Why Parents Should Spoil Kids—with Books

Saying no and setting limits is one of the most important things we do as parents. No parent wants to be accused of spoiling their child.

For every rule, however, there is an exception. In this case, it’s books. Spoiling a child with books is the one of those situations when saying yes is better than no. The benefits of reading are simply too many not to give children access to as many books as possible.

Rather than spoil a child, an abundance of age-appropriate books encourages children to develop self-discipline and a strong moral code. A steady stream of electronic media doesn’t always provide good examples of either—would you want your child basing his decisions on the actions of most video game characters? Even children’s media where characters act well rarely go into depth on why good behavior and a code of conduct are important.

Books, however, take the time to explore such abstract consequences properly. Deeds and thoughts can be thoroughly explored—as well as the consequences of each character’s actions. Books provide the good examples sadly missing in most other entertainment.

Other Benefits of Reading

Molding your child’s emerging sense of right and wrong isn’t the only reason to spoil her with books. The benefits of reading are well-researched and start to be seen even before the child can read himself. When you read together:

  • You foster a stronger relationship between parent and child
  • Your child develops basic language skills faster
  • Your child discovers how to handle and use a book
  • You improve your child’s communication skills
  • You have fun!

Children whose parents read to them early in life tend to do better in all areas of academics and develop both logical and abstract thinking skills faster. Once the child can read to herself, benefits of reading include improved concentration and memory, improved creativity, and an active imagination. Reading also reduces stress and anxiety and has been linked to increased self-esteem in children.

Buying Books for Kids

Your options are limitlessness when buying books for kids. You can buy new, of course, but you can also hunt local used book stores, thrift stores, and library book sales for age appropriate reading material. Give kids books for good behavior, personal achievements, or just because—you can’t go wrong when you spoil your kids with books, so go for it! They’ll thank you for the gifts reading brings.

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