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Customized princess books are some of the most popular sellers in the I See Me! collection. Imagine the delight on your little girl's face when she realizes the princess in her new book not only shares her name, but also her hair color, skin tone, and other identifying features, all beautifully illustrated by award-winning illustrators and including a photo of the royal reader.

Princess Books for Girls

A little girl is always the princess at her own birthday party, so why not remind her with a special birthday book? She'll be whisked off on a magical adventure, ending with her coronation in a fairy-tale land-a story sure to produce squeals of delight from young readers.

For a more interactive but equally regal activity, make a present of one of our customized princess coloring and activity books. Like other books in our princess series, these lovely activity books are full of references to your little girl-her name appears on crowns, castle flags, royal invitations, and more!

A princess book does so much more than provide fun and imaginative play. Princess books increase a young girl's self-confidence and self-esteem, while helping younger children learn to recognize the letters in their names. Most of all, however, customized books remind children they're special, and loved by the gift-giver.