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7 Ways to Celebrate Back-to-School for Kids

Delight your child with these seven back-to-school gifts and activities that will make them feel comfortable, confident, and excited! Whether it’s their first day of school or first day in a new grade, these school gifts will help reduce nerves and kick up the fun! The first day marks an important milestone in a child’s life and education. Like a birthday or holiday, the first school day deserves to be celebrated with the whole family! Surprise your child with fun learning activities, a new outfit or a special lunch. We’ve put together ideas that will fill their day with love, joy, and learning!  

7 Back-to-School Gifts and Activities for Kids 

Delight your child with these fun, engaging, and personalized back-to-school gifts!  

Bedroom Makeover 

Surprise your child with a back-to-school gift that will make them feel like a big kid! Redecorate your child’s room to get them excited about the new school year. This is a great opportunity to transition their room from a nursery or to decorate according to their new interests. Whether they’ve been asking for a change or are nervous for the year to come, gifting them a bedroom makeover is the perfect back-to-school gift to celebrate milestones!  

Personalized Storybooks 

Inspire your little reader to learn and grow with personalized children’s books that feature their name! A custom name book like My Very Own Name will help your child learn how to spell their own name. Encourage your child to spread kindness at school and at home with The Magic in Me. In this colorful story, your child learns that everyone is unique and beautiful! 

First-Day-of-School Outfit  

The first day of school is an exciting moment! Send your child off to school in style with a back-to-school outfit that makes them feel confident, comfortable, and special. Add a new backpack and lunch box to the outfit, to give them a fabulous ensemble! 

Activity Gift Basket 

Fill a basket with learning activities and tools that the child can enjoy at home and at school during free time! Include coloring books, crayons, stickers, paper, pencils in a cute pencil case, games, and a new electronic such as a learning pad or (as a splurge) an iPad. A personalized coloring book like Color My Feelings helps children learn all about their feelings with fun activities. The activity set Learn Colors comes with crayons, a coloring book, and sticker sheet so children can learn about colors and use the sticker sheet to place objects in the right spot.  

Back-to-School Bento Box Lunch 

Delight your child with a school-themed lunch for their first day! A bento box lunch box makes the perfect container for keeping their snacks contained in separate compartments. To make their special lunch, you’ll need heart-shaped mini cookie cutters and alphabet cookie cutters. Make a ham and cheese or peanut-and-butter sandwich (crusts cut off) and place in the largest bento box section. Cut the letters A, B, and C from cheddar cheese and place on top of the sandwich. Add grapes and mini orange slices in a small compartment. Cut out heart shapes from two brownies and add to the last compartment for a sweet treat! Your child will love a back-to-school lunch made from the heart!  

Create a Calm-Down Corner  

Sometimes children need time to relax and recharge after an anxious or high-energy school day. Create a corner in your home where your child can go if they need space. This corner can include a mini fort or tent with a pillow on the floor and twinkling lights. Add a box with some toys and games they can play on their own or with family members. A personalized puzzle like My 50 States is a fun way to relax and learn all about America’s fifty states! A personalized truck-themed matching game will help your child build memory power and spelling skills. If your little one loves to read after school, surprise them with a personalized activity book All About Me that celebrates their new age and interests. 

Video Collage from Family Members 

Make their first day back to school extra special with a video of family members sending loving messages! Have family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) record a short video with well wishes and sweet messages. Then edit them together into a video collage and surprise your child the morning of their first day. This back-to-school gift is a beautiful way to show family support and boost your child’s confidence!