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Who Loves Me? for Siblings

Who Loves Me? for Siblings

SKU #: BK500-SI

Who Loves Me? for Siblings

SKU #: BK500-SI

Lyrical rhymes feature the names of those who love the children



Product Details

It is often said that there is no better gift that you can give children than love. Who Loves Me? features the names of family members and friends who love the children. This beautifully illustrated book reassures the children that they are loved "so much" by each person, with melodious rhymes describing the depth of each individual's love. When ordering, customers have the option to upload a photo of their child to appear on the dedication page of the book. Children love seeing their names and photos in print! Written by Jennifer Dewing, with colorful, whimsical illustrations by Maria Carluccio, this hardcover book is a perfect gift for babies and young children!

Gender and ages:Girls and boys ages 0-6
Size:8.5" x 8.5"
Number of pages:20 (If you complete all 6 spreads)
Awards:Mom's Choice, Creative Child Magazine and

Standard delivery:Receive 2 weeks after date of order
Expedite delivery:Receive 7-8 business days after receipt of order
Air delivery:Receive 3 business days after date of order
Canada delivery:Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date
International delivery:Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date

Ordering Instructions: This version of the book is for two children. (Sorry, it cannot accommodate more than two children.) We also offer a version of the book for one child or twins.

1. Enter the names of the people who love the children exactly as you would like the names to be printed in the book.

2. There are a total of 6 spreads in the book that include names of people who love the children. For example, the first spread reads, "Who loves [name of child #1 and child #2]? [Person #1] loves [child #1 and child #2]! How much? So much! More than the mountains, more than the streams, more than a little one's happiest dreams."

3. If you would like your book to include more than 6 names of people who love the children, you can enter more than one name on some or all of the spreads. If you include more than one person's name for a spread, be sure to include the word "and" between the names and select "love" so the copy reads, "Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike love [child #1 and child #2]!"

4. We encourage you to list names for all 6 spreads. If you list only 4 people who love the child your book will include only 4 spreads. Here are some ideas to help you complete all 6 spreads: cousins, aunts, uncles, teachers, pets, friends, everyone, God.

5. Please proof your entries and selections for "love", "loves" or "loved" to make sure your book will be grammatically correct.

Mom's Choice AwardCreative Child Magazine "Book of the Year" Award


Product Reviews

Fantastic Review by Mary


This book is for my great-grandchildren. I am anxious to see they're expressions when the see the book . One is six and is in kindergarten so she will be able to read it. One is two but she is really into books. The other one will be here in January, so we don't know much about him yet.

Who Loves Me Review by Michele


My grandson loves his new book, whenever you say how much, he says soooooo much. Granddaughter not old enough yet, but sure she will love it too.

Who Loves Me? for Siblings Review by Lee


I sent this as a gift for a brother and his new baby sister. His mom was very impressed, saying she had never seen anything like it, and has added it to their nighttime reading routine. It was a good way to welcome the new baby, but not forget about the sibling.

What a great book! Review by Molly


I bought these personalized books for each of my grandkids and they're wonderful! The illustrations are sweet and the story is very special. It's the perfect gift!

Who Loves Me Review by Kimberly


My two daughters has unique names and so it is difficult to find things special for them. I was able to list all the family and make it a special Christmas. It is a book they can enjoy and save for years to come.

Who Loves me Review by Linda


Very beautiful book for grandkids. Loved the words. Very well done and would recommend the book

Who Loves Me Review by Joanne


Bought the book for my nephews. The quality is excellent and I plan on ordering two more for other friends children. cant wait to try some of the other titles.

Awesome! Review by Najmiah


My kids love the book. We have to read every night for bedtime!

Aunt Mel's Christmas Present Review by Melissa


So perfect! I hate to give toys as my niece and nephew have far too many, so this looked perfect. I was so excited when it arrived, it's absolutely stunning; I love it!

Who Loves Me Review by Kathy T


I ordered this book for my Great Grand sons. I thought it was VERY "Special" as the book makes them to be. I would Highly recommend it!!!

grandmother Review by judy


This is a really lovely book - beautiful graphics and poetry. My grandsons love it.

Who Loves Me for Siblings Review by Brenda


I bought this book for my grandchildren. When I received it, I was very impressed with the is first rate!!!! I can hardly wait for them to open at Christmas! I would highly recommend this book to anybody. The highest rating here is 5, but I would give it a 10!

Who Loves Tazio and Tatiana Review by Vanessa V.


This sibling's book was ever so adorable and sweet. I love how it is a personalized message to my children, each time I read it, how the important people in their lives love them. I can see it makes my children feel special and loved.

cc Review by d


Love it! The sibling book and ability to customize was awesome. Wish I could have added two more sets of people. We have a big family.

LOVED IT!! Review by Cheri


I ordered this book as a Christmas present for my niece and nephew. I read it as soon as I received and was so happy with how it came out. I am so excited to see how much they enjoy this.

Love it Review by Betsy


My great nieces really love the book! So did their Mom & Dad it was a hit on my recent visit

Impressed! Review by Stacey S.


My girls love their beautiful book and it is now added to our reading list at bedtime. My youngest is trying to memorize it so she can "read" it along too. The first day we received it, they were so excited to have this amazing book to add to their collection and the extended family was just as excited to be included. The sweet phrases are the perfect way to express those overflowing feelings that we have for our kids, but sometimes just can't find the appropriate way to explain. I am so impressed with the quality and design of this beautiful book!!

Who Loves Me Review by Jeanine


I ordered this book for my nephews for Christmas. When I recieved it, it brought me to tears because I loved it so much! I cant wait to give it to them. I would reccomend this book to anyone!

Who Loves Me Review by Naomi Y.


I gave this as a Christmas present to my two grandchildren--they loved it! Everyone else at our Christmas Eve party were very impressed, and wanted to know where to get it. The quality is superb, and I recommend it to parents, grandparents, and anyone who loves children. My grandbabies love to read, and they loved seeing their names in this beautiful book.

Personalized Children's Book - Who Loves Me Review by Kayleen


I ordered this book, after contacting Customer Service to see if they could customize it for 3 children - due to the character limit, it was an easy accommodation (my communication with Customer Service was easily one of the best experiences I have had with an online company)! I LOVE the book! We gave it to our boys, as one last present, the night of Christmas, and read it before bed - they all (3 years old & 1.5 year old twins)loved hearing their names, and my 3 year old loved that he was able to recognize the letters of his name, and his brothers. THANK YOU! The book is beautiful, great quality, and definitely the perfect ending for our Christmas! I will definitely be recommending this gift to friends and family!

Who Loves Me Review by Tommie


WE personalized this book for our two nieces for Christmas. They with their parents LOVED IT. It make a cute book very special.

Who loves ....... Review by Dianne


This was a hit. The kids were mesmerized because it mentioned them by name and all the special people that love them

Who Loves Me! Review by Lois


This is a Wonderful Book, like all the others. I have never been disappointed. Everyone Loved it!!!

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