5 yr old grandson who lives in a different province than me. I was first surprised at the cost of the book with the shipping. Then it arrived to my grandson's house within two days of purchasing it. I was able to read it to him that night over Skype and it was wonderful. He loves his book and enjoys how it is all about him!
Best gift
Review by Josette
Review by Mimi
Excellent! Great product & excellent service. Purchased 5 books, all are super sweet. I have recommended them to many of my friends. Wonderful gift idea!
Everyone should invest for a child?
Review by D.B.
Excellent book it's for my granddaughter who get it until Christmas, but I know she'll love it because she thinks she's a Pirate now!!!
Great gift
Review by Kathy W
This book is a quality, hardback book with creative personalization that I hope will keep my great nephew's interest as he is learning to read. In addition to the story, it has information and pictures of sea creatures at the end. I think it is a book he will enjoy for a long time.
i can hardly wait to give them their own book
Review by kaye
great gift idea
Review by Alexa
I love this pirate story.....amazing illustration and story!
Review by Elaine
Grandson loved it! Keeps finding something new that has his name. Well written and quality product.
My Pirate Book
Review by Judy Hogan
I have ordered numerous personalised books and have never been disappointed. Same with this one. The quality of the paper, the colours are over the top amazing. I am going to order another one soon for a birthday gift! All my grandkids and little friends love them.
Review by Toni
I ordered two of these books, one for my flower-girl, and one for my ring-bearer. They are adorable and the quality is fantastic. Perfect gifts!

Editor's Note: Great idea!

Pirates Tale
Review by Grandma Diane
My daughter received this book for her son from a friend. We both loved how it was done and ordered one for a very close friend whose son is two days younger than my grandson. Love how they are made part of the book!
The first book he can read by himself!
Review by Andi Kristall
I have always loved the pirate book since it was given to him as a baby, but now that he is 3.5 and recognizing letters, I am even crazier abut this book. I have recently found him reading it to himself out loud, reading all if the letters if his name. Truly amazing to watch!
Review by Elyse
I received a personalized birthday book when I was a little girl and still have and cherish it to this day. While thinking of my niece and nephew this Christmas I knew what I had to do. This book was absolutely perfect. I loved the ways you could personalize it and the quality was beautiful! Not only did he get to be part of a pirate tale, but theres a lot to learn about marine life in there too!! I would strongly recommend this product and would only come to I See Me! for any other personalized book needs I have
My Very OwnPirate's Tale
Review by Grandma Marilyn
This is one of my favourite books. It is a story that holds the imagination and everyone I give it to is impressed with the quality of the book itself and the beautiful illustrations. Given as a baby gift it grows with the child and older children love to act out the story itself. I have lost count of how many of this title I have purchased and will definitely purchase more. Thanks for a great product and wonderful customer service.
Cute Idea
Review by GramB
Bought for my grandson's 5th birthday to go with a sea-themed quilt. Can't wait to see his reaction.
My First Pirate's Tale
Review by Kathy
I love these books! Have ordered three of them! They arrive quickly and are beautiful! I also love the $10 coupon that I have received except that the $8 shipping fee just about takes all of that :(
6th birthday gift
Review by jen
We bought this book for a 6th birthday gift, it was so special, and the birthday boy can't stop reading it
Review by MW
This is the fourth book I've gotten from I See Me! and I plan on buying many more!
Review by Tiffany A
So far, I have purchased two books from "I See Me!", and they have both been beyond my expectations. Not only do I love them, but so do many others who have seen the books. Anyone who is even thinking of purchasing something should definitely do it. The customer service, product, and complete experience are exceptional with "I See Me!".
Pirate Book
Review by Eileen
The book is great I just wish they would have spelled my name right as the giver of the book.

I See Me Editor's Note: We are sorry that happened!

Well Written
Review by Melissa
This book is so well written. My little one had this since he was a baby and it is his favorite book. He loves spelling his name.
Pirates Tale
Review by Andie
I can't wait to give this book to our grandson! The pages are very bright and colorful and I think it's a book he will enjoy for years to come
Excellent product and service!
Review by Tiffany A
So far, I have purchased two books from "I See Me!", and they have both been beyond my expectations. Not only do I love them, but so do many others who have seen the books. Anyone who is even thinking of purchasing

