5 Ring Bearer Gift Ideas

A wedding’s young ring bearer has an enormous responsibility. He has to walk down the aisle carrying the rings, making sure they get to the bride and groom safely. It might not seem like a big deal to an adult, but to a child of four or five, this is a huge—and somewhat scary—event.

It’s customary to reward ring bearers with gifts, but what to get them? They’re a little young for sentimental gifts, but you still want to commemorate the occasion. We’ve selected five ring bearer gift ideas we think will please any young member of your wedding party—and his parents.

Security / Police Play Set

Your ring bearer protects your rings, so why not acknowledge that important role with a play set centered around protecting or guarding? Police, sheriff, or security dress-up sets are easy to find, and you can add in some little personalized touches the child can keep as he gets older—a personalized sheriff’s badge, say, or a laminated “ring security” badge with the child’s picture and name.

Personalized Piggy Banks

Continuing the theme of protection and security, personalized piggy banks are great ring bearer gift ideas. Make the gift that much more special by filling it with small treats, customized stickers, and, of course, some spending money.

Customized Sports Gear

Is your rugged, handsome little ring bearer also passionate about soccer, baseball, or other sports? If so customized sports gear is an excellent choice. A baseball bat engraved with his name, a ball, and a glove is one suggestion, or a soccer ball imprinted with his name and jersey number.

Personalized Books for Ring Bearers

While some children will prefer a play set or toy as a reward, others (and their parents) may prefer a longer-lasting gift. Personalized books make wonderful commemorative ring bearer gift ideas. The book makes the child the star of his own story, and you can often include a personal dedication to mark the occasion.

Backpacks of Surprise

If you want a unique way to present your gift, buy a personalized back pack. Put the main gift in the backpack, and then add small gifts, such as packs of crayons and coloring books. This isn’t just a gift for the ring bearer, by the way—you’re also providing the parents with ways to keep their child occupied while they enjoy your wedding!

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