Celebrate National Siblings Day With Birthday Tips For Twins!

Planning a birthday party may seem like a daunting task, especially when you want to create a cohesive and creative party with limited time. And with twins, it can seem as though your work is doubled. But plan around a single party theme, and the rest of the details will fall nicely into place. A twin’s birthday party, especially for a first birthday, is a memory you will treasure forever. To make the special event unforgettable, read these party planning tips for twins:

Establish A Birthday Theme

Creating a birthday theme will help streamline the party planning process, especially when you are planning for two! Make or purchase decorations that align with the theme and serve food that corresponds.

Birthday Party Ideas: Perfect Pairings

For twins, try coming up with a theme around perfect pairings. Just as your twins make a perfect pair, your party décor, food, and party favors will compliment each other. Here are some ideas to create a “perfect pairings” party.

Sunshine and Rainbows

For the Table: Decorate the table with a rainbow-colored tablecloth and use multi-colored paper plates for easy clean-up. Daisies in a vase make a beautiful table centerpiece and represent your “sun” element.

Decorations: Create a rainbow out of strips of colored paper, with paper clouds on each side, and hang it on the wall for decoration. Write one twin’s name on one cloud, and the other name on the other cloud as a birthday banner. Scatter multi-colored balloons around the room, and place some on the table.  Make your own clouds and rainbows out of paper and hang them from the ceiling with clear thread.

Food: Create a vibrant fruit platter, arranging the fruit in rainbow colors using strawberries, orange slices, pineapple, blueberries and grapes. For dessert, cupcakes decorated with rainbow frosting and fondant suns are a colorful end to the meal. Rainbow-colored lollipops and candies organized by color also make your table look inviting and delicious!

Peanut Butter and Jelly

For the Table: Decorate the table with a purple tablecloth and rustic wooden platters to display the food.

Decorations: Create your own wall banner featuring your children’s names. Cut out two large pieces of paper in a bread shape, and color one brown for peanut butter and the other purple for jelly. Display one child’s name on the peanut butter side and the other child’s name on the jelly side.

Food: Serve peanut butter and jelly finger sandwiches as bite-size appetizers that guests (kids and adults!) can eat as they mingle. For dessert, serve a peanut butter cake or cupcakes with a jelly filling. Jars with peanuts and jam cookies are perfect for snacking and make a fitting decoration for the table.

Sun and Moon

For the Table: Use a moon and stars-themed tablecloth or a tablecloth with suns and clouds. To DIY your own tablecloth, use sun and moon stamps to stamp the pattern onto a tablecloth using fabric paint. Get your whole family involved and turn it into a fun craft project! Serve food on blue plates with yellow paper cups for color contrast.

Decorations: Use half-moon and star balloons to decorate the room. Make a banner by cutting out paper suns and gluing them across a string. Write your children’s names on the banner, one letter for each sun.

Food: Dip Oreos into blue-colored white chocolate to create half-moon treats. Baked mac-and-cheese bites are colorful yellow snacks for kids and adults. To make them look more sun-like, cut thin strips of cheese into triangles and place them around each ball on the plate.

Party Present Ideas For Twins

  • Storybooks are meaningful gifts for kids of all ages, offering quality time between parent and child. Personalized storybooks by I See Me! are engaging keepsake gifts, especially those that can be personalized for multiple children, including: We Go Together Like… and Our Little Lovebugs.
  • Matching Plushies are perfect for new twins to cuddle. If you are seeking a gift for newborn twins, the Hello World! storybook gift set includes a book personalized for new baby twins and two plush monkey rattles for small hands to snuggle.
  • For little ones, personalized growth charts that feature your child’s name are perfect for decorating a bedroom and tracking your child’s growth. Some growth charts can also help your little ones learn, such as the Outer Space Personalized Growth Chart—which teaches your child the names and order of the planets—and the Things That Go Growth Chart that introduces your child to different types of trucks and vehicles.
  • Inspire your twins to create and color together with personalized coloring books. Whether your children love fairies, trucks, princesses, or outer space, these coloring books will them discover their creativity and learn how to spell, write, and connect-the-dots through fun activities.