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My Royal Birthday Adventure for boys

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My Royal Birthday Adventure for boys

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Your child is taken on a royal birthday adventure where he is celebrated as the birthday prince.

My Royal Birthday Adventure is a personalized storybook that turns your child into a royal birthday knight! This beautifully illustrated book takes the birthday boy on an adventure to a magical birthday kingdom where he is dubbed a royal knight! The storybook is personalized throughout the text and illustrations, including a 10-tier birthday cake, fireworks in the sky, a royal knight’s quarters, a birthday invitation and more! Written by award-winning author Jennifer Dewing and illustrated by Valerie Sokolova, each 10”x10” hardcover book is made in the USA especially for each birthday boy.

Ordering Information
It is not required to include the names of the people invited to the royal feast. The book will be formatted beautifully without that information.
Gender and ages: Boys ages 0-12. (See our girl version as well.)
Size: 10" x 10"
Number of pages: 26

Standard delivery: Receive 2 weeks after date of order
Expedited delivery: Receive 7-8 business days after date of order.
Air delivery: Receive 3 business days after date of order.
Canada delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date
International delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date

Creative Child Magazine "Book of the Year" Award Mom's Choice Award "Parent Tested, Parent Approved" Award

Customer Reviews

Love it
Review by Bongy
This came out awesome I have yet to read it to him. Going to be his first birthday present !
We love it!
Review by Felicia
My son though only 2, is over the moon about hearing his name when I read the book. I have another one of the books you offer and he loves it as well. I just KNOW it will be an even bigger hit when he's old enough to understand it all.
Royal Adventure
Review by Laura Entwistle
I gave this personalized book to my grandson for his 4th birthday. What a hit! He loves it! It is of great quality and has wonderful illustrations. And he loves seeing his name on every page! It will be a keepsake for sure. It is worth the money. I am very pleased!
Review by Erica H.
I had a very pleasant experience with I See Me! I would recommend them to friends, family, and strangers and will be a repeat customer. There website is very easy to navigate and the virtual tour is an outstanding feature.
Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Bye boys mom
A wonderful book for our wonderful boy!! Thank you!!
Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Michelle A.
I was so pleased with the purchase of this book. The graphics were so personal and colorful. Our son is just learning to read so we love spending time reading books to him. He's going to love it.
1st birthday present
Review by Jen M
Love the customization of the story. However I paid $5 for the special box and I would not do that again. It wasn't that nice.
Davin Kristoff's Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Anna Karminna Jeng
The whole family was so impressed with the book. My son, Davin, brought it to school on his birthday and his teacher read the book to the whole class. It's indeed a wonderful birthday gift to any child.
Review by Nana the baker
This is a truly beautiful book with the personalization and artwork. I got these for 5 of my grandchildren They can read and enjoy them for years. It is so nice to have their name included so often as well as other family members. I highly recommend.
Absolutely love it
Review by Rebekah
I absolutely love these personalized books. I have purchased at least 3 as gifts they are wonderful!
My Royal Birthday Adventure for Boys
Review by Kimberly (mom-mom)
It was an absolute hit with my 8 yr old grandson. The book was so well put together, the illustrations and the content both Beautifully displayed. He loved every minute and he discovered what a keepsake is and can be in the future. Thanks
Many books & other items.
Review by Jeanette Maliszewski
I have given many books & other items over the years. I really enjoy seeing the pleasure it gives to the people I have gifted them to. The company & its personal are wonderful & very helpful to their customers. The product is so very creative.
Awesome book!
Review by Jennifer
This book is very high quality with great illustrations. I love how integrated the personalizations are. Highly recommended!
Superb quality for a personalized book!
Review by Nana
This book is perfect. My grandson loves knights and castles. The way my grandson's name is used in the book truly looks like it was written for him. I know it will be a hit at the party Saturday!
Review by Loving
Absolutely love this book. The story, personalization and illustrations are terrific. Gave one to my first grandson two years ago and he was thrilled with it. Living in London gives this book an extra appeal. Ordered another for my second grandson.
Review by Carmen Iovino
Wonderful book, beautifully illustrated, can't wait to give it to Evan on his birthday.. I think his family will be very pleased and I am sure that it will become a favourite....

