Baby Shower Gifts for Moms-to-Be

Choosing baby shower gifts can be difficult. Do you opt for the practical or the sentimental? The baby bath or the cuddly toy? What if you bring a duplicate gift—an awkward situation for all concerned? Here’s a few suggestions to help you choose the best possible gifts for mothers.


Coordinate Gifts

If you know other people attending the shower, ask what gifts they plan on bringing. Not only does this help avoid duplicates, it also offers opportunities. If the expectant mom’s sister is buying a car seat, for instance, maybe you can purchase some car seat accessories to go with it.


Practical or Sentimental?

This is a tough one. On the one hand, you can never have too many spit-up blankies. On the other, a sentimental gift such as a personalized picture book will be treasured. A first-time mom’s going to need all the supplies, clothes, and baby accessories she can, while experienced moms may have everything they need for day-to-day baby care.

Of course, you can combine practical and sentimental gifts for mothers with presents such as I See Me’s Who Loves Me? gift set. Combining a beautifully illustrated personalized book with a soft blankie that can be used for cleaning spit-up or just snuggling, the set’s sure to be one of the most talked-about baby shower gifts at the gathering.


Board Books and Nursery Decorations

Even at a very young age, kids love to hear their name read aloud or see their photo. Personalized board books offer hours of fun during storytime, and are thoughtful gifts for mothers. Sturdy enough to withstand curious little hands, our selection of personalized books become lifelong keepsakes for both moms and their children.

Nursery decorations are bright, colorful choices for any baby shower gift, so why not surprise the expectant mom with a beautiful personalized growth chart? Lovingly illustrated and emblazoned with the new baby’s name, these 42-inch tall charts will measure a little one’s height for years to come.


When You Don’t Know Who to Expect

But wait—what if you don’t know the name or even the gender of the baby? While many parents ask for the sex of the baby to help them decide on nursery décor and clothing, others prefer to be surprised.

If this is the case, and you still want to give a personalized gift, we offer elegant gift certificates so parents can select the book or gift that best suits their new baby.


Don’t Forget the Siblings!

Sometimes baby shower gifts don’t have to be for mom or baby. If the family already has children, they may be feeling left out of all the excitement. Remind them they’re special by giving them a gift at the shower. I See Me offers picture books, stickers, coloring and activity books, and lunch boxes, all personalized with the older sibling’s name to remind them that having a new brother or sister doesn’t make them any less special or loved.

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