something should definitely do it. The customer service, product, and complete experience are exceptional with "I See Me!".
Review by Susan
I am extremely pleased with the Pirate book I ordered for my grandson. The illustrations are beautiful and the text is delightful. The letters in each illustration are a great addition to each page. And the added animals at the end of the book provide more information.
Excellent book- the story and the art!
Review by Kara D.
This was such a great gift. Bought it for my friend's son who's really into pirates right now. He was so loving the fact that HE was in the book and HE helped find the treasure! It was adorable. Apparently, he took it into school the next day for show and tell! This is a great buy-- really well done and well made.
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Lyn G
Exciting story and great way to incorporate the child. Purchased it for my three year old Grandson as a Christmas gift. He loves books, was a pirate for Halloween and will love reading about himself! Can't wait until he opens it! Need more story books like this one, especially for boys. Hope more creative story books are coming.
My very own pirate tale
Review by Lizzi Fortner
I ordered this book for my 6 year old son and I am so excited to give it to him on Christmas morning. I am going to tell him that I asked Santa to help me make a very special book just for him. He's going to love it. I was so thrilled when i received it in the mail, it was well made, nice and big and exceeded my every expectation! hurry up Christmas!!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Shirley
Love the story line would have liked to see there picture in more of the book.
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Shirley
Love the story line would have liked to see there picture in more of the book.
My Very Own Pirate Story
Review by Elizbeth M.
Great story for boys, with nice art and spelling their name out page by page so that they end up being named as captain! My great nephew (4) loves it!
Totally Satisfied!
Review by Ashley
Beautiful book, prompt delivery. Couldn't be happier.
A beautifully made book with a rich vocabulary!
Review by the Hootin'Nanny
This is a beautiful book, with colorful illustrations of child pirates interacting with a grand variety of sea creatures, each of whom adds one letter of the child's own name!The back of the book has more info about each animal encountered in the story, and a game to find a hidden coin on each page!. This is one we will read again, and again, and again and again!!!!
My Veru Own Pirate
Review by d
Such cute pictures and illustrations and so fun for 4 year old grandson !
Pirate Tale
Review by GiGi Reader
Since my 4 year old grandson calls me "the grandmother who reads to him," couldn't wait to give him the Pirates Tale for Christmas. We read it right away and pretty sure his dad has read it to him every night since. Very engaging story and illustrations (the little blond boy even looks like my grandson) and I love that it reinforces letters and spelling his name. Keep it up!
My Very Own Priate Tale
Review by Sue B
Beautiful book, my 3 yr old granddaughter loves to hear "spooky" stories in which she is the star. So this book fills the bill perfectly. The book came in just 3 days, perfect for Christmas! I will have to get one for her baby brother next!
My Very Own Priate Tale
Review by Sue B
Beautiful book, my 3 yr old granddaughter loves to hear "spooky" stories in which she is the star. So this book fills the bill perfectly. The book came in just 3 days, perfect for Christmas! I will have to get one for her baby brother next!
Review by Lys
I love the quality of the book and that they incorporate my nephew name into the story. He did not put the book down thw day he received it.
Mom of two
Review by Elizabeth
Wow! Again I am amazed at the imagination, illustration, and quality od an I SEE ME book! My daughter received the "My Very Own Name" variety a couple of years ago and it is STILL one of her favorite books at almost 4 years old. So we decided to purchase "My Very Own Pirate Tale" for my 8 month old son for Christmas. The writing is clever and easy to read (the rhymes are so seamless they sound almost as if you are singing as you read!)and the illustrations are so interesting and colorful that it keeps my 8 month old's attention. Plus my daughter loves to read along with us even though the book isn't about her because the adventure and animals appeal to her. Plus she loves the search and find of a gold coin hidden on each page! She wants me to start over as soon as we finish! I love that the book has glossy, think pages and a sturdy cover so i know it will last too. Very well done!
The Pirate's Taleq
Review by Willa
This is a very well done book and a cute story! Although my "little boy" is receiving it for his "62" birthday, I thought it a cute way to immortalize him. I would recommend it to anyone with a child (or OLDER child!)
Review by helene
Super book. Although 2, he loved hearing his name. Cavan is an uncommon name where personalization is tough to find
Review by Grandma Joan
This book is for my first grandson who will be 1 when he gets it in 2 weeks. I am sure he will love it.
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Patti
Ordered for my grandson for this next Christmas. Hope he loves it as much as the other books!
Best Purchase!
Review by Laurie W.
This by far was one of my best purchases for my kids. The books arrived quickly and they are such great quality with beautiful illustrations. Will definitely use them again!
Review by Joeye
I have purchased quite a few books from here....love them all! This one was for my niece who turned 2 and is crazy about pirates, she loves this book! Never a disappointment!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by PopG
Not only is the story engaging, the manner and execution of weaving the child's name and the games at the end make this experience a true pleasure. The way young minds absorb the material and the enjoyment evident in their facial expressions is a reward no amount of money can purchase. This one shivers my timbers.
Review by Yolanda
I love this book!! It is so adorable!! I first found it on Pottery Barn Kids, but it wasn't customizable for a girl. I was so happy to find it on Iseeme!!!!!! My daughter loves pirates and I know she is going to fall in love with this book!!!!!!!!!
Review by Loving
My 3 year old grandson is infatuated with pirates so this is the perfect gift. I happened to have a picture of him in a pirate costume so I uploaded that for the first page in the book. PERFECT!!!
NaNa & Pap
Review by Barb & Dallas
Our grandson loves pretending to be a pirate, so having his very only pirate tale was such a hit for his fifth birthday. We have two other grandsons and will be ordering more adventures!
My Very Own P irate Tale
Review by Judith A Foster
Great gift for the "Big Brother" of my newborn great niece. I hope he likes it as much as I do!
The Pirates Tale
Review by Gramma Marcia
Grandson was so excited receiving this book after having an adventure on a pirate ship in south Jersey!
Review by Angela
My daughter loves this book!! She loves that her name is included and loves the story and colorful sea creatures!!
Wonderful, Informative Book
Review by Nana
Bought this for our 4 year old grandson and while he enjoyed being in the book, he loved the animal section even more. Has already read this many, many times - a perfect choice.
My Own Pirate Tale
Review by Nonnie
I asked my 8 year old grandson what he thought of the book after he had a few days with it, and he said it was "perfect".
My very own Pirate Tale
Review by Patricia
Best gift I could have given. It will be a treasured keepsake. He was thrilled.
Wonderful Keepsake gift and fun too
Review by eddie macaluso
This gift is a great keepsake book, Not sure if grandson or his parents liked it more. To personalize it with his picture and his name thru out is so special. I plan to order other books and things. Very Own Pirates Tale is a "must have" for every young boy.
Reviewed by mom of 4
Review by N Sims
Wonderful product, absolutely beautiful. Gift wrap was great - perfect gift!!!
Aaargh Landlubbers
Review by Grandma Niece
Landen was absolutely thrilled to see his picture in a book, and loved seeing the spelling of his name. I will definitely be getting these books for other children.
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Kathy K, Tommy's Grandma
I ordered this for my Grandson's 5th birthday. I had it shipped directly to him. My daughter and I had him open it while using Skype so I could see him. She read the book to him and put on his "Captain Thomas" bandana. He loved it! He was excited to hear he was in the story and was First Mate and could open the treasure chest! The illustrations are beautiful and the story kept his attention. I highly recommend this book for all little ones. They will love it!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Deborah Frye
This book is delightful. I can't wait to give it to my Grandson for his 3rd Birthday next month. I know he and his parents will love it. I ordered a few months early...not knowing how long it would take. The service was excellent...I don't think it took more than 3 weeks and it was at my doorstep.
Great Customer Service
Review by Joann Jerman
When I received my confirmation email, I had a minor concern. I contacted customer service, the answer was very prompt and addressed my question. Love the book. Can't wait to give it to my grandson.
So fun!!
Review by Katie D.
My man is a little young (1.5 yrs old) to enjoy the whole book but he gets SO EXCITED seeing his little face on the front page! I'm sure he will love the entire book spelling his name once he fully understands :)
Great gift
Review by Brooke
I bought the personalized pirate book for my nephews 5th birthday. It came out so good! I just know he is going to love it. He will be wondering out his name got in the book! I can't wait to give it to him.
Favored by Kids, Parents and Teachers
Review by Aunt Beverley
My 4-year old nephew was thrilled and so was his Mom. He insisted on taking it to preschool the next day to show his teacher. She read it to the whole class - using it for story-time and their alphabet lesson for the day. Outstanding!
Truly Wonderful!
Review by Q. Le
I bought this book for my 2nd grader. He loved it so much, he already asked for another one :o)