The only drawback in ordering from I see me are the shipping fees, this will probably stop me from ordering in the future.
Fantastic book for gift
Review by Navy wife and mom
We were extremely pleased with the books we ordered! Both recipients were thrilled with both the blue and pink royal birthday books for their children that turned one. My friend's daughter loves pink and enjoys reading books with her mom. My sister's son loves the blue one and has an amazing imagination. These books really seem to encourage a child's imagination. I will also give my friend a blue one for her son, which is perfect because it is a prince theme.
The Best!
Review by Arthur H.
Another great experience at I SEE ME! Great products from stickers to books, personalized to your kiddos!!! I believe its a great way to get them interested in reading and the job of SCHOOL that lies ahead for all of them! Great products, great service, easy website to navigate, price is very competitive, of course we all would like it to be cheaper, but I have never had any problem, of any kind with this company or product! The Best!!!
My Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by mbr535
Lovely story, beautiful illustrations, fabulous quality, fast delivery of a book so personalized. Would recommend this book to any parent or grandparent. Looking forward to giving as a gift! I know he will love it.
Review by Jean
The book is wonderful. I know my grandchild will love it. Also, it came so fast I was amazed.
Absolutely Perfect!
Review by Courtney
I ordered the Royal Birthday Adventure for my sons first birthday party! I used it as the guest book and had everyone sign it at his party! It's a great keepsake for me to have for him! The company is great and respond very quickly to any questions!! Very impressed!!
Adventure Birthday
Review by Wendy
Great books!! So far the kids have loved them and has made them feel special.
Such an adorable book!
Review by Chelsea P.
I bought this book for my son's first birthday and it was so cute! The artwork is beautiful and I loved the story! I really thought it was going to be a slapped together book that people would buy because you can put your kid's name in it, but because I could actually preview the book, I got to see what the story was beforehand and it was the cutest thing!! I love this book and can't wait to read it to my son on his birthday!!!
royal birthday adventure
Review by annette persa
Beautifully done,well made,the illlustrations and color are beautiful.
Review by Laura
I love the rhyming in the book, and it has beautiful illustrations. My nephew loved his personalized present too! :)
Review by Andrea
Very cute book, can not wait till my grandsons' birthday to give it to him.
My Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Carole
The best book by far that I have ordered. I got this book for my sister's little boy and he loved it. The best part of the book is the guest list. He loved seeing all of our names in the book. Thank you I See Me!
Review by Sarah
My twin nephews each loved the book. It was a hit at their 1st birthday party!!
Sam's Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Elaine
I can't say enough about 'I See Me' books. I have been buying them for my grandchildren for 5 years now. They love to sit and hear their names in the stories. The books are beautifully illustrated and are of great quality.
royal birthday
Five star. This is the secound book purchased for a grandchild. A gift that is forever giving. My grandchildren take them to school and read them. Class mates are truley amazed. We have seven grandchildren and we will get each child a book of thier own. And probably a lot more......They love to read thier own stories......

