5 Tips to Help Foster Your Child’s Love of Reading

There is nothing more satisfying to a parent than seeing your child’s nose in a book. Reading helps children academically,enhances their curiosity for learning and builds their knowledge regarding a host of topics.

If you want to help foster your child’s love of reading, consider these five tips from Maia Haag, the founder of I See Me!

1. Keep Books Close
Keeping books within an arm’s reach at all times will help remind you and your child to pull out a good book when there are lulls in the day. Perhaps you’re waiting for an appointment or at a restaurant. These are opportune times to pull out a book and read together. Keep small books in your purse and your car, in addition to the books in your living room and in your child’s bedroom.

2. Turn It Off!
If you turn on the TV or hand your child your iPhone every time he or she is “bored,” you may foster your child’s love of electronics more than books. Instead, hand your child a book and encourage reading as your family’s preferred method of entertainment. Help your child set reading goals, track time spent reading each day, and perhaps create a fun celebratory dinner or night out when the child reaches his or her reading goal for the week or month.

3. Put Your Child in the Story
Every child loves being the star of his or her own storybook. Personalized children’s books from I See Me! feature the child’s name throughout the story, engaging a child in the story like never before. Having your kids play a role in the books they read will make them feel special and foster a love of reading.
4. Be a Reading Role Model
Be a good role model for your child. Read in front of your child, discuss books with your child, and check out books from the library together. Show your child that you like to read different kinds of books and media, including magazines and newspapers. Your child is watching and learning from you, so be the kind of reader you want your child to be.
5. Make Library Visits Essential
Prioritize a visit to the library once a week, allowing your child to check out new books so that reading stays exciting and interesting at all times. Encourage your child to select a variety of books to explore different people, places and adventures.

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