Best Gifts for Grandma on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day gifts for Grandma should be personal, whether Gran lives across the street or across the country. This Mother’s Day, make Grandma’s day with these fun, lovely craft and gift ideas.


Coffee Mug Bird Feeders

This bird feeder craft makes one of the most memorable Mother’s Day gifts for grandma we’ve ever seen. It’s so nice, in fact, you might want to make one for your own garden. You’ll need:

  • E6000 adhesive
  • Paint pens
  • Two butter knives
  • Baker’s twine
  • Plain white ceramic coffee mug
  • Plain white ceramic saucer or plate.


Wash and dry the cup and plate to remove any oils from your hands, and prepare the paint pens. Have the kids decorate both plate and mug anyway they want.


Let the mug and plate dry for about half an hour. This next step is best done by an adult. Place the mug on the plate with its handle facing up, and use the two knives to position it on the plate. Take the mug off the plate, and spread some adhesive along the side of the mug opposite the handle.


Press the mug onto the plate, and keep it in position with the knives. You may need to adjust how the mug sits so the handle is on top. Let dry for two days, well out of the reach of little hands.


Once dry, tie some twine to the mug handle and you’ve got a lovely bird feeder for Grandma!


Photo Bookmarks

This one of the most fun Mother’s Day gifts for Grandma available, although you’ll wind up doing more of the work than the kids (and they’ll get all the credit).


Take a picture of your child pretending to swing on a rope. Tell them they’re holding to the rope with both hands, and encourage silly poses. Print the picture out on photo quality paper and then cut your child out of the picture as closely as possible.


Use a glue stick to attach the cut-out of your child to some card stock, but leave the hands unglued. Cut the photo from the cardstock.


Now, take a small tassel and position one end of it between your child’s hands and the cardstock, so it looks like the child is swinging from the tassel. Add glue to stick the cardstock, tassel, and hands together.


Protect Grandma’s precious new bookmark by adhering contact paper to both sides and cutting around the photo, leaving about 1/8 of an inch of contact paper around the edges.


My Super-Bestest Grandma

Want a long-lasting gift Gran will treasure forever? Consider a customized My Super-Bestest Grandma book. Your child can customize the gift by picking scenes that reflect their special relationship with Grandma, for a loving story written from the child’s perspective. It’s a lasting memento of a grandchild’s love any grandma will love.


Long Distance Hugs

Be careful with this one—it’s so sweet it’s been known to make grandmas reach for their hankies. The purpose of a long-distance hug is to send a special message to a grandma who lives far away.


Have children stand with their arms spread wide. Measure each child’s arm span from hand to hand, and cut a piece of ribbon to match the length.


Help the kids make hand prints and glue one hand to each end of the ribbon. Mail to Grandma for a loving long-distance Mother’s Day hug.

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