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Zoom Games and Activities for Kids

Whether you are homeschooling, practicing online learning, or looking for ways kids can connect with their friends long-distance, these zoom games and activities are fun and creative! The current pandemic has caused all of us to adapt to a new normal. More parents are working from home, participating in video conference calls. We rely on video services, like zoom, to connect with each other. Video calls and virtual games help children stay connected to friends, family, and classmates. Because more parents and children rely on video services to chat, work, and learn, we’ve compiled a list of zoom games for kids that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere!

Zoom Games and Activities for Kids

Scavenger Hunt

Kids can participate in a fun scavenger hunt over a video call with friends, classmates, or family members! You can also turn it into a fun learning opportunity. One person (an adult) will state what the players should look for. Here are some examples: Find a bedroom item that begins with A. Find an item that rhymes with fox. Bring back a bathroom item. The first to bring back the item wins a point. Pick the number of rounds to play and the one with the most points at the end wins! This is a great zoom game for kids to learn vocabulary including rhyming words and to test their observation skills by finding objects quickly.

Zoom Talent Show

This zoom activity for kids is a great way to show off your talents and put on a show! Talent shows are great for classrooms, friends, long-distance family members, church youth groups, and more. Have kids prepare and practice their talent in advance. Then each child will show their talent on screen. Some talents may appear better on screen than others. Here are some talent ideas for your kids: Perform a dance routine (make sure the camera is far enough away to see all the dance moves). Do a magic trick—card tricks are great up close on a video screen! Tell a story or read from a storybook. For toddlers and preschoolers, blow bubbles or stack blocks into the tallest tower you can. This zoom game is a great way for kids to be silly and express their creativity!

Fact or False Game

This fun trivia game is easy to play over zoom or a video conference call. One person will read a list of statements. They might be facts or they might be false! For example: A giraffe’s neck weighs about 600 pounds. Kids then guess if it is true or false. There are multiple ways you can show your answer, depending on your video service. You can hit the “raise hand” button on your zoom call to say “it’s true”, reply via the chat feature with “FACT”, or hold up a sign to the screen that says “fact” or “false”. Kids learn a little something as they play! You can also adjust the statements based on the age of the kids. For example, try easier statements for toddlers versus elementary-age children.

Zoom Craft Activity

For this children’s game, you’ll need to prepare in advance. Put an assortment of craft supplies into small mesh bags, for each participant. Make sure each bag has the same craft supplies. Then mail them to every child. For this zoom game, you will set a timer. Kids will have 30 minutes to craft an item from their mystery bag of supplies. When the timer dings, show off your creation on video! Although all the supplies are the same, kids are bound to make different creations. Maybe you will craft something wearable like a bracelet. Maybe your creation will be more abstract, to look like a robot or a tiny toy friend. This is a great way for children to show off their unique creativity! The crafting and the story behind your creation is all part of the fun.

Zoom Storytime

Enjoy your favorite books with a zoom storytime! Grandparents, parents, and teachers can read books aloud over zoom. Try scheduling a weekly storytime so kids can hear their favorite stories and connect with friends and family. Virtual storytimes are also perfect for kids of all ages. Delight a little one with a personalized children’s book that features their name and photo! Personalized books are especially engaging for kids and also mark special occasions. To celebrate a child’s birthday, surprise the child with a personalized birthday book and read it over zoom. When the storytime is over, you can send it to them to read at home! For pre-school or elementary-age children who are back to school (whether they are online learning or in the classroom), personalized name books like Open This Book or M is for M are perfect learning tools to practice spelling.

What’s That Sound? Zoom Game

Test your listening skills with this fun zoom game for kids! One person will play a sound off-camera from their phone or computer. Children will guess what the sound is and where it came from. You can either type your guess via chat, shout out your guess, or write it down on paper. Try playing animal sounds, nature sounds, or even silly sounds like a loud fart! Kids will love this fun zoom game they can play with their friends and family.

 Karaoke Freeze

This zoom activity for kids turns a karaoke party into a freeze game! Dance and sing along to your favorite songs. When the music stops, freeze in place! Each person who doesn’t freeze is out until there’s one winner. Disney songs are perfect and kid friendly. This is also a great activity for kids to release their energy at home.

We hope these children’s zoom games and activities help you and your kids connect to loved ones!