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My Very Own World Adventure Storybook

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Your child rides a magic carpet around the world, and your child’s first and last names are spelled out letter-by-letter according to the countries that your child visits – J for Japan, etc. This adventurous, personalized book was illustrated by 63 artists from around the world!

In this adventurous, educational storybook, your child rides a magic carpet around the world to visit countries and places that spell out your child’s first and last name in rhyme. If the child’s name is Jack, for instance, he might visit Japan, Australia, Cambodia, and so on. Your child is welcomed by children from around the world who give your child a special gift representing their country, such as a Temari ball from Japan or a boomerang from Australia.

This keepsake book includes pages featuring an illustrated passport with stamps from the countries that your child has visited and a personalized world map showing your child where these countries are located. My Very Own® World Adventure will open young children’s eyes to the diversity of children from around the world while also showing that all children are in many ways the same.

Our book designers spent over 5 years selecting 63 artists from around the world to paint a child from each of their countries.

Each artist determined what the gift would be from their own country to ensure authenticity. At the end of the book, there is an illustrated encyclopedia describing the gifts that were given by children from each country. Parents can learn even more to teach their child by reading the artists’ descriptions of each world gift.

$1 of every My Very Own World Adventure book will be donated to Room to Read to help support global literacy. Room to Read is an award-winning non-profit organization for improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world.

Gender and ages: Boys and girls ages 3-12
Size: 9" x 11"
Number of pages: Varies — depends on the length of the child’s name (Most books are about 30 pages)

Standard delivery: Receive 2 weeks after date of order
Expedited delivery: Receive 7-8 business days after date of order
Air delivery: Receive 3 business days after date of order
Canada delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date
International delivery: Arrives approximately 2 weeks after order date

Mom's Choice Award Creative Child Magazine "Book of the Year" Award "Parent Tested, Parent Approved" Award

Customer Reviews

Nice job
Review by Mom
Great images for growing minds
Review by Sasha
This book was so informative and my child was spellbound by her name being put together on every page! It was educational and fascinating to see what other kids in different parts of the world have as well as see. I will be ordering again!!
As always the quality of the book is exceptional!
Review by JoDee M.
We're always impressed with anything from I See Me! It's a great educational book as well as personalized with your child's name to make it even more fun to read and learn about new places!Brady had so much fun reading this book and learning about the countries that spelled out his name! I'm sure the book will be a resource for him throughout school as well. If you're planning on traveling, or just want your child to learn more about different countries in the world this is a great book!
Great Quality!
Review by Derek
This is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind gift that our daughter will be able to keep her entire life.

It is illustrated so well and has a wonderful message. My wife and I love it and we know our little one will too.
My Very Own World Adventure
Review by Ellen Wilson
I ordered this for my grandson as a Christmas gift, so he hasn't seen it yet. His parents are adventurous travelers, so he's been in a number of countries in his six years. I love that the book references some of the places he's visited, and with his increasing ability to read, I'm sure this will be a favorite, especially given that his name is incorporated into the story. I can't wait for him to read it to me! Great book.
My Very Own Adventure
Review by LiLou Carr
Ordered this book for my great-nephew for Christmas. It's quite adorable and I'm sure it will be a big hit!
My Very Own Adventure
Review by LiLou Carr
Ordered this book for my great-nephew for Christmas. It's quite adorable and I'm sure it will be a big hit!
Review by Lisa
I purchased 3 books and love them! Good quality. My only criticism is the shopping costs are outrageous! Almost $70 to ship 3 books to canada.

