5 Fun Winter Games for Kids

When people think of winter games for kids, they tend to think of the old standbys—snowball fights, building snowmen, making snow angels, and tobogganing. Wonderful though these activities are, we think the winter months hold many more opportunities for fun and play. Here’s five fun winter games for kids we think your family will love.

Frozen Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is always fun, even when the temperature drops. Once the thermometer drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit soap bubbles freeze in the air, a phenomenon that’s sure to fascinate kids and adults alike. Challenge kids to see if they can gather up the frozen bubbles, and see what happens if you take the frozen bubble into a warmer environment.

Paint the Snow

Fill a variety of squirt and spray bottles with water and add either a few drops of food coloring or some Kool-Aid packets. Now go outside and paint the snow dunes! This is even more fun if you have the yard decorated with holiday lights—once the snow’s painted the lights will reflect off your temporary masterpiece’s many colors.


Make your next snow day an athletic event and combine several winter games for kids. Children can run races through deep snow, compete to see how fast they can make snow angels, jump snow mounts, or toss snowballs at targets.

Snowy Tug-of-War

Split the family into two teams and have a tug-of-war in the deep snow. Falling’s safer and sillier, especially if the kids “beat” the adults.

Holiday Hula Hoops

Hula hoop spinning doesn’t sound like an activity that belongs in a list of winter games for kids, but for sheer silliness, there’s nothing better than trying to keep a hoop spinning in deep snow while wearing a snowsuit. The trick here is to have fun trying—and failing—to keep the hoop moving.

No matter which winter games you play, ending the day warm and cozy with a hot chocolate and a personalized storybook only adds to the enjoyment—and the warmth of the memories you just created.

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