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September Activities for Kids

Have fun all month long with these September activities for kids! This list of ideas includes crafts for kids, children’s games, and fall-themed activity ideas. September 22nd is the first day of Autumn in the Northern hemisphere. Leaves change, the weather cools, and school learning starts up again. Whether you are seeking activities to do at home or looking for weekend ideas, these September children’s activities will fill your days with laughter and joy.

September Activity Ideas for Kids

Fall Nature Walk

Perfect for weekdays or weekends, a fall nature walk is relaxing and educational. With September’s cooler weather, it’s the perfect opportunity to get outside and explore your neighborhood. Collect autumn leaves, acorns, and pinecones. You can glue the acorns together to make a necklace or dry the leaves in a scrapbook. Kids of all ages will love scouting for new sights, sounds, and smells. It’s also a way to be active and take a break from working from home, homeschooling, or distance learning.

Leaf Lanterns

Make a glowing leaf lantern from the leaves you gather on your nature walk! This fall activity for kids creates a beautiful lantern night light. To create one, you’ll need baking paper—or any transparent paper—, leaves, glue, thick card stock-like paper, and white or clear tape. Put leaves on one sheet of transparent paper and glue them down. Try not to overlap the leaves and space them apart. Put glue over this sheet and press another transparent paper over the top. Let it dry. Cut two card stock strips the length of the transparent paper. Put one strip at the top, and one on the bottom. Curve the top so the edges come together and tape. Do the same to the bottom. Now you have your lantern! Add a candle inside and enjoy the magic seeing the leaves glow at night!

Finger Painting Activity for Kindergartners

Fall in love with finger painting! This September craft for kids is fall-themed: Paint your own apple orchard tree. Little ones will love getting their hands messy. Pour globs of brown, red, and green paint into bowls. Paint the tree trunk first by dipping your index finger in paint and dragging it down the center of the paper. Create branches by dipping your entire hand in paint and making a hand print—your fingers are the branches. Finally, dip your fist into the red paint and make fist prints on the branches to create apples. Add green leaves and a stem on the apple with green paint. When you have finished this craft, keep the theme going and bake apple crisp or apple muffins.

Autumn Leaf Hat

Make a fall hat as colorful as the rainbow colors of the season! To make this hat, you will need leaves, paint, and glitter. Paint the leaves with various paint colors and sprinkle over the top. Make a headband out of construction paper: Cut a long 4-inch strip, measure it around the child’s head, and then staple together. Then staple the painted leaves around the paper headband. If you want a complete hat, make a cone hat by folding a piece of paper diagonally and staple together. Then staple or glue the leaves all over the cone. This autumn hat makes a great playtime accessory! Let your imagination go wild and pretend you are the fairy leader of the forest. Lead the family in a fall parade around the house. This craft activity for kids turns your fall leaf finds into works of art!

September Spelling Activity

Help your kids learn to spell with this September spelling activity, featuring fall-themed words! First, cut out 9 construction paper squares and write each letter of the word “September” on the squares. Then tape them to a wall, fireplace mantle, or window. On smaller pieces of paper, write fall-themed words that start with the letters in September such as: scarecrow, season, spider, raincoat, pumpkin, brown, red, sweater, squirrel, and tree. Put tape on the back of these pieces of paper. Kids will run up and stick their word to the correct starting letter. Red matches with R, pumpkin matches with P and so on. This is a great homeschooling activity and a fun way to teach spelling!

September Storytime

September marks the beginning of fall and back to school. Help inspire kids to learn and grow with children’s storybooks! A children’s book can help children learn how to read and spell. Books provide additional lessons when school learning is over. Try a personalized children’s book, which features a child’s name and photo. Personalized books engage a child’s interest and make learning enjoyable! A custom name book like Open This Name or My Very Own Name will help children learn how to spell their names. A board book like 1-2-3 Blast Off With Me introduces letters, numbers, shapes, and colors so little ones can learn basic concepts at home!

Books can also boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Super Kid! is a personalized book that turns the child into a brave and bold superhero. Kids will feel empowered to take on challenges and try their best. I Can Change The World inspires kids to spread kindness and change the world by giving back to others. Celebrate September with engaging and educational storytimes! Kids will develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

Scarecrow Toddler Activity

This fall craft for toddlers is easy and adorable! Toddlers will make their own cute scarecrow they can play with or stick in the garden. For this craft activity, you’ll need a toilet paper holder, felt, googly eyes, a black marker, crinkle paper, and glue. To create the scarecrows hat and hair, glue the crinkle paper around the top edge of the toilet paper holder. Glue a tan felt strip over the hair around the holder. This is the brim of the scarecrow’s hat. Create the overhang part of the hat by cutting a felt circle with a hold in the middle, pushing it over the paper holder, and gluing the edge down. Cut a triangle of felt for the nose and a thick felt strip to glue around the bottom of the paper holder as the scarecrow’s body. Glue googly eyes and draw a smile with lines across to make the scarecrow’s mouth. Now you have a fall friend! Kids can play with their creation or protect their garden by putting a stick through the center of the paper holder and into the ground. This craft for toddlers is simple and fun way to celebrate the fall!

Autumn Matching Game

This learning game helps kids learn vocabulary words and counting! Create a pile of autumn-themed objects, such as three mini pumpkins, four acorns, five leaves, two apples, and one ear of corn. Label different buckets with the number and the object: 3 Pumpkins, 4 Acorns, 1 Corn, etc. Kids will read the labels, grab the correct number of items, and put them into the different buckets. This interactive game for kids introduces fall vocabulary words and numbers to practice counting. Help a child build brain power and confidence as he or she sees their hard work pay off!

Enjoy these indoor and outdoor activities for kids that are perfect for all of September!