Editor's Note: We are glad you are pleased with the books. We apologize for the cost for shipping to Canada. We are working on a solution to bring the cost down!
My Very Own World Adventure
Review by Linda VanZee
I have ordered several I See Me books for my grandchildren, and I am always excited to receive them in the mail. I recently ordered two of the My Very Own World Adventure books and was very pleased to see the wonderful artistry and obvious workmanship that went into them. The only thing I was slightly disappointed in was a duplication in some of the letters when my grandson's names were spelled out. No-fault to the company obviously, Just not enough countries to represent some of the letters. Still love the books and will be a returning customer!!
Good quality
Review by Joyce
The book is very good quality and the info on the different countries is interesting and educational. I think pictures of real children from their countries would be better than drawings, although the artwork otherwise is nice.
My Very Own World Adventure
Review by Krista
I have been purchasing I SEE ME books for my Nephew for years. I absolutely LOVE this book. Of course seeing his name spelled out is a delight, but the artwork is magnificent--and the message of world peace is so important. The message of learning about other children around the world, the tolerance of other cultures is a gift that will last him a lifetime. We had one page repeated and I was pleased to see the text was changed to fit the flow of the book and not just repeat what it had the first time. Well done once more!
Great Illustrations and Messages
Review by Nadia
This year I splurged and bought each of my nieces and nephews and son an "I See Me" book. I selected a different one for each and was so excited that they and their parents loved the books as much as I did. The little ones range in age from 1-6 and the books were simply perfect gifts as each one described how I feel about each little one in my family.
World Adventure
Review by Papa
Great gift for Grandchildren...have them read it to you!
Highly Recommended!
Review by Faisal
A truly amazing book that lets the child's imagination travel around the world, and through this journey the book will sneak in a lesson or two on geography, social studies and maybe art. The authors took the effort to find 63 artists from different countries, who contributed to the book with beautiful illustrations. And by being personalized by the child's name, it truly is a perfect gift!
World Adventure
Review by Ellen Robinson
I See Me "My Very Own Name" is my go to newborn gift now for past 6 years. And then I always send the older siblings a toddler book. This year my grandson turned 6 and has outgrown the toddler books but he loved "World Adventure " he loved the pictures and seeing the photos of all the artists and finally his world map. The message of world peace also hit home. Great job. Keep the older child books coming
Great Book!
Review by Katrina
Instilling in kids the importance of the earth and all the beauty in it is not always an easy task. I want my girls to learn about all the amazing places and cultures around the world and a fun and exciting way is with a personalized book from I See Me!
My Very Own World Adventure
Review by Helene HIRSCHFELD
I was so happy to find a personalized book for the older child. This is a beautifully illustrated,educational and all encompassing book.It is perfect for children 5 and up, although I am adding it to the younger ones collections now because it is extraordinary.
Review by Becky M.
I love how the kids dabble in geography and cultures in the story, with its incredible illustrations that include adorable kids from around the world in their traditional dress, in front of typical architecture or landforms. What I love about this book is that it is unlike anything I've seen before and would make a perfect gift for someone who is interested in teaching their kids about the world- and there would be no other book like it!
Review by Trudi Fischetti
My granddaughter does like the book My very own world adventure. She will grow with it. You could use a few more choices for a 5 year old.
Review by Jolene P.
The book, My Very Own World Adventure, came in the mail today, and I am more than 100% satisfied! My grandson was born in the US, and now lives in Argentina, so naturally I wanted his book to include those 2 countries. COINCIDENTALLY, the very first country of his journey is Argentina (his name is Andrew), and the USA was also included. I had envisioned calling your company to request those specific countries, but there was no need to.

I am thrilled with all aspects of the book--content of the story, skillful and interesting inclusion of educational facts, colorful illustrations, the maps and information about each country that are at the back of the book, and the quality of the pages and binding.

I will definitely recommend your company to friends, and will be ordering again in the future!