Grandma and Grandpa Reyes
My Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by PeeWeeJoyce
AMAZING! The book captured and mesmerized me from beginning to end. Wonderfully written and I know my grandson will enjoy it.
A great idea!
Review by Silvia
I came across this website while doing a search online for personalized books. I loved what was offered in this site and just how personalized the books I ordered were. I ordered two books for two toddler age brothers' bdays. Their mother received the books (I didn't see them myself) and said "best gift ever!" I was super excited that she liked them and her sons did too. She even ordered one for her friend's child. Thumbs up!
This is the Best book!!!!
Review by Munden
I just think this book is the neatest book!! It is my favorite of all the I see me books!!
My Royal Birthday Adventure
Review by Julie Hunter
My son absolutely loved this book! He was so excited to see his name on almost every page! and he was the main character, a Knight!!!
Very High Quality
Review by Teresa A.
The writing, illustrations, cover and construction of the book are absolutely beautiful and very high quality. The personalizations throughout the book are done in such a way that they appear naturally within the context of the story. This book will be a favorite and cherised for years to come.
Very Specail
Review by Stacey K.
I can't speak enough about the quality either, the cover is beautiful and glossy, the pages are perfect, nothing stuck together, a beautiful intro about celebrating the birthday boy. We have read this again and again nightly, I can't even begin to tell you how special it is to see my boys faces light up when they see their name in the book. It is a great resource for helping the boys with their reading as well, as they are following the words waiting to spot their name again.
Review by Noelle D.
I was very impressed with the artwork in this book. Although it is an illustrated book about a Royal Birthday, it is nicely done and not just for young ones... Older kids (and adults alike) will appreciate the time to create such a beauty! If you have a little one celebrating a birthday soon, order this book and give them a Royal Adventure for a great keepsake gift!
Highly Personalized
Review by Cassi G.
My favorite part of the book is actually how it is personalized. It is not just "insert name here" as some books are, your child will really feel as if this book is written for them!!!
Review by Stephanie M.
The details that I See Me! puts into books is astounding and the personalization is wonderful. Your child truly feels as if this book was made for them, because it was! It's not just a name on the cover and a few times in the book. It's in the words and the images, written across a banner, snuck in on a cake and it's there many times!
Review by Amber P.
I loved that I See Me! allows you to personalize the book in more than just one way. You get to decide the name that is read throughout the book, the dedication and even the royal guest list! Each page has a beautiful illustration for the royal story being told. The attention to detail is superb, as it is with ALL of I See Me! personalized books!
Review by Christin B.
I See Me! makes some super awesome personalized books for the girls and boys in your life that are sure to bring a smile to their faces. They make fantastic gifts for all occasions! ABCD Diaries gives I See Me! Royal Birthday Adventure books an A+!
Review by Kayla B.
ISeeMe really impress me! They have a huge selection of customizable books for your children, and they usually produce a female and male version. The books are extremely high quality, and each one of the books looks very well put-together; they look just like a high-quality book you'd pick up at the bookstore except these include personalized details from your child and your family!
Highly Recommend
Review by Nikki M.
These books are very high quality and have wonderful attention to detail when it comes to the personalization. I highly recommend these books for all occasions!
5 out of 5 Stars!
Review by Melissa R.
I JUST LOVE THIS SERIES!! I think this is my favorite book in the I See Me line so far!! The illustrations take you on a magical royal adventure. Plus as always the little ones love seeing their name and the names of their loved ones in the story. It is such a wonderful way to celebrate your child's birthday. You just can't go wrong with this series!! I highly recommend these books to others and will buy them as gifts!!
Awesome gift!
Review by Jessica M.
A book always makes a great gift. But it truly becomes an awesome gift when it is a special story all about the one receiving it!
Too Cute!
Review by Danni L.
The book is too cute. Well worth the $$$ ! I highly recommend this book for children of any age. Young or old they are bound to love it!
Super Cool!
Review by Anitra E.
My son says his book is "super cool." I couldn't agree more. The books celebrate reading while celebrating each child as an individual. What could be cooler?!
Review by Mimi2JJnCC
Beautifully illustrated, and written. A perfect way to bring a smile and wide eyed wonder to a child's face.
My Royal Birthday Adventure for boys
Review by JS
My son adores this book! He loves seeing his name over and over and pretending the story is really all about him. I will definitely order more books from I See Me! in the future.
Royal birthday adventure
Review by Dorothy
highly recommended...it is such a beautiful book. I wouldn't change a thing! I will buy many more
Beautifully done!
Review by Two Classy Chics Review
