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Gift Certificate

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Gift Certificates for Personalized Books and Gifts

I See Me gift certificates are thoughtful presents for occasions when you might not be sure what type of personalized books are best suited for children or their parents. Each gift certificate is an elegant gift in itself, beautifully illustrated around the edges with pictures from our personalized books. You have the option of wrapping the certificate yourself and hand-delivering the gift, or mailing the certificate directly to the recipient. Either way, you're giving a thoughtful, perfect gift. Gift certificates make excellent presents in many different situations. Perhaps you want to buy personalized gifts for a friend's child, but don't know exactly what he or she likes. If the child is old enough, he gets the thrill of choosing his gift. If the child is too young to help choose personalized gifts, her parents can decide on the best possible gift for her. New parents, especially, love I See Me gift certificates. They can wait until they have the perfect picture of their new baby, then select the storybook they like most as a lifelong gift. Convenient, thoughtful, and full of potential, an I See Me gift certificate makes the perfect gift for births, birthdays, holidays, or any occasion. Note: I See Me gift certificates are intended for use in the USA only.