Auntie and Me Personalized Book

Auntie and Me Personalized Book
Celebrate the special relationship between aunt and child!

The recipient will love it or your money back!

Aunts are unique parts of our family who can be like second parents or best friends! Celebrate this special bond with a personalized children’s book. This sweet keepsake can include the child’s and aunt’s names and two photos. You can also select from different styles of clothing to represent the aunt’s personality best!

Narrated from the aunt’s perspective, this story describes all the fun adventures that she and her niece or nephew will have together—now and in the future! And no matter the distance or the day, an aunt is only a phone call away.

Your child and aunt will love sharing this storybook every time they are together. Perfect for any occasion, this personalized gift will be cherished by the child and their special auntie forever!

  1. Written by Alli Brydon
  2. Illustrated by Faye Guanipa
  3. Ages 4-8
  4. 8.5 x 8.5 inches; 22 pages
  5. Printed in the USA
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