Easter Basket

Easter Gift Guide: 10 Easter Gift Ideas

Easter gifts for kids don’t have to be limited to chocolate bunnies, Peeps, and cheap plastic toys packaged in store-bought Easter egg baskets—your kids deserve so much more. With that in mind, I See Me! has put together a set of unique Easter baskets, filled with personalized Easter gift ideas to show children they’re special and loved.

Easter gift ideas don’t need to be confined to baskets, of course. We’ve assembled an Easter gift guide based on the customized books and gift sets we find are most popular at this time of year. So here it is—the 2018 I See Me! Easter Gift Guide.

god loves me book

God Loves You! Personalized Book

For Christians, Easter is a celebration of love. Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross and rebirth to free humanity from sin represents the greatest act of love in Christian history. That’s probably why our God Loves You! Personalized Book is one of our best-selling Easter gifts for kids. This beautifully illustrated picture book makes an ideal bedtime story for little ones.

Thank You Lord, For Everything

In addition to God Loves You!, we’re proud to announce the release of a new book celebrating your child’s relationship with God. Thank You, Lord, For Everything is the

personalized edition of the picture book published by Zonderkidz, and a playfully illustrated book outlining the many reasons your little one has to be grateful for God’s many gifts. We’re sure this time next year it’ll be one of our most popular Easter gift ideas!

my little book of blessings for kidsMy Little Book of Blessings Personalized Book

Easter is a time to reflect on our blessings. Help your child understand how much she has to be thankful for with My Little Book of Blessings. She’ll learn about the importance of love, gratitude, and more in a sweet, meaningful book made even more special because it’s written just for her.

My Snuggle Bunny Easter Gift Ideas

snuggle bunny gift setAfter Santa, the Easter Bunny is one of childhood’s most popular characters. Who wouldn’t like a bunny who hides chocolate eggs for others to find? This year, cut down on the chocolates and give your child a story about his very own Snuggle Bunny, and how much it loves him. Make the story extra special with the My Snuggle Bunny Gift Set, which includes an adorable plush bunny exactly like the one in the book.

The My Snuggle Bunny Book, Bunny and Placemat gift set goes one step further, adding a personalized placemat featuring the child’s name and his loving bunny. That’s enough Easter gifts to fill a basket with love!

Egg-Cellent All-in-One Gift Seteggcellent gift set

No Easter gift guide would be complete without egg-based gifts. The I See Me! Egg-Cellent All-in-One Gift Set includes the Egg-Cellent Easter coloring book, personalized stickers, and a bright, playful placemat. Add some crayons and you’ve got a fun, unique Easter Basket. 

My Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Why settle for chicken eggs when you could hunt for dinosaur eggs? One of the most unique Easter gifts for kids in our collection, the My Dinosaur Egg Hunt Personalized Book turns your child’s photo into an adventurous paleontologist exploring the world for fossilized eggsdinosaur egg hunt.

Who Loves Me?

Easter is all about love, and Easter gifts for kids should reflect the season’s beautiful message. Our Who Loves Me? Personalized Book features your child’s name and the names of the family and friends who love her. Originally printed in beautiful pastel blues, the story now also comes in pink in the Who Loves Me? Pink Book.

We Go Together Like. . .

Does your little one have a best friend or sibling they love more than anything? If so, We Go Together Like. . . is a wonderful way to commemorate that friendship. Your child and his best buddy’s names, features, and even skin tones are incorporated into this sweet tale of togetherness.we go together like book

My Very Own Name Storybook

Rounding out our Easter gift ideas is a book that’s popular no matter what the season. In the I See Me! My Very Own Name Storybook, a series of cute animals deliver the letters of your child’s first and last name one by one until their name is complete. Children delight in the colorful illustrations and clever rhymes.my very own name book