The idea of putting him right into the story is wonderful!!
Very cute!
Review by Nashville Mom of 2
Nicely done... my son will love it (waiting to give it to him on his Bday)!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Susan
Perfect gift for my 4 yr. old Grandson! He loves being in the book!
Pirate's Tale
Review by Dianne V
Hope my 5 year old grandson likes this as much as I do. Thank you!.
Great Value
Review by Sue Richards
I purchased the pirate book for my 5 year old Grandson. After the first couple of letters he realized this was going to spell out his name. He loved the description of all o f the sea creatures and it's now one of our favorite bed time books.
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Joanne Q.
This book is adorable and he also has the ABC What Can I Be Book. My 3 year old loves the Pirate Tale and we have been reading it each night since he got it. The only problem I see with it is the pages are a little thin. He has another I See Me book that he got as a gift when he was born and the pages are a little thicker. Otherwise, it is a great gift.
Great gift that will be remembered!
Review by Grandma Linda
The Pirate's Tale was a big hit! My only disappointment was that the Sports Book was made available shortly after my book was shipped. My preference would have been the sports themed book, but I understand that the Pirate's Tale is quite fascinating and was very well received. Quality was very good.
Very Happy!
Review by Hayden's Mom
This book has great vivid graphics and a the story line about a boy named Hayden is just perfect. SO happy with this product.
Pirates Tale
Review by Pamela O
I bought this book for my great grandson. He is just starting to enjoy story time. I bought a similar book for my daughter many years ago and she loved it... I'm sure we will have many years of reading!
The Pirate's Tale
Review by Susan
Gem of a storybook for any small pirate lover. My 5 year old grandson can't get enough of it.
Great Aunt
Review by Elaine Mosher
I bought this for my newborn nephew. He is too young to appreciate right now, but I think it is a wonderful, personalized gift that he will appreciate. I was so excited to see his full name in the text of the story! I recommend. Any little boy will be thrilled with this book.
Review by David
My son absolutely loved it. He wants to take it to school to show all of his friends.
Excited, but Cover Defect
Review by Stephanie Erker
Inside the book quality is great. The only issue was a defect in the spine. I'm hoping it does not worsen over time.
Pirate book
Review by Susan Smith
Wish child's picture could be on a page here and there; but adorable book
Review by Tracie Murray
I looked at the book and was very impressed with the quality and graphics in the book. I have not given it to my grandson yet but I know he will be very excited once he figures out that it will spell his name. He is 4 years old.
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Gigi Terri
My grandson (7 months) old loves hearing his name and loves hearing stories from books. Being a little too young to grasp a story line, I'm confident that both books I purchased will encourage him to read,recognize letters of his name, and spell(when it's time). I'm sure there is a pirate costume for him in the future. He is quite the Swashbuckler.
multiple books
Review by Diane
I have purchased a number of different books for children and have enjoyed seeing the child's faces when they see their name through out the story.
My Very Own Pirate Tale Storybook
Review by Regan
My 6-year-old nephew loves this book! He liked that the sea creatures spelled out his name, that there were "pirate kitties", and that there were gold coins hidden on every page. He also was thrilled that the package arrived addressed to him! :) Meanwhile, Auntie Regan was thrilled that she was able to preview every page of the book, and that this was an age-appropriate, violence-free pirate story. Prompt arrival, too. Well done, I See Me!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Oma Dorothy
I was really impressed by the quality of this book. It is going to be a Christmas present and I know that it will be well loved and read, read, read.
Review by Tom F
We ordered this book for our 5 year old son for this Christmas. It was easy to order, arrived MUCH faster than expected, and the entire book is wonderful. There is a separate page with an animal for each letter of our son's name. For letters that repeat in his name there are different animals presented, so the book doesn't feel redundant at all. There is a fun (and unexpected) search game on each page and a "glossary" at the back of all of the available animals -- not just those used in our son's name. Excellent buy!
my very own priate book
Review by T. Dawn
Excellent, sweet story would highly give it 5 stars
i see me books
Review by maureen irlbacker
the books are very well illustrated and the quality of the materials are excellent.
My Very Own Pirate Story
Review by Diane Campbell
This is actually my second purchase and I absolutely love this book. I can't wait to give it to my grandson for Christmas. The story itself is great and having his name spelled out is extra special. These books are exceptional and the folks at I See Me! are wonderful to work with. These books are a treasure. You can't go wrong with a gift like this!!
Personalized learning book
Review by Marilyn S.
I thought the book was really cute, and so did Connor's parents. I gave one to his older brother on his first birthday, and he learned the alphabet from having the book read to him. A sweet keepsake for any child.
Nicely done
Review by Mom of 5 year old boy
My husband and I were really thrilled with the book especially the bold colors. We bought it in advance for our son's birthday in 2014 and cannot wait to see his reaction to his name in the book and bandana! This Christmas in keeping with the theme, he got a pirate watch.
Customer service a step ahead!
Review by Tricia
Recently I ordered a book as a baby shower present. This has been my go to gift for baby showers & normally the book arrives quite quickly. Due to holiday backlog in the postal system the book did not arrive a month after ordering. I contacted I See Me and then went above and beyond with quick responses to emails as well as checking in to see if the book had shown up. Unfortunately it did not so they are re-making the book and sending it free of charge. Excellent customer service & I absolutely will continue to be a loyal customer!
My Very Own Pirate Tale, What a memory!
Review by G. Jones
My 6 year old grandson discribed it as Awsome. He was blown away, page after page. Best of all I know this hard cover book with heavy weight, glossy pages will be somethig he will have when he is my age. A lasting memory we share now that will bring back smiles of reading his book together long after we, his grandparents have passed on. Never miss a chance to make a lasting memory that will bring a smile forever. And it is priced so everyone can afford it.
Adopted Grandma
Review by Molly Williams
I haven't personally seen the book yet, but Rocco's mother is extremely pleased with his Easter present.
Review by Tara
My son (5 years old) absolutely loves his I See Me book, My Very Own Pirate Tale. His eyes lit up when he realized it was his name being spelled out. He was so excited and loves to have us read it to him!
Review by marilyn c.
I have been ordering these books for at least eleven years. I started ordering from a baby shop in Minneapolis and then progressed to the web site or 800 number. I know I have ordered over 25 books easily. My last order alone was for 6 books. This is definitely my go to baby gift and it will be for many years to come.
Pirate, Fairy and Good night Baby
Review by MS
I ordered 3 books through a groupon for my 2 nieces and 1 nephew. The books are amazing. They are colorful, bright and the stories are great. Thank you!
I See Me books
Review by Martha
This is the second book I have ordered; a fine quality product, quickly shipped. I will be ordering again!
Ahoy Matey! What a treasure!
Review by Alison
What child doesn't love an adventure story, one that sparks the imagination and finds treasure, and he is an important player in the story. A great story for any time of year, but the little boy receiving it was really into dressing up as a pirate at Halloween. I See Me books are quality material, really develop the child's name throughout the story. I See Me is far better than some companies that personalize a paperback story for a child. As a teacher, I enjoy giving unique personalized books that will last a long time.
3 books
Review by Phillis Farrell
I have ordered 3 books so far for my grandsons and think they are great. Haven't given them to the boys yet but know they will love them also. All 3 love to see their names in their stories. They are perfect gifts.
Pirate Book
Review by Grandma C
This will be our grandson's first personalized book and I'm sure he will be thrilled. It is such a different gift and one that will last a lifetime.
Great Baby Gift
Review by Leigh-Anne
I have given countless numbers of this book to new parents and everyone just LOVES them. I received one years ago and it is now my favorite new born gift.
Creative Personalized Birthday Present
Review by Jessica
This book is the perfect gift for my son's 3rd birthday! Not only does he love adventure books but he loves things that are personalized. Plus his birthday party is going to be decorated in a pirate theme so this book will be a perfect addition. I can't wait to see his reaction when he opens it up. I loved the book and I've shown it to all of my friends and family and have encouraged them to get one for their own children.
Pirate & Fairy
Review by linda hodgeson
I purchased two, "I See Me" books for my grandchildren. In the beginning, I had an issue with using my vouchers that I had purchased. I called customer service and sent an e-mail that were both quickly answered to perfect satisfaction. The mistake was on my end. The books arrived in perfect condition. They are great. The colors are vibrant and the story is cute. I can't wait to give them to the kids. Thank you for everything and I will be ordering again. I would like to get them each a set. They are a perfect learning tool as well as entertaining. Thank you again for everything.