My Very Own World Adventure Storybook
Review by SV
Our 4 year old loves his adventure story and we love the gorgeous paintings. This is by far the best customized book we've seen and definitely the finest quality.
My Very Own World Adventure
Review by Susan
I gave this to my 5 year old granddaughter. She loves how it spells her name, but it was hard to keep her attention in discussing the different children. First some are from cities and some are from countries and that is a hard concept for a small kid. Also without a real story line, she lost interest quickly. My least favorite of all the books I have gotten
My very own World Adventure
Review by Elizabeth Slight
Terrific illustrations. My niece will love it, she is the most adventurous young lady!
Stunning Books
Review by Elaine
Most beautifully illustrated and most wonderfully written children's books I've ever seen! Plus, the books are personalized, contained zero errors, and were nicely packaged! My granddaughters are going to love these and will cherish them forever. Thank you I See Me for such an excellent product. Would rate these books with 100 stars if I could.
Stunning Books
Review by Elaine
Most beautifully illustrated and most wonderfully written children's books I've ever seen! Plus, the books are personalized, contained zero errors, and were nicely packaged! My granddaughters are going to love these and will cherish them forever. Thank you I See Me for such an excellent product. Would rate these books with 100 stars if I could.
My Very Own World
Review by Margaret Braden
I was very pleased with the book and sent it to a granddaughter in AZ. I have not heard from her yet but believe she will like to see her name in print in the book. The mail service was great and I will probably be ordering again.
Great Book
Review by Michelle
We ordered the "My Very Own World Adventure" and she loved it! It has been her show and tell for the past two weeks - a great honor indeed. You made Aunt Michelle a hero!
My Very Own World Adventure
Review by Rosemary
I ordered World Adventure and My Very Own Pirate Tale for my granddaughter and grandson. I have been recommending these books to my friends for their grandchildren. They are well written, interesting and, best of all, educational. The quality is better than I expected and well worth the price. I am sure I will be ordering more titles in the future.
My Very Own World Adventure
Review by W Brad
Just an amazing wonderful book.
My Very Own World Adventure
Review by Grammie
This book is a birthday gift for my grandaughter and was shipped directly to her home. I think she will love the story.
My Very Own Name
Review by Deborah Kraft
My grandchildren and myself have loved your books since our 1st grandchild was born & I purchased for her "My Very Own Name" book. She was only 3/4 months old, but she loved me to read this book that not only had her name spelled out for her, but each letter was quite large. Grandma said that was making it more easy for me to read the letters so that I could start learning my "ABC's". Grandma and I also loved all the brightly colored animals that had come to honor & welcome "me" into this world. Grandma and I have read this book so many times over the years and we have enjoyed it just as much now as when I was that "little" baby girl held in my "grandma's" arms. Grandma and I would recommend this book to every parent or grandparent to purchase his book, as a Christmas gift, birthday, Easter gift, etc. Enjoy that special time with your little one. Before you know it they will be going off to college, moving out to get married, or just moving out, Mom. Yes, Mom and Dad, your Babies have grown, so please take time and read all of the special "I SEE ME" books. Your children/grandchildren will thank you with hugs and kisses. If you can, sit them on your lap and let them rest against you. You will never forget these special times you spend together. My grandson is 7 and my granddaughter is 10 and they still sit on my lap when I read to them. What a blessing from God to be a Grandmother. :)
My Own World Adventure
Review by Lori Patterson
Seeing the children in traditional costumes of the country and a gift with an explanation is a delightful way to share the world with a child! I bought this book for the granddaughter of a friend and I am overjoyed with the quality and personalization!
Love it!
Review by Ezekiel's Mom
We love to travel and this is a great way for our son and nephew to learn about different cultures!
Excellent book, expensive to ship to Canada
Review by Nicola
Gorgeous illustrations and the we love the rhythm of the story. It's a great way to introduce differences in cultures to them. Unfortunately, our daughters name has a lot of E's in it and as a result on a couple of occasions it had to use the 'duplicate text'. Perhaps if we could choose which countries to place in the book, we could have avoided this.

