Spring Break Activities for Kids: Ideas for the Whole Family

What is Spring Break?

Spring break is a week-long vacation for students, usually held close to Easter. While often associated with university and college students, students from elementary to high school also get to enjoy spring break.

It’s not always easy to come up with activities for kids during spring break. A week off is a long time to fill, especially if you want children’s activities that promote learning. We’ve gathered a few spring break activities for families who want to make the most of their time off school.

Take a Spring Break Trip

While you probably want to avoid hotbeds of college students partying such as Myrtle Beach or Fort Lauderdale, you’ve got a whole nation to explore during spring break. Road trips are some of the best spring break activities for kids and parents alike. Why not take the kids to Disneyland, or explore Washington, DC? If you’re hankering after warmer climates, Hawaii is only a domestic plane ride away.

What States are Warm in March?

Hawaii, California, Florida, and Arizona are all warm enough in March to help you kiss the winter blahs goodbye. And with the exception of the Aloha state, all are easily accessible by car!

At-Home Spring Break Activities for Kids

Not all families can travel during spring break, so how do you keep kids occupied for an entire week—especially if the local weather is still blustery and cold? We’ve got you covered with a few spring break ideas for families.

Have a Staycation

Explore your town or city with the kids. Pretend to be tourists and seek out local attractions. Visit art galleries or museums, or tour local historical monuments. Spring is usually warm enough for local outdoor hikes as well.

If the weather’s too ugly for outdoor activities, set up a tent inside (or make a blanket fort) and have an at-home camping trip. The kids will get a kick out of camping inside, and the entire family can gather in the tent to read travel-related stories like My U.S.A. Road Trip.

Spring Arts and Crafts

Spring break activities aren’t complete without some arts and crafts. You’ve got a whole week, so you and the kids can tackle art projects that take several days to finish. Look online for Easter or Earth Day crafts and let your creativity soar!

Science Parties

If your child is more of a budding Einstein than a Rembrandt, search the internet for a few science experiments. With a little preparation, you can spend spring break with your very own little mad scientist.

Planning for Summer

If you’re not taking a spring break trip, now’s the perfect time to plan for your summer vacation. Get the kids involved with planning where to go and what to do. You can use the opportunity to teach kids more about the world, whether you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon or the Bahamas. Sometimes, planning for the summer is the best of all spring break activities for kids!