Custom Easter Gifts for your Kid’s Easter Basket

Every year, grocery and department stores stock up on pre-made Easter baskets. Most are filled with copious amounts of crinkly paper, cheap, mass-produced toys that break easily, and low-quality, waxy chocolate.

Your child deserves better than this. With a little thought, you can make your own baskets of personalized Easter gifts kids will love.

Pick a Theme

Does your child enjoy crafts, or is she more of an outdoor adventurer? Let your child’s personality guide what goes into their Easter basket. A craft-oriented kid might like a basket filled with personalized stickers, beading projects, and coloring books. A junior paleontologist might prefer a collection of well-made plastic dinosaur toys and a dinosaur picture book. Animal lovers might prefer a butterfly net, a bug-house, and a pair of binoculars.

Religious or Secular?

How religious is your family? For many, Easter is simultaneously a solemn and joyous event, celebrating the resurrection of Christ while meditating on His trials on the cross.

If you want to impress the religious significance of the holiday on your child, a personalized Easter book is a wonderful way to do so. Books such as God Loves You remind children of their blessings.

Adding a book to your personalized Easter gifts is recommended whether you take a religious or secular approach to the holiday. Customized books last much longer than cheap plastic toys, and children will treasure them for years.

Gifts to Distract

If you celebrate Easter, chances are good someone in the family is hosting an Easter Sunday dinner. Dinner with relatives can be exciting times for children, but sometimes you want a little quiet time so adults can talk, cook, and mingle like, well, adults.

Coloring books, puzzles, and activity books provide ideal distractions for when the adults want to do boring grown-up stuff. Adding a coloring book and a fresh set of crayons to an Easter basket will keep parents and children happy.

Little Extras

It’s an Easter basket, so let’s just accept there’ll probably be some chocolate eggs and little treats in it. You can put the finishing touches on personalized Easter gifts with a few little extras kids will love. Novelty erasers, joke books, travel board games, and personalized stickers aren’t expensive, but capable of capturing a kid’s imagination. A quick trip to the local dollar store might score you some inexpensive pencils with cool designs, small party favors, or artificial flowers to put the finishing touch on a gift basket your little one will love.

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