Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween’s coming up fast, and the stores are filling with pre-made children’s costumes. You’ve got zombies, ghouls, and monsters to pick from—choices which many parents understandably shy away from. You’ve also got an abundance of outfits based on whatever Hollywood franchise is hot this year, whether or not it’s appropriate to use as a child’s costume.

This year, why not bypass the store-bought costumes in favor of homemade Halloween costumes for kids? A little preparation and some internet research is all you need to create a wonderful costume that doubles as a source of imaginative play.


Pirates Ahoy!

Pirates may never have been the swashbuckling heroes of your child’s imagination, but he doesn’t need to know that. A wide belt, a poet’s shirt, an eyepatch, and a plastic sword are all you need to make a convincing pirate outfit. As for headgear, make your young scallywag’s Halloween extra special with our personalized pirate tale, which comes with a skull and crossbones bandana emblazoned with your young buccaneer’s name.


Animals Everywhere

Animal costumes are an ideal alterative to the standard spooky fare found in the Halloween costume aisle. You can find costume plans for all sorts of different animals online, or buy unique costumes from websites like Etsy. Not that animal costumes need to be complicated—an animal print shirt or dress combined with face paint or a mask can transform your little one into a cat, zebra, or bear. Check local thrift stores for animal print clothing.


Fairy-Tale Fun

Fairies are another ideal inspiration for DIY Halloween costumes for kids. A bodysuit, tights and matching tutu act as the base of the costume, and fairy wings can either be handmade or bought at a reasonable price. If your little one prefers, the tutu and bodysuit can be exchanged for a fairy princess gown. Again, thrift stores are excellent sources for such costumes, which can be adorned with sequins and beads.

Accessories are what really give a fairy costume an edge over store-bought outfits. Toy tiaras and fake jewelry make your little fairy look extra special. Complete the look with a magical fairy wand from our personalized fairy tale gift set, and you’re all ready for a night of trick-or-treating—and hours of imaginative play!

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