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Make Your Child the Star with a My Name Book

A My Name Book is more than just a story—it’s a unique keepsake that reinforces your child’s self-esteem. Each of I See Me’s name books makes the child the star of the story, whether they’re holding court in a fairy kingdom, going on a world adventure, or sailing the seas as a bold pirate.


Why are Name Books So Special?

children have deep connections to their own names. For them, their name is who they are. So when children see their names emblazoned on their very own book, they feel special. Young children, especially, enjoy hearing their names and seeing them in print, while older kids love how unique it is to have a book where they don’t just share a name with the hero—they are the hero.


A Keepsake for Years to Come

The one-of-a-kind nature of a My Name Book makes it a treasured possession. The gift you give now will bring joy for years to come—even after the child is fully-grown. Someday, your child might well read his name book to his own children.


Board Books or Picture Books?

My Name Books are beautifully illustrated and written by award-winning illustrators and authors, so each book is a small work of art. Whether you choose to give a durable board book or a picture book depends on the age of the child. Personalized board books offer durable, thick pages that stand up well to inquisitive little hands, while customized storybooks are better suited for older children.


Give the gift of a name book, and give them something they’ll treasure forever.