My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Jennifer
This is very cute and great for a keepsake. The story is well done, and the sea creatures are adorable and perfect. I wish my nephews name was in the story line more often, but would not hesitate to order again.
A Little Pirate's Treasure
Review by Dante's Meme
My grandson will be 2 next month and he is having a pirate b'day party, so the personalized Pirate Tale is a perfect addition to his gifts this year. Last year for his 1st birthday I bought him the personalized Prince book. He may not appreciate them yet, but I'm sure as he gets older and see's his name in print he will be very excited. I love buying him 1 each year for this birthday!
Great Gift
Review by Abbie
This is a great gift! It's one of a kind. Definitely something that he'll keep for a long time.
Pirate Tale
Review by Dawn Swenson
I absolutely love the book. Your company was very prompt in getting it printed and sent out. It is a gift for my grandson who will be able to enjoy it forever. Thank you! Very Happy, Grandma Dawn
Happy Pirate!!
Review by Nonna
Great book! Well done! My grandson loved this book for his 3rd birthday!
Review by Caro Feagin
Perfectly delighted.
Not so good
Review by Robynn
I ordered the book for my nephew. When I typed up his name in Vietnamese, I used unicode and the page reviewed perfectly. However, the book came to him in mumble jumble text that I felt embarrassed.

Misleading. I should entitle another replacement book.

*I See Me Editor's Note: Please contact customer service immediately and we will send you a new book. We are very sorry your book did not come as you had entered it.
personal gift
Review by Grandma Lynn
This book is so cleverly done. Each page spells out my grandsons name and puts him in the story. Can't wait to give it to him for Christmas
Great Book
Review by S. Zercher
Special treasure for my little pirate on his birthday
Pirate Tale- I recommend ages 4
Review by Over The Hill Mom
Illustrations were excellent. This book is quite "wordy" compared to others that I have ordered. So all of the children age 2 that we attempted to read it to were only interested in descriptions of the pictures- not the actual words. I would recommend this book for kids age 4 and up. If you are looking for a book to give to a younger child you would be better off with the one that has a giant OWL on the front cover- it is more for toddlers. Once again, I received a book that was made with the correct information and looks very professional. That is why I continue to buy from this company. Everyone is always overjoyed when they get a book from me as a gift because it will last a long time- unlike some other books I have come across over the years.
Pirate Book
Review by Jane
This book is very lengthy but good for an older child like my grandson who will be 5. It's a story he understands and the theme of it is quite cute.
Great books
Review by Auntie
Found a link to this site way in the depths of a baby chat forum. The book was a present and went over very very well and quite a few people have asked me where I found it. I will keep these books in mind for any future baby gifts!
So Wonderful!!
Review by Ursula
I got this for my nephew. he is only 1, but her will grow to enjoy it. Parents both love the book.
Love~ Love~ Love!!
Review by Megan
I ordered this book for my nephews 4th birthday. He absolutely loved seeing his name in the book and despite the length, asks to have it read to him numerous times in a row. The quality of the book was amazing and the turn around time from when I placed my order until I received the book was the faster than ANY other personalized item that I have ever ordered. I STRONGLY recommend these books and I will be buying more! Thank you for selling a great product!
my name in an adventure
Review by erin
my son is 5 and absolutely loves to see his name in the book. it made him feel very special. he loved the adventure and is telling all his friends.
Review by Shirley Wilson
This was wonderful. I loved the story line. Incorporating all the sea animals was wonderful and the illustration was very colorful and professionally done. I am going to order another book soon.
good for older kids too
Review by granny to 5
my oldest grandson asked for this book since his younger sisters had them. he's 9 and loved the special theme. every child wants to know that their name had a unique inspiration. I recommend this to every gift giver!
Review by Maurine
My daughter was given the fairy book and I bought this book as a gift to my friend. She loved it just as much as I did! such a great gift that is out of the norm! LOVE all these books!!!
Worth Every Penny!
Review by Jack's Grandma
You should have seen the look on my grandson's face when he realized the book was spelling out his name! Priceless!!
Great book!
Review by Sonia
I was very excited to order this book b/c as an infant my daughter always looked like she was squinting her right eye, so we nicknamed her "pirate." The quality of the book is awesome and I love the illustrations. I can't wait to give it to her for her 1st birthday.
Special Gift
Review by Joanne R
I bought the book for my boss's daughter-in-law's baby shower. I showed her the book before I wrapped it and she can't wait until she can read it to her grandson. Being a scuba instructor, I can't wait to order one for my grandchildren when the time comes!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by kinikiabiz@outlook.com
Fantastic! I ordered this book for our new grandson.

The color and actions are wonderful. Then the glossary on each animal is something he'll enjoy for and years an years.

