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Who Loves Me? for SiblingsWho Loves Me? for Siblings
Who Loves Me? for Siblings
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Lyrical rhymes feature the names of those who love the children
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It is often said that there is no better gift that you can give children than love. Who Loves Me? features the names of family members and friends who love the children. This beautifully illustrated book reassures the children that they are loved "so much" by each person, with melodious rhymes describing the depth of each individual's love. When ordering, customers have the option to upload a photo of their child to appear on the dedication page of the book. Children love seeing their names and photos in print! Written by Jennifer Dewing, with colorful, whimsical illustrations by Maria Carluccio, this hardcover book is a perfect gift for babies and young children!

Gender and ages: Girls and boys ages 0-6
Size: 8.5" x 8.5"
Number of pages: 20 (If you complete all 6 spreads)
Awards: Mom's Choice, Creative Child Magazine and

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Ordering Instructions: This version of the book is for two children. (Sorry, it cannot accommodate more than two children.) We also offer a version of the book for one child or twins.

1. Enter the names of the people who love the children exactly as you would like the names to be printed in the book.

2. There are a total of 6 spreads in the book that include names of people who love the children. For example, the first spread reads, "Who loves [name of child #1 and child #2]? [Person #1] loves [child #1 and child #2]! How much? So much! More than the mountains, more than the streams, more than a little one's happiest dreams."

3. If you would like your book to include more than 6 names of people who love the children, you can enter more than one name on some or all of the spreads. If you include more than one person's name for a spread, be sure to include the word "and" between the names and select "love" so the copy reads, "Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike love [child #1 and child #2]!"

4. We encourage you to list names for all 6 spreads. If you list only 4 people who love the child your book will include only 4 spreads. Here are some ideas to help you complete all 6 spreads: cousins, aunts, uncles, teachers, pets, friends, everyone, God.

5. Please proof your entries and selections for "love", "loves" or "loved" to make sure your book will be grammatically correct.

Mom's Choice AwardCreative Child Magazine "Book of the Year" Award