The other thing that I would mention is the high cost of shipping to Canada. I honestly love your books but may not order again because of the shipping costs. Perhaps you can find a way to reduce those a little.
My Very Own World Adventure
Review by Barbara
This was absolutely a beautiful birthday gift for our 7 year old granddaughter. She was intrigued by each and every page. Pictures and story amazing.
My Very Own World Adventure
Review by Durdica Sutton
The book is for my almost to be 8 yrs. old granddaughter who loves learning about other countries. I hope she will have a chance to travel to some of them.
Such a cool book
Review by AJ
We loved the book we ordered for my husband's soon to be born godson, as did his mom & dad and tons of other friends. Thanks for such a cool idea!
Review by Tonya
I was very happy with the "World Adventure" book. It was a neat idea to create a passport of the locations visited throughout the story. I also really liked the information for each location at the end of the book...truly a learning opportunity for the child as they grow!
Beautiful books and selection
Review by Diane
I've ordered multiple titles from I See Me and have thought all are beautiful and fun for children. The parents and children all enjoyed receiving them.
3 different books
Review by Shelly Shapiro
I have ordered 3 different books for 4 children. They all love them! It must be read everyday or the kids won't go to sleep. A perfect gift.
My Very Own Adventure Storybook
Review by Pam
The book is beautiful! I can't wait to give it to my 4 year old grandson for Christmas. He came to us by way of an Ethiopian adoption and I was very excited to see Ethiopia included in the countries visited.
3 different books
Review by Linda
World Adventure and Who Loves You. Plus The Fairy Tale for ages 6, 3 months and 2.

They're Christmas gifts, I can't wait to see, the joy they find under the Christmas tree.

All three books are fantastic and each child will love them. I look forward to ordering more.
great product!!
Review by Jana
I purchased two books for my nephews and am very happy with the product. When I ordered the books i only had one choice for shipping,by Christmas. I received the books in about 10 days from order. The books look amazing. The pages are in order, the printing is correct, and the pages are nicely centered. I will definitely order more books in the future.
Great Keepsake
Review by William
This book was wonderful, I ordered for my great-grandson and he was so excited to see his name being spelled out in the book.
Amazing Quality!
Review by Heather F.
I have to say that My Very Own World Adventure ends just so amazingly and from first page to last the quality is there. To me, it feels that a lot of thought and time goes into each and every book that I See Me creates.
Great story!
Review by Ezekiel's Mom
I love this book because it uses my son's name and goes through different countries, some of which we've been to, and gives him a glimpse of other cultures! And beautiful pictures!
My very own world adventure
Review by Leslie Foley
The book was adorable. It will probably be used when the new baby is a little older. I also enjoyed the book myself.
Yet another great book!
Review by Erin
I have ordered every single book I See Me has for my kids, my nieces and nephews, gifts, etc. I am truly amazed at the content and quality of I See Me products. Do not hesitate to order!
Great Books!
Review by Morgan
My boys received these books for their 6th birthday & love them!! We read them every night. They love the different names & I love that they are learning about different countries. I wish their names were longer so we had more to read. :)
unique gifts
Review by grandma of 5
now all my grandkids will have a different special book. every child wants to know they are one of a kind and the selection of these books makes that possible. beautiful pictures hold interest of non readers. I recommend this company to all my friends who want something truly unique to give as gifts.
Review by Amy
This book was even better than I could have imagined. I have a child who has a thirst for the alphabet and learning. He is going to LOVE this book!
My Very Own World Adventure
Review by Meagan
I LOVE this book. I would give it as a gift to any child, but it can be especially wonderful for an internationally adopted child. My 3 year-old, who is from Ethiopia, loved it on first reading and is beyond excited to explore all the wonderful country information in the back as well. I am very excited to have found this book.
Great gift
Review by Shana
Extremely well made, high quality book. Makes for a wonderful personalized gift for a boy or girl.
Great, As Always
Review by Tracey
I always get I See Me! books for my niece and nephew, for birthdays and Chanukah, and I got this one for my nephew's 5th birthday. I had some issues initially (my own mistakes, not theirs), but customer service was extremely helpful in resolving them. And, of course, the book was a big hit with my nephew--my niece and nephew always love these books!
World traveler
Review by Natalie
I love the book I ordered for my niece who is beginning her world adventure at 3 months old. My only complaint is that I wish the personalized noted could be printed in the book or on a nice card instead of the packing receipt.

