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Summer Vacation Fun for Kids at Home

If you’re staying closer to home this summer, these kids’ summer activity ideas will bring the vacation to you! Some of the best days are spent at home with the family. Make precious memories as you have fun together. Everything on this list is budget-friendly and easy to organize. Experience the joy of the movie theater or the beach…but from the comfort of your home! Fill your weeks with fun things to do. Every activity is a perfect boredom buster. Whether you want to take advantage of the nice weather or practice a skill before school programs start, these at-home summer ideas for kids will fill your days with fun.

Summer Activity List for Kids

Bring the beach home.

Who says you have to travel to have the perfect beach day? Plan a beach day at home! It’s easier and closer to the comforts of home (like a bath or shower when playtime is done). For this beach day, you’ll need a sand element like a sandbox with beach toys. You can also use Kinetic sand, which is easier for toddlers to play with and less messy. Turn on the sprinkler and fill up a small plastic pool with water for kids to splash in. If you have a sloping yard, create your own slide. Lay down plastic garbage bags taped together, spray with oil for extra slipperiness and hose down with water. Kids can go belly first or lay down on this DIY pool slide. This beach day at home will be relaxing and fun for kids!

Hold a puzzle competition.

Split up your family into two teams and see who can put together their puzzle the fastest! Custom puzzles are especially fun to work on. See your family’s names or photos come to life as you put the personalized puzzle together piece by piece! Try timing yourselves, so you can beat your time with every new puzzle. Puzzles are a perfect summer activity for any weather, whether it’s beautiful outside or raining.

Practice sports activities outside.

Sports are fun, but they also require hard work and practice. If your child is on a sports team, try practicing outside at home! Kids will love the exercise. Ask family members to join in, to have a family sports tournament. Here are some ways you can practice different sports at home:

  • Basketball: Draw a chalk circle on the driveway and practice accuracy by dribbling over the circle.
  • Football: Practice throwing in the yard. Run sprints to improve endurance and quick feet.
  • Soccer: Set up cones on the lawn or driveway. Have your child guide the ball in a zigzag through the cones.
  • Hockey: Kids can practice on roller-skates. Create a DIY hockey net with PVC pipe and try getting the goal!
  • Track: Warm up with a quick jog in your neighborhood. Set up a relay course outside and get family members involved.

Kids can play sports anywhere! With a little creativity, you can help them practice at home and join in the fun.

Have a home movie theater experience.

If you have kids, a night at the movie theater can be tricky. Kids, especially toddlers, may find it difficult to stay still, silent, and focused. Visiting the movie theater is also an expense with tickets, popcorn, and candy. Instead, re-create the movie theater experience at home! Make sure the couch is facing the television or lay a pile of blankets and pillows on the floor. Put on your favorite cozy clothes and pop a few bags of popcorn. You can also make nachos or hot dogs, which some theaters sell. Have kids make their own movie tickets. Accept their tickets at the door and tear them for admittance. Turn the lights all the way down—maybe add a few twinkling lights as mood lighting—and watch your favorite movie. If you want an even bigger screen, try using a projector to project onto a blank wall or white sheet. A home movie theater experience is even better than going out! Anytime you need more snacks, just pause the show and get more popcorn. Plus, kids get to be comfy and cozy. Make family movie night even more magical!

Plan a Science Camp day with science activities.

Bring Science Camp to your home with fun and educational science activities! Dress up like a scientist, to immerse kids in this themed day. Have kids make their own slime. Perform a balloon inflation experiment with natural ingredients! Pour one tablespoon of sugar into a bottle of warm water and shake. Pour 1 packet of active dry yeast into the bottle and then quickly attach the balloon to the bottle and watch it inflate! Explore the outdoors and make colorful nature art. Kids will use crayons to rub bark and leaf patterns onto thin paper. These children’s science activities are perfect for curious little minds!

Set up an indoor art gallery.

Each day of summer, kids can paint or draw a picture. When their artwork is all done, hang it on a wall and create a gallery wall of their art. Once you have enough pieces, have your kids give a tour of their art gallery! Kids will love to show off their coloring skills. Painting and drawing are perfect activities to do inside or outside, on rainy days or on warm sunny ones.

Plan a Hawaiian luau party.

Create your own beautiful tropical getaway at home with these party ideas! A luau-themed party is the perfect way to celebrate summer. Offer a variety of kid-friendly foods like spam and cheese sandwiches, pulled pork, pineapple, vegetable kabobs, and fruity drinks. String up lights or use tiki torches if you have them! Play Hawaiian music so kids can hula dance. Try looking up some traditional Hawaiian dances and learn a few movements. This summer party will turn your home and yard into a tropical dream!

These summer activity ideas for kids at home bring the fun to you! Try some of these ideas to make your summer at home special and memorable.