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School Lessons at Home for Kids

Practice your letters, numbers, and motor skills with these educational lessons that kids can do at home! Learning at home can be difficult. Young kids struggle to focus without their familiar school schedule. But school lessons at home can be fun! Help you child learn how to spell their name or count. By practicing at home, kids will improve their skills and perform better at school lessons. Try some of these simple lessons for kids that make learning enjoyable.

School Lessons and Activities for Kids

Spell Your Name

This spelling exercise helps kids learn how to spell their name. You’ll need paper and small craft sticker circles in different colors. On a piece of paper, draw lines for each letter of their name. Do this again underneath. Create three sections like this on the paper. Write the letters of the child’s name on the sticker circles. Kids will have to find the right stickers and spell out their name, placing a sticker over each line. Then, kids can write the letter on the lines underneath to practice their writing skills.

Personalized children’s name books are also fun education tools! A custom name book features a story based on the letters of the child’s name. As you read, kids will learn how to recognize the letters to spell their names. A personalized book such as My Very Own Name is a beautiful read to soothe and engage little ones.  Other books like M is for Me also reinforce positive qualities in the child like being understanding, brave, and kind. Make storytime extra special while introducing spelling lessons!

Learn to Count

Help kids learn their numbers with this children’s activity. On a piece of paper, draw small circles in a column and put numbers next to them. Draw circles in another column and put dots in groupings next to them. Create corresponding sticker circles for each column. For the first set, you’ll want to draw dots that match the numbers. For the second column, you’ll write numbers on the stickers. Then have kids try to locate the correct sticker and put it on the circle. Kids will match the dots with the numbers and vice versa. This fun counting activity is dynamic and engaging. Kids learn to count the dots and identify numbers.

Matching Exercise with Letters and Numbers

This matching activity is similar to the one above, but with numbers added! This time, you’ll have three columns. A column of circles with dots next to them, a column of circles with numbers next to them, and a column of circles with letters. Kids will have to match their sticker to the correct circle. Match the number of dots on the sticker to the exact same number of dots on the paper. Then match the numbers and the letters. This exercise helps young ones recognize letters, numbers, and to count the dots.

Scissors Practice

This children’s activity is perfect to help kids use hand-eye coordination. Cut construction paper into 4-inch wide strips. Then draw a dotted line across the paper with an arrow at the end. Make sure to draw different types of lines: straight, jagged, wavy. Add a cute smiley face or drawing at the end of the line. Kids will use a scissors and try cutting perfectly along those lines. This activity is perfect for little ones, to improve their motor skills. The cut paper is a rewarding experience, since kids can see their progress as they go!

Puzzle Playtime

Children’s puzzles can help kids improve their hand-eye coordination as they try to fit the shapes together. Personalized puzzles are especially helpful, as they can feature the child’s name. As kids put their custom puzzle together, they can practice their letters by spelling out their name. This fun family activity brings everyone together to laugh and learn. Try a 24-piece puzzle for little ones to put together, as they have larger puzzle pieces.

Race Car Counting

This children’s learning game adds a few twists to traditional counting. You’ll need a few toy cars and a race track with square spaces. Kids can make their own racing road using paper and markers. To begin playing, put a handful of marbles, pom-poms or other fun items into a jar. Make sure your child doesn’t see. Give your child the jar and he or she will dump out the contents and count. Based on this number, move the toy car the same number of spaces. Kids will love to see their car get closer and closer to the finish line as they count! This game is exciting with a fun reward at the end—seeing their car successfully finish.

Whether you are homeschooling or trying to provide children with extra school practice, we hope these fun lessons for home provide a helping hand!


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