Otherwise the book is perfect!
World Adventure
Review by Alison Gardner
Combining my own love of world travel with the recent births of two young grandsons, I was eager to introduce them to a world I hope they will one day physically explore with delight ... maybe even with me! I am delighted with the personalized text, the message, and the concept at a time in history where we all need make an extra effort to reach across borders to one another in peace and understanding.
Great Cultural Heritage Learning Tool
Review by Alicia T.
I chose this book from the vast choices available on the I See Me website because they recommended it based on my daughter's age. She is 12. She commented on artistic quality of the book and said she really liked the detail of the images. While the writing style is easy enough for a young reader to grasp, the book's details encourage further exploration, so the book is still appropriate for my daughter's age as well.
My Very Own World Adventure
Review by Greta Schmidt
LOVE this book! The artwork in the book is beautiful and customer service let me specify the exact characters that I had in mind. I can't wait to give it to my 5 year old on her birthday.
Great Publishers and great service!
Review by Meenakshi
I have ALWAYS loved I SEE ME's titles and my daughter pretty much owns every single title of theirs minus the "boy books".

I subscribe to their feeds on email and various social media and came to know about this book today. I think this is a wonderful book and LOVED the concept and the execution of the idea. I think this is a PERFECT book to introduce the concept of unity in diversity and world cultures to young readers.

Their customer service is EXCELLENT and I will forever be a loyal customer of I See Me!
Truly amazing!
Review by Jenny F.
Got the book yesterday. My daughter loved it so much she slept with it last night and tried to sneak it in her backpack for school. It's beautiful and truly a treasure with a wonderful message attached to it. I cannot imagine how long it took you guys to source all the fantastic artwork.
My Very Own World Adventure Storybook
Review by Diana
My daughter loves this book. The concept of traveling around the world and learning about different cultures is fabulous! She loves reading it over and over and discovering something new each time!
Share the world with a child
Review by Debbie Travis
"My Very Own World Adventure" is probably my favorite book I've purchased from I SEE ME. I travel often, and would love to share my experiences with my grandson, but this book is a good substitute until he's old enough to go with me. It shows the diversity of the people in our world, yet stresses the similarities. If we can get that across to our children and grandchildren, maybe the next generation will grow up to be more tolerant.

The illustrations were lovely, and I liked how many different, diverse illustrators were used in the production of this book. My only regret is that my grandson doesn't have a "U" in his name, as Uganda is my favorite place to visit. I'm glad the back of the book shows all the countries used in the story. (Curious though, why you didn't use Oman, Qatar, and Yemen rather than cities or provinces? "X" makes sense- I can't think of a country starting with "X", but wondering about the others.)

No matter - this book would be an excellent choice for any child.

I See Me Editor's Note: Thank you for your positive feedback, Debbie! We are happy to hear you love the book. Finding illustrators from around the world was a grueling task that took roughly five years to complete! We did use Oman, but you are right about not using the other countries. Again, thank you for your feedback and enjoy your travels when you read My Very Own World Adventure!
Father and Grand Father
Review by Alex L. Montgomery, Sr.
I am a long standing loyal supporter of childrens books. I have in the past had printed books for my daughter and son to read when they were pre-schoolers and primary schoolers. I now have grand children of ages.

I would like to see books containing the following... Child's Name, Brother or Sister's Name, Friend's Name, Parent's Name along with City and State.

