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Kickoff the Season with a Kids’ Football Party 

Celebrate football season by throwing the ultimate kids’ football party! The best way to raise a little sports fan is by planning an event that your child will never forget. We’ve provided all the party planning to make it easy, including ideas for party decorations, food, party favors and football-themed activities and games. With your party planned, all you need to do is invite friends, neighbors and classmates to join in the fun. Enjoy a party that scores the winning touchdown with your child this football season!  

How to Throw a Kids’ Football Party  

We hope these ideas will help you throw the best football party for your kiddos! If you want to surprise your child on the day of the party, give them a special gift like a personalized sports book based on your family’s favorite college football team! I am My University’s Biggest Fan puts your child at the center of the action, as they play for the selected college football team.  

Football Party Decorations

Turn your home into game day with these party decoration ideas!  

  • Banner: Make your own banner by stringing together paper triangles. Write “touchdown” on the banner, one letter per triangle. Hang the banner above your food table or near the front door.  
  • Wall Background: With black construction paper and white marker, create a wall background that looks like a written football play or the score board.  
  • Jersey Décor: If your family already has football jerseys, hang them on the wall with command hooks.  
  • Balloons: Pick up balloons that match the team colors and scatter them around the room. 
  • Food Table: Make your food table look like a football field! Draw lines on a green tablecloth. Then make your own football goal posts from pvc pipe or pool noodles and place one at each end of the table.  

Football Party Kids’ Food

Celebrate the big game with football-themed party food! We’ve put together some creative recipes you can make at home:  

  • Football Field Party Tray: Place a square container in the center and fill with guacamole (as your football field). Add lines of sour cream across the guacamole, like field lines. And add black olives on top to represent the players. Arrange sandwich sliders on the tray, one kind on each side (as the football fans). Stick colored toothpicks into the sliders to represent each team’s color. 
  • Deviled Eggs Veggie Tray: Turn traditional deviled eggs into little footballs! Cover the tops with crumbled bacon and then pipe mayonnaise on the top to resemble football lines. Place these at the center of a tray and surround them with veggies.   
  • Chili Bread Bowls: Serve chili in small bread bowls so guests can eat and mingle on the go.  
  • Gatorade Dispenser: Fill a cooler dispenser with Gatorade and serve in plastic cups. 
  • Football Strawberries: Dip strawberries in chocolate and pipe white chocolate lines on top to resemble a football. 
  • Football Brownie Sandwiches: Cut brownies into football shapes. Add marshmallow filling to one brownie and add the other to sandwich the cream. Pipe cream or frosting on top of the sandwich to resemble football lines.  

Football Party Favors

Delight your little guests with party favors they can enjoy at the party and take home! Create gift bags with mini footballs, whistles, and DIY football party t-shirts. If you know all the children’s names, include personalized sports stickers in blue or pink that feature each child’s name. For the party bags, we love the idea of using brown paper bags and drawing black football lines on each one.  

Football Party Activities and Games  

Learn the value of teamwork and participate in friendly competition with these football party games and activities!  

  • Kickoff Game: For this game, hang hula hoops from tree branches in your backyard. Kids will kick a football and see if they can kick it through the hoop for a prize!  
  • Football Tag: Just like the classic game of tag, the child who is “it” must tag another person with the football. When that person is tagged, they will carry the football and try to tag someone else.  
  • Fast Feet Racing Game: Place hoops on the ground, spaced apart. Kids will race to each hoop, run in place 6 times inside the hoop, and race to the next one to do the same. The player with the fastest time wins!  
  • Football Toss Partner Game: Split kids into teams of two, with one of them standing opposite their partner, about 12-15 feet apart. Partner #1 will hold a football. When the whistle blows, Partner #1 will run to their partner and then race back to their starting line. When they are back at their original place, they will throw the football to Partner #2. Partner #2 will run to their partner and run back to their starting position. The first ones to cross the line win for their team!  
  • Paper Football Prize Game: For this game, all you need is a table, prizes, and a folded paper triangle (as your mini football). Place a tablecloth over your table, and tape lines across it horizontally. These are your “field markers” where you will place prizes. Put a prize at each line in order of value, such as: a mini foam football, a candy bar, a packet of action figure sports toys, a ten-dollar bill, and tickets to a sporting event. Guests will use their fingers to flick the paper “football” to cross one of the lines. Based on the line, that guest will win the prize!