I will definitely be ordering more books from I SEE ME.
All the babies
Review by Bobby
I ordered this one for my cousins baby. I had already ordered my very own name book for our newborn and since they are only 6 days apart we got one for her son too. They are so adorable just like our little ones.
Review by Jackie
I love this Pirate book about my grandson Owen! I can't wait to see his reaction on his birthday.
My very own pirate tale
Review by Susan
One of my favorite baby gifts. I love it as a gift and also reading it to my grandchildren who really think it is a winner!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Cecile Loudat
The illustrations are beautiful. The book is well written for children. I would like to order more for other family members but the books are a little on the expensive side. One hundred dollars for three books is a little much.
Great Book!
Review by Nicole
This is very well done and I especially love that all the sea animals are listed in the back of the book for the extra educational value. It would be even better if the customer could choose which sea animals are used for each letter.
Great Book!
Review by Nicole
This is very well done and I especially love that all the sea animals are listed in the back of the book for the extra educational value. It would be even better if the customer could choose which sea animals are used for each letter.
Review by Elaine Del Bene
I was very happily surprised by the quality and detail!! thank you for making that boy's birthday so special!!!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by (Grandma) Mimi
I was totally overwhelmed by this gift for my 4-year-old grandson. I actually wore myself out exclaiming about how fabulous it was! I loved the concept of every letter of his name indicating a special attribute. The level of sophistication for the animal glossary was great, the overall quality of the book superb! I want to order more books and would give a superlative recommendation to anyone who is checking reviews.
Amazing Birth Gift!!!!
Review by Dawn S
I have been giving these books for baby gifts for six years since my own twins received them for a birth gift. This time I sent a BIG SISTER book as well. Both were totally adorable and the BIG SISTER book was a big hit with the big transition. My friend was so thankful. I love the expanded selection. I am hooked!!!!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Melody Bostinelos
I am so excited about giving this precious book to my best friends' grandbaby. I worried if it might be a little disappointing - but it was TOTAL opposite - I'm SOOO excited to give this gift as a birthday gift.
My very own pirate tale
Review by Rosella Marino
Delightful book I ordered for my grandson who will be three in August and he loves it.
Review by Stacy
Fun, vivid colors, and even somewhat educational. A treasure for a child for a long time.
GREAT idea for gifts!
Review by Natashya
You never know what you will get when you buy something online, but I was over the moon excited when I received our books! They quality is fantastic and the illustrations are gorgeous. I am a primary teacher, so I have read quite a lot of children's books, and these did not disappoint at all.

I bought 4 books as presents: 1 for my son and 3 for his friends/our friends. I bought the Pirate's Tale, My very own name, and 2 of the ABC books. My favorite is the Pirate's Tale because of the story itself and the illustrations. A bonus is that there are different animals for a letter, so there were not any doubling up of characters/animals. I also love the glossary at the end of the book. The other books are great too, but the Pirate's Tale is my favorite.

One more thing: the customer service is top-notch! I ordered books as gifts, and customer service wrote back and told me they have already received those books. Obviously they didn't have to tell me, but it was honest and good business practice that they did :)
Excellent customer service!!
Review by Haily D.
This book is so much fun and educational! My son is only 8 months old but he enjoys me reading this book to me every night! The quality of the book is beyond amazing. I absolutely love the customer service this site provides! Linnea from customer service resolved all my issues promptly (due to error on my part) and literally with "100% satisfaction guarantee." To be honest, I have never written a review on anything I ever purchased and this is the first time I'm doing it because I cannot rave enough about awesome iseeme! Inc's customer service. I have made few orders from this site and I can say that I am truly happy with all the products purchased and will continue to order more!
Review by Jackie
It was so great to see how surprised my nephew was to hear his name in the book. He was super excited!
A Very Happy Birthday Book for Boys
Review by Brandy
SO cute! We received this as a gift and it was the most thoughtful gift ever! It is my new favorite gift to give for kid's birthdays! Everyone I give them to enjoys them as well. The kiddos feel like they are famous and wonder how they got in the book!
A Very Happy Birthday Book for Boys
Review by Brandy
SO cute! We received this as a gift and it was the most thoughtful gift ever! It is my new favorite gift to give for kid's birthdays! Everyone I give them to enjoys them as well. The kiddos feel like they are famous and wonder how they got in the book!
Review by Garcelle Beauvais
The books are so incredible!! Jax & Jaid loved seeing their names. Sooo cute!
Pirate and My Very Own Name
Review by Allison Macri
We have these for our kids and the kids just love them - and so do I. So sweet, a bedtime favorite.
Special book for a special grandson
Review by Debbie
I ordered this book for my grandson who's 8, he loved the book and especially that it was made for him. The colors are beautiful and the story is great.
Review by Sue F
We ordered this for our grandson, and we all love how it turned out.
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Melissa S.
This is a fantastic book and it is beautifully illustrated. We love it.
Timeless Treasure!
Review by Priya
I received two books from I SEE ME and decided to order from them for a friend. My initial order was for My Very Own Name Book, shortly after ordering I received an email that the person I was ordering for already received this book!! I was amazed and impressed that I SEE ME did not just put this order through like many other companies would have done to gain the money. They asked whether I wanted to order another book and suggested books or if I wanted a refund. I ordered My Very Own Pirate Tale and was totally impressed by the book. I cannot wait for the little man to read it with his proud parents. I will continue to order from I SEE ME for future babies to come!
Love this company, such great products!
Review by Ms. Koz
Love this book and many other products. Great deals, high quality, very happy customer. thank you!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by SMC
Beautiful book, excellently made, so durable, that impressed me. The story is great, my grandson is almost 3 and is starting to love to be read to. He will love the way this is written in rhymes that includes him in the story. Not too long, it will hold his interest from beginning to end plus he learns how to spell his name!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Pops
An amazing book and one our little Grandson will have forever. This will be his first personalized book. I'm sure we'll be ordering more in the future!
Pirates Tale
Review by Grandma Marilyn
Perfect Loved it
mom of 4
Review by Sara Numme
Just received this for our son's birthday. We have not given it to him yet but it looks great and I showed it to my 7 year old who love it. Great quality book that will be a great book to save even into his adulthood. His name has an unusual spelling so it was great to have something personalized for him
Wonderful gift!
Review by C
This is such a wonderful gift!
My Very Own Pirate Book
Review by Donna B
I am very impressed by the quality of this book! The story is so cute. My grandson was just born, but I'm sure it will help him learn to spell his very long name in a fun and exciting way!
Review by Sarah Davis
This book was great. My son really enjoyed it and got very excited when he figured out they were spelling his name. Made him feel very special. I will definately be ordering more books in the near future, I think they are GREAT!!!!
my very own pirate tale
Review by ksr
Illustrations are wonderful!

There's even an index in the back explaining about each sea creature.

Wonderful book --please make more stories!!!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Grandma Cathy
Fantastic and very well made! My grandson is into pirates and will be getting this for Valentine's Day. He will love it!
Review by Jill
I love this book! My son received one as a gift and I couldn't wait to be able to buy one for someone else. It is a great story and a beautiful book. I just wish they had more choices for each letter. They start to repeat if you have a letter in your name more than twice.
Review by Kristen
We were very pleased with the pirate book. The quality is excellent - binding, paper, colors, etc. There are many learning levels. Our 4 year old grandson loves it.

How about expanding your books for girls? We would like to see something other than the princess theme.

