Valentine's Day traditions and activities for kids

Valentine’s Day Activities and Traditions for Kids

Step into a world of Valentine’s Day magic designed just for kids! In our guide, we’ve gathered up some sweet activities, crafts, and games that are all about creating special moments with your little ones. It’s not just about the typical stuff for Valentine’s Day; we’re talking about unique ideas that’ll make this day truly memorable. From adorable crafts for the children to heartwarming traditions, we’ve got you covered. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day a time for love, laughter, and building cherished memories with your family. Join us as we explore fun Valentine’s activities. You’ll discover exciting things to do that will turn this day into a celebration filled with joy! 

Creating Valentine’s Day Traditions

Hey there, fellow parent or grandparent! Let’s talk about turning Valentine’s Day into more than just hearts and candies—it’s about creating some awesome traditions with your kiddos. Imagine seeing their face light up as they get a sweet note or a personalized Valentine’s Day gift. This is the fun stuff they’ll look forward to every year!  

mom and daughter playing together

Personalized Children’s Books

First, start by adding a personal touch to your Valentine traditions. Picture their smile of joy as they unwrap a personalized book featuring their name throughout the story! Books like these are more memorable when shared. Read a story together as a family and start a new Valentine’s Day activity that will turn into a cherished tradition every year.  

Tell your little one how much you love them with a board book like Reasons Why I Love You. You can even include a photo and your own “reasons why” on every page!  

Want to surround your child with family love? Who Loves Me? includes the names of up to six people who love the child, so you can include a grandparent and uncle too. If you’re an aunt looking for a unique gift, surprise your niece or nephew with a gift that celebrates your special bond. Auntie and Me is a personalized gift to share and make sweet memories.  

Mom and daughter reading a personalized Valentine's Day book

“I Love You” Wake Up

Before your child wakes, decorate their bedroom door with sticky notes in the shape of a heart. On each note, write something that you love about them. You can read the notes together all at once, or read them each morning as a confidence boost for your little one!  

Valentine’s Food Idea for Breakfast

Make your child’s morning magical with a creative twist on toast! First, toast your bread and spread with peanut butter. Toast a frozen pancake (or make fresh—if you’re feeling ambitious!) and cut into a heart shape. Place the heart pancake on top of the toast. Cover the pancake with a thin layer of yogurt and then finish with pink and red sprinkles.  

Baking Cookies

Sprinkle some sweetness into your Valentine’s Day traditions with a delightful activity that’s as delicious as it is heartwarming – baking cookies with your kids! Bake a batch of heart-shaped sugar cookies and have your little chef helperdo the decorating. It’s not just about mixing the ingredients; it’s a bonding experience that’s full of love. Plus, the best part? Sharing these homemade treasures becomes a tradition in itself, spreading love to family, friends, and neighbors. 

Love Note Mailbox

Set up a cute mailbox for your kid and surprise them with small treats. These surprises can be from you or from Cupid as a reward for good behavior. Imagine the excitement as your little one discovers a tiny love note, sweet treat, or personalized stickers with their name on each one!  

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Spark your child’s creativity with Valentine arts and craftsthat’ll help you craft new traditions too. Whether you’re creating a unique drawing or a Valentine’s Day card, our ideas will get their imaginations revved up. So gather your art supplies and make this a family celebration to remember! 

A girl crafting paper hearts

Baby’s First Valentine 

Celebrate baby’s first Valentine’s Day with a handmade piece of art that you can treasure forever!  

  1. Pencil out large letters that spell LOVE.  
  2. Dip your child’s feet into baby-safe paint and stamp the V onto the paper.  
  3. Next, put paint on their hand and stamp it to form the O.  
  4. You can write or draw the other letters to form the whole word.  

Want to preserve this activity? Frame it, create copies to send to family, or take a picture and add it to a personalized book for the dedication page!  

Valentine Craft: Love Tree

For this Valentine’s Day activity, your child will create a family love tree! To create this drawing, here are the step-by-step instructions:  

  1. Start with a simple drawing of a tree. 
  2. Invite each family member to add their fingerprint “leaves” using different colored paint. 
  3. Around each fingerprint, they can write or draw something they love or appreciate about each family member.  
  4. Add new fingerprints every Valentine’s Day.  

Over the years, this Love Tree will grow into a beautiful and sentimental masterpiece. It’s not only a creative activity but also a touching way to visually represent the growth of your family bonds over time.

Valentine’s Day Card

Let’s turn the art of crafting Valentine’s Day cards into a heartwarming tradition! Encourage your kid to create a card for a family member or friend, with a personalized note inside. Here are some ideas to create a unique card that hones their artistic skills and expresses love:  

  • I Love You Beary Much Card: Craft your own bear out of construction paper to glue onto the cover and write a special note inside!  
  • Monster Love Card: This pink monster card opens upward to “open” the monster’s mouth and reveals your message inside.
  • Emoji Face Card: Craft your own emoji faces and glue them to this card as a visual way to say “I love you!” 

Valentine’s Day Games

Ready for more fun? We’ve curated some easy Valentine’s Day activities and games – perfect for kickstarting new traditions with your family. From playing with balloons to hunting for hearts in a scavenger hunt, these activities are all about bringing everyone closer. So, grab the crew, let’s kick off a Valentine’s Day bash filled with giggles, crafts, and loads of heart! 

A tic-tac-toe game board made from candy hearts and licorice

Valentine Game: Memory Match

Create pairs of cards featuring Valentine’s Day-themed images (hearts, flowers, Cupid, etc.). Place them face down and let your child flip two cards at a time, aiming to find matching pairs. 

Scavenger Hunt  

Organize a scavenger hunt around the house or backyard with heart-shaped clues leading to small treats or surprises. This activity encourages excitement and exploration! 

Sweetheart Tic-Tac-Toe 

Create a tic-tac-toe board using a large sheet of paper and draw hearts for the Xs and Os. Use small candies as game pieces and take turns playing this sweet and simple game together. 

Heart Balloon Pop 

Write different activities or treats on small pieces of paper and place them inside heart-shaped balloons before inflating. Your child can pop a balloon to reveal a surprise activity or treat for the day!  

Love Bug Puppet Show 

Craft love bug puppets using paper bags or craft sticks and add googly eyes. Put on a puppet show, creating your own story or reenacting a favorite fairy tale with a Valentine’s Day twist!