Find the Perfect Personalized Gift Idea

Every child is different, and grows up with their own set of special interests. Some interests are almost universal to childhood—dinosaurs, fairies, pirates, and princesses all fascinate children, and it’s easy to find presents that reflect such interests. Other interests are less common, but it’s still possible to create personalized gift ideas for kids who take the roads less travelled.


Discovering Your Child’s Interests

With older kids, it’s easy to discover their interests simply by talking to them. Infants and toddlers, however, may not be able to communicate what types of things they enjoy. To discover their interests, you have to get down to their level—literally.

Get down on the floor, face to face with your child so you can observe his reactions. Instead of interacting, just watch—you may be surprised what makes his face light up with interest.

While you’re watching, here’s some questions to ask:

  • What makes your child laugh?
  • What keeps your child’s attention?
  • What does your child choose to play with?
  • What brings out the most energy or effort in your child?
  • What is your child willing to work hard for?

Answer these questions and you’ll develop a good idea of what your child likes.


Personalized Books

Personalized gifts for kids that reflect their own interests are sure to be favorites. Children love seeing their own photos and their names in print, so customized books that imagine them interacting with their favorite things are always popular. For instance, I See Me gift sets are ideal for children who love pirates, trucks, animals, or fairies.


Customized Stickers and Coloring Books

Kids love to create their own art, and indeed a child’s drawings often indicate his true interests—a child whose stick figures all sail ships and have swords is probably more interested in pirates and the ocean than trucks or ballerinas. Encourage your child’s creative side with personalized stickers that match their names to their interests. Customized coloring books also provides hours of fun, building important motor skills while encouraging children to explore their favorite subjects.


Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are ideal personalized gift ideas for kids with specific interests, as you can find age-appropriate puzzles of almost anything. You can also download apps for smartphones to make virtual puzzles from your own pictures while specifying the puzzle’s difficulty level.


Stickers and Iron-on Patches

No matter how invested your child is in his or her interests, personalized gift ideas for kids make that interest even stronger. Never underestimate the power of stickers to personalize a child’s gift. Use bright letter stickers to add a child’s name to a bike, chair, toy truck, or other item and you’ve made a special toy even more meaningful. Iron-on patches allow you to customize clothing with the child’s name.

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