Gifts Ideas for National Teacher’s Day

National Teacher’s Day is the first Tuesday of the first full week in May. On that day, teachers will be inundated with homemade crafts created by loving hands. While they treasure every one of those gifts, a person only has room for so many “best teacher” drawings, hand-print wreaths, mugs, and picture frames. This year, why not pick from our list of teacher’s gift ideas?


School Supplies

Let’s face it, most teachers buy their own supplies, so extra supplies are one of the best teacher’s appreciation gifts you can give. Often you can find packets of crayons, pencils, and paper in dollar stores, so you can give her enough for the entire classroom. If possible, do a little investigative work first to see if she’s low on supplies, or just ask her what she needs. She’ll be glad you did.


Goodies and Treats

Unless the teacher is on a diet, goodies are excellent gift ideas. Home-baked cookies, nonperishable candy, specialty chocolates—all will satisfy a sweet tooth and make your teacher’s day. If you’re baking for more than one teacher, why not make a big batch of cookies or a cake and leave it in the staff room with a thank-you note for all their hard work?


New Children’s Books

Kindergarten and elementary teachers are always on the hunt for new books for their classroom libraries, and as you probably guessed, the price of those books usually comes out of the teacher’s pocket. A new children’s book for story time is one of the best teacher’s appreciation gifts. You could even buy a  personalized children’s book that gives the hero of the book the same first name as the teacher—kids are sure to get a kick out of it!


Remember, books don’t have to be new to be useful. A trip to the local used book store can yield some wonderful story books in good condition.


Gift Cards

If you want to treat your child’s teacher, how about a gift card? The amount on the card needn’t be much: a $5.00 Starbucks card is enough for a treat, while a $10 iTunes card will provide her with some new music. If you really want to help with classroom supplies, an Amazon or Target card in a larger amount will help her keep the classroom stocked with essentials. Or treat her with a restaurant or movie card to show her how much you appreciate the time and effort she puts in to educate your child.


Time. Precious Time

Not all teachers’ gift ideas are material. Volunteering your time is often the best gift of all. Volunteer to chaperone school trips. Help prepare the classroom for the start of the school year, or help clean up at the end of the year. Help with concerts and performances, or come in to read to the kids at story time. Your time is the ultimate gift, and one overworked teachers will appreciate much more than yet another mug or hand wreath.

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