If you can do this, I would greatly appreciate this.
My Very Own World Adventure
Review by Kathy Khera
I ordered this book for my granddaughter. I read through the entire book and loved it! There is also included a map of the world and flags from all the countries. The illustrations are beautiful. My granddaughter will cherish this forever.
Three titles
Review by brenda
Not only am I impressed with the three different books i ordered from I SEE ME, I am extremely pleased with their customer service. Two of the books were damaged in shipping when they arrived. I called the company, and two new books were immediately printed and shipped out to me. It surprised me how quickly they were replaced!

The books themselves are beautifully illustrated, and I know they will be great gifts.
World Adventure - Personalized Book
Review by Cindy Conley
I purchased your personalized books for each of my grandchildren. I've been extremely pleased with each of them, until the fifth. I was very excited that you came out with a new book, My Very Own World Adventure. I was disappointed that it contained almost all girls for my GRANDSON! There were only two boys in the entire book! I called about the problem. The person I spoke with was very helpful and worked with me to reprint the book illustrated with 50% boys, which was acceptable. Unfortunately, I had to pay additional shipping for the new book. I wouldn't have minded so much if the problem was my fault, but one of the questions was BOY or GIRL! Finished product was great, but quite expensive!
Truly Their Very Own Adventure Storybook
Review by Joanie B
I am delighted with this book. I ordered one for each of my three grandchildren , using first, middle and last names. The pictures and stories are lovely and each child will have something unique to keep and to show to another generation of children one day. One child will receive this for her First Holy Communion, one for her graduation to middle school and one for his fifth birthday. I cannot wait to see the happy faces when they see these beautiful books. I am one happy Grandma!
3 Title books
Review by kathlle
I ordered three different books for each of my nieces. They loved them especially when they saw their name spelled out in the books. It got them VERY interested in reading. I ALWAYS have loved I see Me titles.

I always try to give gifts that are personal.

They always sent the orders on time
own World Adventure
Review by Karen Jones
As an African-American grandmother, mom, aunt, and friend to many, I find your books very conscious of diversity! This is very important that the kids love who they are and respect each other. You do a fantastic job of sending this message to the consumer. The books are not inexpensive, but worth every penny. I have bought about 10 to 15 of the various titles. Keep up the good work!
My Very Own World Adventure Storybook
Review by Pilar Ahijado del Fresno -AIXADO-
Congratulations for your fantastic book !!! I've had the great luck for to do one of the illustrations for this book, and made this work with all my love, and I'm very happy for that.

My country is Spain.

I liked very very much how is was edited , the colors , all !! Only I feel sorry because I could not to have one book with all the illustrations, I would have liked a lot, mostly because I have several friends from all countries that make wonderful book.

Good luck and I hope you can sell a lot of them. If again you need my collaboration,you can count with me for another new work, I will be happy to do it .

I've saw you do also faeries's books, I love the fairies, and I've some works about this topic if you are interested.

Again, Congratulations for this wonderful book !! And thanks !!

Amazing Book
Review by MomMomOnTheGo
This is an amazing book that my little one loves. She asks to have it read to her over and over again.

If you wish to read our full review, please visit my website and read our full review at:


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Maia Haag Author: Maia Haag
Maia Haag, Author and CEO of I See Me! Inc., loved to write as a child and would create crayon-illustrated, yarn-bound stories to give to her parents as Christmas gifts. Maia continued her passion for writing as an English major at Princeton, and her personalized storybook books have been granted the iParenting Award, Family Choice Award, Mom's Choice Award, and Benjamin Franklin Award. Maia has been featured in dozens of magazines and newspapers including People, Good Housekeeping, Entrepreneur magazine and The Chicago Sun-Times, and she has appeared on over 35 television news shows around the country.
Illustrated by 63 different artists!
Our book designers spent over 5 years selecting 63 artists from around the world to paint a child from each of their countries. Each artist determined what the gift would be from their own country to ensure authenticity. At the end of the book, there is an illustrated encyclopedia describing the gifts that were given by children from each country.