Best First Birthday Gifts

A baby’s first birthday party is an important milestone, even if the guest of honor needs a nap halfway through the celebration. A new person has lived on this planet for a whole year! if that isn’t worth celebrating, what is?

Chances are, the little one won’t know why the day is special, only that everyone’s paying attention to her. Often the party is more significant to parents and older siblings, who understand how important the moment is.

With that in mind, the best gifts for baby’s first birthday are those which are unique—keepsakes the family will use to remember this special day forever. Here are some great ideas for that all-important first birthday present.


Personalized Baby Books

Some of the best gifts for baby’s first birthday, customized baby books not only make great keepsakes, they’re perfect for story time. By a first birthday, a child can identify her own name and picture, and loves hearing her name read out loud.

Beautifully illustrated, the award-winning My Very Own Name customized book has a parade of animals spell out the child’s first and last name. Or introduce the little one to the alphabet with ABC What I Can Be, which shows the many careers the little one can be, from astronaut to zookeeper.


Growth Charts and Placemats

The little birthday boy or girl is going to grow with every passing year, so why not help chart that growth with a personalized growth chart? Emblazoned with the child’s name and bright, colorful illustrations, growth charts make a great accessory to any youngster’s room, and chart the first 42-inches of a child’s growth without marking up the walls.

At a year old, the little one’s probably still a messy eater. A personalized placemat helps catch some of the mess while providing the child with a colorful and fun mat to focus on. That same mat exposes the child to the letters of his name with every meal, helping him learn to recognize those letters—an important pre-reading skill.


Sibling Gifts

Sometimes the best gifts for baby’s first birthday are rewards for older siblings. The first year of life as a big brother or sister is exciting, but also a little unnerving. The new baby seems to eat parent attention, and older kids may be asked to take on new responsibilities. Use the birthday party to show you appreciate an older sibling’s efforts. A set of personalized stickers or customized coloring books are a nice gesture. A personalized book such as The Super, Incredible Big Sister or Big Brother is another thoughtful gift that rewards the older sibling. Don’t worry about the birthday boy or girl getting jealous—chances are he or she’s going to need a nap anyway!

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