My Very Own World Adventure Personalized Book

My Very Own World Adventure Personalized Book


A travel adventure to explore cultures around the world!

The recipient will love it or your money back!

A Personalized Around-the-World Adventure

Explore colorful cultures around the world in this personalized children’s book! The child rides a magic carpet around the world to visit countries and places that spell out their first and last name in rhyme.

Travel to New Places

In the story, the child is welcomed by children from around the world who offer a special gift representing their country, such as a Temari ball from Japan or a boomerang from Australia. Each artist selected for this book determined what the gift would be from their own country to ensure authenticity.

Explore Cultures and Traditions

Learn about different countries and their unique traditions. This children’s book includes pages featuring an illustrated passport with stamps from the countries that the child has visited, a personalized world map showing where these countries are located, and a world gifts encyclopedia that describes a unique cultural item from each country.

Educate and Inspire Little Readers

This personalized gift teaches and celebrates cultural diversity around the world. Kids will learn about the cultures and traditions that make all children wonderfully different while also discovering that we have a beautiful similarity: a loving heart.

  1. Written by Maia Haag
  2. Illustrated by 63 artists from around the world to paint a child from each of their countries.
  3. Ages 0-6
  4. 9 x 11 inches; approximately 44 pages
  5. Printed in the USA
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