My Very Own Christmas Personalized Book

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  • Gender & AgeBoys and Girls, Ages 0 - 8
  • Dimensions9" x 11", Approximately 44 Pages

A Storybook Overflowing with Christmas Spirit

It’s almost Christmas night and Santa has asked all your favorite Christmas characters (and a few new ones, too!) to find a child whose spirit of Christmas shines so bright.

New Addition to The My Very Own® Series

In this beautifully illustrated personalized storybook, each character will bring the letters of your child’s name to hang upon the magical Christmas tree—lighting it up for all to see.

Experience the Joy of Christmas Spirit

A Classic to Cherish Every Season

Families can also customize Santa's skin tone in light, medium or dark. The book also includes a glossary of all the characters in Santa’s workshop.

Magical Keepsake

For each letter brought to the Christmas tree, Santa’s friends herald your child’s special qualities: A for Artistic, B for Brave, C for Charm, D for Dependable, and so on.

Experience the Joy of Tradition