Another idea - how about a book on qualities of friendship, honor, loyalty, etc? The pirate book has some of these wonderful traits, so it shouldn't be too difficult to transfer them to another theme.
Review by Jenn
I order a few books a year for both my son and nephew and they are always wonderful!
Good for all ages!
Review by Dru B.
My son loves his personalized pirate book and he's already 9 so I know kids of all ages will really get into it.
The Pirates Tale
Review by Grandmom
My grandson was so excited to see his full name in a book about pirates. Wants to share it with his classmates. Excellent quality. Perfect gift when you want to give something different.
Beautiful pictures and forever keepsake!
Review by Amanda
We bought this book for our 4 month old bc we couldn't wait until he was older to order! It's illustrations are just beautiful! And the animals bringing in each letter is genius! Love that it teaches animals, letters and descriptive words using those letters! Also love that at the end it tells the child all about each animal and has them go back to find hidden coins in each photo! So it becomes a hidden picture book as well! The entertainment that this book can and will bring is endless. We can't wait for our son to enjoy this book! ( also now own my very own name book as well!)
Beautiful pictures and forever keepsake!
Review by Amanda
We bought this book for our 4 month old bc we couldn't wait until he was older to order! It's illustrations are just beautiful! And the animals bringing in each letter is genius! Love that it teaches animals, letters and descriptive words using those letters! Also love that at the end it tells the child all about each animal and has them go back to find hidden coins in each photo! So it becomes a hidden picture book as well! The entertainment that this book can and will bring is endless. We can't wait for our son to enjoy this book! ( also now own my very own name book as well!)
Great Book, Great Gift!
Review by Ilene P
I bought this for my friends son and I am so excited to give it to him. I know he will absolutely love it!
Review by Joelle
I was very impressed with the book and would order another one in a heart beat.
Great except for one thing
Review by Dawn
This is such a fun book! My only complaint is two of the pages are exactly the same and the little girl I purchased it for noticed that the first time we read the story. It took a little something away from the reading experience bc I had to stop and explain why one page was like the other. Otherwise, it's a great purchase!
Unique gift idea!
Review by Lauren
Love the idea of these books. We are so excited to give the Pirate Tale to our son for his birthday--a great way to inspire young readers and make it personal!
Christmas Gift Success
Review by Auntie Em
My husband and I struggle each year to find a gift for our nephew... another of his uncle's always manages to find the PERFECT toy! This year we gave him his own Pirate book, along with the personalized bandana, and it was a hit!! He just turned 3 and is proud to be able to spell his name, so we was super excited to find his name inside the book! And mom and dad were excited to have such a high interest story to add to their bedtime routine.
My puny pirate loves this book
Review by Dawn
This book is beautifully illustrated and I great fun to read. My son especially loves that his name is the key. If your kids love pirates, they will love this book.
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Jody
Loved the book! I ordered as Christmas present for my grandson & everyone was impressed. I love how his name is included throughout the story. Before wrapping I took it to work & showed friends & 2 liked it so much they placed orders of their own.
My Very Own Pirate Tale Personalized Storybook
Review by J
What an amazing book! My nephew has been reading the book over and over. Fantastic gift idea, thank you!
My Very Own Own Pirate Tale
Review by Deb
I was so happy with how the story came out! I've shared the idea with several friends who seem eager to purchase books for their grandchildren.

Having been a preschool /kindergarten teacher for 33 yrs. I very much appreciate the literacy skills these books promote. Will probably be purchasing more books in the future, now that I feel I've found the "perfect gift"!
Pirate and the name book
Review by Christy
I purchased two books for my little boy cousins. They loved them!!! They are beautiful and I hope they keep them for the rest of their lives...thanks
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Janet
This book is PERFECT for a little boy! It's a fun story with very colorful illustrations.
only one complaint
Review by Very nice book
The book arrived on time before Christmas and is very nice quality. I was so excited to give it to my sister for her new baby daughter! My only slight issue is that the main character is white skinned girl and my niece has a little bit darker skin, so I'm not sure if that will be confusing for her when she is older. Other than that the book is absolutely adorable!
Wonderful and Classy Books
Review by CHatcher
This is the second book we've ordered from I See Me! Books and we are thoroughly pleased! These are very classy and customized books, that are not only wonderful and entertaining to read - but help kids enjoy learning the letters in their name and makes them feel like there is a story just about them! The illustrations are amazing too!
Absolutely Perfect
Review by Morgan
Exceeded my expectations - absolutely wonderful product!!
Great Book
Review by Jenny H
Awesome book! Just purchased the Pirate's Tale for our 3 year old for Christmas who is obsessed with pirates. She was so surprised to see her name in the book.
My Kids Loved Their Books
Review by Ruthee
My kids loved their books and seeing their name appear within the story. The stories are great and the book is of good quality. A special treasure for my boys!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Linda Davis
I got this book for my grandson for Christmas. It was his last gift of the day. I gave it to him at bedtime and we read it. He absolutely loved it! He was so surprised that it turned out to be HIM in the book. Then we had to read it again. He loves HIS book and is very happy with it. I love him very much, therefore I am also very happy with the book.
Ahoy Mates
Review by S. Winkler
The book looks great! Can't wait to give it to my grandson on his birthday.
Review by Jenny
The pirate tale was an excellent book for my 4 year old son. He couldn't believe it was a pirate story about him! He was so excited and his imagination ran wild. I will continue to order for my nieces and nephews. Thank you for such great stories for children.
Review by Sharilyn
We ordered this book for our son (3 years old) for Christmas this year and we all absolutely love it! The quality is outstanding, and our son loves having us read it to him. The illustrations are gorgeous as well. Highly recommend!
Review by Kerry Lang
My nephew loved it for Christmas....his smile was my reward :)
Awesome and inspiring!
Review by Jenny
I am a teacher and give books as presents every year. I have used a different company before and enjoyed the books. My son, Gus, loves pirates and I was so excited to find a pirate book that could be personalized. I was however, blown away at the quality of this book. The heavy weight pages filled with beautiful colors and the encouraging story was awesome. You can never give a child enough praise and positive reinforcement. My Gus, and everyone else just loved the book. Thank you.
Pirates Tale
Review by Nana Scherer
I got this for my grandson for Christmas. Although he is only 9 mts now, I am sure it's going to be a favorite. His parents loved it. His favorite tv show is Disneys Jake and the Pirates. It is a very nice big book and very colorful.
Pirate Book
Review by Jessica W.
We bought this book for our nephew who is almost 3. He is able to recognize his name, so this book will aid in him learning how to spell it! This is a great book to grow with him.
The perfect gift!
Review by Mom of a 4 year-old boy
My son loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates so that inspired me to get the pirate book. It is a beautiful quality book that will last forever.

I am planning to order some books for friends who just had babies.

