7 Fun Family Bonding Activities

Television shows have their place in a child’s life, but sitting in front of the TV doesn’t bring you closer together as a family. Instead of watching more TV, why not make some memories with these seven fun family bonding activities?

Games Night

When was the last time you pulled out the board games for a night of dice-rolling and laughter? A weekly games night can quickly become a beloved family tradition that teaches children through play. Simple games like Snakes and Ladders teach basic counting, while older children learn strategy and problem-solving from checkers, Monopoly, or Clue.

Arts and Crafts

Kids love making crafts with parents. Not only is the whole family doing something together, with mom and dad’s help kids can complete more complicated crafts than they could alone.

Arts and crafts don’t need to be complicated. Coloring together is a great family experience, especially with personalized coloring books.

Exploring Nature

Exploring nature is a great way to bring the family together, especially as the great outdoors offers so many fun activities. Go camping and hiking or pack a picnic for a day at the beach. Dig in the dirt and plant some seeds, or go bug-hunting in the backyard. And if it’s raining, well, most kids jump at the chance to splash in rain puddles.

Cook Together

Eating dinner together is already a family bonding experience. Having the kids help cook makes it even more fun. Small kids can stir and mix ingredients together, while older kids can be taught to make simple recipes—a skill they’ll carry with them for a lifetime.

Get Active

Grab a baseball and glove, soccer ball, or Frisbee and head out to the park. Getting active brings the whole family together, whether you’re playing tag or going for a bike ride. Teach children to be active at a young age and you lower their risk of obesity in later life.

Plan as a Family

Kids love having a role to play in decision-making, so as long as you have final say, why not get them involved in family planning? You can plan everything from chore lists to vacations together, encouraging kids to be creative while taking other family member’s feelings into account.


Reading is, in the opinion of I See Me staff, one of the easiest and greatest family bonding activities you can do. All you need is favorite book and willingness to curl up together. Start with bedtime books for younger kids, and graduate to chapter books as they grow older. Add in a comfy chair and come cuddles, and you’ve got a wonderful way to spend time with the kids.

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