Creative Ways to Personalize your Easter Eggs

Easter egg decorations always a fun kids’ craft, even if you wind up boiling so many eggs you wind up eating egg salad sandwiches for the next week. But kids, being kids, quickly tire of simple food-dyed Easter eggs. This year, give them some fun Easter egg designs they’ll love.

Sparkle Dot Eggs

For these elegant little eggs, you’ll need decorative colored sugar, clear adhesive dots you can buy at most craft stores, and, of course, hard-boiled eggs.

Have kids stick the adhesive dots on the eggs, with some space between each dot. Peel off the dot’s protective coating to reveal the adhesive, and then gently press the egg into the colored sugar, adhesive-side down. The sugar will stick to the adhesive, forming a pretty dot.

Egg Marbling

One of the downsides to making multiple Easter egg decorations is kids are often more willing to make the craft than eat the hardboiled egg. Egg marbling is a clever way to tempt them into eating their creations.

All you need are hardboiled eggs and some bowls of water with a few drops of food coloring added. Gently roll the egg over the kitchen counter to crack the shell in multiple places while keeping the shell on the egg. Now drop the eggs into the food-dye water and leave them for about five hours. Peeling the egg reveals a crisscross pattern of colors where the dye leaked through the cracks. The eggs look lovely, and kids can eat their creations!

White Crayon Eggs

This cool craft allows kids to draw on the eggs before dying them. Hard boil the eggs, and let them cool. Have kids draw Easter egg designs on the shells with either a white crayon or white birthday candle, and then dye the eggs as you usually would. The wax from the crayon or candle won’t absorb the dye, so the kid’s designs are revealed as white outlines surrounded by color.

Stripy Eggs

This is a kid-friendly version of the hot wax drawing used to create Ukrainian Easter egg designs, only much simpler. Instead of wax, you’ll use strips of electrician’s tape.

Hard boil the eggs and have kids put strips of tape around and across them. You’ll get the best Easter egg decorations if you use several strips of tape.

Dye the egg as normal, let dry, and peel one strip of tape, revealing the white shell beneath. Now dye the egg in a different color. Let dry, remove another strip of tape, and dye again. Repeat until all the tape is removed and the egg is covered with different colored stripes of dye.

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