You just can't go wrong with this kind of gift!!!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Grandma Linda
I bought this book for my three-year-old grandson for Christmas and he loved it. I am also very impressed with the quality of the book, the pages, the cover, the artwork - it's very durable and colorful! I will definitely order more of these books.
Great Book
Review by Aunt
My sister-in-law had gotten my son the animal version a few years ago. This pirate version I got for my nephew. It has beautiful illustrations and a fun story. Worth every penny.
Pirate book best Christmas gift you can give!
Review by Annie made book for Colin.
This book is amazing, perfect Christmas gift and the child I got the book for us 7 he felt very special! Thanks for the perfect gift!
Both books are adored & loved!
Review by Mima
I bought two different books -- one for our granddaughter and one for our grandson. The kids love them and their parents adore them so the purchases were definitely a win/win for everyone!
Enormously long name works well
Review by Mima
I didn't know how well the book would handle our grandson's name which is incredibly long. But there was only one repeat of a letter and I'm the only one who even noticed it. The story is GREAT! and I intend to buy more of these books in the future!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Dei
Wonderful book! My 3rd purchase from I See Me. This one was for my nephew. The story, pictures and quality of the book make this a keepsake for every child! I will be ordering from this company again!
Lovely, lovely book
Review by Emily
Fantastic book for a curious 4-year-old! I gave this as an extra-special Christmas gift this year and his parents loved it as much as he did! Thanks for making such a quality product.
Review by Beverly Young
My grandson is only two but I look forward to reading his own special book to him for a long time to come. I am thrilled with the books over-all construction, colors and story presentation. BTW others at our family Christmas were impressed also and will probably be ordering from you!
Great Book!
Review by Auntie
This book is so nice! It has such a great story for building confidence and esteem, and can be a keepsake of years to come!
Personalized Book - Pirates
Review by Susan
Book was printed and bound excellently, delivered quickly and on time. My nephew loved having his name in print!
Awesome Gift!
Review by Nana and Papa
We had two books made - one for our newest granddaughter and one for our newest grandson for their first Christmas. The stories were great and the illustrations beautiful. The parents were touched and I'm sure the children will treasure them for many years. It's a gift I could really feel great about giving.
Awesome Book!
Review by Chris S
We bought this book for our son's 3rd birthday and it couldn't have been more perfect! Thank you!
Pirates Tale
Review by Paula
I have ordered four of these books for the birth of my Grandchildren. Pirates tale for my first Grandson. They are truly a beautiful keepsate for the kids to keep forever. The books are such a class act!!!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Mom Mom
Great gift idea - excellent quality, all kids will love this -- seeing their name in print and becoming a part of the story
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Mom Mom
Great gift idea - excellent quality, all kids will love this -- seeing their name in print and becoming a part of the story
Personal and Unique
Review by Ciera W
I bought this book for my nephew for Christmas and I think it must have circled around the room for 10 minutes as each family member flipped through it. My sister-in-law can't wait to read it to him. And I agree with other reviews - the color is great, the storyline is engaging and the quality of the cover and pages is hard to beat. Get this gift for any child who you want to feel extra special.
Pirate Book
Review by JP Salas
I am very pleased with this book and the most important thing is that, my son is very happy and he loved this book. the illustration and pictures are just perfect. Thanks, JP
The Pirates Tale
Review by Chrissy
I got this for my nephew for Christmas. He got so excited seeing his name as the story line. He loves all kinds of books but when I gave him this one he said "Aunt Chrissy this is my favoritist book" He loved that the book was all about him. I have 4 other nieces and nephews I will be buying books for too. Great gift idea!
Great Book
Review by Ryan
My 5 year old son loves his personalized pirate book. We have to read it every night.
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Lori
The book was a Christmas gift for my 3 year old son. We both love it. He couldn't believe it when he saw his own name in the story. The story was fun and the book was beautiful. I will definitely order more in the future.
Review by Tracy
Great book! This was a Christmas present for my 3 year old nephew, and he LOVES it!
Amazing and educational gift!
Review by Sheryl Lynn
Not only did I love the book, but so did the 3 year old I ordered it for. I felt like my money was very well spent and the book will be enjoyed for many years to come!
Gr. Aunt
Review by H. Danzinger
This is the 3rd book I've ordered...They are great! I gave this website to a neighbor & she ordered one for her grand daughter. My niece loved it for her new baby!

Pirate book
Review by Steve Krueger
Our 5 year old granddaughter is really into pirates this winter so the book and bandana were an instant hit. I'd recommended them highly and without any reservation. Great gift!
Pirate Tale
Review by Patty Jacquemin
I ordered this book for my 3-year old grandson and he loves it! We had the full Pirate theme going for Christmas - luggage, pirate ship, etc. He loves all of it.

I was so impressed with the quality of the book; the paper, colors, story. Wonderful personal book for him.
i love books
Review by Dee
EXCELLENT!!! I would recommend to anybody who would love to show their child how much they love them. These books come out better than expected!!!!
Wow! What a Book.
Review by Kimberly F.
I am addicted to Groupon. I saw I See Me on Groupon's website and so I went to this website to look around. I thought, "Never would I pay 30 some dollars for a book". The price at Groupon was a lot I thought. Boy, was I wrong. I received My Very Own Pirate Tale for my two-year-old nephew. It was absolutely beautiful. I would definitely pay the full price. He sat through this whole book. This book is for older kids, 5 or 6, I thought. It's a keepsake, but I never dreamed that it would hold a two-year-old's attention. Well it did. I am definately going to get more books. I also got placemats. Those are very thick and also very beautiful. I See Me is definately one of my new favorite websites.
Nana Who Cares
Review by Nana Linda
I ordered books for my grandson and grandaughter. They are just wonderful. The quality is fantastic. I know how much these will mean to them all their lives. I ordered a similar item for my 32 year old daughter when she was small, in the day of the old line printers, and it is still special to her. My grands love reading it still. I can't wait to see them open their own stories. Thanks for a great product.
Best Gift Ever!
Review by Aunt
I got this for my 4-year-old nephew for Christmas. Amazing illustrations, good story, and fabulous quality. Money well spent!
Review by Melissa
Great book, but unfortunately, they don't have enough duplicate letters. I bought 3 copies for family members and one has the same page for "H" twice. Apparently, they only have 2 H's available per book before they start to double up. Customer service did not offer a solution. It's a shame because the book is very well done otherwise. Perhaps they should tell you when you submit your order if such a conflict would arise with the name you entered.

