Top Children’s Names in I See Me!’s Personalized Books and Products

Giving a personalized storybook to a special child in your life is one of the most exciting and treasured gifts you can give. That’s why our thousands of customers come back time and time again not only to purchase books for their children, but also to purchase personalized books and gifts for their nieces, nephews, and other special children in their lives.

Each book we create is personalized with the child’s name (and sometimes photo) in the pages of the story. Your child gets to go on his or her very own storybook adventure thanks to I See Me!

What this also means is we have our pulse on the most popular children’s names each year.

As you peruse the list of popular boy and girl names for 2015, remember, these aren’t the most popular baby names per se; rather, these are the most popular kid names of 2015 as I See Me! readers come in a variety of ages from newborn and up!

Top 10 Boy Names of 2015 Top 10 Girl Names of 2015

* Most popular names in I See Me! personalized books and products from January – September 2015.

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