5 Gifts for a Newborn Baby

Choosing gifts for a newborn baby can be both fun and challenging. Do you go for the lovely plush toy or much-needed clothing? Is a practical gift best, or would a timeless keepsake be more appropriate?

Our advice? Don’t stress about it. As long as it’s a thoughtful gift parents and child will be delighted. With that in mind, here’s a few possible ideas to help you choose the perfect gift.

Personalized Books

At I See Me, we favor newborn gifts that can be used immediately, but which are also long-lasting expressions of affection. Personalized books paired with a special plush friend make excellent gifts for a newborn baby. The little one gets a snuggly toy and a customized picture or board book to treasure in the future.

Baby Blankets

It’s possible to have too many baby blankets, but honestly, we’ve yet to see a parent in that situation. The baby blanket is the Batman utility belt of parenting, whether you’re dealing with spit-up, spilled food, and other, er, organic accidents. Baby blankets double as improvised diaper changing stations, towels, and snuggle buddies.

If they survive all that, favorite baby blankets often become keepsakes, and can be used as backdrops for shadow boxes filled with memorabilia from baby’s first year. Colorful, soft blankets are gifts you’re sure are going to be used and appreciated.

Crib Mobiles

Infants spend most of their time in their crib either asleep, crying, or staring upwards, so why not give them something colorful to catch their eyes? Choose a mobile that’s bright, cheerful, and matches the nursery’s décor.

White Noise Sleep Aids

The fussy baby who will only sleep with the vacuum running or during car drives is so common he’s become a cliché of newborn parenting. Many little ones need some type of soft noise to calm them at bedtime. White noise machines duplicate the sounds of fans, rain, vacuums, cars, and other gentle sounds to help babies drift into their naps. They can also help mom and dad catch some restful sleep between feedings.

Personalized Ornaments

Customized ornaments adorned with the infant’s name are some of the most cherished gifts for a newborn baby. Whether it’s a piece of nursery décor, a personalized growth chart, or a holiday decoration, customized ornaments are instant family treasures.

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