* I See Me Editor's Note: We are sorry to hear about your experience. We are working to improve our books every day and appreciate your feedback.
Personalized Book - My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Dewey
Personalized Book - My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Kathy Giancarli
I have ordered several books now for my grandson and I am thrilled with the beautiful illustrations and the quality of the books. I am going to be ordering more in the future and have recommended your company to several of my friends that have grandchildren.
Sail the Seas
Review by Cathy Glenn
I ordered this book for my grandson's first Christmas. It is a tradition that I will continue for all of future grandchildren. The quality of the book is excellent, the story works so well incorporating the child's name, and the illustrations are beautiful. I work in publishing so I know what a quality book looks like and this is one!
Awesome gift!
Review by C.
This was such a cool gift - it arrived so fast and looks so well done, and also has great gift packaging. We are excited to gift it later today. We'll definitely be ordering more for other gifts in the future.
My Very Own Pirate Tale!!
Review by Tyhesia
Amazing!!! My Nephew Loves it, the perfect gift for little ones who are learning to read!!!
Fabulous !!
Review by Shelley
Love our pirate book! Snagged a deal on groupon and WOW...it was worth it!!! Love the personality in the story, beautiful illustrations and fun glossary in the back. Thanks for my sons "forever" book!
Review by Susan Ledford
Love the book, absolutely Awesome!
pirate adventures
Review by catherine madani
Love the book!
My Very Own Pirate Tale
Review by Valerie Burley
I absolutely love this book! Qality material and workmanship; positive story and images. It's an excellent learning tool for my 6 year old grandson.
BIG Two Thumbs Up!
Review by Bonnie W.
I personally and the grandchildren as well give I See Me Books a big two thumbs up! We enjoyed the story line in each of the books. The are engaging, keeping the children interested until the very end (then we need to start the story over). Each book is hard back bound with excellent quality pages inside. I See Me Books would make the perfect anytime gift.
Fun and Educational
Review by Marissa O.
it is a very fun book about my son becoming a captain, finding buried treasure, and spelling out his first and last name! It is really great for learning letters, his name, and it is a really good story all at the same time! I definitely recommend I See Me personalized books for all the readers in your house! They are fun, educational, and personalized so they are perfect for making every child feel special in your house!
Confidence Builder
Review by Akheela
My son is learning to spell and write his name to get ready for school, so this book is very encouraging as he repeats the sounds and learns to recognize the letters in his name.

The words rhyme so it is easy for young children to feel like they can read :) a good confidence builder.
Review by Christina
I just purchased this for my nephew and he can't stop finding the letters and spelling his own name. This book is amazing for children and I won't lie I really want one for myself.
Review by Christina
I just purchased this for my nephew and he can't stop finding the letters and spelling his own name. This book is amazing for children and I won't lie I really want one for myself.
Fantastic gift idea!
Review by Melanie S.
Beautiful illustrations with each animals name and characteristics in the glossary. Fantastic gift idea for your young reader to find his name on his own, and perfect for the little ones who love to hear their name in a book! Spells out their first and last name in rhyme!
Special book made just for him!
Review by Ashley P.
Julien absolutely LOVED listening to me read the story - when he realized his name was in the book, he was so excited, but then confused.....but then excited again when I told him it was a special book JUST for him.
Just Full of Fun
Review by Danielle Royalegacy
My son thoroughly enjoys his book. He loves how his name is the key to opening up the treasure chest. The book is of such a quality construction, heavy paper, and the pictures are vibrant. This would be a great gift for that special child in your life.
Cherished for a Lifetime
Review by Shawna E.
My Very Own Pirate Tale would be a great gift for any boy or girl in your life! You can even place a personalized special message for a birthday, holiday, or just because I love you in the front of the book. You pick the exact words which is what makes the book fully customized! You can even use first and last name in the rest of the book if that's what you want. Which is what I chose to do with my daughter's book. I See Me! will work with you to make it the best, most memorable gift that is sure to be cherished for a lifetime.
Kristin W.
Review by Great Learning Experience
This is a great keepsake for any child from 0-12 years of age. It's simplistic, but very entertaining. My son absolutely loves this and has read it several times since we have received it. It's a great learning experience and enjoyable to personalize for your little ones. I definitely recommend I SEE ME books to anyone who loves to customize items for their family like I do.
A Favorite!
Review by LATD
In addition to teaching him about sea creatures, it really has helped with him getting a hang of spelling out his last name. I had only tackled his first name but thanks to this book, it looks like Adrian will be spelling out his last name in no time. This is one of his favorite books - he shows it to everyone & anyone that he can. We love the I See Me! books and are definitely looking into getting more - maybe for Christmas.
Hero of the story!
Review by Lena B.
I See Me creates personalized books for kids with many different story lines such as birthday, fairy tales and of course PIRATES! And not only is the story about my son, each page has a different letter spelling out his name which is something he is currently learning, so this is perfect for him. The story ends with my little Captain being the hero of the story and that makes him super happy!

I think I See Me books are perfect for kids of all ages as they are something that would be great to hold onto straight into adulthood as a keepsake and I am for sure going to be looking into using I See Me for gift giving times.
Fantastic Teaching Aid!
Review by Rose D.
We found the illustration to be wonderful and a fantastic teaching aid in building vocabulary skills and assisting him in spelling his own first and last name before he even enters pre-kindergarden.
Beautifully designed
Review by AZ Family
I See Me! books are beautifully designed, high-quality and durable, meaning they can withstand time and countless readings from even the littlest of hands. I love this gift idea and reading with your child is crucial for educational and bonding reasons!
Great for Girls, Too!
Review by Melissa Baker
At first I was disappointed because it seemed that all the books for a girl about toddler age were all about princesses. We are not big fans of everything being princess-y for girls, and once I looked closer at the pirate book I saw that it could be customized for a girl as well. THANK YOU. My non-princess-y two year old received a wonderful book and she loves pirates!

(More less-girly books for girls would be great, too!)

Review by Megan Steele
"My kids love books of all kinds, but my son loves to be read to , and he likes to make up things about the story like a picture of a boy is him, even though it's not. I absolutely could not be happier with the I see me book we received. Because he is only 2 but has a very active imagination and is in to everything boyish I knew that My Very Own Pirate Tale was perfect."

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Maia Haag Author: Maia Haag
Maia Haag, Author and CEO of I See Me! Inc., loved to write as a child and would create crayon-illustrated, yarn-bound stories to give to her parents as Christmas gifts. Maia continued her passion for writing as an English major at Princeton, and her personalized storybook books have been granted the iParenting Award, Family Choice Award, Mom's Choice Award, and Benjamin Franklin Award. Maia has been featured in dozens of magazines and newspapers including People, Good Housekeeping, Entrepreneur magazine and The Chicago Sun-Times, and she has appeared on over 35 television news shows around the country.
Lisa Falkenstern Art Director: Lisa Falkenstern
Lisa Falkenstern has drawn from the time she was small, turning one page book reports into illustrated epics. Graduating from Parsons School of Design, she has illustrated for many publishers including Simon and Schuster, Random House, Putnam, Scholastic and Marshall Cavendish. Her work appeared in The Fine Art of Illustration show at the Hunterdon Art Museum and in the book The Best Two Hundred Illustrators Worldwide. She has won a Gold Medal from the N.Y. Society of Illustrators and her work is included in their permanent collection. Lisa lives and paints in the countryside of New Jersey where she lives with her husband, Ken, and their many dogs and cats.