My Superfantastic Birthday Adventure Personalized Book

It's My Birthday! Personalized Book
Celebrate your child's birthday with a storybook keepsake!

The recipient will love it or your money back!

A Uniquely Personalized Birthday Gift

Celebrate your child’s birthday with a storybook that can be personalized with their name, photo, skin tone, birthday, and hometown. Add a photo of your child’s face to make them the main character of the story!

Embark on a Fantastic Birthday Adventure

In the story, your child wakes up to a special birthday greeting from Buzzy the bird and travels with Buzzy to spread the exciting birthday news. Buzzy spreads the word to your child’s family and friends, throughout your child’s town, throughout the nation, around the globe, and even into outer space!

Deliver Special Birthday Wishes

Your personalized storybook is a memorable and unique way to say, “Happy Birthday!” Make your child feel extra special on their birthday with a custom gift they will treasure.

Give Your Birthday Superstar a Medal to Wear

Pair your birthday book with a unique medal for your child to wear proclaiming, “It's My Birthday!” The add-on medal announces to everyone that it’s their special day. Your child will love wearing their medal with pride!

  1. Written by Jennifer Dewing
  2. Illustrated by Colleen Madden
  3. Ages 0-6
  4. 9 x 11 inches; 22 pages
  5. Printed in the USA
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