DIY Princess Party

Your little girl deserves to be treated like royalty on her birthday, so why not make her dreams come true with a DIY princess party? With a little imagination and some sparkles, you can create a princess-themed party she’ll remember for a lifetime.


Royal Invitations

Before any coronation, royal proclamations must be sent throughout the kingdoms. Making your own scroll invitations is easy. Just type up the invitations using a fancy “olden times” font that mimics calligraphy, using some clipart of crowns and castles for decoration. Print the invitations out on colored paper, roll each up, and tie with a ribbon.

Preparing for the Feast

Any child who wants a DIY princess party will have visions of what a royal feast should look like. Often it isn’t the food the child thinks of as much as the fancy plates and utensils.


While you don’t want to break out the best china for a kid’s party, a quick hunt for party favors online will reveal a wealth of fancy-looking disposable plates and glasses in both paper and plastic. Choose napkins and a single-use tablecloth that match your princess’s favorite colors. Bonus points for getting a family member to dress up as a butler to serve the royal entourage!


Dresses fit for Princesses

While your princess is, of course, the star of the show, remember those attending her coronation are royalty in their own right. Providing “royal” tutus, wands, and party necklaces is a must to ensure everyone looks the part. These extras can be found at most party stores and taken home at the end of the party.


Have the party guests make their own crowns by downloading templates online and printing them out on cardboard. Provide crayons, glue, plastic “gemstones,” pipe cleaners, and glitter so each child can make a unique crown to wear for the big day.


Royal Games

You may not have a royal ballroom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play some suitably fairy-tale games. Pin the kiss on the frog (or the crown on the princess) are two royal variations on the traditional pin the tail on the donkey party game. Hide a selection of party jewelry throughout the house and tell the assembled princes and princesses a wicked imp stole all the kingdom’s riches and you need help finding them.

Presenting the Princess Her Presents

Wrapping pink tulle into a bow around the back of a kitchen chair gives your princess a royal throne for when it’s time to crown her (and open presents). Search party or costume shops for a suitable crown to present her at this point.


Any fairy tale princess also needs a wand, which is why we created our fairy all-in-one gift set. Perfect for any princess, the set includes a customized Very Own Fairy Tale storybook and coloring book, with a lovely pink flower wand to put the final touch on your DIY princess party.

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