The illustrations are beautifully done, very artistic and super colorful. Even as an adult, I love looking at the beautiful illustrations inside this book. The book's pages are a nicer heavier weight quality than what you see in most children's books, so I feel they will hold up over time much longer than traditional kid's books.
Review by Shibley Smiles Review
The illustrations in this book are amazing! They are so colorful and detailed!
Best available!
Review by Multiples and More Review
I See Me! Books is hands down the best site out there for personalized stories for your kiddos.
Review by And Then There Were More Review
I was completely amazed at the beauty and quality of the illustrations! The colors are beautiful and the pictures are so detailed and gorgeous!
Our Favorite!
Review by Macaroni Kid Rockville
The illustrations alone make this book a true gem and one the recipient will surely cherish...but add a fun storyline, and it is just a wonderful addition to the I See Me! line. My son things the dragon illustrations and knight theme are absolutely captivating and I think this is going to be our bed time book for a very long time.
Review by Having Fun Saving Review
I have to tell you that the new book My Royal Birthday Adventure is BEAUTIFUL. The illustrations are breath-taking. The fact that it can be so personalized is FUN. Really, I would have to say that this is one of my favorites.
We love it!
Review by Adventures of 8 Review
Not only is it amazing to see and hear our little one's name in a wonderfully, fun, rhyming story, it is extra special that her name is found in many of the amazing, whimsical illustrations. All in all, we just love this book; the story is one-of-a-kind and is full of energy and in true I See Me fashion, it is a perfect book to celebrate Baby Miss big day.
Builds Confidence
Review by Frugal Fabulous Finds
The story truly does encourage your little one to have confidence in themselves, and gives them compliments such as being generous, caring, creative and kind (just to name a few). What child doesn't want to hear those features mentioned about themselves?
Review by Joey F.
What I love about their books is not only the personalization but the illustrations. They are so fun and filled with such unique personalization that you can't find anywhere else in personalized children's books. When you read the book it's like they specifically made the book for the kid. I'm in love with that!
Quality Keepsake
Review by Carolyn K.
The high quality cover, binding, thick, sturdy, glossy pages and beautiful illustrations really make a lovely keepsake book that is perfect as a gift.
Great Book!
Review by Debi G.
My Royal Birthday Adventure is a great book for kids who are at an age where they are reading for themselves and can imagine being able to head off to this amazing world. What child wouldn't want to be rushed off to this special fairytale land all for them on their birthday. A land where their name is spelled out through out the land often and a room of their own in a castle for them. In a book where up to 10 of their friends and family's names are mentioned. It would make any child feel like the most special child in the whole world.
Review by Emily K.
Time and time again I am impressed with the story, illustrations and personal attention I See Me brings to their stories.
Definitely Recommend
Review by Nicole A.
The story rhymes which of course is another thing that I love about it. I have seen many personalized books but in my opinion, I honestly think that I See Me! does it so wonderfully in a way that it really makes any child feel like the story is about them. It's not just an insert of a name here or there, it's like the story and illustrations is literally written just for them. I would definitely recommend this book and any other I See Me! Personalized Children's Books to any family!
Perfect Present
Review by Jessica B.
I absolutely love I See Me! I have reviewed several of their books and have yet to find anything that I don't adore. They are a perfect present to a child that can be treasured forever and really what child doesn't love hearing their name in a book?
Gets read over and over again
Review by Shanee M.
This is a great story, and I was able to include lots of personal information to make the book all about him. He felt so special to receive this book and asks to read it over and over again. This book is beautifully illustrated and written. It's a pleasure to read it to Sam and watch his face light up - knowing that the story is all about him!

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Jennifer Dewing Author: Jennifer Dewing
Author Jennifer Dewing has always been a kid at heart. She started her career in the Toy Industry in 1995, developing children's products ranging from Matchbox cars to Madeline dolls. In 2006 Jennifer became a member of the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Her personalized picture books "Who Loves Me?" and "A Christmas Bear for Me" have won Mom's Choice Gold awards and Creative Child awards. She is currently working on more personalized titles for I See Me! and enjoys reading her work to her own "focus group" of three kids at home!
Valerie Sokolova Illustrator: Valerie Sokolova
Valerie Sokolova was born in Lvov, Ukraine. Later she moved to Minsk, Belarus, where she graduated from Belarus State Institute of Theatre and Art. She has illustrated over thirty children’s books in Russia. Valerie has also published numerous books in the United States, including King Arthur’s Courage, The Golden Books Treasury of Christmas Joy, Thankful Together, Bella Basset Balerina and others. Valerie lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband Alex, daughter Nikkie and a friendly wild gecko in the basement.